Sunday 19 March 2017

What the heck!!!

What the heck is going on??  This rain stuff has gotta stop.  You'd never, in 87 million years, believe what happened here this morning. We are supposed to be enjoying ourselves.  Dad had to drive to Sydney to work this morning. Mum and I were going to have a quiet morning and meet up with some friends for an early luncheon later on.  Dad left at 4am. It was pitch black.  Who gets up at 4am?  Not me, that's for sure. He was no sooner out the door than there was a long beep. I sat bolt upright in my bed. It stopped. I laid down again.  30 seconds later .... another long beep!!  I sat bolt upright in bed again. This time, however, I was joined by Mum.  What the heck is going on???  Every 30 seconds from there on in there was this ear splitting long beep. I was out of there.  I couldn't find anywhere to escape. I was trembling and started to pant like you wouldn't believe. I had to get away. I went into the bathroom. It was as far away as I could get. I stood trembling, panting and just stared at the wall.  Mum couldn't find me. I could hear her calling but ..... that noise ..... OMD!!  .... My ears!! When she found me she tried to cuddle me and take me back to bed. No way was I having any of that.  She tried treats. I soon told her what she could do with those. No way was I touching them.  Mum had no idea what to do. She finally brought my bed into the bathroom and I did crawl into it and I kinda settled down. I stopped panting but I was still shaking.  She left me there but kept coming in to check on me from time to time.  She couldn't ring anyone until 8am ... 5 whole hours (crikey, everything's happening in fives for me lately) .....  I had to put up with that beep all that time.  The problem was THE RAIN!!  It caused a short or something in the burglar alarm.  The man on the phone told Mum how to stop it beeping. Oh the relief!!  It took me about an hour after that to settle down.  Mum had to coax me out of the bathroom with breakfast.  Now to catch up on my beauty sleep!!

Wanna run .... but not just yet ..... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

I survived ..... but only just!!

Crikey I'm over this .... I survived .... but only just!!  A break in the weather????  I could say something but it would be too rude.  There was a break in the weather. Enough for us to get out the door, into the car, drive for 5minutes to the golf course,  and walk 100 metres through a river of water before the sky opened up yet again.
This is the view out the front of our house.  It sure looked promising, aye??  First blue sky for days.  
She had a coat on of sorts and was carrying a big umbrella. We don't need heavy duty rain gear in Noosa so Mum's not really equipped for COLD, wet weather.  I was NAKED!!!!!  She expected me to chase the stupid ball ..... IN THE RAIN!!!!  Yeah ... like that's going to happen.  The only way I was running was back to the car. Did she ever call me some names.  Wuss was one of them, I recall.  Hmmmmmmph!!  We sat in the car for a while. I taught Mum a thing or two.  Crikey I was busting. Mum reckons I nearly gassed her to death.  She's been feeding me these new treats. Tripe!!!  Crikey they're good but they do give me ... ahhhhh ... to put it nicely ..... tummy rumbles.  The rain stopped again, after a bit, and off we went AGAIN!!  I was no sooner out of the car than I did a whopper of a 'you know what'.  I chased the ball, we walked and walked and I did 4 more 'you know whats'. Yep ..... you heard right!!  FOUR!!  That made 5 altogether.  

At least it's dry here!!
Can you see me?? I'm there!!
See ..... told you!!
I'm a great retriever, aye??
The dams a bit full
Just when we got about as far away from the car as we could the sky opened up again. I was off!!  I ran like you wouldn't believe. Straight back to the car and straight under it. It took Mum a while to get back. You should have seen her.  OMD!!  What a sorry sight.  She looked as if she'd been for a swim in one of the dams.  
Her fingers had turned all pruney and her Raynauds was playing up. Only one finger though. Not too bad, aye??
Serves her right ..... we could've stayed at home. I could have held those 5 'you know whats' in for another day or two. 

There's a great view of the escarpment out there ... you'll have to take my word for it I'm afraid.  
Crikey .... there wasn't any water here yesterday.  
Wow ..... there's a BIG waterfall at the end of this but there's no way we were walking down there to have a squiz.
pretty, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie. 

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Rain, Rain, Rain!!!

Crikey ...... WHY!!!!!!!!  We are on a road trip and it's RAINED nearly every day.  We haven't had any rain at home for so long we almost forgot what it looked like and we go on a road trip and what do we see ..... RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!!  Yesterday and today have been the worst.  The storms ..... OMD!!!!!  I'm not usually worried by storms but you should have been in the storm we were in yesterday.  I was terrified.  I nearly tripped Mum over so many times trying to protect her. She had no fear and I kept trying to drag her inside.  Crikey she's a handful sometimes.  There was hail.  I got all excited for a bit thinking it was snow but if that's what snow's like you can keep it. I got pelted by the stuff and it hurts.  Thank goodness there wasn't too much of it.  It wasn't raining when I woke up this morning. I went out for a pee and it's now 3pm and I haven't been outside since. Mum's tried to push me out the door but ..... NO WAY ... I'm not going out in that!!

The font yard!
The front yard long the other way

The backyard!
More backyard. 

    Ok ... so we are trying the video again .... might work.  

AND it's cold .... must be about 14C.  My ears are cold.  Crikey .... my everything is cold!!  Rain ...... hmmmmmmph .... who needs it??

