Tuesday 31 May 2016

Today is the first day of winter!!

Today is the first day of winter!!  You'd never know it where I live, aye??

Mum picked the two big girls up from school today.  We went to the beach. Mum played ball with me while the little girls caught pippies.

I don't think their Mum is going to be too happy about the state of their uniforms.

Jo's got the pippy collecting action working well.  Izzi's bringing water in MY ball thrower.
Yep ..... she's the mischief maker!!  Where there's an Izzi there's TROUBLE!!

BUT ..... then we saw this .....

Can you see it? It was such a bright, shiny light. AND THEN IT DISAPPEARED VERY QUICKLY!

CRIKEY!!!!!!!!!    A UFO .........    I'm outta here .......

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie. 

Monday 23 May 2016

I'm dressing up for Whitley!!

Dear sweet Dory arranged a day to celebrate a much loved member of Blogville who recently left us for the bridge.  Our very own fashionista Whitley.  Dory wanted us to dress up for Whitley. How clever is Dory, aye??  Whitley dressed up for us all the time so now it's our turn.   Mum and I miss Whitley so much and we wanted to join in on this very special day to honour her so here goes.  This is for you Whitley!!  

Crikey Whitley ...... I sure hope you like this cause I sure as anything didn't like doing it. I know you liked dressing up Whitley but, FAIR DINKUM, if there weren't LOTS of treats involved I wouldn't have done this. This is for Whitley everyone!!  I'd really appreciate it if you would do me the courtesy of keeping any laughter to yourselves.  Matter of fact if you don't look at all it would be even better but I know you blokes and Sheilas.  You just can't help yourselves, aye??  So Whitley ...... I present to YOU and to YOU only ....... ME .......  dressed up for  YOU!!!!!   
OMD!!!!!!!!  How embarrassing!!

Wanna run ...  Love, Charlie.

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Sunday 22 May 2016

What a beautiful morning!!

Crikey it was a beautiful morning at my beach today. I had the best time. If you don't believe me take a look at THIS!!

Wanna run on the pink beach with me ....... Love, Charlie.

Friday 20 May 2016

Look what Mum got for Mothers day!!

Crikey ...... look what the 3 little girls gave Mum for Mothers' day.

Whoops sorry!!   The next few are updownside!!  The little girls are helping. The green monkey with the pink tail is a nice touch, aye??

Good colour!! 

Not bad, aye??

This is Miss G's addition.

AND Jo did this bird. She's got it all together, aye??  Shame the secretary can't tell which way is up.

Mum sure loves it.  I don't!!  It's taking up precious ME time!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Friday 13 May 2016

Wanna see where I live??

It was a beautiful day here yesterday. We went for a big walk around Noosa.  Noosa is a tourist destination so we don't visit the main part very often. Too many tourists.  BUT it IS beautiful!!  So every now and then we just have to do it. We started at the Tourist information centre and they asked me if I would tell everyone just how good Noosa is.  So, like my mate, BERTIE, I'm going to be AMBASSADOG for a day. Well ..... maybe two days. Mum took lots of pictures.  Ambassadog for Noosa!! That's ME!! 
We only did the main beach area and the main street. It's called Hastings Street and there wouldn't be a more famous street, outside of the cities, in all of Australia. It's only little but it's very pretty. It's lit up at night with tiny wee fairy lights.  It looks just like like fairyland. I think living in Noosa is like living in Paradise. Have a look at these pictures and tell me if you agree, aye??
I'd make a good Ambassadog, aye??
Heading off down Hastings Street
There's restaurants EVERYWHERE!!
AND scrub turkeys .... let me at him Dad ..... please!!!!!
This is my favourite shop.
This is Dad's favourite shop .... the Chevron Hilton. He had to stop for a beer.
Where's my beer, Dad???
Water????????  Oh well ..... don't mind if I do!!
There's another icecream shop here. Hmmmmmph ..... Mum said 'not today, Charlie. It's not your birthday!'
After our street walk we headed to the beach.  It's just through the shops and restaurants and hotels. 
Just follow this path!
See .... I told you the beach was just here.
Pretty, aye!!  This is known as Laguna Bay. It faces north so is usually very calm.  Early morning and late arvo there's lots of dolphin and in the whale season we see whales too. No sharks ...... HONEST!!!!!!!
A couple of fig trees.
Lots of really nice restaurants right on the beach.
Beautiful day aye??
This is up the other end of the beach at the opening of the Noosa river.  The beach you can see in the distance goes for about 50 miles and is mainly national park. You can drive on it and it is very special. There are coloured sand cliffs and it is ever so pretty. I love it.
The bird life on the section of sand just across the river from here is something to see.  No cars are allowed and definitely NO DOGS (hmmmmmmmph)  but it's only a small area so I s'pose we've got to share aye?? 
Pretty, aye??  The water is crystal clear and such a pretty colour.

Whatcha reckon????  Paradise, aye??  Wanna come for a visit????

Wanna run  ....   Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 11 May 2016

It's cold at Noosa!!

Crikey it was cold at the beach this morning.  It was all of 17C.   Mum had to wear a cardy.

Ball of style isn't she??????

I went naked!!

Crikey ...... Who's that????
 Look who I saw there!!  No ..... it's not my Assistant Dui but for a minute or two I thought it was.  This blokes name was Billy. No ... it wasn't Sweet William either.
Not as good lookin' as Dui or Sweet William aye??
 We went exploring in the bushes.  I found a dead bird.  Crikey it sure smelled good. I had to get down and get as much of that good whiff on me as I possibly could. Billy didn't even come up to have a go. What sort of a terrier is he, aye??????
Nice action, aye??
If you biggefy this you might just see the bird.
It was a good morning.  Cold ...... but good!!  Our first cold morning of the year.  It didn't last long. It's about 28C now!! 

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie. 

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Wags and Waves for Forrest!!

Crikey Forrest. I'm not much of a wagger or a waver but I couldn't miss out on being here for your special day, mate. So please ...... don't take offence at the picture I'm sharing with you. I'm not meaning to be rude or anything but it was the best tail wag I could come up with.

At least it's pointing in the right direction, aye??  Hope you've settled in alright up there. I know you have. I've seen you at MY beach. Mum hasn't got her camera out quick enough to snap you yet but she will one day.  You're moving pretty quick up there!!  Good to see, mate!! Good to see!!

Your Mum and Dad and fur brothers and sisters are  still mighty sad, Forrest, but we are all trying to keep them cheered up and I know you are watching over them all.  If anyone wants to pop over to see Bev and the family you can do it HERE if you like. We miss you mate but we'll all be up there running around with you one day, aye?  So till then Forrest .....

Run free dear Forrest, Run free .... Love Charlie!!

Monday 9 May 2016

Poor Miss G!!

Remember this??

Some of you thought it was a sharks tooth!!  Crikey but you blokes are hilarious.  Well it wasn't a sharks tooth but it was a tooth.  Miss G's tooth!!  Oh my ..... here's what happened ...

On the way home from the beach and the BEST MOTHER'S DAY EVER there was an incident!!  Not unusual in our Jen's car with those three little girls but this incident was a bit terrifying to say the least.  Miss G and Josie, the eldest and most sensible, sit together.  Miss Izzi sits way up the back because she's a trouble maker. Ok she's lovely and we love her to bits but she's the midddle one and a bit tricky sometimes. Anyway Miss G was on a bit of a high and was trying to bite Jo's arm. Jo told her to bite on her shirt instead. Well you don't have to ask Miss G to bite more than once. She sank her choppers into Miss Jo's shirt. Jo pulled away and before anyone knew what was happening their was a blood curdling scream from Miss G and a lot of blood was pouring out her mouth.  Her tooth had somehow got caught in Jo's, obviously very well made shirt, and when Jo pulled away the tooth was extracted. Fully in tact!!  OMD!!  Wouldn't that hurt!!  I don't even like getting my teeth cleaned let alone pulled out by the roots with no anaesthetic or anything. Not even a needle. Even a whisky would help, aye??  Before they could stop the car Miss Izzi had got out of her car seat and was hugging Miss G and yelling 'I don't want her to die ...... I don't want her to die' and Miss Jo was an hysterical mess. Miss G was the quietest of them all, after the initial blood curdling scream. Gotta say It's just as well it wasn't Jo's tooth. She's our drama Queen.  You'd have heard the screams up over if it were her. Our Jen felt sick and didn't quite know what to do.  She and her hubby did what they could to calm every one down, mop up the blood and comfort Miss G while Miss Jo searched for the tooth.  She finally found it and no-one could believe it had come out like that. It wasn't loose. She's only 3 for goodness sake. She's not supposed to lose those teeth till she's about 6 or something.  They finally all calmed down enough to get home. They had called a Doctor to come to the house but after waiting 3 hours decided to forget him and take G to the dentist the next day to make sure everything was alright.  Miss G was obviously in shock. She wouldn't swallow at all. She wouldn't talk and that's amazing for her. She NEVER shuts up. She wouldn't eat and she was VERY tired from the big day. She fell asleep in her Mummy's arms and slept right through the night. When she woke up she still wouldn't talk or eat or swallow her saliva but she did have a few little drinks of water. Poor Miss G!!

Her Mum took her to the dentist. The quietest car trip she'd ever taken with Miss G. She still wasn't talking. Just the odd grunt here or there. She's been to the dentist before with her sisters but she wouldn't let the Dentist touch her. She wouldn't even sit in the chair but this time she did EVERYTHING the dentist asked of her.

What a good girl. He was amazed!!  He said in all of his years in dentistry he had NEVER seen anything like it. A Whole tooth pulled out intact with no damage to it or the teeth beside it.  He assured Jen Miss G would be alright and the new tooth would come down all in good time, albeit in several years time.  He told Jen it would be VERY painful and to keep giving her pain medication. 'What??' said Jen.  I haven't given her ANY pain medication. 'WHAT' said the dentist??  OMD!! 'but that's one tough little kid'. They came to our house after the Dentist. Mum and our Jen sat and talked and talked. I think our Jen needed a bit of calming down. Pop Pop took care of Miss G. He told her stories and played silly games with her and after a little while we heard some giggles and after about half an hour he had her talking. Thank goodness!!  It was nice while it lasted but a silent Miss G just wasn't right. Thank goodness for Pop Pop, aye??

Ok so the hats silly. He doesn't wear it usually. But it did make Miss G giggle.
The tooth fairy came last night and that sure put a smile on the little face.  She's a lot better today. She had some brekky ..... mashed potato and icecream!!  Mashed potato and ICECREAM for brekky!!!!!  How good is that?  I might just have to go and have a bite of Miss Jo's shirt.

What an end to the best Mothers' day ever, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.