Wednesday 26 February 2014

A busy day today!!

Gotta go play with the Grandkids today but thought I'd leave you with these few pics. Dad's away working for a few days so I've got a BIG job on my hands looking after Mum. She's an awful handful. I got to sit in Dad's BIG RED CHAIR last night while Mum watched some stupid stuff on that TV thingoe. Crikey .... who'd have thought I'd EVER get to sit there!!! Mum didn't say a word. Crikey ... Dad would have yelled the house down if he were here.
 Crikey ... what happened here????? S'pose there's a way to fix it but Hey! You all know my Secretary's skills ... non existent!!!!
Crikey ... she did it .... it's a MIRACLE!!!!!!!

When Mum went to bed last night I got to sleep on Dad's side of the bed. Crikey ... who'd have thought I'd EVER get to sleep there!! Just hopped up when Mum went to bed and she didn't say a word. Dad would have yelled the house down if he were here.  Now I LOVE Dad with all my heart BUT ........... things are pretty good right NOW!   Sorry no picture ... Mum doesn't want to encourage me by taking a photo of me there!!
Mum took me to the beach yesterday arvo and we walked for miles. We didn't go to our usual beach but to what we call the BIG beach instead. NOW listen to this .... we had it ALL to ourselves. There was NO-ONE there .... just us .... AND it was the most beautiful day. Mum loved it. She's not a fan of crowds. Me ... I'd have liked a few of my mates to run with but I just ran by myself so I had a real good time anyway. Crikey we are lucky to live where we live!!!!!

See .. NO peoples!! No mates either ..... sigh!!

These next pics are just boring stuff around the house. Don't know why I'm showing them to you but I'm gunna anyway. If they bore me they'll bore you and if I'm bored I jolly well want EVERYONE to be bored. You won't be bored Puffy ... you'll be impressed!!!!
This is my water bowl .... It's water .... not ICE!!!!! Mum puts ice blocks in it for me on hot days!!

My toy box. Impressive, aye Puffy!!

This is Boris! He lives with us ... NEVER has much to say for himself. He does get to dress up from time to time. Like at Christmas!!!!!!

Well that's it for now .... gotta go and entertain the little girls .... Crikey ... more fun .... I need a rest!!!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

The big red sandhill story!

Just a little add on from my last post .... There was a funny story attached to the big red sandhill that I didn't mention.  The sandhill is just out from a little, sleepy, quite remote, Queensland town called Windorah. Mum, Dad and Harri have been there several times as they really love it. When there they always make the drive out into the desert country and that sandhill in particular. They NEVER see another car on the drive out or another person or much of anything for that matter. The last time they were there Windorah appeared to be the sleepy little town they knew and loved and they headed out to the sandhill. It was a full moon and they thought it would be VERY beautiful to watch the moon rise from atop the hill. They did have a very nice bottle of wine for Dad, a thermos of tea for Mum and cheese and biccies and their three big green chairs (one's Harri's .... can't have him being left out) so they felt they were all set. They had just left Windorah when they spotted a few cars pulled over on the side of the road. Most unusual Mum and Dad thought. As they approached the cars a Police Officer stepped out and waved them down. Crikey .... a breathalyser unit ... WTW!!!!!!!  OUT HERE!  Lucky Dad hadn't been drinking but he sure as anything intended on doing his best to empty that bottle of wine once settled on his big red sandhill. Would they be there when they were heading back???? AND why were they there?? There were 3 police cars and heaps of Police officers. Well Dad being Dad, had to ask. The Police Officer turned out to be a very nice bloke and Dad had a real good yarn with him. Told him about the bottle of wine and his intentions of sitting and enjoying it and the moon rise with his best Sheila and his best mate. He's a bit of a funny bloke my Dad and he had that cop laughing fit to kill. Turned out that Birdsville (a VERY remote outback town) had just held their annual picnic races and the people returning from there were due to hit Windorah at any moment. The cops were ready for them!!!!!! Too funny ..... bet they caught a few too.
Anyway Mum and Dad watched the moon rise ... Dad knocked over pretty much all of the wine and on the way back to town, again saw the Police ... Crikey .... they were still there!!!! Should have let Mum drive, aye??? All was well ... the VERY nice cop recognised our car and just waved Dad on. Crikey did Mum ever give a BIG sigh of relief that night. When they got back to town there were people everywhere. All the pubs were full, there was music blaring from everywhere and a two-up game was in full swing in the middle of the road just outside the most popular pub. There were 4 wheel drive vehicles everywhere and they were ALL filthy. Red bull dust covered every single one of them. Mum and Dad wondered where they were all going to be spending the night as there's not much accommodation in Windorah. They found out the next morning .... they went for their early morning bird watching jaunt down by the river and there was No bird watching that morning.There were bodies everywhere. Apparently down by the river is the BEST place to camp. Who knew?????
Funny .... they ALL left that next day and Windorah settled down to be the quiet little outback town Mum, Dad and Harri loved so much. All the police officers left too. Off to the next town to set up their breathalyser unit before the Birdsville picnic race mob arrived.
Harri in his green chair. This was taken at a flyball competition not at Windorah.
He was plum tuckered out from all that running. He ran really well that day and his team won the competition. They didn't win VERY often.  His team did flyball for fun that's why Mum joined up. Most of the teams consisted of border collies and kelpies. They are FAST and obedient. I'm fast but Mum doesn't think I would be VERY obedient at flyball. Harri's team consisted of ... wait for it ... Harri (irish terrer), Lucy (wire haired foxie), Ebon (toy poodle), Roonah (Irish water spaniel), Oscar (Jack Russell terrier), Butch (a VERY big, dopey and VERY loveable Doberman) and Rosie (who knew what Rosie was!!). No wonder they didn't win much. Quite a combination and not a border collie to be seen. Mind you EVERYONE loved them. They were  ALWAYS the comic attraction

