Thursday 30 January 2014

How I got my name!!!!

Crikey ... How hard is this or is my Secretary really the drongo I keep saying she is? I just want to say g'day and introduce myself to anyone that doesn't already know me and nothing seems to be working out the way I think it should. Oh well I'll just keep trying I suppose. I know you blokes out there in blog land will soon tell me where I have gone wrong.
A bit of background on myself just in case this works, aye??
My name is Charlie and I live in a land downunder .... good name for a song that aye?? Australia is my country and I live in Noosa Heads in the state of Queensland. It's nearly always hot here. Even in winter. It does get a bit cold at night in winter but not very cold.
I'm a whippet and if I hear just one more time "whippet good" I'll ... I'll ... I'll ... I don't know what I'll do but, crikey .... I'm over it!!! I'VE GOT NO TESTICLES. Well ... I have got them but they are in the wrong place. They are caught up in my tummy somewhere. When I was born I was the only one in my litter and my Breeders, although disappointed that I was the one and only, were happy enough, as they thought I was a real good looking bloke and would make a great stud dog. When they found out about my problem they couldn't get rid of me quick enough. I wasn't of any use to them with no testicles. Hmmmmmmmmmmph! What does that matter? I'm still good for everything else. Anyway they advertised me for sale and here's the good bit ...
My Mum and Dad had recently lost their beautiful best mate, Harri and were looking for  someone to take his place. (Well not take his place could do that but you know what I mean). Mum had seen the ad for me and for some reason or other she kept going back to it even though she wanted a puppy and by this time I was 6 months old. Dad finally talked her into going and having a look at me, which they did, and one look at me and how could anyone knock me back. Before I knew it I was on my way to my new home and I haven't looked back since. They are the best and look after me like you wouldn't believe. They not only gave me a new home they gave me a new name too. I was called Scout before but I'm now Charlie and I like it. I don't like my second name all that much but Dad thinks he is a bit of a comedian so, for his sake, I accept it. It's not as if I hear it all the time. Dad only uses it when he is telling his mates all about my little problem and how he named me. Are you ready for this?? Charlie Nonut. Have you ever seen the movie The African Queen with Humphrey Bogart? His name in the movie was Charlie Allnut. Dad loves that movie. He's seen it hundreds of times so he called me Charlie Nonut after Humphrey Bogart's character in the movie. How bad is that?????? He also think I look a bit like Humphrey Bogart. I think it's the skinny thing! I think I'm much more handsome than that Humphrey bloke. Anyway that's how I got my name!!!!
The old Secretary doesn't want to write anymore now ... she reckons it could all be for nothing so she's just going to try and post this and see what happens. If it works I'll talk more later and the secretary says she'll sort out how to do the picture thing and make my blog site personalised at a later date.

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.


  1. It worked! I can read your doggy bloggy Mr. Charlie Nonut. BOL! Mommy LOL'd on that one.
    Sorry 'bout all that personal stuff not workin out right, but ya got a great home, heh?

    Keep on barkin Dood!

  2. Thanks Zoe ... I knew I could count on you. I can't believe it really worked and with no help from my two legged sisters. Just Mum. I'm sooooooooo sorry for calling her a drongo. She's a pretty good secretary after all. Thankyou for checking it out but hey! you're not going to keep calling me Mr Charlie Nonut are you?????? How embarrassing ..........

  3. No, Charlie, I won't keep callin ya that. But we sure had a good ol' bol ofur that.
    Yeah, I don't know how Mommy gets along without my Brother and Sissor here. She talks to them ofur the phone sumtimes for the 'puter help!
    Good day to ya Mate!

  4. Hello, I won't say the rest...BOL!

    Made growlmy think of donut...YUMMY! BOL!!!

    Good work on the bloggy, I recently got one too, YAY!

  5. Hey, Charlie, dere's lotsa boy pups with nonuts around here... cuz da vets cutted dem off!! Yikes!! If that don't give a boy pup nightmares!! Maybe it's better to keep 'em up inside where's dey can't lop 'em off...
    We luvs dat movie, too...

  6. Hi Charlie *waving paw* - yew knows, Meowmy hash some Aussie human furriends where we lives in Southern CaliFURnia and they ish lotsa lots fun, so it'sh only right that me and my brofur Roger should have an Aussie furriend too. It'sh furry nice to meet yew, and ush Catster/Dogster refugees gots to sthick together. It'sh fun here on dah Blawgger and I hopes yew ish gonna like it - dah best thing ish, no Slay Media ofur here - YAY!

    1. I wash named fur Bogie by the way, so we already gots lots in common!

  7. Charlie Nonut, BOL BOL! And Finley are right - I thinks it are better to keep dem safe up inside rather than having them chopped off.

  8. *bends over clutching his 'maleness* OUCH. OMD, wadies. Jus' knock it off, 'kay?? Oy bey. I need lie down.

    " Momma? Yu ged my heetin' pad an' my wabender-scented headache wap fur my LWD forehead??"

  9. Crikey ... Finley and Whitley ... you might think I'm safe from all that nightmare business but I'm not. I think maybe it is going to be even worse for me. All I want is to keep my private things all tucked up safe inside of me but that Vet bloke is going to go digging around trying to find them and then if he does he is going to cut them out anyway. Says if he doesn't I'll get testicular cancer (whatever that is). I had to wait until I turned 1 and it's my birthday on the 7th February. I'm getting real worried. I know he's going to do it ... I'm scared!!!!!! Mum's scared too. What if he can't find them? They might take all of my insides out and what will happen then? I'll be outside in or something. Woe is me!!!!!!! I think Dad has me booked in soon after my birthday. Crikey I wish I didn't have to turn 1.
    Oh Zaidie ... can I share your heetin' pad and wabender-scented headache wap. Fair dinkum I'm going to need it and more ...
    I'm glad we are mates Humphrey. We do have a lot in common with the name thing, aye? Good to hear your Meowmy has some Aussie friends. You sure talk funny!!

  10. Mommy likes that African Queen movie too. We will only call you Charlie. Mommy says she is glad to hear the vet is going to try and remove your private things because it is best for you. It is fine for my Mommy to say that because it isn't her having the surgery. After it is done you will be happy too. You should take it for all it is worth and get extra attention and treats. Some of your whining could help too!

  11. Hi Charlie: It's me La La...... I want to see what I have to do to make a comment and talk to you... I'll see if this works.

  12. It worked, it worked... Now we can stay in touch. Good job Charlie. !!!!!

  13. Crikey La La ... I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see you here. Do you think you will start a blog too. It would be so good if you could. How clever we are, aye????? All this new stuff ... we won't let that SAY Media (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) mob stop us. Crikey La La we can stay in touch. My tails wagging so hard it might just fall off.

  14. Thankyou Jelly .... that is VERY nice of you to call me just Charlie. You are such a Princess. I can always count on you to do the right thing. I guess you are right about the operation thing too. I am scared. I've not had an operation before but I'm sure it must be for the best or Mum and Dad wouldn't let it happen. I will take your advice however ..... there will be lots of whining!!!!!!!!!! Too funny, Jelly.

  15. Hari OM
    OMDness Charlie - what an honour - HB is (was?) one of my fave actors and I too LOVE the African Queen, cuz I also love Katherine Hepburn... OH my... but dad was a wee tad cheeky, eh? But really, you oughtta take it as an honour. Jus' sayin'... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx