Monday 29 February 2016

Time to vote and BLOOPERS!!

Have you been over to check out my Enid's dressup contest yet?  All of the finalists are on show now and what a show it is.  Everyone went to so much trouble and all the entries are great.  You've gotta go and have a look.  You should see Arty??  OMD!  And I thought what they did to me was embarrassing!!  Arty .... I feel for you, mate!  The things we have to do, aye??  Mitch and Molly look very stylish as usual and Pocket ..... what to say?  If it was a cuteness competition you'd win hands down.  Whitley ..... well ..... yes ..... you know what it is to be embarrassed, aye??  Wyatt and Tegan have a colour theme going. Wyatt in lime green and Tegan in nautical raincoat yellow.   Casey ..... OMD mate ... if looks could kill I dare say the person that dressed you up in that very stylish outfit would be dead, aye??  Jessie looks as if she just wishes she was out of there.  Mr JackFreckles ... crikey Mr JF Sir .... how well behaved are you. Just sitting there like a good with all that stuff hanging off of you!!  Oh and Maybelene ..... WOW Mabel.... who knew you were such model material.  Get a load of the shapely legs!!  Hailey and Zaphod ... hahahaha!!   Now that's embarrassing too, aye??  Lad and Holly ..... crikey  you were playing for bones??????  Too funny!!  And last but not least Easy ..... Fair dinkum Easy, mate ..... what to say??  I've NEVER seen you looking so sedate. What'd they do to you?  Were drugs involved? You just sat there???  You didn't chew on that scarf or anything??   Crikey Easy .... you look so ...sO .... SO .... FRENCH!!  A beret, mate .... you needed a beret!!  AND then there's Me!!  OMD ..... the embarrassment!!!!!  Thought you might like to see how the photo shoot went. I'm already embarrassed so I may as well go the whole hog and show ALL, aye??  
Oh ...... and it's time to vote so head on over and cast your vote. I want to vote for EVERYONE. It's so hard to chose just one.  You can check out all the entries and cast your vote HERE!!

Why didn't they put this one in??  It's not tooooooooo embarrassing!!
'I feel like a right idiot.' 
'Have I REALLY gotta do this, Mum!'
'Now I know how a plumber feels.  It's impossible to keep those pants things up, aye??'
'Dad ..... what are you doing?  Can't you stop her?'
'I'm really over this now!!'
'Was that cheese?'
'Hurry up, will ya?'
'At least I managed to toss the hat'
'no .... doesn't matter how much cheese you give me I'm not putting that hat on again'
'And that's FINAL'

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie. 

Thursday 25 February 2016

Time's running out folks!!

Time's running out to enter my Enid's dress up contest.  There's only a few days left so how about heading over to check it out NOW!!!!!!!!!      HERE'S where you enter and you can check out my very beautiful girl, Enid, while you're there.  Just look though, aye??  No drooling or anything obscene like that!!
I did promise a few of you that I would remind your folks. I know YOU, my dear friends, wouldn't forget but your folks are a completely different matter, aye??  Now I don't like to point the finger or anything but Ruby's Ma is one in question.  Rubes was desperate to enter last year and guess what?  Her Ma forgot to get her entry in.  She'll probably forget this year too.  I think it's a margarita thing!!  Too many and your brain cells die, I hear.  Anyway Ruby ..... I'm doing my best ..... PLEASE Ma ..... pretty PLEASE ..... don't forget to get an entry in for Ruby.
Another one that needs a reminder is Merle.  Merle's a good friend and she has a chook called Drummy. I don't think we've had a chook in the contest before so I'm hoping with all my heart that Merle will enter Drummy. She kinda jokingly said she MIGHT enter so I'm putting the hard word on her here ..... please Merle ..... enter Drummy ... it'll be fun!!
AND last but not least ..... Stella Rose from the Three little Pugs.  Now Stella Rose was a wee bit tough on her Mom. Said she was too lazy to enter but I know Stella's Mom has a lot on her plate at the moment but I did say I would remind her so I'm doing that now, aye, Stella??  If you can manage to find the time Mrs. Stella Rose I sure would appreciate it and so would my Enid.
So ..... remember ..... everyone ..... times running out.  Please check it out. The more entries we get the more fun it will be, aye??  I can't wait to see all the entries and to get MY vote in.  Crikey I hope I see you there!!!!!!!

I'm watching to make sure you don't forget!!

I pinched this from Enid's post. Crikey I hope she doesn't mind!!! Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?? Crikey it looks like she's looking at me, aye??
 Wanna run ...  Love, Charlie. 

Monday 15 February 2016

A BIG reminder!!!

