Saturday 23 April 2016

It's Windy here!!

Crikey .... it was windy at the beach today.  None of my mates showed up so I had to play ball with Mum. I'm very good at chasing the ball.  I'm not very good at bringing it back though.

Can you see where I left the ball?
Maybe it's easier to spot here!
Mum made me sit in the wet sand!  What's with that? It's most uncomfortable.
I gave her a raspberry!  Eat your heart out Crockett!!
Crikey ..... now I'm in trouble .... she didn't tell me to 'go free'!!

Just so you know I do bring the ball back sometimes.
See it in my gob!!
There were heaps of these blokes at the beach.  They sure looked like they were having a good time.

Further up the beach they were like those bat blokes. There were sooooooo many of 'em.
When we got home guess who was there? Miss G.  We had to look after her for the day cause her Mummy and Daddy were at work. The other two girls were at school. It was a real good day.
Crikey she's growing up, aye??
AND getting all prim and proper.  She doesn't like going naked much anymore.
Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

pee-ess ... please send all the POTP and love you can to my very special friend Whitley.  She's not at all well and her family and friends are all hurting pretty bad right now. I am too. I love Whitley so much!!  Her BFF Finley could do with some POTP too. Whitley has always been there for her and she doesn't want Whitley to go away. 

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Guess who came to my beach today??

We went to the beach VERY early today. It was still dark when we got there.
It might look a bit light but it was real dark, trust me. I dropped my ball and we coudn't find it till it got light.
 It was a really beautiful morning. Perfect in every way.  I don't know why we went so early but Mum said it was meant to be.  When the sun started to rise we stood and looked out to sea and what did we see??  Our Lucy and our Harri.  They were in the clouds. They looked soooooooooooo happy.

You might have to biggefy it to see them but Lu was there all lit up and Harri was to her right a bit.
 And then just as the sun showed it's head Mum looked and saw THIS .....
Can you see what Mum saw??
 She wasn't quite sure so she biggefied it like THIS .....

Yes ...... I could see him too.  It was our mate MITCH. He had come to visit MY beach and he bought lots of his new found friends with him. I bet you can see some of them too, aye?? 

I'm sure he came to let us know he was settling in and he was getting along just fine.  Today he was at my beach.  I wonder where he will visit next. 

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.

Monday 18 April 2016

A tough week!

Crikey but I'm beat!  It's been a tough week ...
Crikey Mum ..... go away with that thing will ya!!!!!

Wanna run (but not right now) ... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 17 April 2016

So much to say!!

Crikey ... I don't know if I'm EVER going to be able to tell you everything I want to.  I haven't been able to be around as much and I've got so much to say. Where to begin.  Well I'm just going to have tell you little bits at a time from now on. We have been in Sydney for two months but I'm home now. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!  It's so good to be home but I do want to tell you about some of the good things I did in Sydney so I'll do flashbacks from time to time.  I'll tell you its a flashback in the heading, aye?

BUT right now I'm home and ever so glad to be here. My beach is still here. My mates are still here. The little girls are still here. I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We had the whole beach to ourselves!!
It's sure good to be home!!
I missed this place!!
It's been a big few days.  I'll miss all my whippet mates I made in Sydney but I have this great photo to remember them by. Crikey we had a good time when we all got together.  Just like you're all going to have a great time at the BAR, aye??

This is the photo to remember them by.  I know ALL their names.  Great photo, aye??
Wanna run .... love Charlie. 

Thursday 7 April 2016

From Nambucca to Sydney!!

This is the second part of our trip to Sydney. You might have missed part one. It was the BEST part.  Mum had trouble posting it and I don't know if you got to see it but you can find it HERE if you wanna look at it. 
When we left Nambucca it wasn't long before we were at our destination for the night ... Kempsie.  We usually stay at Nambucca but there was some big sports thing happening and all of the accommodation was booked out. We found a dog friendly Motel right on the banks of the Macleay River. It was pretty nice too.  The river is beautiful and we went and sat and looked at it for quite some time.

Looking North!!  Where we came from.

