Wednesday 15 June 2016

Crikey .... who's babysitting who????

Miss G came to stay the other day.  Mum had some work to do so I had to look out for her.  She wanted to pat me to sleep.  She sang to me too. So melodious ...... 'go to sleep little Charlie, go to sleep little Charlie' ... over and over and OVER again!!!!!!!  Fair dinkum ......  you'd go to sleep just to get away from the noise.

I'm glad she thought it was funny!!

  I did a good job, babysitting, aye???  

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.

Thursday 9 June 2016

Oh No! What next???????

Crikey ....... the things, up with which, I have to put!!  How's that for a bit of good grammar???????? I only went to the best schools, aye??  Can you believe this??????  There's been another addition to the 3 little girls' family.  Cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Two cows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Meet Mortimer  and Maggie Moo ...

Maggie Moo
Mortimer Moo
They were a bit wild at first but Jen soon had 'em coming around. This was the first pat!!
Can you believe it??  Fair dinkum .... its a menagerie over there.  They had to find a new home for Miss PoppyPooPoo pants. The little girls couldn't go outside the door with food in their hands without Miss PPP trying to steal it so she has now gone to a brand new home with Mad Lizzy. Mad Lizzy has all sorts of animals at her house and Miss PPP has fitted in very well. Her best mate is a cockatoo who struts around the house all day and Miss PPP is as happy as all get out. She sleeps on a big bed with Mad Lizzy's 5 dogs.

Mortimer and Maggie Moo are miniature cows.  They are Dexters, whatever that means. A bit like I'm a whippet, I s'pose. They are very young and have to be hand fed for a while.  I can't wait for them to grow a bit bigger so I can play with them.  I wonder if they can run very fast. I don't know a lot about cows but it looks like I'm going to be learning.  Murphy, no doubt, will be the perfect big brother. He's unbelievable. He lets all those critters walk all over him.  Soft as mud that bloke ....

Those blokes don't come up to me like that!!
 Miss Jo took the guinea pigs for a ride in her stroller the other day.  Murphy just watched on. If I saw those guinea pigs out of their cage I'd have 'em in a blink of the eye!!

Definitely someone wrong with my Cousin!! 
 There's NEVER a dull moment in my corner of the world, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie!!

Monday 6 June 2016

Mum's been inspired!!

Crikey ....... today was the best day EVER at the beach. Mum's been inspired by Bacon's Mum and Mara. They are both on a mission to get fit and lose a bit of weight in the process. You can read about their mission's HERE and HERE.  Mum's been a bit slack lately too so today we went for a BIG, LONG walk on the beach. We used to do it all the time but as I said she's been a bit slack lately. Well from today on that's all changed and I'm here to tell you it's not before time. When we got home even Mum said it was the BEST morning EVER!!  What do you reckon??  Was it a good morning??
Pretty, aye?? 
We played ball along the way. 

Am I a good catch or what??
We walked a couple of kilometres!!

We got to the creek!!

Do I know how to have fun or what??

The water was COLD in the creek.  The oceans still warm.

I had to run like a maniac to get warm after my swim.
I ran and ran all through the grass and up and down the dunes across the creek.  
Then we had to walk back to the car and we played ball again. It was the best day EVER!!

Wanna run with me ...  Love, Charlie.