Wednesday 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!!

Crikey ...... 2014 ..... what a year it was, aye??  The GOOD ...... the BAD ....... and the UGLY!!!!!
My first full year with Mum and Dad!!!!!!!    My very first year as part of Blogville!!!!!     For me there was much more good than bad and very little ugly!!  I guess 2015 will bring more of the same.  Thankyou for your very warm welcome and  thankyou so much for your friendship. I love you all!!  We could sure teach the rest of the world a thing or two, aye??

SO for all of you out there I would like to wish you a VERY, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and also wish for you loads and loads of good, very minimal bad AND, if only it were possible, NO UGLY.


Sydney Harbour - midnight 2015
This or the beach is the way to go here!!


Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Christmas day with the girls!!

Warning!!!!!!!!!  This is a long post with lots of pictures!! 
Well I did say I would tell you about my Christmas day so here it is.   We went to the little girls house.  Mum went on Christmas Eve for a sleep over and Dad took me to the beach at dawn and then we headed over to join the rest of the Family for the day and what a day it was. It was here!!   My Christmas day  ...... Although .... it wasn't really MY Christmas day.  It was ALL about those little girls.  Fair enough I s'pose.  Most days at my house are all about ME!!  I still had a great time but  I must say I've been a bit envious looking at all the gifts you blokes and Sheilas in Blogville got.   I got NOTHING!!!!!  Not one parcel ....... how bad is that??  I got pressies last year.  But this year ...... NOTHING!!  S'pose last year I was pretty new and they wanted me to feel welcome or something.  Hmmmmmmmmph!!!!  You should have seen the pressies under the tree.  HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!  AND not one for me.  Nor Murphy ....... nor Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants.  They were ALL for those little girls.  Talk about spoiled.

This wasn't all the pressies. There's more but still none for me!!
AND they got a trampoline too.  Not just any trampoline but a PINK one ...... with sides and a roof!!!!   You could sleep in that thing.   It's like a giant Princess tent or something.    OMD ..... the girls went wild!!

A PINK trampoline!!  OMD!!
Miss Poppy wanted a go.
So ...... no mantleiece. We had to hang 'em somewhere. 
It was the scary one's last night so she got to wait for Santa in Miss Jo's stocking.

If Miss Izzi lived at Frankie and Ernie's house she'd have had a snowfreak, aye??

Whattya think of this for Miss G. VERY befitting, aye??

carrots for the reindeers, biccies and beer for Santa, milk for Deitz,  and see that chocolate drop biccie ... that was for Angus!!
Crikey ..... they got into the food, aye??  BUT they left pressies. Crikey Angus you left the jaffa, mate!!
Miss G had a minnie mouse Christmas.  Uh Oh!!  Miss Izzi forgot something.

Hmmmmm!!! Maybe there's a nightie in there, aye???? Miss Izzi was real sick. She had a very bad ear infection.

Miss G has a Santa love affair going on.

Too cute, aye??

Crikey ..... big Minnie AND Minnie mouse flashing high heels. Doesn't get much better than that, aye??
Yep they all got an umbrella.  Now it'll NEVER rain!!!

Miss Jo ..... she got her front teeth back!!
Little dollies were the hit of the day!!
Murphy, Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants and I did get to join in the food fest.  We had a roast dinner. Murphy and I got roast pork, vegies and cracklin' and Miss PoppyPooPoo pants just got the roast vegies.  Our Jen didn't think she would like to eat her own but she sure enjoyed those vegies.  You've never seen anything disappear so fast. She really gets stuck in. So does Murphy!!  Crikey you'd think he'd never seen a decent feed in his whole life the way he attacked that food.  Disgusting really!!  I'm VERY delicate.  I take my time and really savour it. Not Murphs and Miss Poppy.  They just DEVOUR everything!!

Yep ..... that's ours ...... looks good, aye??

We said Grace!!

And then we were at it. OMD!!  It was good!!

I took my time!!

Just one pea left on Murphs plate. He didn't lift his head once!!

I still had plenty left.

Miss PoppyPPP's enjoyed hers!!

It was a good day, aye??
I mightn't have got any presents but I still had a great day. We all did, aye??  AND Mum felt so guilty she has since taken me to the pet shop and bought me 2 new (FLOATING, for the beach) balls for my 'chuck it' and some supa dupa new treats.   I think I'm a bit spoiled too, aye??

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Friday 26 December 2014

Poppy PPP's didn't get eaten!!!!!!!!

Crikey ...... Christmas has been and gone for another year, aye??
Cute, aye??  She had the best day!!
 It was the best time EVER??  We had Christmas at the little girls house this year. I'll tell you all about that later but I know a lot of you would be interested to hear about Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants and how she fared for Christmas seeing as I had designs on her with an apple in her mouth on the barbecue.
Well it didn't happen ... BUT ....... for once I got to meet her .... AND ...... not behind bars either.  SHE HEAD BUTTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fair dinkum .....  who'd have thought????  A ridgie didge, dinkie die, true blue head butt. It was non  too gentle either. What were they thinking letting her out of her pen to have a go at ME??  I was mortified.  A PIG head butted ME!!!!!!  I was ready to give her what for ....... BUT ...... it was Christmas ...... so I swallowed my pride and did the right thing. I tried REAL hard to make friends with her. Just to keep the peace and make our Christmas day pleasant mind.  Well it turns out she's not such a bad Sheila after all. She doesn't like to share her food too much but other than that we got along ok and we didn't miss out on pork for dinner. We had plenty and cracklin' too. Just NOT from Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants, aye??
Crikey I love Christmas ...... we had the best time!!

I did a lot of sniffin' around.
I gave her the evil eye!!

We got up close and personal

but then we kept our distance

A bit more sniffin'
and we ventured out to the grass

for a bit of a play
It was real HOT so Dad had some iced water waiting for us.

I thought it was going well

I went in for some ice and THAT'S WHEN SHE HEAD BUTTED ME!!

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

FFHT for December!!

Crikey ...... I really like to participate in FFHT but I think you should know that for some stupid reason or other my Secretary is on strike. She says she's too busy for me and my crazy whims.  If she thinks she's busy what the heck does she think Santa is right now.  I bet he wouldn't be too busy for my crazy whims.  Strike a light!!  What am I saying. My whims aren't crazy.
Matter of fact I had a bit of a chat to Santa the other day. He needed a bit of rest and recreation before heading off to deliver all the pressies so he dropped downunder to Noosa main beach.  There he was just sittin,' chillin' beside his surfboard.

Now I'm no shrinking violet so up I went and plonked myself down next to him and this elf bloke that was sitting beside him. Quite the chat we had. He's VERY interesting. S'pose if you're that old you gain a bit of knowledge along the way, aye?? Anyway ..... we sat and chatted for about 87 hundred hours or something and then the chubby elf says 'Time to go Santa .... time to go'  and you'll never guess what happened next.  All these reindeer blokes raced out from behind a pandanus palm and before I knew what was happening Santa and his slightly overweight mate jumped into this sled thingie and disappeared over the horizon.
Fair dinkum??  Do I lead an exciting life or what???????????????

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Crikey Frankie and Ernie ...... they're EVERYWHERE!!

Fair dinkum ...... Would you believe THIS!!  Look what greeted Murphs and me when we got to the beach this morning.

Crikey Frankie and Ernie .... they're EVERYWHERE, aye??  We peed on it. So did ALL the dogs. How good is that????????

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Monday 22 December 2014

My post went back in time!!!!

Crikey ..... I did a VERY IMPORTANT post and I don't know what went wrong but it somehow went back in time and no-one would know it was there.  It was really meant for EVERYONE in Blogville so I hope you will all read it. You can find it here:-    Merry Christmas  Please check the link out. It is a message just for you!!

AND while I'm here I thought you might like to see a bit of what Murphs and I have been up to tonight.
A bit of harmless tug-o-war with the one and only stuffie Murphy brought to our house!!

I won of course. It's mine now!!

I told him to take his foot out of my mouth!!

Watch it, mate!!

I've still got my eye on you!!

Charlie did it. He ate my stuffie!!

Did not ..... he can have it back now.  I like MY stuffie better anyway. 

Wanna run (with Murphs and Me) ..... Love, Charlie.