Wednesday 5 February 2014

Kangaroo chase!!

Crikey ... am I ever in some strife. It's a long story but I'll try and make it short. You know how I've been on holidays .... well it's all coming to an end. We spent last night in Sydney and this morning we went and picked up Mum's, Mum (she's 95 years old) from the nursing home and Dad drove us all to the airport where Mum and her Mum took off for our home in an aeroplane. Mum's, Mum is staying with us for a bit of a holiday. Dad and I left them at the airport and we set of for home by car. Now it takes a lot longer by car so Dad and I had to stop overnight in a Motel. When we got to the Motel and settled in Dad decided to take me to a park for a bit of ball chasing to get rid of some of my excess energy as I had been in the car nearly all day and it was almost night time. Mum NEVER takes me to a park at that time of night because that’s when the Roos come out of hiding. Dad didn’t even think about Roos.   He did put my lead on before letting me out of the car but just as I got out I spotted two Roos. Dad didn't see them but I did and I was going to get them no matter what. I whipped around backwards real quick, as only I can do, and slipped my collar and I was off. All Dad saw was two Roos bounding off at a million miles an hour with me in hot pursuit and, believe it or not, I was catching up to them. Fair dinkum!! Dad couldn't believe his eyes. Those Roos can run awful fast but  when Dad last saw us I was catching up with them. He watched us disappear into the bushes all the time wondering what on earth he was going to tell Mum if anything bad happened. Those Roos have an awful reputation for killing us dogs. Poor Dad ... he was hoarse from calling me but I didn't hear him ... I was having too much fun. I chased those Roos for a good  25 minutes. Dad was driving around the streets looking for me and he kept going back to the park in case I went back there and all the time he was thinking I was a gonner!! Well after I was finished with those Roos I did head back but on the way I heard my name being called and I spotted Dad in the car. He had spotted me and was calling like a mad man. Crikey I was glad to see him. Before he knew it I was jumping all over him and showering him with big sloppy kisses. Oh I forgot to tell you ... it was raining .... big time rain. Dad was soaked to the skin and so was I. Just as well it's hot here, aye??? Dad was sooooooooooo relieved to see me he didn't go mad or anything. He just grabbed me in a big bear hug and nearly squeezed me to death. I was filthy dirty. I had been through some pretty dense scrub with those Roos. Poor Dad then had to clean me up. He was very relieved to find that I didn't have a scratch on me. I'm too quick for those Roo blokes. When they cornered me I just ran like the wind out of there, aye?? Dad then had to ring Mum and tell her all about it. The last words she said to him when we dropped her at the airport were "take GOOD care of my Charlie". He was pleased to be able to say that he did. Imagine if he didn't find me. What would Mum have said. I'm all tucked up in bed now. Crikey I'm beat ... I won't mind being in the car for hours tomorrow. I need the rest. Those Roos are hard work!! We'll be home tomorrow and all will get back to normal. I can't wait ...
Wanna run ... love, Charlie.


  1. CHARLIE!!!!!
    Don't go skeerin peepoles like that!!!

    Guess ya worked off that xcess n-er-gee though.

  2. Yikes, Charlie!! Dat's skerry for da folks!! We use harnesses when we travel... then no matter how excited or skeered or anything, we can't get loose... have your folks get a harness for you the next time you travel. (and we use a 6' leash... those zip ones can break sometimes and you don't want that to happen when you're travelin'...)

  3. Oh, and dat verification thang is gone!!

  4. Good thing you ran off those roos! Hey I would have loved to help you, I am still a champion sprinter! Vroom!

    But, sheesh, you really need to make sure that you chase things in more controlled situations...I ran off after a rabbit once, um...then since t was hot I decided to rest under an old truck...and growlmy pulled me out...and not only did I have grease on me, I had...deer doo-doo, casue I found some of that irresistible stuff to roll in after that silly rabbit eluded me. Growlmy was not too happy either, cause she had to go to the ER and get a tetanus shot, because in her 'catch me' efforts she tripped over some barbed wire...OMD!
    Us pups like to keep the peeps in shape, right? BOL!

