Friday 22 August 2014

I'm devo!!

Crikey ..... I'm devo!!!  Mum and Dad are going away for 4 whole weeks. That's ok, you say??  Well it's NOT ok ...... not even a little bit ok.  They usually take me EVERYWHERE with them. Even on holidays ... but not this time.  They are going overseas.  Overseas??  What's that??  I've been overseas. I went on a ferry once. I went across the seas.  Why can't I go?????  I'm soooooooo upset.  I might NEVER talk to them EVER again!!  What's happening to me, you say?? Well I'll tell you what's happening to me. I'm going to refuse to eat. I'm going to pine away and be a shadow of my former self when they return. I might just pine RIGHT AWAY and  be with our Harri and our Lucy when they return.  That'd show 'em, aye??  Miss Poppy PooPoo pants will have taken over by the time they get back.  Murphy and her will be as thick as thieves. The Grandkids'll forget me.   Fair dinkum ...... life sucks, aye?? They are taking me to stay with Charmaine.  She's a real nice Sheila. I've stayed with her before but only for a day at a time. I love her a lot and she loves me and I'm going to be living in her house. I'm even allowed on the bed.   How good is that?? BUT ..... it's NOT HOME!!!!!  Woe is me!!  What will become of me. I'm scared. I've NEVER been left alone for 4 whole weeks before.  Crikey ..... I hope I can cope!!  If I'm still around when they get back I'm going to give 'em heaps. I'm going to go into the biggest sulk anyone has ever seen. I might sulk for days. I'll show 'em..  Do you wanna know where they're goin'?  Who cares says I??  If I'm not going ..... who jolly well cares???? If YOU do I'll tell you but I wouldn't have any idea why you'd wanna know. They are going to Belgium and Holland and France (g'day Easy) and Germany.  What's so good about that? They all sound foreign to me!!  Anyway ..... they'll have a lousy time.  How could they possibly have a good time without ME!!    AND here's some MORE bad news .... you won't be hearing from me for all that time.  How BAD is that??  Crikey I hope I haven't devastated all you too. I'm devo enough for everyone. They leave on Sunday!!  Wish me luck, aye??  I sure hope I'm alive when they get back. If you don't hear from me again at least you'll know what happened, aye??   OMD ...... I'm devo'd!!   Here's some pictures.   Just so you don't forget me, aye??
 This was taken at the beach this arvo.  The very last photo of me you might EVER see!!. If I survive I'll probably look like a bag of bones the next time you see a picture of me, aye??

Crikey .... this bloke was there too.  I tried to eat it!!

87 years ago I promised Stella Rose I would write her name in the sand. Thought I'd best do it today just in case. Wouldn't want to break a promise. Its not a very good photo, Stella. Sorry ..... it was high tide. If I survive I'll do a better one.
Just so you'll remember my humorous side!!

Crikey ...... I'm sure gunna miss you blokes!! 

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

My Most influenshal blogger award ..... Thanks Travis!!

How good is this?? My mate Travis gave me this award. He's a CAT!! Who'd think I'd have a CAT for a friend??  CAT's HISS at me.  Not Travis. Travis wouldn't hiss at me. Well if I tried to steal his bacon he might but I know what he's like with bacon so I'd keep clear of him if he had bacon, aye?? 

This is what I've gotta do for this award.  It's in CAT speak.  There seems to be a lot of sssssss's and zzzz's in Cat speak. Hope you can understand it.

For dis award, ya's sposed to pass it on to ten other bloggers and post your favorite song. Well there weren't too many sssss's or zzzz's in that bit but Travis is very well educated for a CAT!!
The passing it on to ten other bloggers bit is ok with me. I can do that but the other part ..... well .... my Secretary is going to try but as you all know by now she's a bit intellectually challenged and she finds all the tech stuff difficult so if she doesn't succeed she'll just post links (if she can even do that) to the videos I like and you can check 'em out in your own good time. It'll be worth it. I promise. They are great songs and great videos. Did you notice the plural there.  Yeah!! There's more than one. Typical me, aye? but I always seem to want to go overboard with everything.  I'm VERY enthusiastic!!  One of the songs is done by an aborigine. She's fantastic!! It's done in abo speak and crikey ..... you gotta listen to it. It was a big hit here in Australia. Hope you like my choices, aye??

