Friday 27 March 2015

A Liebster award and FFHT all in one!!

Crikey …… I dunno where to start …  seems I’m waaaaaaayyyyyyy behind. I missed last months FFHT and it's FFHT day again and I’ve been honoured with heaps of Liebster awards and my older than old secretary has been VERY slack in doing what Secretaries should do and keep track of these things.  As dear Madi ALWAYS says ‘it’s hard to find GOOD help these days, aye??’  I’ve done my best to inform her of my very dear friends who have so honoured me and I sure hope I haven’t missed anyone.  First there was Frisbee Bradley, then Sarge, and finally Finley.  Thank you all so much  for the nomination. I sure do appreciate you thinking of me.  I’m going to do my best to answer ALL your questions but it mighn’t quite be in the format that it’s supposed to be (according to the rules).  Rules are meant to be broken, aye?? 
The rules go something like this:-

1.  Acknowledge and accept da Liebster Award by leavin a comment on da blog where ya wuz nominated.
2.  Copy and paste da Liebster Award logo onto your own blog.
3.  Link back to da blogger(s) who awarded ya.
4.  Answer 11 questuns posed to you by da person who nominated ya.
5.  List 11 random facts bout yourself.
6.  Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs ya enjoy.
7.  List 11 questuns for your Liebster Award nominees on you blog.
8.  Inform your nominees by leavin a comment on dere blog

I think I’ve covered the first 3 and I’ll get to No. 4 shortly but I’m going to start at No. 5 and tell you some (I mighn’t be able to think of 11) random facts about myself. 
1.  The thing I hate most in life is having my toenails cut.  You’d think I was being tortured the way I carry on.  Even treats don’t work.  Dad tries to feed me treats while Mum cuts.  I won’t even look at the treats.  Well who’d take their eyes off that torturous, nail cutting device, when it’s in the hands of a decrepit old lady with bad eyesight.  I could lose my whole leg.
2.  I’m not good with little black dogs.  I’m ok as long as they don’t run but ….. fair dinkum ….. if you’re little and black you sure don’t wanna run when I’m around.  I catch ‘em, knock ‘em to the ground and if they try to get up I nip ‘em.  I DON’T bite but the little black dog’s owners don’t know that and they freak out. It’s not a pretty sight and has got Mum into a bit of strife over my short life with her. She’s workin’ on me and as long as she catches me before I take off and introduces me to the dog I’m ok but heaven help her if I see ‘em before she does.  I’m ok with other colours. Go figure!!
3.  I LOVE icecream!!  If you’re eatin’ an icecream and I’m around, you sure, betta wanna, share cause if you don’t I’ll drool all over you and give you a look that’d even melt the icecream you were eatin’. The only time I ever got to eat a whole icecream, all by myself, was on my birthday and … fair dinkum …. Did I enjoy it?  It took me about 15 minutes to finish it. I just licked and licked, ever so delicately until it was all gone.  OMD!!   I knew I would remember this day because I was in heaven.
4. Crikey if I continue at this rate I’ll bore you to tears before you finish the rest of this award so I think I’d best get on to some of  the questions Sarge, Frisbee and Finley asked, aye??  Oh …. What the heck ….. one more random fact ….. I can’t stand to be parted from Mum and Dad.  The first time they tried to go out when they first got me I threw myself at the front window, over and over again, trying to get to them. They were so worried I would hurt myself they didn’t go out.  Now they leave me in my crate. They started leaving me for just a few minutes and gradually increased it.  They can now leave me for 2 hours. Any longer and I eat my bed. During the time it took to get me up to 2 hours I devoured 5 beds.  Not very tasty I must say!! If they go out for longer than 2 hours I go to doggy day care.  I love doggy day care and THEY are working on the little black dog thing with me too.   Ok now to the questions.

First Frisbee’s.
1. Do you like sharzies frum yur Mom?  Crikey ….. Frisbee sure talks funny, aye??  I’m not quite sure what sharzies are but I’m guess’n she means do I like sharing with my Mum??  Is that right Frisbee??  I love sharin’ with my Mum …… especially if it’s ICECREAM, aye, but I’ll share anything with my Mum.  One of my favourite sharin’ moments is when she eats grapes.  She bites ‘em in half and gives me half.  We always share a bunch of grapes.
2. Do yu likes yur tummy rubbed like me??    Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!
3. Are yu a bitter or a lovar??  Well I must be a lovar cause I’ve never bitten ANYONE. Not even one of those little black doggies. 
4. Do yu want tu join up wiffs da ZombieSquad and fights Zombies pwotecten da Hoomens and over furry, feathured fwiends keepen da world safe ands maken it a bettar place?      Well Frisbee,  I’m not much of a fighter so I don’t know that I would be a good candidate for the ZombieSquad.  I’m not even a good barker.  Maybe I could pee on ‘em.  Is that allowed?? I peed on this zombiebloke at the beach once. He got awful upset about it.  Mum thought it was a riot and found it hard to apologise to him cause she couldn’t keep a straight face.
5. Have yu ever did a mistake in yur Mom or Dad’s slippur?   Crikey Frisbee ….. what sort of a question is that??  I’ve NEVER peed in my Mum or dad’s slipper.  I might if they wore ‘em but they don’t need slippers where we live. Too hot. Most of the time they get around bare footed like me.  Do you pee in your folks slippers???   Crikey ….. that’s way too funny!! 
Hey Frisbee …… would 5 answers be ok.  I’ve got all of Finley and Sarge’s to go yet and I’m worried about the boring everyone to death thing.  I’ll just quickly do the nickname thing. This’ll answer two of your other questions.  StinkyBum!!  Very embarrassing but it’s all because of a gas problem I have. I can clear a room and once, at my Nan’s nursing home, I let one loose in the lift which was full of little old ladies.  OMD was Mum embarrassed.  BUT no-one knew who it was, aye??
Now to Finley’s questions:  Hope it’s ok if I only do 5 of yours too, Finley. Mum reckons she’s getting typist’s cramp or something.
1. Duz ya likes to "talk"... just bark or grumble or meow or chirp or whutevfur likes ya is tryin' to talk to yer folkses and dey is too dumb to unnerstand ya?   Yep …. I’m a talker and my folks have no idea what I’m goin’ on about.  You should see the way they look at me at times.  I’m a bit obvious when I’m whingeing for a bit of their food but others times they got NO idea, aye??  I’m a VERY quiet talker. I just give a teeny, weeny little whimpery thing. They’ve got no idea what I’m on about except at night if I need to go outside to pee. I just stand at Dad’s side of the bed and stare at him and give my quiet little whimper. Now … most times a bomb could go off and Dad wouldn’t wake up but my pitiful whimper wakes him EVERY time OR maybe it's the evil eye!!
2. Duz ya have a favorite person? (It's okay, ya can tells us...)     Well … I dunno!!  I like to keep ‘em guessin’.  Mum thinks I like Dad best and Dad thinks I like Mum best but if the truth be known I just love ‘em both.  Dad’s full of fun but Mum cuddles me, LOTS!!
3.  Are dere any pupperazis -- camera nuts-- dat ya lives wiff? Duz ya need to be bribed fur posin'?  Just Mum …. Dad wouldn’t know how to work a camera. Not even on his phone. He thinks a phone is to make phone calls with and that’s all.  He lives in the dark ages.  BUT ….. when Mum takes photos of me Dad holds the treats and he’s VERY generous!!  No treat …… no posin’!!!!!!!   
4.  Duz ya like to wear clothes?  HATE it … With a passion!!   I’ve only got one word  WHY!!!!!!!!
5.  Duz ya have any animalsibs and which one is yer fave and why?    I got no animalsibs but I do have animalcousins. I got Murphy, the labradoodle, Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants, the pig and I got 3 chook cousins too.  I s’pose I like Murphy the best but I like tormenting Miss PPP’s.  She doesn’t like me at all. I run in and nip at her. A bit like I do with little black dogs but I can’t knock her over.  Crikey ….. she’s SOLID!!  It’s like hitting a brick wall.  I don’t get to play with the chooks. Mum reckons I’d eat ‘em and the little girls would be devo. 
Ok …. That’s five but …. What the heck ….. I’ll do another one.  6. Duz ya evfur wish ya had a Super Power? And if ya duz, whut would it be and why?   A super power, aye??  Well ….. I’d like to be able to hypnotise peeps.  How good would that be?   All the icecream I could eat. I could do ANYTHING I ever wanted if only I could hypnotise the peeps, aye??
Crikey ….. I’m getting there, aye? Sarge didn’t ask any questions. He just wanted me to do the random thing so …. Thanks Sarge …… I think I got you covered, aye, mate??
Next I gotta nominate 3-11 others for the award.  Crikey that’s a lot.  I think most of my mates have already been nominated so I might just nominate a few and also leave this open to anyone who would like to join in. You can say I nominated you. Just grab hold of the award and go for it, aye??  I’d sure like to hear all about you and I know everyone else would too.  So now to my questions:

1.  Do you do anything that really annoys your peeps and what is it that you do??
2. Have you ever escaped from your yard and if so where did you go??
3. Have you ever caught a critter and what did you do with it if you did?? Did you eat it??
4. What’s your very favourite food in the whole world and are you allowed to eat it??
5.  If you’re a bloke do you cock to pee or do you squat like a Sheila??  Same for you Sheila’s … do you cock your leg?  Our Lucy did??  She was out there for a sheila.  She would even cock against a tree ….. just like a bloke.  Weird, aye??
6. Do you drink out of the big white bowl in the bathroom? 
7. Have you ever had a go at agility, flyball, lure coursing, etc. etc. etc. and how good at it were/are you????
8. Have you EVER competed at Westminster, Crufts or the equivalent in your country, or even dreamt about being a competitor at Westminster or Crufts etc.?
9. Has your Mom and Dad ever left you behind while they went away for a holiday. Where did they leave you and how did you greet them when they returned?? 
10. Is there any peep or other of your own kind that you really hate and why??
11.  Do you get raw meaty bones to eat and if so what kind of bones are your very favourite??  Ok that wasn’t very interesting, aye, but it’s hard to think of 1 question let alone 11 of them.  I sure hope some of you will answer them.  It was hard to think them up. My brain hurts now. 
AND here’s the 3 people I nominate:
Buddy ….. he’s a real good bloke and lives in the most amazing and very beautiful place.  
Laika and Vaks  ... they live in Denmark.  Did you know their next Queen was born downunder.  We love her down here. 
Mitch and Molly ... Crikey these two are good lookin' and they live in a very special place too. It's sure worth a visit to check them out. 
Princess Leah .... ok ..... so that's four not three but what the heck and I don't know if the Princess has already been nominated but I sure would like to hear a few random things about her. She's a real, true, live, Princess. My little girl grandpeeps THINK they are Princess's but Princess Leah is a truly, ruly, one. She even comes from England.  

Crikey ....... I hope that covers it all and did you notice I slipped the FFHT phrase for the month in there.  Pretty clever, aye??  Just maybe that decrepit old Secretary of mine is not as bad as I think, aye??   I might just give her the day off.  If she's real good I might take her for a big bush walk. 

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Monday 23 March 2015

I hear it's National puppy day!!

Crikey ...... I heard on Whitley's last post that it's National puppy day. Well she spelled it different but she has a bit of a problem with her spelling.  Anyway ..... I thought I'd show you some pics of me when I was a little bitty thing.  We don't have many cause Mum didn't get me until I was 6 months old but the people that bred me sent these few photos. There's not many. They weren't too generous when it came to sharing my early days with Mum and Dad. Mum reckons it's because I wasn't the best lookin' puppy in the world??  What would she know? Ok ...... I was fat but you gotta remember I didn't have any brothers or sisters and I had the milk bar all to myself.  Bet you'd have drank your fill too, aye??  Anyway I improved with age.    Whatya reckon??

Well I was only 2 days old. I hadn't learnt any self control.
I was only 1 day old here. I shoulda put this one first, aye?
Me and my Mum.  I take after her, aye??   About 7 weeks.

Getting a bit better lookin' aye??  Dunno how old I am here.
This is when my Mum and Dad first got me.  6 months and a bit!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.  

