Friday 17 July 2015

Eight photos of happiness!!

Crikey ...... Am I ever late with this one.  87 million years ago my dear friend Whitley nominated me for the eight photos of happiness tag and my secretary has been too slack to do anything about it. Not only that but I've got a Liebster award to do too.  Crikey I hope she gets round to that one soon. Maybe I can talk her into combining the two. Hey Whitley .... would it be alright if I just answer your questions and forget about everything else??  Oh ...... you all know Whitley don't you??  If you don't you need to. She's a great Sheila.
Now ..... there's some guidelines for this tag ...... crikey I'm sure glad they're guidelines cause these things usually have rules and I'm not too good at following those rule things. So here's the guidelines:

1. Thank your nominator and link them to this post.     Yep ..... ticked that box already!!
2. Link to the creator of the tag.  Ariel's little corner of the Internet.  Crikey I don't know Ariel. Better
    get myself over there and check her out, aye??           Ok .... ticked that box too!!
3. Post your eight photos of happiness.                            Alright ..... I'm getting to it!!
4. Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it, or just let the picture do the talking.
                                                                                         Well .... I think my choice of pics will tell all. 
5. Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers.  Glad they said 'up to'. Ten might be testing


Now as to the tagging of up to ten others ...... well ..... all of my mates have already been tagged but there is one person I sure would like to see 8 photos of happiness from and that's Zoe.  I know things are a bit hectic for Zoe's writer at the moment but I sure would like to see 8 photos of happiness from Zoe if it's at all possible.  Forget everything else Mrs Zoe ...... just photos will do. Mmmmmmmm!  Need I mention the eyes and those lashes from hell and Tux, don't forget Tux.   Could you ..... please!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh and Aunty ...... how about you??  AND anyone else that feels up to it.  Eight photos of happiness from everyone. How good would that be???

AND now to Whitley's questions for the Liebster award. Crikey that was so long ago I had trouble finding them .... but I did so here they are:

1. What are your favoritest treat?
2. What are your favoritest toy?
3.  Has ya ever killed anything?
4.  How barky is ya?  Quiet, medium, loud, or Whitley-level?
5.  Do ya get scared of storms or does ya ignore em?
6.  What are your favorite nap spot?
7.  Do ya like summer better or winter?
8.  Who are your favorite peep?
9.  What are da furthest from home ya has ever been?
10.  Do ya like baffs?
11.  Do ya ever watch TV?

1.  Crikey Whitley ...... you gotta be jokin???  EVERYONE knows my favouritest treat.
                      ICECREAM!  ICECREAM and more ICECREAM!! Sure beats everything else, aye? 

2.  My favouritist toy ....... My Sorry Ass.  Dear Goose gave him to me and I just love him. I take him to bed every night and he always comes on road trips with me.  Funny but I never really felt like I belonged in Blogville until Goose sent me my Sorry Ass. He made me feel I was meant to be here. I sure hope he was right.

3. Fair dinkum Whitley ..... have I gotta answer this one??  I'm a killer.  Mum tries real hard to keep me under control. Crikey ..... she won't even kill an ant if she can help it but I have managed to kill my fair share of lizards and grasshoppers. I nearly managed to get a magpie once. He took off a bit slow and I damn near got a tail feather but just missed.  I'm currently working on a way to get at 2 guinea pigs, 1head buttin,' out of control, badly spoiled pig and 3 chooks.  Leave me alone with 'em for 87 seconds and they're gone!!!!!  

4. How barky am I????    You got that covered Whitley.  I could never compete with you.  I'm not much of a barker.  Crikey ..... I don't even bark when the doorbell goes.  I've got a pretty good bay (howl) on me though.  Mum and Dad laugh when I bay.  I don't see the funny side!!!!!  I use it for special occasions not funny occasions. 

 5. Do I get scared scared of storms??  No, not me!!  I rather like 'em. Dad loves storms.  If we know one is approaching we sit outside with a refreshing ale and watch them pass over. It's a me and Dad thing.  Mum's a scaredy cat. She watches from inside.  I sometimes get a try of the refreshing ale. Good times.  

6. My favouritist nap spots??  Crikey ...... I've got heaps.  If there's anything other than runnin' that I do well it's NAP!!  In winter it's the walk in wardrobe.  It's a small room and the sun shines through the window and it's oh so warm in there.  I love it.  Mum complains about the blinds being open all the time cause she reckons all the clothes will fade but she leaves them open for me. At night it's Mum's lap.  She rubs my ears.  Doesn't get any better than that, aye??  

