Friday 27 February 2015

Thanks Jakey but my Mum is hopeless!!

Crikey ...... I s'pose I've gotta give her something for trying ...... she is, after all, VERY trying, BUT she TRIED to do a pizap thingoe and followed Jakey's instructions to a tee.  OMD!!!  Did she have trouble!!  The main problem was that she coloured in the background of the photo she chose of me instead of colouring in ME.  So ....... she had to start all over again.  It turned out ok but there is a line that I don't think is supposed to be there AND it did take her forever and about four attempts to save it.  She has a lot of trouble with the saving thing, aye, Aunty?? I've gotta say there was NO PROBLEM with your instructions Jakey. They were excellent, mate.  So here's the finished product. I must say it was fun running in the snow. That's something I didn't think I'd ever get to do.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie. 

Monday 23 February 2015

The snow's GONE!!

There was no snow on my beach today.  It disappeared overnight.  Magic, aye??  It got Mum thinking about water temperatures so she checked a few out.  The water temperature at my beach today is 26.6 degrees CELCIUS! That's about 80F I think. Like a warm bath, aye??  Mum doesn't know the names of beaches in the States but she found one in Maine called Wells Beach. The temperature there was 5.5 degrees CELCIUS.  Crikey .... does anyone swim in THAT??????  Californian beaches were about 17C.  That's not too bad, aye??  Good enough to paddle in. She checked Volendam in Holland.  6.7 degrees CELCIUS.  Struth!!   Brighton in the UK ... 8.3 degrees CELCIUS.  Positively balmy, aye??  Hey Mr JF Sir ...... what is the temp of Lake Mitch Again today??  Do you know?? 
It's a bit cooler here today. Its 26C degrees at the moment. Crikey ..... the same as the water almost. It's only supposed to get to 30C today.  What's it like at your house?

We went to the duck ponds with the little girls on Sunday. Here's some photos.

Whatcha got in the bucket Jo??
'Fishies and tadpoles ..... I'm off to get some more'

Quite a haul, aye??  Can our Jo catch fish or what??

They let them go before we went home!!
The duck ponds were overflowing from all the rain.
A bit of scooter fun!!
Miss G's got herself all camouflaged, aye??
There were NO ducks. They were all under the trees. There's not usually water there so I guess there's lots of insects and good stuff for them to eat.
I had fun!!!!

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 22 February 2015

We got SNOW ....... on MY beach!!!!!!!

Crikey ...... talk about 'what a difference a day makes'.  Can you believe this. We got SNOW ..... on MY beach!!  I didn't think I'd EVER get to see snow but I did ..... TODAY!!!!!!!!  ON MY BEACH ... how good is that??????   Snow's NOT cold.  You blokes and Sheila's upover have been leading me to believe its COLD.  Well I've seen it and I've played in it and it sure wasn't cold. Not even a little bit.   You blokes and sheila's must be a bunch of Wuss's, aye?? 

Crikey .... Is that a LOT of snow or what????
Remember yesterdays picture? There was NO snow then!!!
This is a FIRST for me!!

Hmmmmmmmm!!  Not bad.

A bit salty!!

But NOT bad!!

Crikey ...... how do you get this stuff off??

What the heck!!  I'll just go back in.

Got it off, aye??

Now for the legs!!
Have a close look .... it's a couple of wheaten scotties.  They LOVED the snow!!
Heading off for some action with those two blokes up there.

Crikey ...... stockings?????    

Wanna run in the snow .... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 21 February 2015

What a difference a day makes, aye??

Do you believe THIS?????
Everyone's here!!

It was a great morning, aye??

A latecomer!!  Gotta check him out ...

What ....... it's time to leave?????  In a minute, aye??

Wanna run ........  Love, Charlie.

Thursday 19 February 2015

So far so good for us!!!

