Thursday 20 April 2017

Flower gardens for Dory!!

Crikey ...... I'm so hopeless at this stuff and I have no idea how to join a blog hop thingoe. I've tried before and it's never worked so I won't even try this time but I had to join in with some flowers for Dory.  Well ...... not flowers from me.  She's going to get heaps of flowers today, aye?  So I though I'd show you some gardens where I know Dory will visit in her new travels.  Every summer I visit these gardens and I'm going to look out for Dory. I know she'll get round to them one day.  Crikey she's going to be missed, aye??  But today is Dory's day and we mustn't be sad.  I'm sure she won't be. She'll be in her element ... surrounded by flowers. We will miss you Dory but every time we look at a flower we will see your beautiful smile. Always filled with love.  I sure hope I spot you in one of my gardens.  I'm sure I will.  Visit soon, aye??

Come and run with me in one of my gardens Dory .... Love, Charlie.