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Monday 24 February 2014

More Harri's travels!!

Crikey .... I don't want to bore you again but Mum loves seeing the pics of your part of the world so thinks you like seeing our part of the world.   I've gotta leave it up to Harri to continue ... Yaaawwwn!
On the way to Chambers pillar camp site. Dad had to collect the firewood. It was hot but it gets AWFUL cold at night.
Not AWFUL cold like you blokes know but AWFUL cold for us. 
This was taken quite a few years ago now. Dad wouldn't be able to get up on the roof of the car like that now!! The scenery hasn't changed though .... still lots of nothing .... yaaaawwwwnnnnn!!
Chambers pillar .... looks a bit like your country Puffy and Coco Rose. 

Now kidd'n that's not boring!!   Yaaawwwwwnnnnn!!!
It's called Sturt's stony desert. Wonder why?????

Harri at Broken Hill NSW. The desert after rain. The red wildflower is Sturt's desert pea.
Get a load of Harri in his boots. He didn't mind wearing them. What sort of freak was he???? Outback Australia has burrs .... BIG burrs. Harri would rather wear the boots than suffer the burrs. Me ... I suffer the burrs. No boots for me!!
This was a giant red sand hill. It just popped up out of nowhere but then there was heaps of them. This being the first they had to climb it. It doesn't look all that big in the picture but apparently it was quite high.
Hmmmmmphh!!  Now that's a red schnooter!!
This was still desert country but for once in a zillion years they had lots of rain.
Crikey ... thank goodness .... a beach! Next travelogue will be the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. No more deserts ... Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!! Ocean, give me ocean!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie!!

Sunday 23 February 2014

A better day at the beach!!

G'day .,.. well things are getting back to normal with me ... My special beach every morning with all my Mates. My VERY best mate is Flossie. She's a Westie and you'd think we wouldn't get on at all but I just LOVE her and she LOVES me too. You should see her run ... too funny .... she has these real short legs and I have these real long legs and she chases me and I really think she thinks she can catch me. AS IF ... I play with her though. I run and when I see her falling behind I slow down until she catches up and then I'm off again and so is she. We have the best time. Her Mum is REAL nice and she makes her own treats and they are to die for. Almost as good as kangaroo poop! 

Look at Flossie giving me a hard time!!! That's Mum in the bikini Zaidie. Good look'n, aye??? WEALLY!!!!!!!!! This old Sheila was taking the photo. Dunno who she was!!

I'm outta here says Flossie!

Great ear look, aye? It was a bit windy ...

Another one of my best mates is an Irish Wolfhound called Paddy. You should see Paddy and Flossie together. Too funny. I'll try and get piccies of the two of them. You'll be pleased to know that we haven't seen the mean man and his LWF's since that BAD day. What am I saying .. YOU'LL be pleased to know .... I'M PLEASED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!
All is back to normal and I'm GLAD ....
Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 20 February 2014

A not so good day at the beach!

