Wednesday 30 December 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!

It's New Years Eve!!!  CRIKEY ... where did that year go??? 

I sure would like to wish everyone out there all the VERY best for 2016.  Are you making any New Year resolutions??  I am ..... can you guess what it is??  I'm going to eat more ICECREAM!!  Sounds like it's going to be a real good year for me, aye??

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie!!



Monday 28 December 2015

Miss Jo's birthday!!

This is one of the drafts I did 87 years ago before we went cold turkey. It never did get finished but thought you might like it just the same ... so here goes.

We got home from Sydney just in time for Mum to help our Jen make Miss Jo's birthday cake. They were very pleased with their efforts this time. They reckon it was the best cake they had EVER made. Funny!!  They say that about every cake but I do think they are getting better.  They really enjoy doing it and want to take some cake decorating lessons but so far they haven't found any classes up here.  One of the disadvantages of NOT living in a city I s'pose.
Miss Jo got guinea pigs for her birthday.  GUINEA PIGS!!!!!!  OMD!!  What next?????  I used to be able to relax and have a good time playing with Murphs when I went over there but now ..... chooks, a pig and last but not least guinea pigs.  When will it end??  They want a miniature cow next.  I like cows ... a lot ..... but ..... fair dinkum ..... when will it end???????  We went over for the party.  I didn't get locked in my crate this time.  Miss PPP's got locked up instead and so did the chooks.  The guinea pigs were in a cage inside. I WASN'T ALLOWED INSIDE!!!!  Hmmmmmmmmmmph!!!!!  Of all the nerve ..... I've always been allowed inside before. It was a good day regardless!!  The kids had a great time. Miss Jo loved her guinea pigs and all her other pressies.

This is where I finished dictating to Mum and now it's so long ago I can't remember what else I was going to say so I'll just finish off with some pics of the day and the cake of course. A pretty crook old post, aye??  but hey ..... it's been a while .... I'll get better again ..... I promise.

Happy birthday Miss Jo.

She got this as well as the guinea pigs. I think she likes it


Crikey ..... I'd sure like to give him what for.

She put a coat on him!!!!!

Dad and Miss G giving us a sing song!!

Those eyes are going to break a few hearts one day, aye?? Mum reckons she's got lashes that go on forever.

The guinea pig cake.  Pretty good, aye?? Mum piped all the grass. Her arthritic hands are still recovering.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.   

Sunday 20 December 2015

Crikey ..... it's the end of the earth!!!!!!

Fair dinkum ..... it's gotta be!!  It's the end of the earth, I'm telling you .... listen to this:-
This very morning Mum slept in.  I was pretty tired so I didn't complain and besides I'm not really a morning person. BUT ..... then ..... when Mum did get up she hardly even said hello to me. Just started CLEANING!!  I was shocked to say the least. So was Dad!!  What the heck got into her. It's SUMMER ...... not SPRING!!!!  AND we didn't go to the beach.  I ALWAYS get to go to the beach .... every morning, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If Mum doesn't take me Dad does but he's just had a knee replacement so he's out.  For goodness sake ..... what's going on??  When they took me on they promised to take me to the beach every day. Summer, winter, autumn, spring, rain, hail or shine.  I was shattered. I always have yoghurt when we get BACK from the beach.  Mum hand feeds it to me, off a spoon. It's a very special time for us. She told Dad to give it to me. She told him what to do. What was she thinking?????  I refused to eat it.  I might NEVER eat, EVER again!! 
It's the end of the earth, I'm telling you .....

Wanna run,  Love Charlie.

Saturday 19 December 2015

How good was this??

How good was this???  Can you see anything strange looking in this tree.
Well can you see it??
Here's a closer look!
Mum and I were at the local park, come sporting fields, the other day. We were having a great time.  It was right on dusk after the most beautiful day. I'd been chasing the ball but I decided to drop it and check out the peemail. Mum went to get the ball and just as she did she heard a bit of a rustle in the tree in front of her. She looked up and the above is what she saw. That would have been it but then she saw this:-
He took off up the tree at a rate of knots.
he was  a big healthy lookin' bloke.
he was heading to the top for the young eucalyptus tips.
 Mum said she used to see heaps of these blokes but they are getting a bit scarce around here and they are a bit hard to spot.   Like ...... they don't do much in the day time!!  Most of the time they are just trying to get over the hangover from the night before. Mum was VERY excited to see him.  She took heaps of photos but they all looked the same to me. She said 'it doesn't matter how many times you see 'em ..... it's a thrill, every time'.  It didn't thrill me!!!!!  Dead boring if you ask me. I didn't even so much as bark at him.  Really ... why all the fuss??

Before I go I just wanted to wish all you blokes and Sheilas out there a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.  Here's my Christmas card and I would just love it if all of you would do me the honour of adding it to your numerous other cards. I wanted to send it to you personally but I only had a few email addresses so if you haven't already got one ...... you have now, aye??  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie. 

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Guess who Mum and I met the other day!!

Guess who Mum and I met the other day???  You'll NEVER guess so here's a picture to help you!!

She's the little one! Mum's the big one!  I'm in the middle!  Did you guess??????  Yes ..... it's Yam Aunty!!   Crikey ..... how good is that?????  We went to the beach together. It was a lot of fun.  Mum and Aunty liked each other a LOT!!!  Well, at least I think they did. They sure did a lot of that talking stuff. I showed Aunty how good I was at running and doing zoomies on the beach and how I play with all my mates.  I don't know but I think she was impressed.  There was only one problem and that was her visit was a very short one.  There was so much Mum and I would have liked to have shown her. She'll just have to come back another day, aye??  Mum didn't take any photos on the beach.  How silly was that??  So ...... you'll have to wait for Aunty to post the pics.  She took HEAPS.  Here's one (and not a very good one) that Mum took the next day. She was upset because we spotted two, very beautiful brahminy kites (Mum's favourite sea birds).  If Aunty had been there with her camera she would have taken some really good photos.  Oh well ...... next time, aye??