As you can see she couldn't manage it. So here are the links .... crikey I hope she got that right. The second one is the aborigine one. It's the best one if you wanna skip the rest. I should say 'MAYBE' the second one is the aborigine one.  

Here's my choice of 10 other bloggers to honour with this AWESOME award!!
1.  Buddy
2.  Zoe
3. Enid
4. Princess Leah
5. Rory Whippet
6. C.L.W. Step
7. Bluberry's human
8. Ruby
9. Puffy and Mei-Ling Barking from Mexico
10. Stella Rose Long.

 Did I do a good job??  Crikey I hope so!!  I did the best I could under the circumstances, aye?? It took Mum all morning to do this.  OMD!!  She will learn ..... won't she????????

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie. 

Wordless Wednesday!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Monday 18 August 2014

Is this disgusting or what??

Nothing much has been happening around here lately.  Same old same old!!  You know ..... the beach in the morning ...... zoomies with my mates ..... come home and snooze till the arvo ...... back to the beach ...... zoomies with my mates ..... then dinnertime ..... watch Television on Mum's lap ..... go to bed ...... then start all over again. Pretty boring, aye??  EXCEPT ..... when the Grandkids visit.  No way is it boring then.  Here's what happened when Miss G called in for a visit the other day.  For one, she arrived fully clothed AND she left fully clothed. A miracle in itself.  She decided she wanted to wear undies like the big girls ...... NOT NAPPIES!!!! 

About time said my Mum.  Her Mum told her she would have to use the potty. No worries!! She sat on the potty for a few minutes then got up and had a look.  'No wees' she said and sat down again for another few minutes. Got up again and another look. 'No wees' she said. THEN she went to her Mum and said 'Mummy potty's broken. It not work!!' Crikey!  Is that how it happens?????????  My Mum' s trying to work out if this means she's a genius or something.  I think it means OR SOMETHING myself. Now for the disgusting bit.  She had some noodles for a snack.  That kid has NO table manners whatsoever. I did try to show her how it was done but she didn't take any notice. Have a look at these pictures and tell me if you think it's disgusting or not.
Dunno why Mum gave her a fork.

Crikey I almost went cross eyed there for a minute.

Well ..... could YOU resist????

Good catch, aye????

Well I do have to clean the table, don't I??
Blimey ....she must have been watching Miss Poppy PPP eat, aye??
Nearly all gone!!

Needs two hands to get the rest of it.

This is how it should be done ...... delicately!!!!

Now for a rest.  Thanks Miss G ...... don't mind if I do.
C'mon then ...... hand it over!!
What's so funny?????????
Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Friday 15 August 2014

Miss Poppy Poo Poo Pants is settling in nicely!!

Well I wasn't there but thought you might like to see how Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants is settling in.  Apparantely she's doing very nicely .... thankyou very much!!  That'll all change when I get over there, aye??  She was awful skinny when I saw her. She hadn't been getting fed properly but she's sure filled out in her first few weeks at our Jen's mad house. She's positively glowing with good health now. Her coat was a bit dull and yucky lookin' but now it's all shiny and beautiful. Its amazing what the right food does for you, aye?? She has a new pen. Jen's hubby built it last weekend and what a good job he did. He even put fairy lights around it. Miss Poppy PPP is VERY happy with it. She only goes in at night. The rest of the time she just follows everyone around  and  has a good time. I can't wait to get back there and check her out for myself.  So here's some pictures so you can see for yourselves.

Miss Izzi put the flower in her ear.
Lookin' healthy, aye??
The new pen. 
Complete with swimming pool!
Miss Izzi.    Makeup artist extraordinaire!!

Stand still please Miss G!!

Your turn Miss Poppy

Whoops!! She's at it again, aye???  AND it's winter!!
Miss Jo missed out on the fun. She was at school.
Yeah well ...... she wasn't the only one. I missed out too.

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.