Thursday 31 July 2014

Harri's Travels Take 5.

Crikey ..... the last time I handed over to our Harri was in March and it's now June so here's the Bungle Bungles as promised way back then.This is one of  Mum and Dad's very favourite parts of Australia. It's in Western Australia and it's pretty spectacular. It was relatively unknown and definitely  unheard of until 1983 when an Australian film crew discovered it. It's worth googling if you are in any ways interested. It is now World heritage listed and even I have to say it's very beautiful. Mum said the road in left a bit to be desired. I wouldn't like that part too much but Harri used to lap up those road trips. There was a funny story involved so I'd best relate that part I guess. Seems the best way to really see the Bungle Bungles is by chopper. Well Mum and Dad decided to do it. Harri had to stay back at the camp site. He was good like that!! You couldn't leave me anywhere. Not even for five minutes. I'd be a nervous wreck!! Anyway Mum and Dad set out for the chopper ride. When they got there they were told there were no doors on the chopper (for better viewing) and they couldn't take ANYTHING with them other than a camera which must be worn around their neck. Nothing was to be in their pockets. No hat on their heads. Nothing!!  Now Mum had and still has long hair. She thought the no hat thing was going to be a problem so she decided to plait her hair thinking that would hold it safe. Now I don't know if you have been in a chopper with no doors but fair dinkum ..... the wind factor ..... OMD!!!!  Those plaits lasted about five seconds and Mums hair was flying all over the place. She didn't even worry about it as she was having such a good time but ..... CRIKEY .... when she got back on the ground and Dad saw her he burst out laughing. When Mum looked in a mirror she knew why. What a mess!! That wasn't the worst part though.  The KNOTS .... fair dinkum .... it took ages to get them out and not only that but she lost heaps of hair in the process. She ended up having to have her hair cut to enable it to recover properly. No more chopper rides for Mum!! 
Well it's over to our Harri with the photos ... and just for Harri ... UP THE IRISH!!

They stopped here for a picnic lunch. It was the beginning of the bungles.

On the road in.

From the chopper!!

Walking around!!
This was another spot they visited. They flew in here by chopper too. It had doors. The road trip in is long and arduous.

Mum loved these trees.  Good for peeing on but that's about all I reckon.

How pretty is this spot. Parry's lagoon. Another nightmare road but well worth it, aye??  The bird life was amazing. Imagine me there. I'd have given those birds hurry up, aye?? Not Harri. He just slept on in the car.
OMD!! I s'pose I've gotta say he was good lookin', aye??
Just so you remember whose blog this is!!
Wanna run .... Love, Charlie

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Crikey ..... how lucky was this little koala bloke!!

Crikey I don't know if Mum nailed this or not but she heard about this  on the wireless yesterday and wanted to share it with you. As you all know she's not very talented in the computer handling department but just sometimes she comes good. Hope this is one of those times, aye?

Koala travels 88km on car grille

He's sure found a good place to get over his ordeal. Bindie and Bob will look after him.  Damn shame their Dad's not there to help 'em, aye??
It is going to be the most beautiful day here in Noosa today. It's mid winter!! Who'd know. I went to the beach this morning and it was as perfect as it gets and on Sunday we went to one of my favourite beaches and everyone was swimming and having the best time. It's supposed to be 25C today. Crikey that's warm for winter ..... even for here!! 

Last Sunday! ... It was low tide so lots of beach to run on and I did!!

At the beach this morning. Mum and I walked for miles and we had the place almost to ourselves. Crikey it was pretty!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 26 July 2014

Stink eye Sunday!

Crikey ..... I've got some new mates and they wanted me to join in on their stink eye Sunday. Their names are Zippy and Rory and they are WHIPPETS!!  Yes Whippets .... I've made lots of mates at Blogville but these are my VERY first whippet mates AND I think they are Aussies too.  How good is that??? I love ALL my mates but it's sure good to know that there are more, just like me, out there, aye?? If you wanna check 'em out you can find them here.   Crikey I wish my Mum were more talented and could do that direct link thingie but, unfortunately, she's completely hopeless so I hope you can find my mates. Anyway to get back to the stink eye thing.  How bad is this??  I haven't got a stink eye.  I went and had a look at ALL the photos of me and there's not one stinky eye photo there. This is the best I could come up with ...

Pitiful attempt, aye??
Not very stinky, aye??  Sorry Zippy and Rory .... you blokes have it down to a fine art. Well ..... I'm going to work on it and maybe by next Sunday I'll have the best stink eye in the business.  I'm just too happy. I've got heaps of smiley, happy photos. Wanna see some of those??
Get a load of these. Was I happy or what?  That, almost Frankie lookin' bloke, was getting a bit carried away with himself, aye? I sure needed all the help I could get. So thanks goodness, that almost look alike, one of the Idaho Pug ranch dude's was there to give me a hand.

What's he think he's up to??


Blimey ..... stop it ..... it tickles!!

Well that sure was interesting!!
Ok .... gotta go and work on my stink eye

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Friday 25 July 2014

Fractured Fryday HAIRY Tails!!

Struth ..... that's one very HAPPY face, aye?  My mates  Murphy and Stanley invited ME and everyone else, of course, to participate in their FFHT day so here I am .... participating!! They are real good blokes. They've just got back from the most amazing holiday. If you haven't met them you should pop over and at least check those holiday pics out.  They are VERY beautiful!!  You can find them here:    Well ..... maybe you can ..... my Secretary is not very smart when it comes to this computer stuff.  They reckon there's NO RULES for this!! Now that attracted me straight away ..... I HATE RULES!!  Too many of them around my house.  They said just to let your creative juices flow. Well I don't know too much about creative juices but I know a fair bit about other sorts of juices and I don't mind letting them flow so I s'pose I can let some creative ones go too, aye??  So here goes my attempt at FRACTURED FRYDAY HAIRY TALES!!