Wanna run .... love Charlie. 

Saturday 12 December 2015

A trip to the car wash!!

This is one of the drafts I did before we went cold turkey.  You probably won't believe this little story but I'm here to tell you it's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So help Mum, GOD!!!  She sure needs a bit of help, aye??  There were no pics so I'll just pop in a few, very embarrassing, shots Mum took the other day.

Here goes!!!!!          Crikey ..... what a shame I'm too late for Bertie's  Darwin-lite award.  My Mum would have been a prime candidate for it today.  I so wish I had pictures but I don't so you are just going to have to picture it in your minds. I'll try and paint the story in words.  Are you ready?? ...... picture this .....

Our car was filthy. Mum decided to run it through the automatic car wash as she was too lazy to wash it herself.  She packed me in the back and off we went.  She's NEVER used one of these things before. We pulled up where it said to ...... in front of the paying machine. Mum wound down the window and put her money in and then proceeded, slowly, as the sign said, into the car wash area. The light turned green and the washing process started. It starts with a soap solution first. All was going well. Mum was fascinated and was watching the machine closely as it moved slowly down the bonnet of the car and then WHAMMO ... Mum was covered in white soapy suds and so was the INSIDE of the car. She forgot to wind up her window after putting her money in the machine.  Yeah ..... I know ...... you gotta wonder, aye???  There's not much goes on in that brain of hers. Her eyes were stinging and she was feeling around for something to wipe things down with. She did have enough sense to wind up the window before the machine came round again. Just as well as the next cycle was a powerful water spray. Even I would have got soaked in the back. Now usually there's heaps of towels and things in the car but not today. Dad had cleaned it out and all she could find was a box of tissues with about 4 tissues left in it. Those tissues sure got a work out.  Sometimes I think there's just no hope for her.

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Remember me?????

Crikey .... I sure hope you remember me!!  It wasn't my fault I disappeared.  It wasn't really Mum's fault either.  Things just got a bit on top of us here for a while. I wont go into all  the boring details all at once. I'll spread 'em out a bit.  BUT ... I guess I do need to explain my hasty departure.  Mum got some bad news from her eye Doctor and he said she had to limit her computer use for a while. Now Mum being Mum couldn't bring herself to look at my blog and all YOUR blogs without having something to say so she made the decision to just STOP!!  She went (and made me go) COLD TURKEY!!  Now I don't mind a bit of cold turkey. Matter of fact I don't mind a bit of hot turkey either.  Fair dinkum ..... I'll take it raw if necessary ... but the cold turkey Mum was talking about wasn't the kind of cold turkey I'm into. So I've got a great big apology to make on Mum's behalf. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY for making you worry. When we finally got to have a bit of a squiz at all your blogs we saw that a lot of you had been to my last blog and left comments as to where we were and if we were alright.  OMD!!  Did Mum EVER feel bad. So sorry, sorry, sorry again AND AGAIN!!!!!!!!  Madi and Mom (you kept checking on me), Bev Green, Zoe (oh Zoe ..... I've missed those beautiful eyes), Lord Shilo and Lady Shasta (your back!!!!!  How good is that), Finley (you found me on facebook and you came back I don't know how many times to check on me), Chester and Joey (I see your Mom's been working real hard), Milton and Mr Stubbs .... oh so many of you. Thankyou for your concern. It's going to take me a while to catch up on all your news. Mum still can't be on the computer for too long. She's had an operation on one eye and is booked in for March next year for the other and they're keeping a close watch on her major problem which is macular degeneration but they are making big inroads into that these days.   I see our dear friend Goose has sent a new Buddy to Michelle. Oh so much to catch up on. I've missed you all sooooooooo much.  I mightn't be commenting as much for a while yet but please know that I will be there checking everything out.  Crikey ..... did I see something about a wedding in Blogville??  Murphy and Ruby????????  How exciting is that?????  Oh ...... and Yam Aunty is coming to see me, NEXT MONDAY, if all goes well.  That's awful exciting too, aye??  My first Blogville mate in the flesh.
Crikey so much has happened I don't know where to begin but I'll leave you today with this little bit of very sad news.  We lost, after a very trying and difficult 3 months, my dear Nan on the 4th November at 8.30pm.  The day after the Mebourne cup.  She always enjoyed the Melbourne cup so she couldn't go before then, aye??  It's her birthday today. She would have been 97.  It's still hard for Mum to talk about.  Nan may have been very old and lived a good, long life but it's still hard, aye?? Mum never knew her Dad. He died when she was 2 so although she has a sister, who she loves dearly, she is feeling a bit lost. Her Mum was ALWAYS there for her and now she's gone. OMD she loved that woman. Mum's are very special people, aye??

She sure was a cute baby, aye??

That's my Mum on the right.

lookin' good Nan!!
Yep I loved her too!!

This was the last photo taken before she got REAL sick.

And this is the last photo Mum took. She wished she took more!! 
S'pose I have to say SORRY again. My first post in months and I end it on a sad note.  I promise they'll get happier from now on.  I do have a few draft posts half done from ages ago so I'll get them fixed up and ready to go and I do have two of the little girls birthdays to tell you about.
Crikey I sure hope you remember me.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.