Tuesday 26 June 2018

Another birthday for Miss G.

Miss G ... AKA Georgia!!
Crikey the little girls are growing up.  I wish they'd STOP!!!!!!!  I remember when they were tiny wee and they smelled all milky and nice. Then they got a bit bigger and they didn't smell so good and talk about messy eaters.  If they weren't dropping food all over the place they were throwing it at someone or other.  That was the BEST time!  I got to taste some really fancy food and most of it was real good stuff.  AND ..... sometimes I even got to lick the chocolate off their faces. I'm not allowed chocolate for some silly reason but it was free reign when it was on faces.  It's also when I first got to try toast and vegemite.  Fair dinkum ..... that stuff is the best.  I have a bit of Mum's every morning. She ALWAYS has toast and vegemite at brekky time.  Now that they are growing up they aren't nearly as messy so I'm missing out on all that good stuff  ... BUT ..... I've digressed .... back to Miss G!!  It was her birthday last week.  She's 6!  Who'd have thought??  She's the baby in the family.  Well not anymore.  She might be the youngest but she's 6 going on 16.  Talk about a Madam.  She knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it and no-one can boss that little Miss around.  She's also the clown of the family and makes everyone laugh with her antics. I adore her!!  But then so does everyone that meets her.  She had a great birthday. She wanted an LOL theme.  Now that's not short for laugh out loud. LOL's are some sort of surprise toy that's all the rage with 6 year olds at present. Mum and Jen got to and made her cake and arranged a party at the local duck ponds park.  It was a great day and lots of fun was had by all.

Not too much work involved in this effort by Mum and Jen but it looked good and Miss G loved it.  

At the duck ponds.

It tasted as good as it looked.  
Can you see the donut pinata??

The day she was born.
Such a wee little then, aye???
On the way home after the BIG day!!  
The next day was our Jo's mid year piano recital.  Crikey she did good.  Mum reckoned she was the best one there and she's not at all biased.  Jo played two pieces and didn't make any mistakes at all. How good is that??  I got to go too. It was a beautiful day and the concert was held outdoors.  Miss G and I bonded together whilst watching the performers. We had the best two days and ..... lucky us ..... we get to do it all over again next week for our Jo. She'll be 11!!  Yes ..... that's right ... ELEVEN!!  Crikey ..... where did those years go??

I know .... no shoes!!  Well it IS Queensland.  Not a bad day for winter, aye??  
Miss G and I had the best seat in the house.  

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 16 June 2018

Our Harri!!

WARNING:  There will be a LOT of photos!!!!!!

Today is the day Our Harri died.  It was 5 years ago that we lost him.  He was an Irish terrier.  I didn't know Harri.. He was gone before I came to the family but I've sure heard LOTS about him.  Mum reckons he found me for her. Apparently he was the BEST dog. Dog of Dogs, Dad used to call him.  Crikey Dad loved that dog.  Mum's the dog person in our house and always did all of the training. She did obedience, agility and flyball with all our dogs but when Harri arrived she made Dad do the training. He did a real good job too.  Harri did obedience but he never liked it much. He wasn't one to be told what to do. He did agility but was never all that fussed on it either .... BUT flyball .... oh my ... he took to it like a duck to water. Mum always thought he would be hopeless and never suggested Dad give it a try.  Mum would practise flyball in the backyard with our little wire haired foxie, Lucy, whilst Harri watched on from inside.  One day Mum let Harri out while the equipment was still up and, would you believe, he jumped over the jumps perfectly, jumped on the flyball box and jumped back over the jumps just as if he'd been doing it all his life.  There was no ball in the box but other than that he had done it all perfectly.  Mum was flabbergasted. So Harri's flyball career began. He loved it!!!  He and Lucy went in many competitions with great results.  Harri was better than Lucy but she was a great height dog. If you have a small dog in your team you only have to jump over small jumps. Harri was a bit lazy and didn't like jumping over the bigger jumps.  He also only really liked Mum to run him so Dad took over the running of Lucy and Mum did Harri.  Everyone used to laugh at Dad cause he's a pretty big bloke and Lucy was such a little Princess but he didn't care.  They had a lot of good times at flyball.  

