Saturday 1 February 2014

Harri's Birthday!

Yesterday was our Harri's birthday!  I didn't get to meet Harri. He went to the big ballpark/rabbit field in the sky before I came along but I've sure heard his name mentioned on numerous occasions. He must have been quite the bloke. Special is a word I've heard a lot whenever his name comes up.

Yesterday Mum was in her dark space. You see ... it was the first year that Harri wasn't here for his birthday. Mum spent the day in her own little world ... reminiscing! I saw tears and smiles and knew all sorts of things were going on in her head. I sat with her a lot but somehow she just wasn't with me. At the end of the day, just before going to bed, Mum checked her emails. There in her inbox was a lone email. It was from Dogster telling her there was a special gift for Harri on his page. Someone from the other side of the world ...someone that had never met Harri in person ... someone that had never met any of our family in person ... had taken the time and trouble to wish our Harri a very happy birthday. Whitley, from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU!  What a sweet Sheila you are ... you have no idea what you did for my Mum. There were tears again but for her to know that someone, from so far away, had thought of her Harri on his day meant such a lot to her. Many thanks to you and your Momma. You are the best!!

It's for times like this that Dogster was soooooooooo good! The people it helped through good times and bad. It shouldn't be taken away from us but it has been.  I, for one, will NEVER understand WHY?  To everyone that helped in anyway to get our new site going ... THANKYOU!  We can and will, thanks to you, be able to keep helping others on all those good and bad days. From time to time I will tell you a few of the stories I have heard about our Harri. He was quite a character. Lucy too. She was truly mad.

Whitley ... thanks Mate! I know you are a Sheila but it's an Aussie thing. Male/female we are all mates ... We ARE a weird mob!!

Crikey ... it's 4am here ... Mum can't sleep! She turned her phone off but it just danced around a bit on her bedside table so she picked it up and had a look. More tears!!!  Do they ever stop?  She's a bit stumped for words.  Zaidie ... Mate ... thanks!  You too!!!! What to say .........
Mr. JackFrecklesSir!  Thankyou!!  You too!!!!!!  You blokes .......

Happy Birthday Harri ....we will never forget you, Mate ... WE LOVE YOU.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.


  1. Now I'm feelin turrible. I saw that is was Harri's birfday. But whut happened was that we got all caught up in lookin at his page and readin his diary that we plumb furgot to send a message or giftie.
    Happy belated Mr. Harri and yeah, Mrs. HarriLucyCharlieMum, we got yur back.

  2. Hugsss

    Thinking of you and yours.

    Mum's worked out how to follow NOT using Google+ !!!

    Flicka ∆,,∆ & Lucas /..| Cleo (I.M.) ∆,,∆ & Pam X

  3. Crikey Zoe ... Don't feel turrible. I would hate for you to feel turrible. My Secretary does that all the time. She starts out to do one thing and before she knows what's happened she's doing something else and that first thought has disappeared altogether. Never again to return to mind. You have more than made up for it now Zoe. You are the best Sheila, MATE!!!!!! Harri loves his rainbow. Thankyou!!!!!!
    Crikey Flicka and Lucas .... you give the BEST hugs. Mum joined that google thingoe and doesn't like it being there. Not even a little bit. She's just trying to ignore it but it's ugly head keeps popping up to annoy her.
    She's feeling a lot better now and it's because of all you blokes. Thanks again!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your angel furbling Hari, and we know he is watchin' ofur yew and yer family efurry day and is furry close to yew all. Meowmy likes to think that when Greta, my angel doggy sister, went to the Bridge, that an opening appeared then fur me to be saved and given a furever home, because I came to live with Roger and Meowmy soon after that. I wish I could have played wif her, but the furst thing I did when I got to my new home wash go straight to her big, comfy bed and nap in it. I know yew ish a huge joy and comFURt to yer pawrents and that they loves yew furry much and that Hari would furry much aPURRoove of your living with them. I'll bet he wishes he could play with yew and we knows that he ish watchin' and enjoyin' knowing that yew ish a part of dah family now.

  5. Harri sure wuz a handsome bloke... sendin' lotza hugz to your family....

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    1. P.S. - I were having a hard time commenting - I think it might be da comment verification thingy on your blog. If you want it gone so peoples and pupses can comment easier, I has instructions for how to do that at

    2. Thanks Whitley ... I'll check it out... My Secretary is hopeless with this computer stuff. I'll be home this week and hopefully my two legged sisters will sort a lot of stuff out for me. The old Secretary is going to give it a try though. Hope she doesn't kill it altogether.
      Humphrey that was so funny how you said you hopped straight into Greta's bed. I sleep in Harri's bed too and I did from day 1 even though I had a brand new bed of my own. Mum reckons Harri sent me to her too. I was a bit naughty though. I peed on the gardenia bush that Mum and Dad planted over our Harri even though I was told not to. How bad is that???????

  7. I think I did it Whitley. Crikey your instructions are fantastic. My Secretary should have looked at those a whole heap earlier. Even she could follow those. She can't wait to find time to do more now. Thankyou Whitley ... you are a real sweetheart!!!!