Friday 30 December 2016


Crikey ..... I hate summer!!  We get swamped with Mexicans.  Everyone from down south comes up here and my beach is soooooooooooooo crowded there's hardly room for ME!!!!  How bad is that????  There's heaps more four legged doods to play with but there's some scary doods too. A bloke's gotta really keep his wits about him or he could end up with a chunk missing.  It's the ones  from the bush you've gotta worry about.  Great big Bull Arab's that spend their days AND nights chasing pigs through the scrub.  OH MY!!  I steer clear of them.  I sure hope I see the summer out.  You should see some of these blokes.  My mate Bacon or PoppyPooPoo Pants wouldn't stand a chance against one of them.  Those heelers and kelpies can be mean too.  I know ..... I know ..... I've got lots of mates that are working dogs but those blokes from the bush ..... fair dinkum ..... they've got no manners ..... none at all.  If you run they chase you and they NIP!!  They think you're a cow or a sheep or something.  Well I'm not.  Cows have tough hides and sheep have lots of wool.  ME ... I've got very thin skin and NO hide whatsoever.  I tear easily!! Go back to the bush I say!!   I thought I'd show you some pics of my VERY CROWDED beach.  These were all taken this morning. Crikey it was a nice morning.  I hope all you blokes and sheilas slowly freezing to death in all that snow appreciate them.  We're sweltering in a heat wave here.  Anyone wanna swap houses for a while?????     

Warning ..... there's a LOT of pictures.  Mum got carried away ..... AGAIN!!!!!  Oh and it's better if you biggefy the pics.

Crikey it was hot ..... At least I had room for a cool down.  
Had a bit of a romp with these blokes!
I even had to share with this bloke!!
And this!!
I played ball.  
Had another swim!!
AND a bit of a surf!!

I wipe my face on Dad's pants to dry off!!   Pretty neat, aye??  
Another few dips!!  

Now if you biggefy this you'll see all the Mexicans.  There's heaps of 'em.  We have to walk for miles to get away from 'em. 

Look!!  It's Frankie and Ernie.  Well I thought it was!!  Feisty little numbers.  They sure gave me what for!!

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie!!

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Herbie goes bananas!!!!!!

Crikey ... Get a load of these pictures.  Herbie went to the river for the first time.  I think he liked it.  He went bananas!!!!!
Do you think he'll go in?

Getting gamer!!
AND messier!!

I think he likes it!!
Cute, aye??
AND last but not least I just wanted to welcome Easy home.  Welcome home Mate.  You will always be special in our hearts. Thanks for the love and the laughs. Your memory will be with us forever!!

Wanna run ... Love Charlie!

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Bloopers ..... bloopers ..... bloopers!!!!!!!!!

Crikey ...... bet you can't wait for these??  Mum and our Jen did a photo shoot for a picture of, yours truly, for our Christmas card. It didn't go well.  Now cut me a bit of slack here .... I tried!!!  Very trying, Mum said!!  It was HOT!!  AND they wanted to take a picture OUTSIDE ..... in the middle of the day.  C'mon ..... everyone knows you don't go outside in the middle of the day when it's HOT.  Well everyone except my Mum and our Jen.  Anyway ..... I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Here they are ....

Who's this remind you of Crockett??
Fair dinkum!!
Like it's 187C out here and I gotta wear THIS???
Well OK if there's treats involved!!
C'mon with those treats .....  what are they??
Cheese ..... yum .... my favourite!!
Well hand 'em over ....
I'm not looking .... you didn't give me the cheese!!
For goodness sake ..... give me a break. I'm over this.
You can keep your hat and your cheese .... I'm out of here!!
Uh Oh!!
Too bad, aye??
Thank goodness for that!!
Oh .... best get it out. Don't want some poor fishy to die.
Onya Jen.  
Don't think I'm wearing that now!
This was my choice.  I think I look very regal, aye??
I liked this one too!!
But I guess you all know this is the one Mum picked.  
Have a great Christmas everyone and if I missed sending my card to you I'm sorry.  Mum got a bit confused at the end.  She couldn't remember who she'd sent them to and who she hadn't.  It's the dementia thing. So please if I missed you please add me to your card list cause I sure wanted to send you a card.  Here it is now ..... you can copy it and print it up if you like.


Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Look what Miss Izzi got for Christmas!!

Crikey ... Look what Miss Izzi got for Christmas?  She's going to look great in the family Christmas photos, aye?   Someone should alert the authorities.  Doesn't look good to me. Someone failed to keep her safe.  Our Jen said it was an unfortunate accident but .... It doesn't look good to me ... Just say'n!  Just to put your minds at rest ... She's ok ... She's one tough little number our Izzi.  Hardly even cried .... 

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.  

Sunday 18 December 2016

Herbie came to stay!!!

Crikey .... who knew puppies were so much work!!  Herbie came to stay for 2 days and ... fair dinkum ... am I EVER over him.  He's still here.  I can't wait to get rid of him.  He's asleep right now. It'd be alright if he did a bit more of that but  no ..... most of the time he's awake and he expects ME to play with him.   ME!!!!!   Doesn't he know I didn't have any brothers or sisters EVER!!!  I was the only pup in my litter.  I have no idea how to play with puppies.  Big dogs ... YES ..... but PUPPIES ..... no way.  He even expects me to sleep with him and he follows me round like a bad smell.  HE EATS MY FOOD.!!!!!!   Crikey I wish he'd go home.  He's got NO manners at all.  He's been sick since we got him.  His poos were real runny and had BLOOD in them and he was real lethargic.  The Vet said he had giardia and was full of worms but he's well and truly over that now.  More's the shame really. He was great when he was sick. Just slept all the time.  Not any more. Mum and Jen aren't too happy with the breeder but that's another story. Thought I'd show you some pics of our 2 days together so you could see how perfect I am and how imperfect he is.  I wouldn't be so perfect if I thought he was going to be here much longer.  I've just about had a nervous breakdown.  Mum reckons she's never seen me with such a long face before.  Well ..... it's no wonder ..... I'M OVER HIM!!!!!
Full of energy, aye??
They think he's cute!
I go outside for a snooze. He follows me!!
This is MY BED!!
Look at him trying to smooch up to me!!
We even had to take him to MY beach!!
This is MY beach!!!  Hmmmmmmmph .... he would have to come, aye??
You'll have to guess who was on the other end of this. Mum's a bit slow with the camera.  It was HIM!!
This was 10 o'clock at NIGHT. I wanted to sleep. He wanted to party.  He bit my tail and I didn't even growl. Am I perfect or what?
Finally he went to sleep but why so close ..... there's heaps of room.  
Look a heart shaped poo.  Is that cute or what??  Or what I say!!  Mum and Jen were obsessed with poo photos. This was his first one without blood in it. He'd been on antibiotics for 5 days.  What a whopper for such a little puppy, aye??  

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.