Wednesday 27 July 2016

I'm BACK!!

Crikey it's been a while, aye??  Well occasionally is better than NEVER I s'pose.  Not much has been happening. Just the same old, same old!!  BUT ... we did have a good day at the beach yesterday.  We saw WHALES!!  BUT ..... Mum left her phone in the car so NO PICS so I s'pose you won't believe me. They were right in close to shore and they were breaching and tail flapping and everything.  Crikey it was something to watch.  I sure wish we had some photos.  We went to the river after that and Mum made sure she had her phone with her.  At dusk the rainbow lorikeets come home to the trees around the river to stay overnight.  OMD!!  The noise is deafening.  Thought you might like to hear what they sound like.   

But first a photo of me just so you don't forget what I look like, aye?? 
I sure hope this works. Mum's not good with getting videos on here.

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.

Sunday 10 July 2016

A busy week of birthdays!!

Crikey we've had a busy time at our house lately but first I want to thank everyone for their very kind words after we lost our Mortimer Moo.  We are all coming to terms with our loss and things are returning to normal. Murphy is still a tad sad but doesn't visit the grave site quite as much as he did initially.  Maggi Moo seems to be coping by herself.  The little girls, Jen and Murphy have been spending a lot of time with her and she follows them everywhere but so far she doesn't seem to be too sad over being the only cow on the property. It will be a while before a new one arrives so we are all hoping she won't be too sad until then. She is an absolute sweetheart and we all love her so much.  Even ME!!!  That surprises you, aye??  Well ...... you should smell her!!  You'd like her too. There's nothing quite like Maggi Moo aroma.
But to get to my busy week.  We've had 3 birthday's all within two weeks of each other. Miss G, Miss Jo and Dad. Miss G's was 2 weeks ago. She turned 4. Getting to be quite a BIG, aye??  She's the baby of the family .... well except for me. I'm only 3.  She had a great day!  Went to a jumping castle joint with some of her preschool buddies in the morning and came back to our house in the arvo for present time and birthday cake cutting etc.  Mum made her cake and she and Jen decorated it. Crikey they are getting good at this cake thing.  Miss G. wanted a FROZEN cake. Not a frozen cake as in a freezing cold cake but a frozen cake as in the movie Frozen.  Mum and Jen did one for Miss Izzi a few years back so this time it was a lot easier for them but they still think they did a brilliant job and it was much better than the one they did for Miss Izzi.  What do you think??  Which one is best??

Miss Izzi's 2014
Miss G's.

On Saturday we celebrated Miss Jo and Dad's birthday together. Miss Jo turns 9 on the 13th and Dad turns ANCIENT on the 11th. Crikey that's today!!  It was a good day too. Miss Jo went to see  Finding Dory in the morning with a few of her school friends and then the family came back to our house for presents and cake etc.  Just like Miss G's day, aye?? Only this time there were 2 cakes. One for Pop Pop (that's what the little girls call Dad). Mum and Jen didn't make Pop Pop's cake. Jen's husband and the little girls made it.  Pretty good job they did of it too, aye??

Mum and Jen did Miss Jo's cake.  She wanted a FAT rabbit cake. She's a bit obsessed with fat rabbits at the moment.  Now I think this cake is the best cake EVER.  Mum and Jen were both very happy with it.  Its Funny when they decorate the cakes. They really put a lot of love into each and every one and they also like all the adults to contribute something. Dad ALWAYS smooths the undercoat icing. He's so funny. He loves doing it and thinks Mum and Jen couldn't possibly decorate a cake without him. He hovers around like a fly around a honey pot until it is his turn.  Then he takes his trowel and small tool and proceeds to smooth the icing. Yes ..... he's a builder!!  He does clean the trowel etc. before he starts.  Mum was a bit horrified this time as he had to sand them down before using them. She did scald them in boiling water before she let him at it.

That is Miss G's cake but we didn't take a picture of him doing Miss Jo's. 
Jen's hubby always has a hand in it too.  We always find something for him to do. For Miss Jo's cake he got to make the fence. My job .....  I'm the taste tester!!!!  Miss Jo had the best day.  She said it was the best birthday EVER!!  I think she says that every year.  BUT it was a very good day.  The icecream was still the best part for me though.  Crikey I LOVE birthdays. So much icecream!!!!!!!!!!  
Pretty neat, aye??

Isn't she the sweetest little girl???  Crikey I love her.  She loves me too!! 
Pop Pop and two of his Princesses
Hmmmmmph!!  Another one of the cake.  Well Mum is VERY proud of it.
What a nice family, aye??  Can't you just tell the personalities of the girls by this photo.  What do you reckon?? 

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.  


Wednesday 6 July 2016

Mortimer Moo RIP!!

I have to tell you that dear, dear, Morty Moo didn't make it.  He went peacefully during the night and we are all very sad. Murphy is the worst. Morty has been buried on the property and Murphy just wants to sit with him. If Jen locks him in the house yard he stands at the gate and whimpers and as soon as he is let out into the paddock he goes straight to Morty. He was the first one to find Morty when he was first sick. Jen and the girls were out and when they came home Murphy was beside himself. He kept running up to Jen and then running down into the paddock. Jen first thought he'd gone a bit crazy in his old age but finally realised that something must have been amiss. She followed him to discover Morty lying down in the taller grass at the back of the paddock and realised he was not well.  From that time on Murphy didn't leave Morty's side, unless he was led away, on lead, and locked in the house yard. He sure likes all his peeps and critters, aye??  Mum reckons he's the best dog in the world!  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!!  How do all you blokes like them apples.  The best dog in the world ....... MURPHY!!!!!!!!  Crikey ......  I'm sure there's other contenders out there, aye??  But to get back to Morty.

