Saturday 27 June 2015

I spent Miss G's birthday in my CRATE!!!!!

Unfair, unfair, unfair I say.  I spent Miss G's birthday in my CRATE!!  Murphy Mooballs had fun. Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants had fun. The chooks had fun.  All the two leggers had fun.  I HAD A LOUSY DAY!!!!!!  I got to watch everyone having fun. That just made it worse. I was pretty good until they gave Miss PPP's the leftover cake. I barked ... a LOT .... and LOUD!!!!  Whitley would've been proud of me. I very rarely bark but I wasn't going to sit there, silently in my crate, while that Porker ate all that cake. Unfair, unfair, unfair I say!!
Here's some pictures to show you how the day went. Personally ...... I just want to forget it but I did promise so here goes ......
the birthday girl.
The cake.

The family
Mum and G dancing!!  Ok .... I know it's dark but if it wasn't Mum wouldn't have let you see it.
Yep .... she got a super hero outfit.
Blowing out the candles.
Oh No ... she ate Minnie.
Unfair, unfair, unfair!!!!!!
Her favourite pressies. Frozen dress up and doll.
I think SHE had a good day. She was plum tuckered out. Can't say the same for me.
NO ........ THERE'S NO PICTURES OF ME IN MY CRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run (maybe next week) ...... Love, Charlie.

Friday 26 June 2015

Spose you think I've been having a good time!!!

Crikey ... I s'pose you think I've been having a good time.  Well that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm here to tell you that since I've been missing in action I've had the WORST time EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much has happened I'll have to do this in installments cause Mum is still mighty busy and me and my problems have only added to the stress.  You'll NEVER guess ... so I'll have to tell you .... I got a chunk taken out of me again.  It's worse this time!!  It's in a bad spot and I've got muscle damage. Wanna know what happened???  Of course you do!!!!!  Dad was away working and it was raining in Paradise so Mum decided to take me to a leash free park instead of the beach. It's a great park and I've been there heaps of times before and I know most of the dogs.

This is where it all happened.

It's even got a place to swim.

Pretty, aye??

I should have stayed hidden behind this tree, aye??  I'm camouflaged. They'd have never found me here. 

Spose they'd have got me from this angle.

There are 2 German Shepherds that I have played with and ran with heaps of times before without any trouble. They are good blokes with good owners ... BUT ...... this day they ganged up on me.  One of them was chasing me and the other one hung back and came at me, out of nowhere, and took a chunk out of me. I screamed. Everyone knew I was hurt.  The two owners and Mum came up and calmed me down and Mum rushed me off to see Peter, the Vet. Yep ..... you guessed it ..... I spent the night in hospital after being knocked out and stitched up AGAIN!!!!!!!!

It was a real deep wound.  AND in a bad spot. Every time I stretch it hurts.

This was the next day. I couldn't stay awake. My Sorry Ass looked after me.  Thanks Goose!!! I know you were looking down on me too, aye??

Crikey I was tired!!

Well its better than those plastic things and it did the job.  I couldn't get at that wound no matter how hard I tried.  AND try I did!!

It was lookin' pretty good here.
Dad got back the next day and he went and saw the two blokes to see if they would help with the Vet bill (it was VERY substantial).  Would you believe they both blamed the other bloke's dog. Mum couldn't say which one it was that did the biting, as to her, all GSD's look the same. Dad suggested that they each pay a third of the bill and they both said that was a very fair decision and agreed so at least this time we didn't have to pay the whole bill.  We had to leave for Sydney just before the stitches came out (Nan's crook again) so I had to go to another Vet to have the stitches out and guess what????  I hadn't healed up real good. They took the stitches out and I was VERY brave but then ...... they had to put some staples in. Three of them!!!!!!!!  Fair dinkum ....... THREE!!!!!!!!!  They got the first one in without much of a fuss.  Mum was feeding me dried chicken treats ....... they got the second one in ....... with a little bit of a fuss. I was positively inhaling chicken treats. They got the third one in ...... fair dinkum .....  I was outta there. There was NO WAY they were going to do that again!!!!!!! Mum nearly passed out. She's as big a wuss as I am.  I've gotta have them out in four days time.  Yeah ...... like that's going to happen!!!!!!