Crikey ..... It's nearly the closing date for everyone to enter my Enid's dress up contest. The big deadline for entries is the 27th of THIS month. SOooooooo!!  You all know what you've gotta do, aye??  That's right ..... send a photo of yourself, dressed up, to MY girl.  AND no propositions or anything or I'll be on to you like a ton of bricks. She's MY girl ..... ok??  I know some of you think you might be able sneak in while I'm a bit out of action but I'm watching you even if I am a bit quiet at the moment. It's real easy to enter and I know you ALL get dressed up from time to time so c'mon ...... PLEASE enter. Anyone can. You don't have to be a canine.  Even you Aunty. You could enter. I'm sure Enid wouldn't mind so please, please, it would make my Enid so happy and it's a lot of fun too. You get to see all the other entries and you get to VOTE!!  How good is that??  Besides I'm entered. I put my entry in today and I just know all you blokes and sheilas out there are going to think I'm a right pansy in my get up so if you're all going to get a big laugh out of me why shouldn't I get to have a chuckle or two too?????  C'mon (crikey I sound like Leyton Hewitt, aye?) ......please, please, pretty please, send Enid an entry.  You can check out how to go about it here!!  And while your there you'll see MY ENID in the flesh. OMD ...... she's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see.  BUT just look ...... ok!!  Don't go getting any ideas!!
Yeah ..... that's right!!  I've got my evil eye on you so behave around my girl, aye??

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

I'm the worst boyfriend EVER!!

Crikey ..... am I the WORST boyfriend ever!!  I didn't ask my Enid to the Valentines party and I haven't done anything special for her for Valentines day.  What sort of a boyfriend is that???  Enid, my sweet, please forgive me. I'll make it up to you ...... I promise ... but it might take a little while. We are heading off to Sydney again. Mum's eyes are crook and she has an eye op coming up very soon and I haven't been able to find another Secretary so I'm afraid I won't be around for a few weeks. I'll think of you every day and on that long boring trip I won't be bored. I'll be dreaming of you. I haven't forgotten your dress up contest. I haven't entered yet but Mum will be emailing your Mum real soon with my entry. Hey if all you blokes and sheilas out there want to help me stay in Enid's good books you could enter her competition.  It's real good fun and it would make my beautiful girl very happy. How about it, aye??  You can check it out HERE!

For you my Enid with all my love!!  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey Easy ..... guess what mate?????????  I got your Christmas card YESTERDAY!!!!  Thanks a lot, Easy.  It may have been a bit late but you have no idea the thrill I got from getting it.  I did notice Rudolph wasn't present when Santa came to our house. Now I know why, aye??  Thanks mate ..... that was so nice of you. I've NEVER, EVER got mail all the way from Francaise before.  It sure made me feel important.  Even Mum doesn't get mail from Francaise but then ...... she doesn't get mail from anywhere. I'm the only one that gets any mail around here. Dad gets bills!!  He doesn't seem to like them though.

Oh and before I go I want to thank my dear friend Mr JF Sir.  His Growlmy made me the most beautiful card for my birthday. You can check it out on the side of my page.  It is so special!!  Get a load of all the icecream!!  How good is that? Growlmy is such a nice lady and she works very hard so for her to take time out to make me a beautiful card like that was so very nice of her. Thankyou Growlmy and thankyou Mr JF Sir.

Well I think I've covered everything I have to before I sign out for a while but don't forget to check out my Enids dress up contest, aye??  I need all the help I can get to stay in her good books.  I really would appreciate it if you would enter. Besides If I've gotta dress up and have all you blokes and sheilas having a giggle at my expense I think the least you can do is dress up too so I can check you out!!

I'm going to try and keep up to date while we are away but I won't be around much. Please don't forget me.  I'll be back .... hahahahaha ....... just like Arnold, aye??

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.

Sunday 7 February 2016

Guess what day it was yesterday!!

Can you guess what day it was yesterday?  Ok ...... I know ....... Sunday!!  But what was special about yesterday, Sunday?????
Do these pictures help you guess??

No!!  Well how about these??

I knew that'd give it away ....... Yep you guessed ..............

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to Charlie,
Happy birthday to ME!!!!!!