Harri was nearly 12 and a half when he died. He had stomach cancer and Mum and Dad persevered for as long as they could but one day they could see poor old Harri was in a lot of pain and took him to Peter our Vet one last time.  Peter felt around his tummy, took one big sad look at Mum and Dad and said those 2 words Mum and Dad didn't want to hear ... "it's time".   Mum and Dad took Harri home and spent all of the next day doing all the things Harri loved.  He went to the beach and the river and he feasted on ICECREAM among other things and the next day Peter came to our house and Mum and Dad and Peter said their goodbye's. Yes .... Peter loved him too. Everyone did.   So here's the 87 million photos I warned you about.  Do you think you would have loved him too???

Harri and his big sister Lucy.  
Here he is at 6 weeks of age.  He came to live at our house when he was 8 weeks old.  
Make sure you touch the red board Harri!!!!!

Can he weave or what?????
Yep .... He can jump too. 
No probs with the tunnel. Terriers love that stuff.  
He sure loved his soft toys but they didn't last long around him and Lucy.  
Always up to no good Mum said.  He and Lucy were quite the characters.  
I think he really LOVED  Dad, aye? 
Mum about to let Harri go at flyball. See Dad with Lucy under his arm behind her.  
Crikey .... even I know that was a very bad crossover.  
Go Harri!!
First place this time.  
Mum's favourite photo ... 
Here's where Harri is now.  I pee on him when it rains cause he's under cover. Mum put those flowers there for him today.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.  

Friday 15 June 2018

We have the BEST winters!!!

Crikey I LOVE winter.  We have the best winters.  It's not too hot and it's not too cold.  It's just right!! Like in Goldie Locks and the three bears, aye??  The beach in winter is perfect.  Most of the time I have it to myself but if there are people there they have dogs too and I get to play with them.  There is the odd fisherman but they leave me alone so I don't worry about them too much.  They do have some good smelling stuff in their buckets sometimes but Mum yells at me if I go near them.  We go to the beach EVERY day. Usually twice a day and I have the best time.  Sometimes we stay for a few hours. Mum and Dad take some chairs and they just sit while I go off exploring.  When I've had enough of that I come back, dig myself a hole for a bed, and bunker down for a peaceful nap.  Crikey I love the beach!!
Pretty sky, aye??  Mum says I blend ..... I'm the same colour as the sand.
Look!!!  EMPTY ...... 
This bloke arrived but he was ok.
See the bed I made?  Pretty neat, aye??  Got a bit of sand up my snooter doing it but that didn't bother me. 
This was earlier in the day. This bloke was checking the waves out to see if it was worth getting his surfboard out.  
Yep .... that's me traipsing along behind Dad. It was a cold morning. Dad still had shorts on but he did have a jacket. Most unusual for him. 
Another pretty sky, aye??

Wanna run (at my beach with me) ...... Love, Charlie!!

Saturday 9 June 2018

The rest of my adventure!!

Crikey ...... did you think I'd forget to tell you the rest of the story??  No way!!  Not ME!!   This is what happened next.   Jen followed me around with a frypan before we went to Dr.  Peter.  I wondered what she was doing and, would you believe, when I went to pee she stuck it under me and caught my pee.   Have you ever heard of such a thing?   When we got to Dr Peter he checked me all over ..... and you all know what THAT involves!!   Hmmmmmmph .... the indignities!!   Fair dinkum .... why do they do that????   AND he sucked me almost dry of my blood.   What the heck!!!!!!!  Then he wanted to keep me overnight.   What was he thinking???   My Jen was having none of that.  Crikey I love her!!   She said she was taking me home and she would watch me like a hawk and if there were any problems she would ring Dr Peter even if it was the middle of the night.   He agreed as he reckoned I would be more stressed staying with him than going home with her and he was dead right there,  aye??   He couldn't find anything wrong with me.  No bruising,  no scratches or cuts ..... nothing!!  BUT I was still bleeding from my penis.  Not as bad as before.  He checked my urine  and it was very dark with lots of blood in it.  He told Jen to get as many samples of my urine as she could and bring me and them back early in the morning.   He said that most dogs he saw with blood in their urine had internal injuries and most had been hit by a car.  BUT there was no sign of any of that on me.   No bruises ... no sore spots.  So off home we went.   I was so tired.  All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep I did.  
Cosy, aye??

