Thursday 31 March 2016

Mum's a bit down!!

Crikey ...... Mum's a bit down!!!  Who knows why?  Not me .... that's for sure.  This happens from time to time with her but it's a bit bad this time.  She can't stop crying. You know crying ...... it's that leaky eye thing.  She's been like this before but it's pretty bad at the moment.  She'll come good. She always does but I sure wish she'd hurry up.  She's got nothing to be down about. She's got ME for goodness sake  .... What more could anyone want?????  She wants to go home. We've been away for 87 years or something and she just wants to go home. Most people like being away from home but not my Mum. Even holidays can be too long for her.  The first time Mum and Dad went to Europe they were booked to be away for 6 weeks. After 4 weeks Mum got so down they came home early.  She loves Europe but she loves home best. Weird, aye??  I think it's the kids she misses so I thought I'd cheer her up by posting some pics of the little girls. I sure hope it works.  We've got another couple of weeks here in Sydney. I've gotta cheer her up somehow. It's getting mighty damp around here.
Don't let this pic fool you ..... they aren't always this SWEET!!!
Little Red Riding Hood!! 
Wonder what's in the bag!!
Heading off to the Easter bonnet parade.  Poor G missed out but she DOES have clothes on.
Whoops ...... how did he get in here??????????
Miss Jo won best bonnet. Winners are grinners, aye??
Crikey ..... even I think this is cute!!

I sure hope that cheered her up.  I really don't want to drown.  

Wanna run ........ love, Charlie.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

I'm back!!

Crikey ...... I'm back.  How good is that?? I've sure missed everyone. I've been trying to keep an eye on all the Blogville happenings but it's been a bit difficult. S'pose you want to know if Mum's ok.  Well she is.  She's not real happy cause she's not seeing as well as she did BEFORE she had the eye op but she can still see so she's decided to just get on with life and hope for the best.  It is supposed to improve over the next few weeks and it still gets mighty tired if she spends too much time on the computer or ipad so we will still be a bit quiet  but will try and get round to all of you again soon.  It hasn't all been bad for me. I've been having a pretty good time. Mum mightn't be able to see too good but she's otherwise well and as long as Dad is around to drive we have been having a bit of fun here and there. The best thing ever is that Dad found a whole group of Whippet owners in Sydney and they meet up from time to time for a Whippet run. We went to a beach in Sydney that was, like, 87 miles from where we are staying and we got lost but ... crikey .... did we have a great morning. Now my dog beach at Noosa is pretty quiet but you should have seen this place. There were 87 million dogs and 87 million people and .... best of all ..... there were. like, 87 Whippets.  I love ALL dogs, if they don't bite me, but when it comes to Whippets I just go crazy.  It was a foggy morning (it was a sunrise meet up) and we were late because we got lost but I was the first one to spot the group of Whippets and when I did Dad had an awful time keeping me under control. I just wanted to get to them as fast as I possibly could. Crikey I was happy.  My tail almost fell off with all the wagging.  We met in a carpark and we had to walk sedately down to the beach on lead.  Sedately??????  Hahahahahahaha  ... I was all over the place.  We finally got to the beach and we all got let off  our leashes. OMD ..... it was Whippet heaven. We ran and ran and when we couldn't run any more we would walk with our folks for a bit until we caught our breath and then we were off again.  I had the best time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!    It's funny ...  there were heaps of different breeds at the beach but we Whippets only wanted to play with each other.  We did play with a few of the other dogs but we mainly just stuck together in a big group.  Fair dinkum ...... it was GREAT!!  I sure hope we get to meet up again before we have to go home. Mum didn't take many photos but here's a few.

Dad thought this was the BEST photo.  Very arty farty!!
Look at me being a good!!
How good lookin' is that little fawn and white bitch??
I really liked this bloke and I think he liked me too.
I did look happy, aye??
Who said Whippets don't like water???

Not me!!
Nice reflections, Mum!!
It sure was a good day.
Some of those blokes were fast.
Nice reflections again, aye??
Crikey it was a good day.  I had some fun on the way down to Sydney too. I'll tell you about that later, aye? 

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie. 

Monday 7 March 2016

A beautiful day on Sydney harbour yesterday!!

Crikey it was a beautiful day yesterday.  We had a drive around the harbour and visited a few leash free parks. I had a good day. Mum has her eye operation tomorrow. She's starting to feel a bit anxious.  She's making ME nervous!! She'll be ok!!  What about ME!!  Dad's going to be looking after me.  I'll probably have to give my brekkie yoghurt a miss.  Mum feeds it to me on a spoon. Dad throws it in my bowl and puts it on the floor. I NEVER eat my yoghurt for Dad. Woe is me!!!!!!!!! 
Pretty sky, aye??
One of the Sydney ferries. I've been for a ride on that one. Its called 'The Friendship"
This is looking towards the city. 

Wanna run ...... love, Charlie.