I'm 3!!  How good is that?  3 whole years I've been hanging around. Crikey it's been a good three years. I sure hope there's lots more to come.  I've learnt a LOT!!  You know the boring things like sit, drop, wait, stay!!  I'm good at that.  AND heel!!  I'm extra good at that.  AND come!!  Well ..... I'm not so good at that. Who is!!  I'm good at it unless there's something interesting happening.  Then you peeps can shout 'come' as many times and as loud as you like and I'm oblivious.  BUT there's one thing I've learnt and I learnt it all by myself and it's a very good thing to learn.  When I'm off lead and I see another dog I used to run at 'em, at 87 million miles an hour, as I am apt to do. Well ..... I've learnt this gets me into a lot of trouble. You other blokes out there don't seem to like it so here's what I do now. I still race up at 87 million miles an hour but NOW, when I get about a metre away, I just circle around the other bloke and if he comes at me, looking all unfriendly like, I run like the wind back to Mum. I'm pretty safe that way cause so far, except for that Bull Arab bloke, no-ones been able to keep up with me and most blokes are friendly and just wanna play.  Pretty neat, aye??  How clever am I to work that out all by myself.  Only took me 3 years. I had a great Day. I just lounged around for most of it but the little girls did call in for a bit and they bought me a great big box of treats.  How good was that.   Birthdays are the best, aye??
Here I am just loungin' with a friend.  He squeaks a lot. It drives Mum crazy!!
What?  You want me to STOP?????
Ok then!!

Wanna run ... Love Charlie. 

Friday 5 February 2016

You blokes and Sheilas are a riot!!

Crikey you blokes and sheilas are a riot!!  Your comments on yesterday's post really cracked me up.  You didn't REALLY think there were crocs in my river did you??  I was just joshin'.  THERE'S NO CROCS IN THERE!!!!!!!!  Sharks ..... YES ..... but No crocs.  You've gotta go a bit further north to get crocs.  Anyway I thought I'd reply here to some of your comments. I'd reply to 'em all cause you were all funny but it'd take forever so I'll just do a few.
First .... Bella, Roxy and Dui ....  Have you got any pictures of that wild woman hair. I'm sure we'd ALL like to see that.
Princess .... Sharks we do have Princess but NO crocs.  Now about blog to print.  Mum was determined to master it today but NO SUCH LUCK!!  She can't get past home base. When it asks  her to nominate the platform thingoe she puts in blogger. All good. Then it asks for my address. She puts that in and NOTHING!!  She tried putting au on the end. Nope ..... no go!!  She tried a few other things but .... nope!!  Nothing works. She can't go any further. Internet explorer can't display the page. Oh ...... wait she just thought of something .... maybe if she tries firefox not IE. I'll let you know how THAT goes.
Easy ..... the wizard of OZ storm!!!!!!!!  You're a riot mate.  No witches and NO crocs. Just fairies and unicorns. We don't even have crocs on our polo shirts.
Oz ... Crikey Oz ..... are your alligators really WORSE than our crocs???  How come??  Our crocs are much bigger than those alligator blokes and they are man eaters. They use us dogs as toothpicks. We're easy pickings for them.  They are HUGE!!!!!!
Judith ......  Thankyou for your kind words about my dog house.  I like it too. It's home.  
Sully ..... way too funny Sully .... Not those crocs!!!!!!!!!  I mean the kind that chew YOU!!  Not the ones that you can chew. 
Cobi ...... it's been a busy week alright but then, they're all busy around here. I sleep like a log at night.
Sweet William .... crikey William ..... great poem, mate ..... thanks!!

AND to everyone else ..... don't worry, aye??  I don't need to look out for crocs. I was just joking!!  It's the sharks we have to worry about here not crocs.  Mind you we still go in the water from time to time. Never early morning or late arvo though. Mum used to swim right to the end, that you can see in that first picture from yesterday, and back every morning but she's too old and lazy to do that now. She never got attacked by a shark. She just got FAT!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie. 

Thursday 4 February 2016


Crikey ..... we've been having some weather lately!!  Lots of REALLY spectacular storms.  Only at night though!!  It NEVER rains at Noosa during the day.  That's MY story and I'm sticking to it.  We had 1 foot of rain the other NIGHT.  Well ..... it was 2 nights really.  Crikey it came down.  AND the lightning and thunder.  OMD!!  Lucky it doesn't bother me but you should have seen the lost and found section in the papers. Full of blokes and sheilas that left home in the storms.  They've ALL been returned to their owners now though, thank goodness, and not one of them got run over or anything. How good is that??  Mum didn't take any photos of the storms. She's not very good at that sort of thing but she did take some pictures at our house just the other day. The sky was so pretty and for once she managed to capture it. The storms didn't stop us going to the beach. The rains not cold rain and if you get wet you dry off real quick and you get to have the whole beach all to yourself.  Here's the pics Mum took the other day.  
Pretty sky, aye??  Mum took this from our jetty.
After all the rain lots of these blokes popped up in our lawn.
And look what happened when they opened up!!  The fairies came for a visit.
I thought I saw a croc!!
Crikey Mum ..... whatchya doin??  Did you see it too?

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Looking after Miss G!!

We had to look after Miss G the other day!!  It was a VERY hectic day.
It was HOT ...   S'pose this is one way to cool off ...   If you fit!!!!!!

She wanted to look like Elsa from Frozen.  Mum reckons she's much prettier than Elsa.  They had fun with the nail polish and a few stars, aye??

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.