Jen had to ring Mum and tell her the story.  She'd been putting it off as she didn't want to worry her but knew she'd be more upset if she didn't know.   Poor Mum wanted to come straight home but Jen convinced her to stay with Dad.  Mum knew I was in good hands.   I was good all night.  Jen did manage to get some more urine samples and each one got lighter and lighter with less blood evident.  The next morning we went back to Dr. Peter and he was quite happy with the way the samples looked  but said he wouldn't be completely happy till the blood tests came back.   Well they did come back later and they were all good.   They still don't know what was wrong with me but feel  I probably got stuck on the top of the gate for a bit and had an internal bleed AND I would have been badly dehydrated as it was such a hot day and I had NOTHING to drink.   How lucky was I??   A whole day on my own and I survived.  Pretty clever,  aye??   Also lucky that it was now the weekend and I didn't have to be left alone again.  Dad was only in hospital for a few days and Mum and Dad got home before Jen had to go to work again.  Crikey it was good to see them and did I ever get a lot of attention.  I thought Mum was going to squeeze me to death.  It' s a wonder I didn't start bleeding from my penis again.  Dad wasn't as lucky as me.  Everything seemed to go well for him but he didn't heal up as well as he should.  He got an infection and had a pretty bad time of it for a while but he's all good again now.  SO ..... we both survived. How good is that??

Recuperating at the river with Dad.  See his dirty old sandshoe.

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Saturday 2 June 2018

I escaped!!

Did I ever have an adventure and a half????  I escaped ..... AND I made the book of faces. It all went like this:-

This is just one of the posts on the book of faces. 

Dad had to go into hospital for an operation and as the hospital was two hours drive from our house Mum thought it would be best if I stayed with our Jen so that she could stay in a motel close to the hospital.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!  Mum and Dad were to be gone for 87 million days.  I can cope with them gone for 87 minutes but 87 million days ..... CRIKEY ..... what were they thinking.  They thought I'd be safe. Jen's house has an 8 foot high fence all the way round. Herbie NEVER escapes.  Well ..... Herbie's not me, aye???  So ..... Mum and Dad dropped me off.  All was well at first. Herbie was pleased to see me as were the little girls. I was pleased to see them too.  We played in the yard for a while and THEN ..... Jen had to take the little girls to school and she had to go to work.  I had to stay at home with Herbie.  Hmmmmmph!!  Now I like Herbie but he's not my Mum or Dad and I wanted them real bad so I decided I'd go looking for them. It was a stinking hot day. Well over 100 degrees.  No-one really knows what happened except me so I'm telling you my version of events and you can believe me or not. I tried to jump the fence but it was too high at first but after trying a few times I took a bit of a run up and got almost to the top and clawed my way up (I left some pretty big scratch marks on the fence). I got stuck at the top for a bit but managed to jump down the other side alright.  Then I took off in search of Mum and Dad. I ran all over the place. One Lady was yelling at me.  Talk about scary!!!!  I don't like people that yell.  My Mum NEVER yells at me.  Well ..... maybe sometimes .... like when I try to chase the birds. But this lady was yelling at me big time. Every time she got close to me I took off and when I run no-one can catch me.  I ran a long way.  I thought Mum and Dad might be at the beach so I went on the main road to the beach.  There were a LOT of cars but I stayed on one side of the road and all the cars just slowed down and followed me.  Lots of people tried to catch me but I ran into the bushes and they couldn't find me. Pretty clever, aye??  Crikey I got tired.  It was soooooooo hot and I did a lot of running and there was no water to drink.  I was feeling real crook so I decided I'd best head back to Jen's house.  It took me a while to get back but get back I did. People saw me on the way back too but I just took off like a rocket whenever anyone got near and no-one managed to keep up with me. Jen didn't know I had escaped and when she got home she was VERY surprised to see me lying under a tree in her FRONT yard.  I was soooooo hot and thirsty and felt real crook but I was soooooooo pleased to see her.  She immediately took me inside and gave me a big drink and put the air conditioner on and after a little while I perked up a bit and she thought all was well.  It wasn't until later when she checked her  Book of faces page that she saw ME plastered all over it.  Sightings all over the place of ME!!  Oh my ..... Jen was really stressed as she knew by the times of the sightings that I had been missing for  most of the day.  She checked me all over and I looked ok and she gave me some food and I ate that alright so she thought all was well but later on she saw drops of bright red blood all over the tiled floor.  Oh no ..... I was bleeding. Not only bleeding but ..... BLEEDING FROM MY PENIS!  Fair dinkum!!  My Penis!!!!!  She was on the phone soooooo fast. To Peter ..... he's my Vet.  Next thing I know I'm bundled into the car and off to see Peter.  Do I have your attention now?????  I do ..... well ..... can you wait till next week to find out what happened?  It's a bit of a long story and I don't want you to get bored.  Next week I'll finish the adventure ..... I promise ...

