Friday 8 September 2017

My first flower Friday!!

Crikey ...... you all know my Secretary is hopeless and couldn't join a blog hop if her life depended on it but I just have to join in on Arty and Jakey's flower Friday this week because we found a VERY SPECIAL flower just the other day and we immediately thought of our dear and wonderful friend, Dory.  She might be at the bridge now but she's still in all our hearts, aye??  So here's the special flower ...
DORYanthes EXCELSa!!!!!!!!!  It grows abundantly here in Australia and is known commonly as the Gymea Lily. 
The name is derived from Ancient Greek language and Dory means spear and anthes means FLOWER (how apt for Dory, aye?) And we all know what excelsa means, aye, cause our Dory sure excelled.  Matter of fact she was EXCELlent.
Sorry we aren't around much but Mum's old eyes just aren't up to it.  She's fit and well though so don't worry, aye?  I'm great ...... but then ..... that goes without saying, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.