Crikey ... what a day!! First off THE VET!!  Well that was pretty good ... Peter wasn't there ... he always sticks things in me .... Jackie was there .... I LOVE Jackie!!  She took those horrible stitch things (that PETER put in me) out and she didn't hurt me, not even one little bit and then she gave me some dried liver ... YUM!!!!!!! Then we went home and I had a nice, although quiet day. It was VERY hot again so I didn't mind the quiet day. Around 4.30pm Mum and Dad asked me if I would like to go to the beach. Are they mad? Did they HAVE to ask????? I was in that car so fast you wouldn't believe. I didn't have to be picked up and put in like someone I know. Then off to the beach. OMD I was sooooooo happy. Now just to get the picture straight we ALWAYS go to the beach early in the morning cause that's when ALL my mates are there. We do go most afternoons but there's always different pups and peoples in the arvos and not so many of MY mates so I don't usually run around all that much then.  But, Hey ... I hadn't been for 10 days so I was just happy to play with ANYONE!!  Now first up all was well. Mum let me off the lead and I ran straight for a cute little oodle of some sort. Good value ... he liked to run. We ran and ran (he couldn't catch me)and ended up in the ocean when we got too hot. Fun!!!!! BUT then I spotted a big white greyhound (or so I thought) at the other end of the beach and I was off. Ran the full length of the beach at breakneck speed to get to him and when I did he started to chase me. Crikey ... he was FAST ... I couldn't get away and he was HOOOOOOOOOOGE and he had a metal cage on his mouth. He kept bumping me with the metal cage and I was SCARED!!!!!!!! I ran to Mum and that big white thing nearly knocked Mum over. She had to dodge real quick to get out of his way. I ran to Dad and that big white thing nearly knocked Dad over. He had to dodge real quick to get out of his way.  Crikey ..... HELP!!!!!!
I finally got to Dad and he grabbed me real quick and the big white thing came to a standstill. Fair dinkum ... I was sooooooo relieved and soooooooooo exhausted. I was panting and panting and panting!!!!!! The big white things owner came over to Mum and she was so happy and she thanked Mum for exercising her dog. Fair dinkum .... what sort of a nut case was she .... I exercised her stupid dog not Mum. Turns out it wasn't a greyhound after all. I LIKE greyhounds. They are really gentle and nice dogs but this one was a ?/greyhound and I know what the ? was. Great Dane, I reckon. It was humungous and that cage thing on it's mouth hurt when it bumped me. Scary scary scary!!!!!
THEN ... we hurry off as far away from that dog as we could possible get and I calmed down and was just minding my own business when a REAL nice lady walked past and I went over and jumped on her. I've never jumped on anyone before but hey ... I hadn't been to the beach for 10 whole days. She was real nice and didn't mind. She just petted me and said how beautiful I was. THEN ... I jumped on another lady .... she was nice too and just petted me and told me how nice I was. Mum and Dad decided to take me home. After all I had already had some very big runs and that was more than I needed for one day. Mum was just about to put my lead on when I spotted a Man and Lady with 3 LWF's ( that's Aussie speak for LWD's ... Little white fluffies) that I had seen earlier but didn't get to play with because the big greyhound thing had me otherwise occupied and off I went to play. BAD MOVE, Charlie!!!!!!!!! The man was MEAN!!!!!! The 3 LWF's were MEAN. They barked and snapped at me. You should have seen their teeth. As sharp as pine needles and all over their mouths and big snarly looking faces ..... OMD!!!!! The man yelled at Mum and Dad and told them to put me on a lead. Said I was out of control ..... ME ... out of control!!!!!! Fair dinkum .... I was top of the class at my obedience classes. Out of control, indeed!!!!!!! Who did he think he was. Well Mum and Dad saw red but didn't say anything to him. Just called me back and sat me at their feet where I wanted to be anyway. I didn't want to be anywhere near that MEAN man or his MEAN LWF's. Mum and Dad didn't put me on my lead though. They knew I wasn't out of control and they weren't going to listen to any mean old man. No WAY!!!  But after he left the beach so did we. That was enough for anyone in one day.