Not lookin so good now, aye??  AND get a load of those staple thingoes.  How would you like those in you????  I don't like em ... not even a little bit. 
In the middle of all that we had Miss G's birthday.  I had a lousy day.  I went but I had to stay in my crate. I did get to watch all the action but there's no fun in that, aye?  AND Miss Poppy PooPoo pants got to eat all the left over cake and I didn't get any ICECREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HAD A LOUSY DAY!!!!!!!!   I'll show you all the birthday pics in the next installment. IF I'm still alive!!

Wanna run (I can't) ........  Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 16 June 2015

Mum's fried her brains, AGAIN!!!!

Crikey ..... she's done it again ..... fried her brains!!  Too much going on.  There's three birthdays coming up. Josie's turning 8, Georgia's turning 3 and Dad's turning 87 million or something. One birthday after another.  Mum and Jen decorate the cakes and Jo's getting a pair of rescue guinea pigs so they are also trying to sew cuddle pouches, etc. for them and if you've ever seen my Mum sew you'd know that's a BIG job.  Our Jen can't even sew on a button so she's not much help. 

They mightn't be flash but they'll do the job, aye?
So ........ we are taking a break from blogging for a while.  Wanna see some of the cakes Mum and Jen have decorated for the little girls. They haven't started this years yet but here's some from the past. 

This was for Christmas. 

This was Izzi's. She loves Frozen.  Mum and Jen thought they did a real good job of this one. The only things they bought were the little dolls thingoes. Everything else they made themselves.  I think they are getting better at it. Can't wait to see what they come up with for Miss G and Miss Jo.
Josie's cake will be guinea pig themed and Miss G's into Minnie mouse big time so she'll have a Minnie theme. Mum and Jen have never had lessons so they aren't FANTASTIC but I think they do a pretty good job.  What do you think??

And just so you don't forget me I'll finish with a few shots of ME.  We'll be back with lots of birthday photos ....   CRIKEY ..... 3 birthdays ...... you know what that means don't you ..... Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  Three lots of ICECREAM.  I cant wait ......




Silly Mum!

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Friday 12 June 2015

Big dog beach!!

Crikey I love winter.  The beach is always great but, somehow in winter, it's even better.   Well ...... not if you wanna go swimmin, but for walking and runnin' it's the best.  There's not so many people and the water is crystal clear.  It's just prettier somehow.  Soon we'll have whales to watch but right now we have heaps of dolphins.  They are at the beach in big numbers most mornings.  Mum loves watching them. We've been going to big dog beach lately (Hey Lisette .... do you remember this place?).  Mum loves to walk and you can walk for miles at big dog beach.  There's not as many dogs but I don't mind. I still go to little dog beach in the morning so I do get to see all my mates then. Mum took these photos over a few days. Hope you like 'em. Oh!  they look better if you biggefy them.

Just checkin' the surf conditions!!
Yep ...... it sure looks alright to me

See that headland right up there?   That's where little dog beach is.
This is the life, aye??

Gotta dig me up a crab or two, aye??

How pretty is this??
This was one day ..... and .....

This was the next!!!
Dad took this in the morning.  He's doesn't take many photos but he liked this one. Two of me. How good is that??

Oh and naturally he had to get one of me running ..... two of me again, aye?
Mum's been having trouble commenting on some of your blogs. Is there something going on?? It's the ones that come up on another page thingoe.  Sarge ..... yours was one she remembers and Mitch and Molly's was another. There were others too but she can't remember ....... sheesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Old peeps ........

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Can I dig or what????

We've been going to big dog beach each afternoon instead of little dog beach.

More room to run and DIG!!  I've got heaps of beaut beach pics to show you but first ........ get a load of this ........ can I dig or what???????

Wanna run ...... Love Charlie.

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Mum built me a cave!!!

How good's this?????  It's a wee bit cold at night these days and I like to sleep naked. Every time Mum wakes up at night she puts a blanket over me but was worried because I kept getting uncovered ...  SO ... she built me a cave.  I LOVE IT!!!  I still sleep in my bed next to Mum but if I wake up and I'm cold and Mum's snorin' I can just hop into my cave and I'm nice and warm. How good is that??  Am I spoilt or what?????
That little bloke with me is my Sorry Ass that dear Goose gave me. I ALWAYS sleep with him.

Well ...... I was tired, aye??

Can you blokes sleep sitting up.  I can!!

I told Goose I would always look after my Sorry Ass and I do. 

I really love him, aye??

Neat, aye??

This is my other bed, next to Mum.  Makes it hard to get in and out of bed but she doesn't mind.

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.