Oh No!!  Mum says there's a small break in the weather. It doesn't look like it to me.  She's taking me for a run.  I don't want to go.      I'll tell you about it if I survive.

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.

Monday 13 March 2017

Get a load of this bloke!!!

Crikey ..... get a load of this bloke.  He's turning into Murphy.  He's eating a chicken wing. If I were there I'd be eating more than a chicken wing.

Crikey Herbie ..... it's a chook, mate ....... get it!!!
Someone told our Jen that guinea fowl are good things to have on your property.  They kill small snakes and they eat ticks.  We have these horrible ticks where we live and snakes.  Ticks kill us dog blokes. AND cats.  Snakes too I guess but I reckon I'd kill a snake before it killed me.  Get a tick on you though and your dead in three days. They paralyse you. Not a nice way to go I hear.  Most dogs have to take medication to prevent ticks.  Herbie's on medication.  I'm not. I'm a bit iffy with medication.  I've got real short hair and Mum reckons she'd find a tick on me before it did any damage. I s'pose she's right. She does go over me with a fine tooth comb every night but I sure don't want to get one of those tick blokes on me.  I've had one so far but Mum spotted it before it even latched on.  Anyway I'm digressing.  Those guinea fowl blokes???  Our Jen got 3 when they were tiny, wee, babies. She was told to put 'em in with the chooks for a few weeks and then to let 'em go and they would head for the nearest tree and hang around the property for the rest of their days where they would take care of all the vermin. Great idea thought Jen!  Well those guinea fowl had other ideas.  When Jen let them go they just stayed with the chooks.  Talk about good Mothers.  Those chooks looked after them so well  they decided they weren't going to leave home ..... EVER!!  All they eat is chook food and they are BIG now.  No ticks or snakes for them.  Jen reckons they are keeping her broke. I've offered to help out but no-one listens to me.  I wonder what guinea fowl tastes like.  Has anyone tried one??

Crikey Herbie ..... I know Murphs is watching over you but ..... REALLY .....  it's not normal, mate!!
Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Oh My ..... Mum's gone all crafty!!

Crikey!!   Wonders will never cease.  Mum's knitting!!  Who knew she could knit????  I sure didn't.  I didn't think she had any talents she was aware of.  She's knitting me a coat for winter.  How good is that??  Well .... we'll wait and see, aye??  I'm hard to fit. I've got a big, deep chest.  AND ..... I don't like acrylic.  It gets all that static electricity stuff.  Mum's using pure Aussie wool.  Crikey ...... I wonder if she'll ever finish it.  She keeps wishing I was a Chihuahua.  Hahahahahahahaha!!  ME .... a chihuahua!!!  Hahahahahahah!!   Here's what it looks like so far
Getting there! She's only dropped two stitches so far.  She found 'em though so no holes ..... YET!!
This is what it's supposed to look like when finished.  Mum's not putting the bauble things on it. Thank goodness for that, aye??
I sure hope I can parade it for you when it's finished.  IF it EVER gets finished that is!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Monday 6 March 2017

On the road again!!

Crikey ..... it's been a while, aye?  We are on the road again.   We've had a few nights at my favourite beach, Nambucca NSW and we are now in the blue mountains again for 2 weeks. Dad's working so Mum and I are just doing lots of walking and hanging out with friends we have met up here over the years.  It's been cold ....... yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!  AND wet ......  yuck!!  Two days of rain, mist and fog when we first arrived.  Fair dinkum ..... woke Mum up a bit. She's been plaguing all you blokes in snow country for snow pictures and 2 days of rainy, misty, foggy weather and she's over it.  AND when she's talking cold she's talking 17C or 62F.  She reckons that's freezing.  BUT ..... the suns out now. It's still cool but the perfect temperature or so Mum reckons.  I like it.  I go crazy when its safe for me to be off lead. I run and run. I never get tired when it's cool.  I LOVE it.  It's still hot at home.  Real hot and dry. Our Jen's tanks are nearly empty again and she only recently had to buy water.  Looks as if she'll be buying more soon.  The little girls are loving it though. They've got a big pool now. That's where a lot of their water went but it's certainly worth it.  In the temperatures up there you need to be able to cool off and it's not always convenient to head to the beach. They are a bit further away from the beach than we are.  When we leave here we are heading to Victoria.  We are staying at a real pretty place called Beechworth.  I'll try and keep you posted with pretty pictures. Here's some we have taken so far. It's better if you biggefy them.

Our favourite beach at Nambucca.  It was high tide. Pretty, aye??
Yep .... that's me on the right. The bloke with the surfboard was a real spunk or so Mum said.  Whatever that means. 
See .... told you it was me.  Except for the spunky bloke we had the whole beach to ourselves.  How good is that?  
It was sunny one way but a storm was brewing to the south.  
Pretty, aye??
Crikey .... I wore myself out running.  Had to stop and rest. 
This was taken from a lookout. Another pretty little Nambucca beach.                                  

I've never had any luck with these video things but thought I'd try again. This is in the mountains and we stopped for a breather at this real pretty green spot and there were bellbirds.  Mum loves bellbirds. I hope you can see this and hear the bellbirds. They are very special.  

Mum liked this tree.  She tried to be arty farty but all she did was get a picture that looks like the tree is falling down.  
We stopped to say hello to this bloke AND .....
He took one look at me and got up and just stared at me. What's with that?  All cows give me the evil eye.  

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.