    Glad all is well that ends well...yes, I too wear a harness and a regular lead on road trips...


  5. OMC, dat sounds so excitin'! I dun knows anything 'bout huntin' roos but I does love to hunt spiders, (I ish an indoor kitty, so dat ish excitin' fur me) but wow, all dat runnin' and chasin' musta been so much fun fur yew! Not so much fur yer Dad, I'm finkin' MOL! But it musta been a furry good workout fur both of yew - good job at keepin' yer Dad in shape, and PURRviding some excitement fur him too - yew knows, we can't eFUR lets our humans get too bored, it'sh not good fur them.

  6. That must have been exciting to chase roos. I have never seen such creatures but Mommy told me what they look like. I guess it is like us having deer to chase.

    You are a pup that was bred to run so I imagine you couldn't resist it. I do agree you need to get your natural instincts out in a more controlled environment. I did see some special chasing classes for hound pups. There were lots of different kinds of hound pups like whippets, grey hounds, pharaoh hounds, borzoi, saluke etc. They had a big wire thing set up in large, large field that was fenced. They attached a plastic bag to the wire thing and it pulled it all through the field going really fast and taking some very sharp turns. The pups had a great time individually chasing that thing. I bet you would like something like that. I know our local hound group gets together to let their hounds race with the wire thing or somethings in the summer they will go to a fully enclosed hockey rink and let the pups run like the wind. Maybe you have something like that where you live???

  7. OMD, Charwie!! I r SO gwad yu r ok an' nod wost, my fwiend <3

    Jelly habs a gwate idea. I hab seened dat kinda fing on da teebee. Dose pupses ged tu WUN WIKE DA WIND, 'cept dem r perfekwy safe!

  8. Dat sounds like a lotta citement! I'd like to bark some roos, I like to bark everything . . .

  9. Great lot of use you blokes and Sheila's are! Harness, sharness!! Hmmmmmmmmph!!!!! Crikey ... what next? A straight jacket? Mum already uses a regular lead and harness on me but this was Dad. I was ALONE with Dad. We blokes don't need a harness ... We are tough! We have adventures! Yeah says Mum AND YOU DIE!! Guess I'll be wearing that straight jacket in future. Mum says thanks for the advice. I say hmmmmmmmph! Great lot of mates you are ...
    I don't think Dad and I will be going on another road trip alone for quite some time. Like NEVER!! You would have loved it Whitley. You could have barked your heart out. I needed you with me. that way Dad might have been able to hear where I was. I'm a silent Roo chaser.
    When Mum works out how to put pictures on here Jelly she'll put some Roo pictures on for you. They are VERY cute. Funny they go awful fast for something that hops ... I had trouble keeping up. They just go and go and go.
    Mr JackFreckles Sir ... you would have been a great help. Sounds like you're pretty good on the adventure thing. That deer poop sounds like good stuff. Roo poop is delicious. I don't roll in it. Just eat it!! It's as good as MEATZ Zaidie! Mum said to say thanks Finley for letting her know that the weird letters thing has gone. I'm home now ... too tired tonight but I'll tell you about today, tomorrrow .... Crikey ... Mum and my two legged sister have been working on my page .... what do you think? Good, aye??

  10. Yur page! You betcha, it's Fair Dinkum! And there's yur schnooter pointin the way!

    Luv it!

  11. Yaaaaay Zoe .... how clever am I???????? I did have a lot of help from my 2 legged sister, Jenni. She's pretty clever, aye? Do you REALLY like it.. do you .. do you???? The schnooter thingoe is pretty cool, aye?? I luv it too!!

  12. I REALLY luv yur page Charlie!
    Bol! Ya all are very clever! And we can race yur schnooter 'round yur page, ya go fastest in circles.

  13. I do ... I do .... Too funny ... I had a go and you are right .... circles are fastest. Have fun with my schnooter!!