Monday 28 April 2014

Dogster's back Here in Australia!!

CRIKEY!     Haven't got time now to bark but ... hey... just thought I'd let you know DOGSTER'S BACK!!!!! Don't know if it will stay but it's BACK!!  You were right Mr JF Sir .... MOM DIDN'T BREAK it after all.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie!!

Saturday 26 April 2014

Hug an Aussie Day!!

Crikey how good is this????? Who knew? ..... it's HUG AN AUSTRALIAN DAY!!  Fair dinkum!!

I heard all about it through my Mates, Reilly and Denny at Cowspotdogs. They live in the States but their Mom is an Aussie like me.  Here's how it all came about.  Hug An Australian Day is an annual event that was founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy of the website. Though the origins of this event are unclear, Hug An Australian Day has quickly become popular over the last few years, and is celebrated by sending the likes of greeting cards and e-cards to Aussie friends.  Hey all you blokes out there ..... I'm Australian!!!!  Hug me ...... PLEASE!     Forget the e-cards and greeting cards ..... just send hugs.  I LOVE HUGS ..

Might have to start up one of these days for you blokes over there or is there already one? It's amazing what pops up on this blog thing, aye??  You never know what's next but right now I'm just going to sit back and enjoy hug an Aussie day. Dad hugged me .... he picked me up to do it. I'm still recovering! Mum hugged me. I might NEVER recover!!

Here's some hugs from me to all my mates too. hugssssssssssssssssss ... hugsssssssssssssss!!!!!


Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Friday 25 April 2014

Nothing much happening?

Things are a bit slow on the holiday front.  We are still at the Blue Mountains.  It is still beautiful and we are having a good time.  We are doing a LOT of walking.  I LOVE bush walking.  The smells are to die for but I don't get to see many critters.  Just about all of our critters sleep all day and come out at night and I only get to go for Pwivacy pwease (that's Zaidie speak for anyone that doesn't know) walks at night.  Mum dreads those walks.  If I get a whiff of a possum I'm off like a rocket with Mum trailing along behind.  She reckons she's got one arm that's about a foot longer than the other arm from me taking off at a rate of knots.  I don't give her any warning ..... I just goooooooooooooo!  Last night I say a white cat run across the road at a million miles an hour.  Lucky for Mum she saw it too and grabbed hold of me before I took off.  Crikey ..... what was she thinking?  Spoilin' my fun like that!  I kicked up a heck of a stink .... I howled and cried and tried to get away from Mum ..... I was a right pain in the butt but she didn't let go ...... not even for a second.  She roused on me!  Hmmmmmmmmmph ..... big time!!  She told me I was a VERY naughty dog and said she wouldn't take me for any more walks if I didn't improve my manners.  NO MORE WALKS!!!!!  Crikey ..... I better get a grip and start behaving,  aye??
It was ANZAC day yesterday.  I watched the march on television. 

I am watching the march. My eyes ARE open .... I do have to be comfortable, don't I????
It rained for the march.  How bad was that?  Mum and I were sooooooo worried for the old diggers.  Lots of them marched,  IN THE RAIN, and they didn't have brollies or raincoats or anything and they were soaking wet.  Crikey I hope they don't get sick.  Mum took some photos off the television but they didn't come out too good but I'll show them to you anyway. 

It rained here all day too.  We were going to go for a drive to some super duper place but we didn't go cause we thought we wouldn't get to see too much through the fog and rain.  It did clear up late in the day and I did get to go to dog park in the arvo.  On the way to dog park Mum took some photos of a pair of Rosellas we saw.  They are VERY beautiful birds.  Hope you like them!!   Oh! and talking about birds .... Mum managed to put the bellbird video up on my dogster page so if you want to hear the bellbirds you can do so there.  She still hasn't had any luck getting it on my blog. 

Pretty, aye? This is the bloke!

This is the bloke too ...

This is the bloke too ....

