Sunday 31 January 2016

Remembering our Harri on his Birthday!!

Today is our Harri's birthday.  He would have been 15.  We still think of him EVERY day and Mum and Dad miss him like you wouldn't believe.  I sometimes get a bit jealous but not much cause I know they love me heaps too. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Harri.  He knew I was the right bloke to take his place and he kept sending Mum to look at a picture of me and Mum and Dad finally went and looked at me in the real and one look at me and that was it, aye??  Here I am.
Look what Mum made me do today??

Yep ...... she made me wear Harri's coat. What was she thinking??  I'm NOT an Irish terrier but hey ..... the colour suits me, aye?? I'm sitting in front of Harri's tree and memorial. She tried to take the pictures without the mat but I wouldn't sit down. Well ... I'm bony and that concrete stuff's mighty hard.  That's my excuse anyway!  See that possum bloke?  Mum puts water in him, EVERY day!!  I never touch it but our Harri used to drink out of it all the time. He had a big bowl in the kitchen but he liked to drink out of that itty bitty possum bloke.  Weirdo, aye??  AND Mum still fills it up daily!!  Fair dinkum ..... she's as weird as our Harri.
The trees a gardenia. It's called TRUE LOVE!! When Mum saw the name at the nursery she just had to buy it.
Dad fished this rock out of a little creek at our Harri's favourite place to stay. It's in Victoria near a little town called Corryong. They have the man from Snowy River festival there each year.  I went last year and I know why Harri loved it. I do too.
If you biggefy this you'll see where a bird pooped on his head. Too funny aye?? Why the heck you'd wanna drink out of that piddly little thing I'll never know. 

Anyway today is our Harri's birthday so I thought I'd be a real good brother and share some photos of him with you.  Crikey it's his birthday ...... you know what that means don't you??  ICECREAM ...... it's compulsory on birthdays.  I'm going to get some icecream.  It was worth wearing Harri's coat after all, aye!!
His very first day at his new home with Mum and Dad.
In his boots. I inherited them.

With Saint Murphy!!
With Brand new Jo!!
With Elvis ..... do you remember me with Elvis. They made me dress up.  Hmmmmmmmph!!!   
With our Lucy!!                               
This was in Esperance in Western Australia. Harri was VERY well travelled. I haven't been to WA yet ..... but I'm going one day!! I sure wanna run on that WHITE sand.
This was in Broken Hill. Those flowers are Sturt's desert pea. Pretty, aye??

Harri was a Flyball champion.  This was taken on his first time at Sydney Royal.  He looks keen, aye??  Mum was very nervous but she did a good job. 

Wanna run ...... oh .... what the heck! ..... 'UP THE IRISH' ..... Love Charlie!!

Friday 29 January 2016

It's nearly February.

Crikey .... how did this come around so quick? It's nearly February and guess what happens in February.  Oh .....  I know ..... Valentines day. I s'pose that's important but here's something just as good. My girlfriend Enid has a dressup competition every year and you've guessed ... it's in February. You've got till the end of February to get your entries in so you do have time to think about it.  I won  last year.  NO ..... it wasn't rigged!!  Enid's not allowed to vote but everyone else is. Please join in this year. It's a lot of fun.  Its been going for about 3 years now and every year it gets bigger.  I sure hope this year is even bigger again.  Let's do it for my Enid, aye??  She sure is one beautiful Sheila.

I never seem to be able to get this link thingoe right. In the next sentence if you click on the 'Here's' and 'this' it will take you to the relevant blogs .... I HOPE!!  (Charlie's pathetic Secretary, Lynn).  

Here's where you can find out all about it and this is where you can check out the finalists in last years competition. It's well worth going and having a squizz.  Besides seeing my beautiful, Princess, Enid you'll get to check out some of your mates all dressed up to the nines.  I'm sure you'll get a giggle or two. I've got no idea what I'm going to do this year.  I won't be able to top last year. I went all out. I'm sure going to try though. Please, please, please join in. It really is a lot of fun and I know every one of you blokes and sheilas out there get dressed up from time to time so even if it's an old picture it doesn't matter. We love to see them and you just never know ..... you might just be the big winner this year. Voting's a whole heap of fun too but it's awful hard deciding on who you like best.  Just as well Enid's not allowed to enter or you'd all know where my vote went, aye??
'Sighhhhhhh ... how beautiful is she??
Crikey ..... get a load of those eyes!!  OMD .....  Zoe, eat your heart out!!
Fair dinkum ..... I nearly flipped my lid when I saw this picture.  Ohhhhhhhh Enid!!