When we got home I was exhausted .... no naughtiness at home from me ... I just hopped up onto my couch and slept like a baby. Crikey I love the beach  ... but it will be good to get back to my morning mates. Those arvo blokes are a bit much.
That night Mum got a text from my 2 legged sister  to say she had fixed my blog page up for me the way I wanted it. I wanted my picture on my background not those millions of whippet blokes that she put on earlier for me. When I looked at it I loved it but ... Crikey ... the background looked just like my mate Mr JF, Sir's page. How did that happen???? We could be twins or something .... Sorry Mr. JF Sir, I can get her to change it when she has time again if you would like. She didn't know your page was the same ... she was just trying to give me what I wanted. My Secretary, Mum would change it if she could but ... crikey ... you all know how hopeless she is on the computer.

OMD WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 18 February 2014


Crikey ... we haven't got many pictures of our critters but from now on Mum's going to take lots of critter pictures when we are doing our travelling around.
These are pet possums Mum had a while ago now. They were twins. You'll notice she didn't have a very good camera then. She still hasn't but the cameras have improved a lot, aye?? When I say pet possums I don't really mean pets. They lived in the courtyard and came down every night to be fed. You could pat them and pick them up and everything but they weren't pets. Not like me ... I'm a pet!!!!! And a very nice pet, I might add.Their names were Travis and Dwight.

What about this one!!!!!! Bit of an old soak, aye? Likes a wee drop. His name was Fergus and he was still very young when this photo was taken. Beautiful, aye? Mum didn't let him drink any so don't worry. Funny but Mum gave them all male names .... I somehow think there must have been some Sheilas there too.

Sorry! Can't see the critter here .... that's Harri heading down a wombat hole. Crikey .. be careful mate .... those wombats might be slow but I've heard they can move when they want to and they have awful big claws. Did you know they do square poops? Don't ask me why but they do. I've seen them. Truly ... Mum and Dad read that they did square poop so we went looking around the wombat holes and we found square poops everywhere. They do it on rocks and it's to mark their territory or something. It's square so it doesn't roll off the rocks. Google it. Mum will take a picture of one the next time we see one. Won't be till our next holiday. There's none around here. Wombats I mean ... not wombat poops ... crikey!!!!!

Never think to take piccies of these blokes. There's heaps of them around. This is what our leash free park looks like if you get there too late in the arvo. Needless to say ... we don't go there late in the arvo.I have a bit of a bad reputation around roos. Their poop isn't square. Very ordinary looking but mighty tasty.

Hmmmmmmmmm! Just outside the back door of a place Mum, Dad and Harri stayed once. When this bloke stood up he was HUGE!!!!!!!!! Mum LOVES Roos ... she had a pet wallaby when she was a little girl. That was a lonnnnngggggggggg time ago. Sorry, Mum!  His name was Chum. Not VERY imaginative, aye?? Crikey ... Mum's pet wallaby was called Chum ... don't know what this bloke was called. Arnie Schwarzenegger by the look of him. My Secretary had to google that to find out how to spell it.

Ok gotta go now. Time to pick up the Grandkids AGAIN!!!! Little boys turn today ....does it EVER end!!!!

Sunday 16 February 2014

Harri's travels!!

G'day again .... well today I thought I might try and show you some pictures of Australia. Now I've only been with Mum and Dad a short while and haven't done all that much travelling around with them yet BUT Harri's BEEN everywhere. So these are from our Harri. He went to EVERY State in Australia so he was quite the traveller. He loved it and was ever so good for Mum and Dad even though he got awful car sick at times. They always knew when he was going to be crook and would pull over and let him out, where he would do what he had to do (sometimes from both ends), get back in the car and be as right as rain for another few hundred klms. Me ... I'm a nightmare!!!! I don't get crook but I get mighty bored and when I'm bored I jump from one side of the car to the other and bark my head off. Funny that ... I never bark at home. Mum and Dad make me travel in my crate. It's the only way I can be safe. Maybe one day I'll learn to be a good like Harri was. Until then it's short travels for me. Two hours at a time is about all I can handle. That gets you nowhere in Australia. This is a big place. Anyway enough rambling on ..... now for some piccies. Crikey ... this will challenge the Secretary.

Heading off into the wild blue yonder!!!!!

This is the road across the Nullabor plain. Miles and miles of nothing. It is usually as barren as anything but they had just had lots of rain. Most unusual. Yaaawwwnnnnnn! says I. Mum, Dad and Harri loved it! Took them days!!!!! Boring!!!!!!!

Still going .... double Yaaaaawn!!!!  Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark!!!!

The great Australian bite ... they saw whales ... lots of them.  Yaaaaaaaawn!!!!!

Crikey ... wait a minute ... a beach. Is that sand white or what????? You need sunnies, aye??
Esperance in WA. 

Harri, Mum and Dad LOVED this place. I wanna go THERE!!!!!! I'll be good ... I promise!!!
Esperance WA. 

 Just like your snow, aye????? It was winter time ... hence the jeans on Mum.

Well I won't bore you any longer with the holiday slides. Mum's not the best photographer in the world (unlike your Mum, Ali) but if you want more just let me know and I know Mum will be happy to bore you some more. Maybe once a week or so I could let her have her little travelogue.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 13 February 2014

The continuation!

Crikey ... what an ordeal!!!!
Well I must have gone to sleep or something cause I woke up AND I was still in THAT cage. What's going on? Did someone spike my drinking water or something??? I didn't feel all that crash hot and there was no sign of Mum or Dad. In fact there was no-one to be seen. I remembered what Whitley said and I started to bark. I barked like you wouldn't believe. A sheila called Jackie came at a rate of knots to see what all the fuss was about. Well I must have barked real good because she let me out of that cage and made a bed for me on the floor and she sat with me. She didn't leave my side until Mum and Dad arrived. My face was all swollen up like a big fat balloon and I had all these big red spots all over me. They were real itchy too. The Vet, my not so good friend, Peter came in and crikey .... here we go again ... he nicked me with another needle. He said I had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic (whatever that is). Apparantley lots of us whippet blokes do. Got something to do with us being so skinny. So if he knew I had a problem why did he do, whatever it was he did, anyway. The needle was to make the itches go away and to make my face look normal again. I had two big holes in my tummy that were all sewn up and there were stitches. Very neat stitches. Even Zoe's Momma would have been proud of the job he did on me.   Crikey ... what the heck has been happening to me? None of that skin stealing stuff for me, Finley but WHAT DID HE DO!!!! I've got questions and someone sure better give me some answers. If Mum and Dad took much longer getting here I was going to take MJF, Sir up on his offer to see if Zaidie would pick me up in his lear jet. This was not a good situation to be in even if I was out of the cage and lovely Jackie was sitting with me.  BUT ...  arrive Mum and dad did ..... thank goodness .... now the questions might get answered and they were.
Seems I had to have those testicle things removed or else I might get cancer so that's what Peter did. He had a hard time finding them because they were right up in my tummy so I had to have an operation like you sheilas have instead of the one blokes have and as is ALWAYS the way it is much tougher for the Sheilas. Don't I know it!!!!! But crikey .... it's all over now .... my face is back to normal ... the itches and spots have gone and I'm feeling good. Mum and Dad tried to keep me quiet for a few days but I was having none of that. I'm not allowed at the beach because I have to keep dry for ten days (NO baths ... Yaaaaaaay!!) but I have been going to the park every day instead. So all is right in my world and now my second name REALLY IS TRUE!!!!!!!   All you blokes and Sheilas that know what it is PLEASE don't tell.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie!!

Wednesday 12 February 2014

I'm OK!!!!!!

Crikey .... All you blokes and Sheilas ..... all so worried about ME!!!!! I'm OK!! I'll tell you all about it later in my continuation story but for now I just wanted to let you know that I CAN POST PICCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooo here's some of my Nan with the Grand kids!!!!! She looks pretty good for a 95 year old, aye????

                      This  is Nan with the 3 little girls. From left to right Georgia, Izzi and Josie.

This is the 3 little boys. Mackinley, Quinn and Colby.  Not such a good photo but its the best I have.

Cute Nan, aye and cute kids too, aye?????

Ok you blokes and Sheilas .... gotta go and snuggle with Nan. This took a lot out of us.

Sunday 9 February 2014

What's going on?????