Yeah! This one too ..... The poor old Sheila is pretty ordinary looking. Mum didn't take her photo. How bad is that?? Of course in the dog word the Male is the best looking of the sexes, aye? Crikey ...... what am I saying. That's NOT true ..... you Sheilas' are definitely better looking than we blokes!! Whew ..... I got that in just in time, aye??

We have been down to Sydney to see Nan again . She was a little bit brighter on this visit which was good to see but she has managed to give herself a VERY nasty gash on her arm.  She caught it on a big metal door handle and has a wound about 8 inches long on her arm which looks very nasty.  Poor Nan .... everything seems to be going wrong for her lately.   She has agreed to come up to see us at Noosa soon after we get back so that will be good.  Mum likes being able to look after her.  I'll tell you a funny story about the last time she visited when I have a bit of time.  My Mum can be VERY funny sometimes.  She doesn't try to be .... it just seems to happen with her!
These two pictures are just for you, Enid!!

With love from Charlie to Enid ...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well that's about it for now.  As I said nothing much is happening round here ...

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award ...

Crikey I got nominated for a Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! award by Whitley. Thanks mate. Hope I can do it justice. I've never done this before. I'm not good with rules but I'll give it my best shot. First I think I gotta thank you for giving it to me. Hey ..... I already did that. Crikey ..... I'm on a roll!!  Oh no ..... I forgot to put the award thingoe up.  Here goes ....
Fair dinkum ..... am I good at this or what???  Who said I couldn't follow rules. Ummmmmmmm! What's next??    Oh yeah!    Gotta visit three other blogs from Whitley's list and leave a message for them. That's easy ..... I like visiting and I ALWAYS leave messages. Try stopping me!!
Crikey ... I got a bit of a problem with the fourth rule. I gotta give this award to 7 others and tell them I've done so.  Well I haven't been blogging for all that long and I don't have heaps of mates but I will try. Some of my mates get awful busy though and I don't want to pressure them so will it be ok if I give the award but tell them they only have to do it if they have the time?? Well that's what I'm gunna do. Sure hope that's ok!!
Crikey I forgot the main part. See ..... told you I was no good at this stuff. I skipped No. 3. I gotta tell you 3 things I have to celebrate or be thankful for.  Well .... here goes.

1. I am so thankful my Mum and Dad chose me to be part of their family. I want to celebrate EVERY day for that! They chose little old me when I was 6 months old and I had a big medical problem. They both really wanted a cute little puppy but they chose ME!!!!  How lucky am I????? I've got the best family.
2. I want to celebrate EVERY day for being sooooooooooooo loved and for being able to love.  I LOVE love!! My whole family loves me and I love them. ENID loves me and I think Ali still loves me a little bit. I love all my dogster friends and all my blogster friends and I think they love me too. Oh the celebrations!!!!!!!!
3. LIVING  DOWNUNDER!!!!!!! I am so thankful I live downunder in Australia.  I know there are other fantastic parts of the world but deep down inside I KNOW Australia is BEST!! Well best for me, anyway. I sp'ose if I were born somewhere else I might feel differently but for me there is no place, anywhere, like AUSTRALIA!!  I come from the land downunder!!   Yoo Hoo!  YOO HOO!!!

AND now for the grande Finale ...... Rule No 5. I gotta eat a tasty treat. Crikey ..... that's the best part.  I've got a chicken neck all lined up and ready to go.  Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO!

Crikey I still don't think I've got this thing done right. I think I've got to post the rules up here so here they are:

1.  Post da award on you blog and fank da blogger who gave it to you.
2.  Visit at least three of da other blogs dat are receiving da award along wif hyou and leave a comment.
3.  Tell us three things you have to celebrate.  Ya know, three things for which you are fankful.
4.  Pass along da award to seven other bloggers and let dem know you have done so.
5.  Enjoy a tasty treat!

How funny is that ...... it's in Whitley speak. Mum cheated ...... she copied and pasted or something. 

