Thursday 13 February 2014

The continuation!

Crikey ... what an ordeal!!!!
Well I must have gone to sleep or something cause I woke up AND I was still in THAT cage. What's going on? Did someone spike my drinking water or something??? I didn't feel all that crash hot and there was no sign of Mum or Dad. In fact there was no-one to be seen. I remembered what Whitley said and I started to bark. I barked like you wouldn't believe. A sheila called Jackie came at a rate of knots to see what all the fuss was about. Well I must have barked real good because she let me out of that cage and made a bed for me on the floor and she sat with me. She didn't leave my side until Mum and Dad arrived. My face was all swollen up like a big fat balloon and I had all these big red spots all over me. They were real itchy too. The Vet, my not so good friend, Peter came in and crikey .... here we go again ... he nicked me with another needle. He said I had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic (whatever that is). Apparantley lots of us whippet blokes do. Got something to do with us being so skinny. So if he knew I had a problem why did he do, whatever it was he did, anyway. The needle was to make the itches go away and to make my face look normal again. I had two big holes in my tummy that were all sewn up and there were stitches. Very neat stitches. Even Zoe's Momma would have been proud of the job he did on me.   Crikey ... what the heck has been happening to me? None of that skin stealing stuff for me, Finley but WHAT DID HE DO!!!! I've got questions and someone sure better give me some answers. If Mum and Dad took much longer getting here I was going to take MJF, Sir up on his offer to see if Zaidie would pick me up in his lear jet. This was not a good situation to be in even if I was out of the cage and lovely Jackie was sitting with me.  BUT ...  arrive Mum and dad did ..... thank goodness .... now the questions might get answered and they were.
Seems I had to have those testicle things removed or else I might get cancer so that's what Peter did. He had a hard time finding them because they were right up in my tummy so I had to have an operation like you sheilas have instead of the one blokes have and as is ALWAYS the way it is much tougher for the Sheilas. Don't I know it!!!!! But crikey .... it's all over now .... my face is back to normal ... the itches and spots have gone and I'm feeling good. Mum and Dad tried to keep me quiet for a few days but I was having none of that. I'm not allowed at the beach because I have to keep dry for ten days (NO baths ... Yaaaaaaay!!) but I have been going to the park every day instead. So all is right in my world and now my second name REALLY IS TRUE!!!!!!!   All you blokes and Sheilas that know what it is PLEASE don't tell.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie!!


  1. Sorry you had such an ordeal, but so glad its all over now...and you are fine.

    I know your second name...runs off barking and chuckling...but I won't tell...I am a doggy!

    Um, good thing we didn't need to send over the Lear Jet!


  2. Thank catness yew beeds recoFURing now - but eeeesh, what an ordeal wif the face shwelling up, and being in a cage (I wash in one of dem fur weeks when I wash a kitten because I wash feral, and I hates cages now becuzza dat) and dah being poked wif those needley pointy things too - way too much drama fur one nice doggy! Try to make dah pawrents feel guilty if yew can, and den yew will get lots more treats outta dem - and dah no bath thing is wonderpurr! Maybe yew can convince dem dat dat could be a PURRmanent thing?! Dun worry, we hash taken dah pledge of total secrecy about yer last name - it'sh like a sacred vow we tooks, so all ish gong to be well, yew'll see. Here ish to yer health and to no more of those White Coats visits fur a long time - and to dah beach furry soon too!

  3. Dey told my momma I was not sposed to be jumpin and climbin - well, dat didn't stop me none!

  4. I am so glad you are feeling better. I will only call you Charlie, you're secret is safe with me!

  5. Well, nuts! *snicker* Sure glad yu are doin ok now. Bad that yu had to go through so much!

    Maybe next time, fur toofer cleanin or sumfin, yur "furiend" the so called doctor Peter can do sumfin to keep ya frum swellin up like a balloony.
    Take it easy there Charlie.

  6. Yikes! What an ordeal! You're secret is safe with me!!!

  7. Crikey Humphrey ... cages ... fair dinkum .... they are the pits, aye? So are baths. I liked your idea to make the no bath rule a purrmanent thing.
    Yeah Whitley it didn't stop me either. I slipped my collar at the park and ran and ran. We whippets gotta run. So far, so good. I haven't busted out of those stitches yet.
    Thankyou Jelly. I know I can always count on you. Always the lady!!
    Crikey Zoe ... you should have seen me. What a sight. Mum's real annoyed with herself for not taking a photo. Thank goodness! Wouldn't want that plastered all over dogster.
    Thanks Fizzy. Such a gentleman!!

  8. OMC...What an ordeal to thrust into the porta prison without treats and then a nasty needle to make your sleep and to wake up like that!!!!The indignity of it all...I am glad you are feeling better now and able to get out and about...I purrsonally avoid the outdoors and stay inside but mom said the beach sounds like fun especially since we are having snow and more snow here....

  9. The Nicholas Boys ish furrry nice and old and dear furiends of ours, Charley - we hopes yew all gets to know each other - international furiendhip ish dah kewlest! Hash dey taken' yew to dah beach yet, because dat's furry imPURRtant - if not, remember, guilt trips get yew more treats! *whispering* Dat always works at our house, MOL!

  10. BOL, Zoe!! Oooops, I meen, whut nutz? Oh, cwap, I meen...I sincerewy hope yu r heelin' gud, Charwie!! *runs off, gigglin'*