Mortimer when they first got him.
 I know you would all like to know what happened. Morty lost his real Mum when he was first born and he was a very frail and weak little bloke when Jen took him on. She raised him as best she knew how and he soon put on weight and looked a whole heap healthier but he was never very strong. Maggie, who Jen got at the same time grew faster and got stronger by the day but for Morty it was always a struggle. He did grow, however, and we all thought he was going to do well. But stinking old nature had to step in. Sorry Mother nature .... most times I like you but sometimes you just don't get it right, aye??  Why did you have to make paralysis ticks???  I s'pose you had a good reason at the time but ...... CRIKEY ..... it's 2016 now ...... couldn't you just find a way of getting rid of them.  Anyway you guessed it ..... dear Morty (who by the way I NEVER got to chase) got a paralysis tick.  In winter?????  Crikey ...... Mum doesn't even advantix ME in winter. Jen was told when she got the cows that they didn't need to be drenched for paralysis ticks as they were immune to them.  Well that theory flew out the window, aye??  The Vet said that normally this is true but calves pick up their immunity from their Mother's milk and poor Morty never got any of that.  Jen is feeling all sorts of guilt for not knowing this and feels she should have researched more before she got the babies.  Silly Jen ...... how was she to know??  She did ask the owner of Morty before she took him about ticks and he said there were no problem. She took his word for it. He's been breeding these cows for a long time. He should have known.  Jen wishes with all her heart she hadn't listened to the breeder but she did.  We keep telling her it wasn't her fault and it wasn't but she feels so bad.  She'll recover, however. We are all here for her.  She did all she could for Morty. She slept in the shed with him for his final few nights. That couldn't have been too pleasant.  It's winter here and although it's not freezing it does get awful cold at night. Especially away from the coast and that's where Jen is.  The little girls have coped well.  Having lots of animals around them has taught them all about life and death and they now accept these things a lot better than we do.  Jo felt it the most but she bounces back quick. Jen is devastated. She has wanted a cow ever since she was 3 years old. Mum and Dad took her on a trip to Lord Howe Island (one of the prettiest places on earth ..... you should google it ....... crikey it's beautiful) and there was a very tame cow there she called, Mr. Morrison. Jen would go every day and sit and talk to Mr. Morrison. She was so in love with that cow. From that day on she collected cows. Her room was covered in cow photos and cow memorabilia. It was easy buying presents for her. If it had anything to do with a cow she loved it.   She NEVER lost that love.  When she left school Mum and Dad took her to Germany. The cows over there are so tame because, in winter, they live in barns or in the cellars of the people's houses and are hand fed. Mum and Dad reckoned that trip was just all about cows.  They went from one paddock to another while Jen petted the cows.

Jen looks a lot happier than the cow, aye?? 

I think the cow had just about had enough of our Jen by the time Mum took this photo, aye??
We have lots of these kinds of photos.
We were all delighted for her when she got Morty and Maggie.  Poor Jen, aye??  First off she felt she would have to sell Maggie. They are herd animals and wouldn't and couldn't be happy by themselves. She felt she wasn't a good enough Mum to own a cow but EVERYONE has convinced her otherwise and she has been offered another little Dexter  from another breeder (a friend of a friend), free of charge.  He has promised to tell her everything he knows about raising cattle and if I know Jen she will listen to every word and take it all on board. She doesn't make the same mistakes (if they can be called  mistakes) twice.
I did want to thank each and everyone of you for all the support you gave us.  It really helped Jen a LOT!!  She was in a very bad space for a while and your love helped her to get out of that place.  Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!
Run free, like a big boy, dear Morty ... AND grow strong, aye??  BECAUSE ...... when I get up there  I'm going to chase you from one end of that place to the other and back again.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie. 

Monday 4 July 2016

Urgent help needed!!

Crikey ...... I need to ask a BIG, BIG favour!!  Mortimer Moo is VERY sick.  He needs lots of POTH (hoof) if he is going to survive. It is ALL that can save him now. The Vet has given him until this afternoon to improve and if not he will have to be let go.  I'll give you more information soon but for now could you please send Morty as much POTH as you can find. 

Poor dear Morty!!
Murphs is the one who first found him sick and he won't leave his side.
Maggie Moo is worried too. 

I don't wanna run today ...... I'm too sad, Charlie...

Friday 1 July 2016


Crikey ... Frankie and Ernie saw Elvis at their Friday fun dog parade day (you can see it HERE).  It reminded me of when I saw Elvis at a fun day we went to once in Parkes in NSW.  Who do you think was the best Elvis impersonator??  Me or the bloke Frankie and Ernie saw?????  The women went wild for me too.  It was a great day AND HOT (42C) just like in Pennsylvania.  All the Elvis's were sweating like you wouldn't believe!!

Get a load of the blue suede shoes!! 
Crikey ..... I just realised that bridesmaid looks just like Stanley and Murphy's Mom, aye?? 

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.