 So far so Good!!  For us at least.  Not so good further north but the Queensland cyclone did cross the coast in a not too populated area thank goodness.  It is still going on so we don't know how everyone fared as yet. There were two cyclones active at the same time. The other one impacted the Northern Territory. It was a category 4 and we are still waiting to hear how people fared there as well.
We had a lot of wind and rain overnight but woke at 5am to VERY calm conditions and a break in the rain. Mum belted Dad over the head and said "get up ..... it's NOT RAINING!!  There's NO WIND!!  We're going to the BEACH".  Very dramatic my Mum. Off we went. It was fantastic.  There's two creeks at the beach that aren't  usually there but other than that no problems.  The only people there were dog people so I had a great time.  We didn't get blown away. We didn't even get wet. How good was that??

Pretty, aye?? 

Lots of good sniffin'

Crikey ..... would this be ok for Frankie's pee stop photo for the marathon.

Not our usual blue skies, aye??

Lots of pumice stone!  AND an apple core.  I ate it.
When we got back home it started raining again and it is supposed to get worse as the cyclone travels closer to us but it will  weaken as it travels over land and will finally turn into just a rain depression so we will be safe.  The river is quite high but it hasn't gone over our jetty yet. That might still happen but that's no problem. We had 6 inches of rain overnight and a lot of roads are closed but it's HOT so I think we are better off than a lot of you blokes with high winds, sleet and snow and COLD, aye??
A big thankyou to everyone for worrying about us. I sure hope everyone further north stays safe.  

Our river this morning. It's high but it's been higher.

The jetty next door goes under before ours and it's still ok.

Our jetty is still high and dry, aye??
One bad thing happened at the little girls house. Their Dad tripped over something HE left lying around and fell heavily on his arm. They are at the hospital now having it ex-rayed as he was in quite a lot of pain last night.  Mum couldn't get there to look after the girls because of the road closures so they all had to go.  I feel sorry for the hospital. Those girls will wreck it.

Wanna run ..... Love Charlie.

pee-ess!!!  It's broken ..... he's getting a cast put on it NOW!!!!!  Mum can't wait to sign it.

R.I.P. Phillip!!!

Remember Phillip?  You know ...... the CHOOK at PoppyPooPoo Pants birthday party.  The CHOOK that was a girl but called Phillip.  Well ...... I am VERY sad to report that she died.  R.I.P. Phillip. 

Miss G. liked her but Jo LOVED  her.  She was always cuddling her.

Now I normally wouldn't care about a CHOOK dying but this was no ordinary CHOOK!!  Phillip was kinda special.  She was sooooo friendly and EVERYONE loved her sooooooo much.  She was our little Jo's very special friend. Jo did everything with her.

Jo and Phillip watched movies together, When Jo was sick Phillip comforted her. Jen loved her too. So did Murphy. 
She loved that CHOOK sooooo much it wasn't funny. She was devestated.  No-one knows what happened.  She was fit and healthy the day before and was found by Jo's Mum in the morning just sitting on the nest peacefully but DEAD!!!  The chook man said it was unusual for a healthy chook to drop dead like that and felt it was probably a tick or maybe a snake that got it.  Crikey ...... how bad is that?????  Poor Jo. She was distraught. 

The other girls weren't so bad. Miss Georgia wasn't affected.  She's a bit young. Miss Izzi was indifferent. She was never that close to Phillip, I guess, but the funeral service was a bit of a worry. Jo couldn't go. She stayed inside with her Mum and Miss G.    Phillip was placed in a box with flowers and a hole was dug by the girls' Dad with Miss Izzi watching the proceedings. As her Dad was busily digging the hole, Izzi asked "are we putting dead Phillip in that hole?"  Her Dad said "yes" and the next minute Izzi had picked  Phillip up by the head and tossed her in the hole.  She then proceeded to walk back inside.  No emotions ...... nothing!!!!  A psychopath in the making???????  Crikey ...... I hope not.  