Pretty nice afternoon at the beach, aye?  Just so you know I survived. 

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 27 May 2018

I've been hiding?????

Crikey ... I hope you can you find me????  You might have to biggefy the pictures.

I'm here .... honest!!

See me NOW?????

This one's a bit easier.

It was easy, aye??

But this one's hard.  Get a load of those ducks.  I sure wanted to chase them.

BUT ..... I didn't. How good was I?????

AND here I am ..... out in the open!!  Am I ageing well?????

Mum says I don't have to hide as much anymore. She's still having trouble with her eyes but she's had a lot of work done on one of them lately and she now has one pretty good eye. The other one is still a bit of a mess but ... hey ...... you only need one, aye??  We won't be back as much as we used to be but we are going to try and do at least one post a week.  I've got so much to tell you. Crikey I've missed all you blokes and sheilas and can't wait to find out what you have been up to. 
Thought you may like to see how much the little girls have grown and Herbie, the pest!!  Oh my .... he's HUGE!!
Izzi, Miss G and Jo.

They're growing up fast, aye??  Izzi's got no front teeth.  

I'll be back soon with some of my adventures.  I made the lost pets page on the book of faces one day.  I escaped and no-one could catch me.  It was a very big adventure for me. I could have died!!  I'll tell you about it next week, aye?? 

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie!! 

Friday 15 December 2017

Izzi's birthday!!

Crikey ..... I haven't shown you any pics of the little girls for a while, aye??  They sure are growing up fast.
I think they love me!!
I sure love her!!
Miss G broke her arm a short while back.  Kidd'n that wasn't a drama!! The worst part was that she couldn't go swimming and it's HOT here!!  Miss G. loves swimming BUT ..... remember how she used to always go NAKED.  Well ..... NOT ANY MORE!!!  She won't let anyone see her naked these days.
Not a happy camper, aye??

Oh dear!!

AND we've just celebrated Miss Izzi's 7th Birthday!!  SEVEN ..... crikey where did those years go.  She wanted an emoji cake so Mum and Jen went to work and came up with one for her.  It wasn't one of their best efforts but Miss Izzi liked it.
She would have liked the poo emoji but Mum and Jen  didn't want to encourage her toilet humour.

She was pretty happy with it all, anyway!!

AND Miss Jo ..... what to say ..... just as sweet as ever!!!  She's my favourite but don't tell anyone.  She gives the best cuddles and always has time for me.  She's learning the piano and doing ever so well. Mum went to her end of year concert the other day and she reckoned Miss Jo was the best performer there.  Not biased at all, aye??
She played When the Saints go marching in and Jingle bells.  

That Christmas tree star was very aptly positioned, aye?

So there's a bit of a catchup on the girls and I'll finish off with an update on HERBIE.  Oh my ..... what a pest!! He's 1 now and still drives me to distraction.  He LOVES me and is in my face all the time and he NEVER rests.  I do like it when he visits but I like it even better when he goes home.

He's so brown he's hard to photograph and look how big he is.  He weighs more than me and he's always on top of me.  big meanie.  

Wanna run ........ Love, Charlie.