Sunday 9 February 2014

What's going on?????

Crikey .... what's going on at my house? I'm awful worried ... last night Mum took all my biscuits and bones away from me. I ALWAYS have a midnight snack ... not last night ... I couldn't find ANY food ANYwhere. THEN ... this morning NO BREAKFAST. I ALWAYS have yoghurt for brekky. If we run out of yoghurt I have an egg. This morning .... NOTHING!!! What the heck is going on?????????? 
THEN ... No beach. I ALWAYS go to the beach after breakfast .... rain, hail or shine! Crikey .... nothing good is going to come from this day!!!! Mum took me for a walk around the block. Hmmmmmmmmph! I like walking around the block BUT ... NO BEACH!!! C'mon Mum .... what are you thinking??????
THEN ... Dad and Mum got me a bit excited ... "C'mon Charlie" they said "it's time to go. Lets get into the car". Beauty I thought.  We're going to the beach, albeit a bit late. Fair enough but if they thought I was getting into that car without my usual liver treat they are well and truly mistaken. What's going on?????? They want me to get in the car and NO TREAT. NO WAY!!!!!!  What the heck is going on???? Am I EVER going to eat again??? Dad lifted me into the car. Hmmmmmmph!!!!! the indignity! 
THEN ... we headed to the beach but OH NO!!! We passed the beach street and kept going .... Crikey ... Noooooooooooooooo! I know where that road goes. THE VETS .... What the heck is going on???????? I'm not sick ... I haven't broken my leg or anything like that .... I've had ALL my shots .... Crikey .... I'M WORRIED!!! What IS going on????????
THEN ... we get out of the car and head into the VETS and they put me on the scales. Oh! is that all. They just wanted to weigh me. S'pose that's why they didn't feed me. Didn't want me to think I was fat. Crikey I have put on a bit. I'm 16.5 kgs. That's pretty good for a big whippet like me. The Vet felt me all over and said I was in perfect nick. Nick was right. That's just what he did when I wasn't looking. Nicked me in the rear end with a needle. Why do they ALWAYS want to stick something in us. I'm not too keen on Vets. Peter is nice but he always seems to want to prod and poke me. What's with that??? I'm NOT sick.  What is going on????????
THEN ... Peter (The Vet) and Mum took me out to the back room and put me in a CAGEA CAGE! What's with that????? I started to feel a bit woozy. What is going on?????????
THEN ... Peter told MUM to leave. Nooooooooooooooo Mum don't go! No stupid little whimper from me I'm going to bark the house down. Thanks to you blokes I know how to do that now ...

To be continued ...


  1. Charlie!!!! Are you ok, Charlie?!?! BARK TO ME, CHARLIE!!!

  2. Charlie, Charlie, are you there? I have a feeling you are having surgery. Please bark at us as soon as you can!

  3. Remember - bark at whole lot to get free!

  4. Oh, this is not good.
    I got a real bad feelin 'bout this.

    Charlie! Yu ok? Bark to us pal!

  5. You need us to come and help you Charlie??
    Shall I call Zaidie to get his private jet ready?

    Hope you are OK.

  6. OMC, dah suspense in dis shtory beeds too much fur me - I hash bitten my claws all dah way down to dah quick and can't even shred up dah couch like I loves to do - I gots to hear more about how yew and what'sh going on......