7. Do I like summer or winter best??   Yep ..... I like both of those best and spring and autumn.  Crikey I just love 'em all. It's good to be alive, aye??  I sure would like to see snow though. We don't get snow here. 

8. My favouritist peep??  Crikey ..... that's a hard one!!  I like everyone .... well not EVERYONE .... I don't dislike anyone but I don't like to be petted much by anyone other than my family. But I love everyone in my family and make a great big fuss over them.  Especially my 2 legged sister, Jen.  I always welcome her with my special BAY and I can't get close enough to her.  She's great!!!  But I suppose I love Mum the best.  AND Dad the second best.  

9.  The furtherest away from home Ive been??  So far Bright in Victoria is the furtherest I've been (a bit over 1,600klms) but Mum and Dad travel around Australia all the time so I'm hoping to see a lot more of the place. 

10. Do I like BAFFS?????  NO .... NO .... NO!!  I like swimmin' though.  There's a difference, aye??

11.  Eleven!!!!!!!  Crikey I thought there was only supposed to be TEN!!   Oh well ..... here goes!!  Do I watch TV???  I do Whitley ..... I do!!  But not a whole movie like you. I must get Mum to put Oklahoma on. I might like it. I know you do.  I haven't got a favourite show but I do like animal shows the best. 

Well Whitley ...... thanks so much for nominating me for both of these. I hope you'll forgive me for my shortened version of the Liebster award. I had fun answering your questions.  Maybe some of the other blokes and Sheilas out there could answer them too. It's always good to know what's going on in our friends worlds, aye??

Wanna run, Love, Charlie. 


Thursday 16 July 2015

I'm NEVER going to see snow!!!!!

Crikey ..... it's snowing at the Blue mountains!!  We were there just the other week. There wasn't any snow then. I'm NEVER going to see snow.  We are home again now. Mum's sister arrived back from overseas so she is taking over from Mum in the looking after of Nan.  It's good to be home but if we didn't come home I would have seen snow. Now I'm NEVER going to see it.  It's even snowing in Queensland today. It only snows in Queensland once in about 87 million years. It's cold!!!  Even here, where I live, it's cold!!  That's MOST unusual.  It only got to 18C yesterday.  Crikey ...... that's positively freezing, aye???   I have to run like the wind at the beach just to get warm. Lucky I can run again, aye??  Here's some pictures to show you how cold it is ...

Well ..... my ears get cold too you know!!!
Ok ..... I knew you'd wanna see 'em!!!
My Mum made this coat. I'm so proud of her. She's no seamstress but with the help of our Jen she made this.  Pretty good, aye??  The snood is detachable.  Whatd'ya reckon Madi??  I know you like a bloke in red.
OMD .... its Miss PPP's the dinosaur.  She gets cold too.
At the river. Winter sunsets are pretty, aye??

Crikey ... this bloke's sure a long way from home, aye??

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Cow appreciation day!!

According to Ranger's wacky holidays calendar today is Cow Appreciation day. Mum and I LOVE cows with a passion so we just wanted to share THIS photo with you.

Mum and Dad's good friends in Holland took it one morning and we think it's a beauty. Funny how they lined up to have their photo taken, aye??

Happy Cow Appreciation Day to all you cow blokes and sheilas out there and a big hello to our friends in Holland!!  G'day Lisette, Michel and all the animals. We love you heaps!!!!!!!

Wanna run ... love Charlie.

Monday 6 July 2015

OMD!!!! I thought I was going to die this morning.

OMD!!  Was it ever cold this morning??? I thought I was going to freeze to DEATH!!  I saw something I've NEVER seen before.  We went for an early morning walk to the park. When we got there we were confronted with THIS:-

Yep .... the boardwalk was covered in ICE.  Lucky for Mum there was a lady in front of us or she would have fallen down and probably would have broken every bone in her ancient body. The poor lady didn't notice the ice and she slipped but she was young and managed to regain her footing before any damage was done. Mum would've just gone sliding right on down there if she got there first. Crikey it was cold.  There was another whippet at the park. His name was Cody and boy could he run.  He's a big bloke.  Mum thought I was a BIG whippet but Cody was much bigger than me. Mum reckons he was part greyhound but HIS Mum said he was all whippet. He sure could run fast but I managed to catch him after a while. He got tired quicker than me.

I look a bit puny, aye??

