Monday 27 April 2015

Crikey .... long time .... no been here!!

Well ..... that's not quite true.  I've been here ..... LOTS!!  BUT I have been a bit quiet. Not like me, aye??  Sorry but Mum's got a few issues at the moment.  Nothing morbid or too drastic so POTP not needed. Save it for everyone that does need it and boy there's plenty of those at the moment. Sweet William ..... OMD!!!!!  Please Sweet, sweet, boy .... we are all thinking of you mate and hoping and praying.  Mum's eyes are playing up a bit. She's in good hands and all will be well but, unfortunately,  it might take a few months  During this time she has to limit her computer use. We are reading everyone's blogs and commenting sometimes but we will be back full time as soon as possible. Bit of a bummer but it could be worse so I'm not going to complain too much. Well maybe just a little bit. Fair dinkum ...... I've got so much to tell you and not commenting on your blogs is slowly killin' me.  You know me ...... I ALWAYS have LOTS to say, aye??
A few things have been worrying Mum but the main one is that I received a parcel in the Mail from my good mate Demon, Flash Bandit and we didn't thank him for it.  Crikey Demon ...... you said I won a shirt but you sent 2 shirts (one for Mum) a bag and a pen.  Thankyou so much Demon. I got to wear my shirt while Mum took a photo and I tried to get her to wear her shirt for a photo but she said she was too shy. Hmmmmmmmph!!  That's no excuse. We are going to wear our shirts to the Million paws walk this year. I don't know if you blokes and sheilas have a million paws walk but we do and it's a whole lot of fun.
Well that's about it for now but please don't forget me.  I'm still here and I'll try to do some short posts from time to time but in the mean time I just want to let you all know I am thinking of you. I LOVE you blokes and Sheilas big time!!!!!!!!

Just so you don't forget me!!

Here's my shirt from Demon!!

AND look ..... a shirt for Mum a bag and a pen as well.  Crikey!!!!  Thanks Mate!!

Super Value indeed!!  Is that 3 for $189 or just 1!!

Hmmmmmmmmmm!!  ... Looks like Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants days are numbered, aye??

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.   

Saturday 4 April 2015

Easter at the girls house!!

Crikey ........ sometimes it's good to be away from home.  I haven't had to suffer the indignities of wearing those bunny ears this year. How good is that??  BUT ...... I did want to wish you all a happy Easter so I thought I'd let the little girls do it for me. These pics arrived this morning .....

Looks like the girls got lots of eggs, aye??  AND Miss PPP's is after her share!

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!  Sucked in Murphs!!


Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.