C'mon GIVE IT A GO, AYE!!!!!!!!!   PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Monday 25 January 2016

Happy Australia Day everyone!!!

It's Australia Day!!  It started out good for me.  It rained last night big time. We needed it badly. We haven't had any rain at our house since Yam Aunty went home.  It was real pretty at the beach today. I had fun and Mum took lots of photos and guess what???????  No thumb .... not once!!!  It's a miracle!!  We are going down to the river today to watch the celebrations. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to the thong throwing competition.  I hope they let me retrieve the thongs for everyone.
Have a good day everyone and throw some lamb on the barbie. That's a must on Australia day.

There's LOTS of photos ..... sorry ... but she was so proud of herself because of the no thumb thing!!!!!!
That's Dad and me. We had the whole beach to ourselves.

No mates to run with so I had to play ball with Dad.
We had fun!!
Crikey ..... hard to hang onto sometimes.
pretty, aye??
Well .... it's thirsty work. Dad's new knees lookin' good, aye??  It's his right one. Nice shoes, Dad!!
I LOVE my Dad!!
Crikey .... someones coming!!
Wonder who it is?
think I'll check 'em out.
Just jokin'?  It wasn't anyone!!
Just one more throw, aye, Dad??
Have we really gotta go??

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.

Sunday 24 January 2016

Early morning at the beach!!

Crikey it was a beautiful morning at the beach.  I had the best time.  Shame I don't have a better photographer, aye??

Can you see it??  It gets worse!!

Not too bad here!

Worse here!!

She does it ALL the time.  You'd think she'd learn, aye?? Not my Mum!!

Last night .... thinking of you Aunty!!

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Saint Murphy!!

Crikey ..... did you see the picture of Buddy on 'Gospel of Goose' today??  What's with that????  My cousin Murphy, the 3 little girls dog, is just like that only probably worse. We call him Saint Muphy.  Maybe we'd best start calling Buddy Saint Buddy too, aye??  Get a load of these pictures of Murphs.
These are new additions to the little girls family. Crikey ... the things I have to cope with.
The two sheilas are pretty cute but you should see the Ram.
Here's Saint Murphs first encounter.

He let the sheep kiss him. Fair dinkum ..... he's not right in the head.
Miss Jo's in her glory!!
And to make matters worse their chook went broody so they got some fertilized eggs and here's what happened. Baby chics.
Give me a break ...... surely this isn't NORMAL!!!!!!!
I know what I'd be doin' with 'em and there'd be NO kissin' involved.

Wanna run after some chooks and sheep .... Love Charlie.

Friday 15 January 2016

Miss Izzi's Birthday!!

Miss Izzi had a birthday at the beginning of December,  just a few days after we got back from Bundaberg where Dad had his knee replacement done.

Mum didn't get there in time to help with the cake. Our Jen had to do it all by herself and what a great job she did.  Miss Izzi wanted a Panda birthday.  Mum has bought a heap of those little German Schleich animals for the kids over the years and luckily we had a panda and a baby panda. A good start for the Panda birthday. Our Jen used them on the cake. How good does it look??  She was real worried about Mum not being there. She didn't need to worry, aye??

 She wanted gymnastic outfits for her birthday.  How good does this one look??

 We did get to go to the party but we didn't stay long as poor old Dad was in a bit of agony. We probably shouldn't have gone at all but Izzi loves her PopPop so much that he didn't want to disappoint her. Don't tell anyone but Izzi is Dad's favourite Grandkid and I've got to say they do seem to have something very special going on between them.  It was a good day and Izzi had a great day. She's 5. Off to school this year.  Crikey ..... they grow up real quick, aye??

Wanna run .... love, Charlie.