Crikey .... what's going on at my house? I'm awful worried ... last night Mum took all my biscuits and bones away from me. I ALWAYS have a midnight snack ... not last night ... I couldn't find ANY food ANYwhere. THEN ... this morning NO BREAKFAST. I ALWAYS have yoghurt for brekky. If we run out of yoghurt I have an egg. This morning .... NOTHING!!! What the heck is going on?????????? 
THEN ... No beach. I ALWAYS go to the beach after breakfast .... rain, hail or shine! Crikey .... nothing good is going to come from this day!!!! Mum took me for a walk around the block. Hmmmmmmmmph! I like walking around the block BUT ... NO BEACH!!! C'mon Mum .... what are you thinking??????
THEN ... Dad and Mum got me a bit excited ... "C'mon Charlie" they said "it's time to go. Lets get into the car". Beauty I thought.  We're going to the beach, albeit a bit late. Fair enough but if they thought I was getting into that car without my usual liver treat they are well and truly mistaken. What's going on?????? They want me to get in the car and NO TREAT. NO WAY!!!!!!  What the heck is going on???? Am I EVER going to eat again??? Dad lifted me into the car. Hmmmmmmph!!!!! the indignity! 
THEN ... we headed to the beach but OH NO!!! We passed the beach street and kept going .... Crikey ... Noooooooooooooooo! I know where that road goes. THE VETS .... What the heck is going on???????? I'm not sick ... I haven't broken my leg or anything like that .... I've had ALL my shots .... Crikey .... I'M WORRIED!!! What IS going on????????
THEN ... we get out of the car and head into the VETS and they put me on the scales. Oh! is that all. They just wanted to weigh me. S'pose that's why they didn't feed me. Didn't want me to think I was fat. Crikey I have put on a bit. I'm 16.5 kgs. That's pretty good for a big whippet like me. The Vet felt me all over and said I was in perfect nick. Nick was right. That's just what he did when I wasn't looking. Nicked me in the rear end with a needle. Why do they ALWAYS want to stick something in us. I'm not too keen on Vets. Peter is nice but he always seems to want to prod and poke me. What's with that??? I'm NOT sick.  What is going on????????
THEN ... Peter (The Vet) and Mum took me out to the back room and put me in a CAGEA CAGE! What's with that????? I started to feel a bit woozy. What is going on?????????
THEN ... Peter told MUM to leave. Nooooooooooooooo Mum don't go! No stupid little whimper from me I'm going to bark the house down. Thanks to you blokes I know how to do that now ...

To be continued ...

Saturday 8 February 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Crikey ... Can you hurry up and take the picture so I can get this stupid hat OFF and get stuck into the MEATZ!!!!!

Friday 7 February 2014

Happy birthday to me!!

Crikey today is my birthday and I've had the best day until now. I've been trying to put a picture of me with my birthday hat on onto this post ... Omigoodness ... I can't believe I said that. You all know I HATE peoples putting hat's on me ... I EAT them after the photo's been taken but the point here is I've been TRYING to put pictures on my posts and I CAN'T DO IT!!!!! You can see that I've fancied up my page. My 2 legged sister, Jenni helped me with that and it's pretty good so far aye????? BUT ... NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm devastated and it's MY BIRTHDAY! Woe is me ... I so much want to show you blokes pictures of where I live and all of Australia and ROOS and all ... but I CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!!  Heeeeeeeeelppppp!
I'm NOT stupid .... I'm not a galah ..... I'm NOT a drongo ..... why can't I do it?????? I see the picture thingoe. I click on it ... I upload the photo and then everything freezes and I go NOWHERE. Have to close everything down and I lose everything I've done and it's driving me crazy!!!!! I've spent hours trying to work it out and nothing!!!!!!!! Woe is me!!!!! Can anyone help me? Please ......  I really wanted to show you my special birthday picture and I told you all about my day but it's all gone.  Oh well .... I'll try again tomorrow!!!!! In the mean time check out my new blog .... I think I did a good job there!!
Wanna run, ... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Kangaroo chase!!

