Tuesday 30 September 2014

They're back!!

It's me ...... Charlie!!!!!!   Crikey ..... you haven't forgotten me have you?????  Mum and Dad are back.  As if I care!!  Fair dinkum that was a looooooooong holiday. What were they thinking??  They reckon they had a real good time. I don't think they thought about me at all. I thought about them EVERY day!!  I missed them .... big time!!  I wasn't going to let THEM know that though but I couldn't help myself. I jumped all over them when I first saw them but I finally got my act together and went and sat in my bed and ignored them while they had a big talk to Charmaine. I like Charmaine and Peter lots and they have a border collie who was real good value. We played together all the time and Peter and Charmaine looked after me like a fighting cock but I just wanted my Mum and Dad.  You know how I said I wasn't going to eat while they were gone???  Well ..... I did a pretty good job of starving myself. You should see me. Mum reckons I look like that bag of bones I said I was going to be. I lost a whole kilo in weight.  Poor Charmaine was beside herself trying to get me to eat. She cooked me chicken breasts all the time because that was all I would eat.  I tried to give them a miss too, but who can resist lightly poached chicken breasts. Certainly not me. Anyway after their chat to Charmaine, Mum and Dad packed up my things and we headed out to the car. I tried not to show how happy I was but I did jump up and hop in my crate awful quick. I didn't even look for the treat I usually get. I just got into my crate and snuggled up as quick as I could before they decided to go on another holiday and leave me even longer. Crikey it was good to be in my very own crate in my very own car. We didn't go home. We went to Leura for a holiday for me. I love Leura.  We didn't do much that first day cause Mum and Dad were awful tired.  I thought holidays were supposed to refresh you. All they did for the first few days was sleep.  Something about jet lag .... whatever that is. There's a great dog park at Leura and I have heaps of mates there.

Here I am at the dog park at Leura with my mate Oscar.  He's a real good bloke and he likes to run just like me.
On our first arvo at the park I took off for a run with my mates and I was so weak from not eating that I couldn't run much and when I did a little bit I hurt my back ..... BIG TIME!!  I put on quite a scene.  Whimpered like a baby!!  Everyone at the park thought I was dying.  Well I had to show 'em it wasn't alright leaving me like that.  You blokes all know what it's like, aye?  My back was ok but Mum wouldn't let me run for a few days until I got some good tucker into me and good tucker I sure did get into me.  I can't stop eating. Anything that's put in my bowl I devour in super quick time. Mum reckons I'd eat the bowl if she didn't take it away. No need for poached chicken breasts.  I'd eat a raw chook if I was let loose near one. Matter of fact when I get home I'm going to give my two legged sister's chooks a real good go.  Crikey ...... I almost forgot about those chooks. Not to mention the pig!!  I sure hope she hasn't taken over big time since I've been gone. Here's a picture of one of the chooks and Poppy that my two legged sister, Jenni sent Mum and Dad the other day.  It's the footy finals in Australia and Jenni's family are Hawthorn hawks' fans and had a bit of a do at their house on finals day.  Glad I wasn't there. I'd hate to think what they'd do to me. Must say I felt a bit sorry for Poppy for once. Just in case your interested, although I couldn't possibly see that you would be, the Hawks won. 

Crikey it's  good to have Mum and Dad back but don't tell them that ok??????  I'm still a bit snaky on 'em.  We are heading for home tomorrow.  It will take two days to get there but hey ...... after all this time ..... what's another few days?  I might just forgive 'em once I get home.  I can't wait to see all the Grandkids AND I can't wait to go to the BEACH!!!  Crikey it will be good to get home. I've missed you all so much. It will take me a little while to catch up on all your gossip but catch up I will. I think Mum owes me lots of computer time don't you?  Oh I forgot ....... they did buy me a swanky collar and lead from Holland.  I look extremely handsome in it.  Well I will when my neck fills out again. It's a bit big on me just yet. It's the weight thing ...... my neck got awful skinny too but it won't take long and I'll be back to normal.  Back to normal and BACK HOME!!  It doesn't get any better than that, aye??
Crikey I hope you haven't forgotten me.   You do remember me don't you???????????

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.