Wednesday 12 February 2014

I'm OK!!!!!!

Crikey .... All you blokes and Sheilas ..... all so worried about ME!!!!! I'm OK!! I'll tell you all about it later in my continuation story but for now I just wanted to let you know that I CAN POST PICCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo here's some of my Nan with the Grand kids!!!!! She looks pretty good for a 95 year old, aye????

                      This  is Nan with the 3 little girls. From left to right Georgia, Izzi and Josie.

This is the 3 little boys. Mackinley, Quinn and Colby.  Not such a good photo but its the best I have.

Cute Nan, aye and cute kids too, aye?????

Ok you blokes and Sheilas .... gotta go and snuggle with Nan. This took a lot out of us.


  1. Crikey I forgot to say .... Mum downloaded firefox and everything works soooooooooo much better now. Thanks to everyone for the help. It was much appreciated.
    Oh! and Zoe told me Dogster was back ... how good is that????? I'm going to keep my blog going though. Hope everyone else does too.
    So much heartache for so many! I hope whatever is going on at dogster is worth the anguish they put everyone through. To all the people that spent so much time and effort in trying to keep us all together ... what to say? ... words are just not good enough ... you blokes are THE BEST (and then some)!!!!!!

  2. Woofs to your Nan!
    She does look lovely, and how she glows with love form all her wee ones around her!

    Great pics! You are a step ahead of me, BOL! Haven't had tome to try that as yet...

    I will fur sure keep my bloggie its fun!

    Hooray fur Dogster not going glug-glug...but...time will tell, its good we have the tools to save our pages.


  3. Wowser! Gram looks amazing for 95!! and what a cute bunch of kiddos!! Very good-looking family there!
    Glad you are okay... so was it the family jewels da vet heisted or did you get your toofers cleaned??

  4. You got a very good-looking family!

  5. Crikey MJF, Sir .... the blog is fun, aye? Those tools will not go astray. Thanks for your help there. Those pages still need saving and those instructions were much appreciated and so easy even my Secretary couldn't mess that up. Well not much anyway!
    You'll have to wait for the continuation Finley but here's a clue ... it sure weren't the toofers!
    Thanks Whitley ... but of course ... I'm the best looking one!

  6. Wowzers, Charlie! What a great lookin bunch of peepoles ya got there.
    Yur grannylady looks Amazin!

    Yep, hangin onto my doggy bloggy fur sure. An' I love runnin yur schnooter 'round yur page!

  7. What a great family you have! Those are cute kids.

    What! Dogster is back???!!!! This is the first we heard of it. I better run over there and check it out. (*Jelly walks away in shock*)

  8. Crikey Zoe .... go easy on the schnooter ... it's a wee bit tender!!!!!