We got back home from our road trip a few days ago. Just in time to prepare.  It's raining here BIG TIME!!  We're on cyclone alert.  At present it's to the north of us and due to hit the coast around 10am tomorrow.  It's a category 3 right now but is expected to be a category 4 when it hits the coast.  Crikey ....... that's BIG!!  It will probably hit to the north of us but we have been told we will get very strong winds and HEAPS and HEAPS of rain. We went to the beach last night. It was WILD. We didn't go today and we won't be going tomorrow either, I guess.  Oh well .... I s'pose I'll cope for a few days, aye??

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 14 February 2015

For Enids eyes only!!!!!!

Crikey Enid ..... it's Valentines Day!!!  I so wanted to get a special gift for you but you know me. I'm just a typical,  humble Aussie bloke and I don't have much of a clue as to what to buy for  a beautiful, intelligent, classy sheila like you. So I asked my mates for some ideas and did they EVER come up with some supa dupa ideas.  I must admit I took them all on board and gave them ALL a LOT of thought but somehow, Enid, I really wanted to come up with something myself. My good mate Chester gave his Princess the MOON a few weeks back. Crikey I wish I'd have thought of that. BUT I didn't, aye??  Others suggested I give you the stars. I gave this a LOT of thought!!  Our southern cross.  Have you EVER seen it, Enid?  It is sooooooooo beautiful with it's two pointers ALWAYS showing us where it is. I LOVE the stars and I thought we could look at them at night and dream of one another but your stars aren't the same as ours. We wouldn't be looking at the SAME stars, aye??

One of my VERY BEST mates,  Mr JF Sir, suggested I give you some sparkles for your pretty neck.  I thought that was a good suggestion.  I almost got Mum to drive me out to Lightning ridge so I could dig for opals. Opals are so beautiful Enid ...... just like you!!  BUT ...... it wasn't MY idea.  I so wanted this to be MY idea.

A few mates suggested I write a poem or a song for you.  ME ..... write a poem?????  ME ..... write a SONG??????  Crikey .....  I don't think so, aye??  Some suggested I take you on a trip but I already had that one covered, aye??  So Enid those were pretty much the suggestions.
Now to what I came up with!!  First off Enid I thought Ayers Rock. I wanted to give you Ayers Rock. Crikey it's Beautiful. I'd sure like to take you there one day.   

THEN I thought ..... THE OCEAN ...... I could give you the ocean.   I know you like the water now and I LOVE it and, it too, is so very beautiful.  Oh to run with you on the beach ... how good would that be??

BUT then I thought ....... Oh why not just give you EVERYTHING!!!  So THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, Enid.

I would like to give you the WORLD ....... BUT ... none of those things are mine to give.  They are there for EVERYONE. So Enid I've decided to give you ALL  I have to give. Just ME Enid ....... just ME!!!!

I LOVE you Enid ......... WILL you be my Valentine??????????

ALWAYS YOUR CHARLIE! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday 10 February 2015

SHE had a GREAT day!!!!!

Crikey ..... it's bad enough sharing a birthday with her but when she rubs it in with photos of HER BIRTHDAY PARTY it's more than BAD ....... it's downright disgusting!!!!!!!!!!  I won't bore you with details. I don't really know much anyway. All I know is what I see from the photos.
SHE had a GREAT day, aye?????????   What ya think Miss Macey??  Would you like to have Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants visit for a day??

At least they didn't dress ME up!!
Mind you ...... SHE seems to enjoy it, aye??
Miss Izzi and Miss G (fully clothed by the way) only had eyes for the donuts!!!!!!!!

Miss Jo and Phillip (the chook) look a bit worried, aye??

Move over Miss Izzi.  Poppy's out of control!!!!!
Phillip got cake!!  Phillip's a Sheila!!  Phillip??????  A sheila?????  Who named her??
That's better.  Pigs don't belong at tables, aye, Macey??????  Unless they're cooked!!

Crikey ...... what a PIG!!!!!!

She's not delicate like me, aye??  It took me 87minutes to eat a CUPcake!!!

Yep ... I believe she even ate the candle!!!!
AND the girls did get to eat the donuts!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.