Crikey … what a day I’ve been having.  Mum’s been cleaning out the garage. She’s got stuff stored in boxes from when she moved house 20 years ago. Boxes and boxes of STUFF. She’s got no idea what’s in ‘em  but decided it was about time to find out.
Ok so this doesn't look like many, aye??  But this is only a few. There's heaps more!!
 Well I’m here to tell you there’s nothing much in ‘em.  Lots of paper and BOOKS …. OMD what’s the obsession with BOOKS?  They’ve been there for 20 years and now she looks at ‘em and oooohs and ahhhhhhs and pats them ever so gently  like as if they were a new born puppy or something. Very weird things humans.

There were a lot of DOG books. They are ALL inside now! Not all the books made it inside but the DOG books did!!
Anyway she came across this real little box and gave it to me to open. Like … I’d had my nose in every box opening so far so I s’pose she thought I may as well do some work.

Hello ..... anything good in here???

Is it safe?  Can't smell any explosives!!

Ok ..... In I go!!

Crikey .... what is this stuff!!

I'm not using my TEETH to pull this thing out!

Oh well ..... s'pose I'll have to. The paw thing didn't work!!

When I opened the box I was startled to find THIS:



Wanna Run .... Love, Charlie!!

Thursday 24 July 2014

Dad's away ... Mum's cooking!

Crikey was I ever worried!  Dad's away for a few days and Mum's cooking.  Now I know you've NEVER tried my Mum's cooking but trust me ...... It's CROOK!!  Dinner at night's ok. I just have meat and chicken necks. No drama there. Any idiot can dish that up but brekky, THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY has to be COOKED!!  Dad usually does it and,  fair dinkum,  I was dead scared I was going to have to go without. I always have beans for brekky in some form or other. Are you impressed Frankie and Ernie?  Beans!!!!!  Not as good as your home grown ones but they are local and fresh from the markets so they're pretty good. Anyway this morning Mum came good. I had scrambled egg with cheese and a side helping of beans. Who knew she could cook? Must have been a fluke or something. It was real good. I ate the lot and THEN she came good again and I got my toast and vegemite.  Dad's coming home today!  Take your time, Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks ok, aye?
The taste test.   I went in a bit gingerly at first!!
Mmmmmmmmmmm!! Not bad.
Just a few left. Gotta get 'em all, aye??
That's it!! What's next?
Arrrrrrrrrrr!  My toast and vege.  The perfect finish offerer!!
Needed a nap after that!  I'm not allowed on the big bed ... Mum's a softie ... Dad's back today! .... Crikey ... betta get out of this habit, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Miss Izzi's sleepover!!

Fair dinkum ..... I'm exhausted!!  Miss Izzi came for a sleepover. Dad was away doing something important. He calls it work so Mum decided she needed some company and Miss Izzi ALWAYS needs some one on one attention so she ended up being that company.  Now I love Izzi but ... crikey ..... she's tiring.  What's with kids???  Don't they EVER need sleep?  I thought I was pretty active but she makes me look like a sloth.  By 7.30 even Mum was ready for a BIG, fat, rest and Miss Izzi was told it was bedtime.  Well ..... I'm here to tell you she didn't like that ..... not even a little bit!!!  From 7.30 until 9pm and the threat of being put in the car and taken home she hopped out of bed at least twenty hundred times.  She was thirsty, she was hungry, she wasn't tired, she wanted this, she wanted that ..... fair dinkum ..... it was madness!!  Funny how they don't want their dinner but put 'em to bed and they are starving, aye??  Then she was up at 6am and ready for another big day.  Struth ..... even I wanted a sleep in but no such luck. By the time her Mum and Dad picked her up later that afternoon it was non stop action. Mum and I fell in a heap on the bed and had a much deserved rest.

We all went to the beach before everyone but Izzi went to their home!

Now you know why she likes to be naked. No dress sense whatsoever and if she's gotta wear shoes she's likes 'em BIG.  They're Josies!!
Izzi and I had a race!!
Look at me go!!

Well she did have a big start!!
Yeah ..... she won ..... but I let her!!
Back from the beach and the other littlies had gone home.  We're playing leggo!!

This looks like fun!!


Crikey .... I got one!!

Can I have a nap now, Please Izzi!!
At dog park!! 
Playing dressups!!
This was the only hiccup!!
We did have one little mishap!!  Whilst Mum was trying to get some much needed washing done Izzi managed to put the above bangle thingie onto her leg, ABOVE THE KNEE and couldn't get if off!! She did go to Mum and poor Mum nearly had a conniption. Izzi was crying and saying to Mum, don't cut my leg off.... don't cut my leg off" and wouldn't let her get too close. Mum grabbed a couple of marshmallows (for bribery) she had lying around and threw Izzi into the bath, fully clothed, and lathered her leg up with dishwashing detergent and proceeded to try and get the bangle off.  It took a bit of moving and a lot of screaming from Izzi but it finally budged and an awful lot of marshmallows ended up being consumed before she calmed down. Only wished Mum had thought to take a picture before she took it off, aye??

 Wanna run .... Love, Charlie!!