Yep we got treats!!
Crikey we went fast!!  It's  good to run with another whippet.

We really liked each other.

Mum reckons I'm a maniac now that I'm back to running.  I just don't wanna stop.  I've been running and running.  It sure is good to be back to normal.  The hole in my side is all better. There's still a big scabby thing on it and I have to wear my collar when no-one's watching me cause I'd chew it off but other than that everything is good.  Except the weather.  It's freezing.  It was 2C this morning. 2C ..... crikey I thought I was going to die.  Even for Sydney that's cold. I can't wait to get back home. It's never cold there.

Wanna run (yippeeeeeeee!!!) .... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 2 July 2015

Crikey ..... what a BIG beak you have???

Before we headed off to Sydney the little girls came over to see how I was.  They were VERY worried about me.  While they were outside munching on iceblocks we had a few visitors.  The little girls wanted to feed 'em. Crikey ...... what BIG beaks they had??  Mum didn't know what to feed them but knew they liked fish. The only fish we had in the house was MY sardines so Mum gave them those. MY sardines.  Hmmmmmmph!!   They LOVED it.  Who knew pelicans would eat sardines out of a tin??
The little girls had a lot of fun!!  So did I ...

No Miss G ..... they don't want your iceblock!!

I'll get rid of 'em for you!!

Hmmmmmph!!  They locked ME inside!!!  What's with that????

Whooee ........ good catch!!  BUT how could you miss with a gob that big??

This bloke thought he was going to miss out.  He didn't!!

No Miss G.  I told you they don't like iceblocks.

Weird lookin', aye??

Well they didn't laugh like that for too long.  I got let out and I told them a thing or two.  Eating MY sardines. The hide of 'em!!
Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.  

Wednesday 1 July 2015

They're OUT!!!!!!

They're OUT!!!  Crikey .... was that ever an ordeal.  If anyone ever comes at me with one of those staple gun things ever again I'm going to bite a chunk out of THEM!! They didn't even work.  They did NOTHING!!!!!!   I've still got a hole in me AND the VET said I've still got to be kept quiet.  Hmmmmmmmph!!  I took no notice of that.  I've still gotta wear that collar thing too and I've got more of those HUMUNGOUS Antibiotic pills to take.  Fair dinkum ..... those GSD's sure did a job on me, aye??  Mum took me for a walk in the park the day after they came out. She felt sorry for me so thought a big walk would do me the world of good. Well I saw a pigeon on the ground and all of a sudden I was like one of those bucking bronco blokes. I backed out of my collar and I was off. I almost got that pigeon bloke but when he took off so did I. I ran and ran around that park like I've never ran before. Mum was yelling like Easy's Mum, the banshee, but I couldn't hear her. I had the wind in my hair and I was running like there were no tomorrows. Crikey it felt good!!  I did a few laps of the park before heading back to Mum who immediately put that collar and lead on me.  Don't know why??  I'd had my run. I wasn't going anywhere.  I didn't burst open.  I'm still all together.  What was she and the Vet so worried about?  Ok ..... so I've got a bit of a hole and I'm going to have a bit of a scar. So what?  My insides are still in. That's all that really matters, aye??  Mum is still keeping the collar on me. I s'pose that's for the best.  I am a big licker and I don't think its such a good idea to lick the hole but she has relented a bit on the running.  She is going to let me have a few small runs each day.  Oh the joy!!!!!!!!  Small runs ........ better than no runs, aye??
We've been going to see Nan each day.  She always has a big smile for me but she's not at all well.  Mum is so sad after we have been there.  She feels so helpless.  She just wants to make it all better for her but there's nothing she can do really. Nan is not eating and looks so very frail.  The only thing she likes to eat is .......... you're not going to believe this ........... the only thing she likes to eat is ......... ICECREAM!!!    What a sensible lady!!!!!! I love Nan.  We always have a big cuddle.

Well things are slowly getting back to normal.  Although I do have another problem.  Since I haven't been running my toenails are out of control. They are so long.  Mum got the cutter things out today but I'm going to make it awful hard for her. I'm always impossible ... but fair dinkum ......I'm going to be doubly impossible for her today.   I've been through enough lately without having to put up with THAT too, aye??

S'pose they are a bit out of control.

Looking a bit better, aye??  But hey ..... it's itchy. I'd sure like to be able to get at it.

Wanna run ........ Love, Charlie.

Pees ........ My Enid's going to France for a holiday. How lucky is she??????????????????