Looking South!!  Where we're going.
When it started getting dark we headed back to our balcony where Mum had her usual cuppa and Dad his usual beer. I, as usual got NOTHING!!!  Fair dinkum ..... what's with that??  It's not as if I'm a nobody!!  I could go a drop of beer after a long day's drive. Fair dinkum ..... even a cuppa'd be alright.  I did get a bowl of water. Water ..... for goodness sake!!  We were sitting there for a while when we noticed all these things flying around overhead. The sky was alive with them. Flying foxes!!  WOW!!  They fly over our house at Noosa every night. Hundreds of them ...... BUT ..... you should have seen them at Kempsie.  There must have been 87 million. They just kept on coming and the whole sky was full of them. Crikey it was good to see. We watch them most nights at home but we've never seen so many before. They're very cute little critters.  Some people don't like 'em but we do.  They cause havoc for the poor farmers so I understand why they don't like 'em but other peeps just don't like 'em for no reason at all.

Ok so it's not a very good picture but maybe if you biggefy it you'll be able to see all the flying foxes. That white spot is the moon.
They are grey headed flying foxes and are native to Australia. I pinched this picture from google.

Once the bats left so did we.  We went to the local Thai restaurant for dinner.  Of course I got NONE!!  I did get to sit with Mum and Dad but they have this rule that I am not to be fed at the table ..... EVER!!!!!!!!  Crikey I HATE that rule.  I did get to eat before we went so I wasn't hungry ... BUT ... it sure smelled good. After that it was off to bed and the next day we got up early to head to Sydney.  Once Dad is on that final leg there's no stopping him so it was a pretty dull and uneventful last 4 and a half or so hours.  We did stop at a park for me to have a run around but we didn't stop long. We have to stay in Sydney for a few days for Mum to see her eye Doc but then we are off to our beloved Blue Mountains for a few weeks before we have to return to Sydney for Mum's eye operation.  I'll tell you all about the Blue mountains visit next. We've been there before and stayed at the same house. It's real good and I have mates at Katoomba and there's a cat that comes and visits. Her lives next door to the house. He only comes once though!!  I wonder why??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Our trip to Sydney!

This seems like ages ago now but here's how I trip down to Sydney went.

Crikey ...... Dad's not good at stopping once he's on the road so there's no pictures of the first part of our trip. It was real pretty too. You'd have loved it!!  The countryside looked a bit like I imagine Ireland looks like.  It was sooooooooooooo green!!  Mum got her country fix of cows and sheep. She's a bit infatuated with cows.  I've got no idea why. They're big smelly things as far as I can see and they gang up on you if you so much as glance their way.  I got up close and personal with a herd of them once. I was behind a fence and they were way off in the distance but I just propped and watched them for a while and do you know what they did??  No ..... I don't suppose you do!!  Well I'm telling you ...... they wandered right up to the fence ...... the whole lot of 'em ..... AND they gave me the eye!!!!!  Almost scared me half to death, they did!!!  I've not been a big fan of 'em ever since.  Mum thought it was a riot when I backed away and hid between her legs.  What's with her??

Anyways ..... we just drove and drove all day. It was awful boring but I was a good bloke.  I didn't carry on like a fourpenny rabbit as I usually do.  I just layed back and soaked up the scenery. There was one very worrying part of the trip. We were just about at one of our petrol stops when Mum and Dad noticed flashing lights and half of the road was closed and everyone was going very slow. There were rescue trucks and ambulances and Mum didn't look but Dad did and he said he thought a group of cyclists had been hit.  OMD!!  How bad is that? When we got to the service station I heard this big noise and right over our heads was a big chopper. It looked as if it was going to land on our roof but it didn't. It landed in the park next to the service station. The ambulance arrived and they took someone off in the chopper.  Mum felt sick just thinking about it.  I sure hope everyone was ok. Soon after that we decided to have a bit of a break. We had been driving for nearly 9 hours and we still had an hour to our destination for the night.  We stopped at a beach called Morrison beach at Nambucca Heads. We have stayed at Nambucca lots of times. It's one of our very favourite beaches in all of Australia. It is so beautiful and just like it must have been when Captain Cook first saw it. You can't see any houses or anything that looks like civilisation from the beach. It is just perfect and there's hardly ever anyone there, except in holiday times of course.  Well there is one building on the beach but it's kinda tucked away at one end and if you don't look that way it's perfect. Thought you might like to see some photos so here's heaps of  'em!  You know me ...... I love to share my beach photos around. Hope you like 'em.