Saturday 21 March 2015

The little girls!

When we are away from home for a while Mum really misses the Grandpeeps.  Our Jen sent her these pics of the little girls.  How cute are they??

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie. 

Wednesday 18 March 2015

Crikey ...... SHE wore me out!!

What a morning I've had.  Mum and I set off real early to do a coastal walk we found yesterday.  Pretty neat scenery as you will see from the pics but ..... fair dinkum ..... what was she thinking??  It was a 6 klm walk. So what you say??   So what indeed!!  When we left it was about 24C but by the time we were half way it was 29C and there was no shelter.  None at all.  No trees even. AND no water!!!!!  She didn't carry any.  Neglect I say!!   Dad didn't come. He's got crook knees. He would have carried water for me.  Bring 'em up tough my Mum says.  Not my Dad. He spoils me.  Mum doesn't!!  Dad did come to meet us at the other end. He walked about a quarter of a kilometre and he had a BIG drink of water for me at the car.  I could have died if it wasn't for him.  He didn't have any water for Mum. Serves her right, I say!!  Here's the pics.  It was a pretty nice walk, aye??  Mum reckons it was time well spent.  She enjoyed EVERY minute!!!!!  I'm worn out!!
Sorry .......... there's a LOT of pictures!!

The start.
I've got it sussed Mum ...... it's this way!!

Crikey ..... how far is this???

Mum liked this shot ..... except for the tree in the middle. It's crooked. She likes everything to be symmetrical. If you think there was shade there you're mistaken. You'd have to have been a mountain goat to find shade there.
Pretty nice spot, aye??

Wouldn't you like to own that house??  Mum would. It's a dairy farm and just 2 hours from Sydney.
C'mon Mum .... stop daydreamin'!!  You could NEVER afford it!!
Looks like heather on the hills, aye?? That's the view that farm house has.
Get that camera straight, woman!!
Crikey ..... what's this??

You got it ..... NOTHING!!

Crikey ..... is that Dad??  Sure hopes he's got water with him!!
Nearly there!!
See .... told you I could have died!!
Arr!!  Flat ground at last.  A quick rest on the beach and back to the car.

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie. 

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's day from our Harri!!

Mum gets melancholy on St Patrick's day.  She remembers our Harri and how on this day he and Dad, with a Guiness in his hand,  would  sit outside to watch the sunset together. Harri always got a drop of Guiness, which he lapped up with great gutso, in his bowl . Crikey ...... I didn't get any Guiness??  What's with that???  Anyway being the kind bloke I am I thought I'd let Harri take pride of place on my blog for today.

Harri led the Echuca parade on St Paddy's day 2011 with his friends. He was quite the star!!
With another of his mates. He LOVED people and EVERYONE loved him right back!!

Everyone in Echuca has this photo of Our Harri. He posed for ages, without complaint and he was OLD.  
He could ALWAYS belt out a tune, our Harri.  He had quite the singing voice and joined many a band in many a pub where he ALWAYS managed to get a drop of guiness!!
Happy St. Patrick's day everyone and from Harri .....  'UP THE IRISH'

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 8 March 2015

Enid's dress up contest bloopers etc.!!

Crikey ....... I won Enid's dress-up competition.  It wasn't rigged ........ HONEST!!  Enid wasn't allowed to vote.  It sure was a lot of fun.  Everyone looked GREAT. I had a hard time voting. I so wanted to vote for everyone but I had to pick just one so, after a lot of thought, my vote went to Harlow.  I thought she went to a LOT of trouble and she was, after all, dressed-up, to the nines, aye???  Finley looked great in a little purple number complete with beads and Whitley ...... OMD!!  Did you see the cheeky grin??  AND all dressed up for halloween with the perfect pumpkin prop.  Frankie and Ernie sure looked great in their slouch hats. Looked as if they were waiting for a bus or something and Amber da Weenie was all spruced up in her Christmas outfit. What a pretty picture she was.  AND then there was Hazel ..... Fair dinkum ..... can she model an outfit or what??  She should be strutting her stuff in Paris or something. Crikey PARIS ...... that's Enid's and my city. I get all goose bumpy when I think of PARIS!!  Next came Hailey ..... now there's a girl who looked as if she wished she were a million miles away from where she was at that moment, aye??  Not at all comfortable like Hazel but did she EVER look good in her midnight blue sparkly number and the blonde curls.  Crikey ...... I bet it took a lot of product to get all that shine happening, aye??  And then ...... Molly ...... what to say about Molly!!  She would have been my second choice if I was allowed a second choice. I really had a tough time choosing.  Dear Molly ...... she looked an absolute picture!!  Next up was Mitch ..... fair dinkum ..... what did you think of Mitch??  How good did he look all dressed up for a night out with the blokes at his local pub, aye?? How many of him have you seen at your local?????  Mitch and Molly won last year.  I came second. This year I came first and Mitch came second. How funny is that??? After that came Molly ..... you know ...... the OTHER Molly ...... Molly the Wally!!  She was all gussied up with ribbons and stars and pretty as a picture and then came Dory lookin' as if she was on her way to Ascot or maybe to have cucumber sandwiches at high tea with  the Queen or something.  How elegant did she look?? Next up was this Chinese looking bloke. We won't mention him, aye??  Bit weird if you ask me!! AND then came Sarge ....... OMD!!  what to say here.  Crikey, mate ...... I feel for ya.  What a great sport you are, aye??  I particularly liked the pink beads and the basket ...... fair dinkum ...... what to say?????  Next was Casey ......  now I don't know too much about Casey but he looks like a good bloke and he  sure knows how to stand out in a crowd, aye??  Looks to me as if he was born to wear that outfit and Cinderella ......  I soooooooooo wanted to vote for Cinderella!!  How good did she look????????  Not sure that she was enjoying the experience but she certainly looked good. AND Stella Rose in her pink number and pearls.  What a sweetheart!! Don't you just wanna grab that little face and give those little cheeks a tweek or two. And Maggie Mae ...... didn't she look cute in her boa and so little and wee it almost enveloped her.  Last but not least ... Angus McConnell ...... how debonair did he look even if they did have to hold him down to get the picture.  It's alright Angus ...... you looked great, mate!!
It sure was a lot of fun, aye??  Hope you'll all be there next year and maybe we can get even more to participate.  Lets see if we can make it bigger and better every year, aye??  
Getting back to that Chinese looking bloke here's how it all happened. Mum mentioned the competition to Dad, who, by the way, doesn't show all that much interest in my blog. Mum had a few ideas and was heading off to look for props. Dad decided, as he had the day off from work, to join her. They went to St Vinnie's and were wandering around when Dad, from across the opposite side of the store, yelled out to Mum ....... 'I've got it'.    Mum and everyone else in the store turned to look at Dad who was standing holding up the China-man's outfit. Mum was sooooooooooooo embarrassed.   Dad was looking so pleased with himself.  It was $8 but they had a half price off day so it only cost $4. Now they wanted a hat to go with it.  Mum spotted the hat in a big box of baskets (50cents). Well it's not a hat really but she thought it would do and it did.  Put a bit of red cord in it for the neck tie and they had the China-man outfit complete. How good was that? Dad was so pleased with himself. He even helped with the photo shoot and when it came time to vote Mum had a hard time stopping him from voting. Who do you think he wanted to vote for?? Yeah ..... you got it!!  ME ..... he wanted to vote for ME!!!!  Crikey ....... that's not what it's all about, aye??  Mum wouldn't let him, thank goodness.  He's an awful embarrassment my Dad.  BUT I do love him!!!!!! Here's how the photo shoot went ......
The very first shot!!  they should have stopped her, aye??
The hat caused a few problems!!
To say the least!!
Have I really gotta do this????
Well ...... hurry up with that cheese!!
Why me??????

Look ....... I can't keep this stupid hat thing on ...... alright???????

See ...... I told you!!!

What??????   What's wrong with my ears???  What am I supposed to do with 'em??
Fair dinkum!!!!!!!!

C'mon ....... lookin' good!!!!  Whattya reckon???????

No ....... this looks ridiculous!!

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie!!