Now I gotta nominate 7 blokes  - s'pose Mum best not copy and paste Whitley's list. Here's mine:
1. Scotsmad
2. All about Enid
3. The Affie princess
4. Cowspotdog
5 A day in the life of Fizzy
6. Lone star cats
7. Milton's muse  whoops - sorry ... Already on Whitleys list.
8.Buddy's Beat
9. Any other of my mates who want to have a go. 

Crikey am I greedy or what?  I gave out 9 awards!!! Told you I wasn't good at this rule thing. 

But remember you blokes .... if you are too busy it doesn't matter. I won't be offended or anything and nor will anyone else. 
Now I got a big dilemma. I've got to let all you blokes know I nominated you and tell you where to find all the rules etc. S'pose I gotta post this first so I can tell you where the post is. Crikey .... this is all very confusing for me. My brains not very big AND I can't wait to get to that chicken neck. Think I've blown it .... the chicken necks gone!!!!!! did I cheat???  Oh Well .... I did my BEST!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Monday 21 April 2014

Best in Show Day!!

Mum had a great day at Best in show Day at Sydney Royal.  All of her old mates were there and it was a beautiful sunny day. It always seem to rain on Best in show day but not this year. For people that don't like dog shows it would be pretty boring I guess so I thought I'd just show you some photos Mum took and not rave on too much about the day. I guess when you've seen Westminster or Crufts, little old Sydney Royal, is a bit of a non event but not to Mum. She LOVED it!!

Whoops the pictures got downloaded out of order so they are a bit all over the place but you'll get the message, I'm sure. See if you can guess the winner from the final seven.
One of the final seven. Best in non-sporting group! Cute, aye Ali?

Another one .... Best in Gin (Haaaahaaaa too funny Mum) GUN dogs

Best in Utility

Best in hound group. The whippet was cheated!!!!

Best in working dog group.

One of the breeders group entries. Not one of those blokes had eyes to match yours Zoe!

Crikey Zaidie .... just cause you got a lear jet you think you can sneak in anywhere, aye mate?

Best in toy group. I feel soooooo sorry for this bloke. He must NEVER get to have fun. I can just hear his Mum .... don't do this, don't do that! keep away from the mud - snow - sand- grass- roo poop- dead stuff ..... crikey the list would go on and on.

Best in breeders group. They were brilliant and thoroughly deserved to win although Mum did like the foxie group.

See me lined up there right in front.

Well it sure looked like me. Even fooled Mum for a second. She knew I was with Dad somewhere but she did do a double take. Still think this bloke was robbed. He looked pretty good to me. He was in the puppy class. Crikey he was well behaved. Who knew we whippet blokes could be THAT good!!

Another one of the seven. Best in terrier group.  What do you think, Mr JF Sir?  Pretty cute, aye??         Ok ... time to guess. You've got the seven now. Who won??

AND THE RUNNER UP IS .... The toy poodle!!!
This bloke should have won.     Look...  perfect size and shaped schnoz ... perfect proportioned body and legs and perfectly groomed. What more could you want??
AND THE WINNER IS ... the Bull mastiff!  Who would have picked that?  Well the Italian judge for one! I'd have given it to the Borzoi or the Jack Russell myself.
This little Italian greyhound won the Best Puppy in show. Mum says you should have seen him walk. His little feet hardly touched the ground. Very cute little bloke, aye??

Always Mum's favourites .... the foxies, wire, smooth, Jacks if they have anything to do with the foxies she loves 'em. This bloke looks pretty good to me. Why didn't HE win?

This could have been our Lucy. She looks sooooooo much like her. Naturally Mum burst into tears when she walked out. She still can't look at a wire without the tears appearing!!

How good did these blokes look??
Ok ... that's it for Sydney Royal. Sorry to have inflicted that on you but I've got to give Mum some slack, I s'pose. I had a great day with Dad. Mum was amazed when she got back and found I was still alive. She didn't think Dad was capable of looking after me by himself. Thought I'd go flying right out there over a cliff or get stuck into some roos or something. No such luck but we did manage to have a good day. Hope you all had a great Easter!!