This is the walk down to the beach. You can drive on the beach cause it's awful long but not many people do.
This little creek is very pretty and the water is as clean as clean. The colour is just from the teatree's.  A lady told us they had seen a croc in the creek last week.  What's with the croc stories lately?? Nambucca's far too south for crocs.  
Here's Mum trying to be arty farty again.  Don't know why she bothers.
Yahooooooooooooooo!!!  I'm off .....
Mum loves it when the water's on the sand like this. Reckons it looks like a finely crocheted shawl. What the heck??????
Crikey I love it!!
When we turned back look what I saw.  It's a Maremma!!  I love Maremmas. They are so gentle and play just like I do. 

I think he's seen me.  Oh and you can see that building now. Stupid building!!

Yep ..... he's friendly. How good is that??  Don't know who owns him. There's no-one around but he's got a tag and looks as if he knows what he's doing.
We had a great time.
Time for a fresh water rinse off.
Crikey I'm glad I don't have all that hair to get mussed up like that!!
Crikey ..... he's gone.  Must have gone home for a blow dry!!

We stayed at the beach for about an hour and then headed off to Kempsey where we stayed overnight. I'll tell you about that soon.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.

Monday 4 April 2016

An IMPORTANT message!!

 I have a VERY important message for all Aussies so I thought I should don my official uniform. Crikey Mr Chief Ranger, Sir ...... is it still my official uniform or will there be a change??
 I take my role as Australian Detective very seriously and as such I must pass on to all my fellow Australians, especially Sydneysiders this VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!  Funnel Webs are on the march!!!!  These blokes are dangerous ....... AND deadly!!!!  They are marching all over the place at the moment. I need you to be very aware that they are out there. AND in there!!  They do go inside houses.  Dui and I will be doing all we can to keep you safe but you must keep your eyes open.  The main danger is to our humans as they are sloppy creatures and leave their clothes and shoes just anywhere.  These spider blokes just love to curl up in 'em and when a nice smelly foot is placed in one of those shoes or a piece of clothing is  put on ........ WHAMMO!! .... they attack and believe me, you don't want that to happen, aye??  So if you see your peeps clothes and shoes lying around bark 'em good.  The main danger for us blokes is our bed.  They have been known to crawl into our beds.  How the heck you're going to make your peeps shake your bed before you get into I have no idea but again I s'pose you just gotta bark 'em until they do or at least make 'em read this, aye?  Mum put a shirt on this morning and felt something crawling around inside it. She was sure it was a funnel web and her days were numbered.  She tried not to panic and removed the shirt VERY gingerly so as not to annoy whatever it was. A spider did drop to the ground.  Not a funnel web.  A little spider!!!  What a relief, aye??

So please all Aussies ....... take care. For all the two leggers .... check your shoes before you put 'em on and shake your clothes and if you do come across one of these blokes ....... don't kill 'em. Put 'em in a jar, VERY CAREFULLY! There is an easy way to do it. You can check it out HERE!!  Looks easy, aye??  It is.   Mum's done it and she doesn't like spiders AT ALL!!  Then ..... you can take them to a drop off point and the authorities will send them off to a laboratory where the venom will be milked from the spiders and made into an anti-venom to save anyone that might be bitten.  Pretty neat, aye?? As for us four leggers ..... leave 'em alone, aye??  Leave 'em for the cats.  They deserve all they get with their hissin' and spittin' and smacky paw. Not you Madi. You're nice. So's Travis, Crockett and even the french tart and Pipo and Minko and all the Blogville pussy cats. Well maybe not Weinie the Queenie but I'm sure someone loves her. I don't think you have funnel webs over your way though, aye??  Ok ....... all you Aussies ...... you got it?????? ......... be careful!!!!!!!!!  It's important.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.