Crikey ... am I ever in some strife. It's a long story but I'll try and make it short. You know how I've been on holidays .... well it's all coming to an end. We spent last night in Sydney and this morning we went and picked up Mum's, Mum (she's 95 years old) from the nursing home and Dad drove us all to the airport where Mum and her Mum took off for our home in an aeroplane. Mum's, Mum is staying with us for a bit of a holiday. Dad and I left them at the airport and we set of for home by car. Now it takes a lot longer by car so Dad and I had to stop overnight in a Motel. When we got to the Motel and settled in Dad decided to take me to a park for a bit of ball chasing to get rid of some of my excess energy as I had been in the car nearly all day and it was almost night time. Mum NEVER takes me to a park at that time of night because that’s when the Roos come out of hiding. Dad didn’t even think about Roos.   He did put my lead on before letting me out of the car but just as I got out I spotted two Roos. Dad didn't see them but I did and I was going to get them no matter what. I whipped around backwards real quick, as only I can do, and slipped my collar and I was off. All Dad saw was two Roos bounding off at a million miles an hour with me in hot pursuit and, believe it or not, I was catching up to them. Fair dinkum!! Dad couldn't believe his eyes. Those Roos can run awful fast but  when Dad last saw us I was catching up with them. He watched us disappear into the bushes all the time wondering what on earth he was going to tell Mum if anything bad happened. Those Roos have an awful reputation for killing us dogs. Poor Dad ... he was hoarse from calling me but I didn't hear him ... I was having too much fun. I chased those Roos for a good  25 minutes. Dad was driving around the streets looking for me and he kept going back to the park in case I went back there and all the time he was thinking I was a gonner!! Well after I was finished with those Roos I did head back but on the way I heard my name being called and I spotted Dad in the car. He had spotted me and was calling like a mad man. Crikey I was glad to see him. Before he knew it I was jumping all over him and showering him with big sloppy kisses. Oh I forgot to tell you ... it was raining .... big time rain. Dad was soaked to the skin and so was I. Just as well it's hot here, aye??? Dad was sooooooooooo relieved to see me he didn't go mad or anything. He just grabbed me in a big bear hug and nearly squeezed me to death. I was filthy dirty. I had been through some pretty dense scrub with those Roos. Poor Dad then had to clean me up. He was very relieved to find that I didn't have a scratch on me. I'm too quick for those Roo blokes. When they cornered me I just ran like the wind out of there, aye?? Dad then had to ring Mum and tell her all about it. The last words she said to him when we dropped her at the airport were "take GOOD care of my Charlie". He was pleased to be able to say that he did. Imagine if he didn't find me. What would Mum have said. I'm all tucked up in bed now. Crikey I'm beat ... I won't mind being in the car for hours tomorrow. I need the rest. Those Roos are hard work!! We'll be home tomorrow and all will get back to normal. I can't wait ...
Wanna run ... love, Charlie.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Harri's Birthday!

Yesterday was our Harri's birthday!  I didn't get to meet Harri. He went to the big ballpark/rabbit field in the sky before I came along but I've sure heard his name mentioned on numerous occasions. He must have been quite the bloke. Special is a word I've heard a lot whenever his name comes up.

Yesterday Mum was in her dark space. You see ... it was the first year that Harri wasn't here for his birthday. Mum spent the day in her own little world ... reminiscing! I saw tears and smiles and knew all sorts of things were going on in her head. I sat with her a lot but somehow she just wasn't with me. At the end of the day, just before going to bed, Mum checked her emails. There in her inbox was a lone email. It was from Dogster telling her there was a special gift for Harri on his page. Someone from the other side of the world ...someone that had never met Harri in person ... someone that had never met any of our family in person ... had taken the time and trouble to wish our Harri a very happy birthday. Whitley, from the bottom of my heart, THANKYOU!  What a sweet Sheila you are ... you have no idea what you did for my Mum. There were tears again but for her to know that someone, from so far away, had thought of her Harri on his day meant such a lot to her. Many thanks to you and your Momma. You are the best!!

It's for times like this that Dogster was soooooooooo good! The people it helped through good times and bad. It shouldn't be taken away from us but it has been.  I, for one, will NEVER understand WHY?  To everyone that helped in anyway to get our new site going ... THANKYOU!  We can and will, thanks to you, be able to keep helping others on all those good and bad days. From time to time I will tell you a few of the stories I have heard about our Harri. He was quite a character. Lucy too. She was truly mad.

Whitley ... thanks Mate! I know you are a Sheila but it's an Aussie thing. Male/female we are all mates ... We ARE a weird mob!!

Crikey ... it's 4am here ... Mum can't sleep! She turned her phone off but it just danced around a bit on her bedside table so she picked it up and had a look. More tears!!!  Do they ever stop?  She's a bit stumped for words.  Zaidie ... Mate ... thanks!  You too!!!! What to say .........
Mr. JackFrecklesSir!  Thankyou!!  You too!!!!!!  You blokes .......

Happy Birthday Harri ....we will never forget you, Mate ... WE LOVE YOU.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.