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.

Friday 18 April 2014

The sun came out!!

The sun came out for Wills and Kate. How good is that?  Sydney shone!! AND so did Wills and Kate.  AND when they came to the mountains the sun shone again. It’s rained for weeks … but not any more …. Will, Kate and George are here. They saw me ….. I know they did!! Kate looked my way and smiled. OMD …. I nearly died. She is soooooo beautiful!! She said something to Wills and he looked my way too and HE smiled!!!!!!! OMD …. They saw me!!!!! Do you think they were impressed???       I did dress up for them, after all.  I WAS looking my best.  Crikey ….. I hope they were impressed!! This holidays been pretty exciting but yesterday was the most exciting day EVER!!! I saw a Prince and a Duchess and they saw me.   How good is that?????
Hmmmmmph!! Sydney didn't shine for me. This was our last day in Sydney. We went for a drive to the northern beaches.

Green, aye? Just like Ireland and just as wet. I had my raincoat on!

Not a very nice day at the beach, aye??

Today we went for a drive. Mum and Dad had a barney!!!! Crikey it was funny. Mum was VERY cranky with Dad. She gave him a right dressing down. Dad didn’t say too much. He just looked VERY guilty. This is what happened! We got to this lookout place where we were going to have a bit of a walk around the top of the mountain before heading down into the Megalong Valley.  Dad got out of the car and let me out. He didn’t put my lead on. What was he thinking?????? Not much, thought Mum.  I WAS OFF!!!  Bit of a problem really ….. no fences …. AND the only place to go is straight down.  I could have gone flying right out there.  Straight off the cliff top like a hang glider only without the glider part.   Mum was yelling at me ….. Dad was yelling at me!!!  All that does is scare me.   Sooooooo they both started to run away from the cliff edge as fast as they could go (FYI, that’s not very fast).  Naturally I followed and before I knew it I was back on lead again.  That’s when the real yelling started.  Mum at Dad!!!   Crikey … Mum was REAL mad!!! I could have died! 
This is where Dad let me out of the car with NO lead on! See below to read the sign.
This is where I could have ended up!!
When we all calmed down again we went for a walk around. Me on lead this time. Crikey it was a pretty place. There was a lookout right at the top and another lookout a little bit lower down. When we were at the bottom one a lady on horseback arrived at the top one  and I could see them. I tried to climb the cliff face!!!! It was too steep though so I didn’t get to play with the horse. 

Notice the BLUE sky!

I liked it here!!

This is where I climbed the cliff face to see the horse. It is MUCH steeper than it looks. Sorry about the picture but the SUN was out and in the wrong place. You can see the lookout at the top but I think the horse had gone by the time Mum took the photo.
After our walk around we went down into the valley. It was real pretty too. Soooooooooo green after all the rain. We had a few walks around before heading back to our little cottage for a restful afternoon. I think we all need a few quiet days. We have been doing such a lot lately. 

These cows have a great view, aye?

How pretty is this?

There's something out there!!

And I'm going to get it!!

We didn't see any.

Crikey ..... I hope this isn't our next cottage. Nice view though!! Bit drafty!!

While we were in the valley Mum took a video because we heard a lot of bellbirds and she thought you might like to hear them too. Do you have bellbirds over your way????  They sound just like a bell. Mum has no idea how to put a video on my blog but she is going to try. I don’t know if she will succeed but if you’ve never heard a bellbird before you might want to keep a lookout for it.
Oh! AND Happy Easter ..... I hope the Easter bunny finds you all.  Don't sneak any of the humans eggs. They can be as deadly to us four legged blokes as flying right out there over a cliff face.
I’m off for a nap now ….. bet I dream about Wills and Kate …
Wanna run …. Love, Charlie.