Tuesday 26 May 2015

We're HOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Crikey ........ finally ....... we're home!!!   I'm sooooooooooo tired I think I might sleep for a week.  Mum and Dad are tired too. Our last few days in Sydney were VERY hectic!!  I'll tell you all about it later cause there's lots to do at home and Mum refuses to give me the time of day let alone type for me but I had to let you know we are home!!  I sure hope I get to go to my beach this arvo.  Ojo's been telling me all about his VERY BIG beach and I've been having beach withdrawals.

Mum and Dad had a big row this morning.  I don't know why ...... I don't think they know why, either.  Probably cause they were tired. Crikey it was funny though.  You see ...... I get really upset if Mum and Dad have harsh words with one another and I slink off and try and find somewhere to hide.  They were yelling at one another about nothing, I might add, when Mum saw me slowly sidle off the lounge chair I had been sitting on and start to head for the door.  She quickly stopped yelling at Dad and came and cuddled me and told Dad to be quiet because I was so upset. Dad came over and cuddled me too and then we all had a big threesome cuddle and the big row was over.  Am I a peacemaker or what??? 

What do you do when your folks have a row???  Our Harri (Irish terrier) used to join in.  He would howl big time. No-one could yell louder than him. Mum and Dad always ended up laughing at him.

Our Lucy (WFT) used to jump on Dad and bite him. She was Mummy's girl. I don't know how that stopped the yelling but apparently it did.

Just as well Mum and Dad have always had dogs, aye??  If it weren't for us they might just have kept on rowing and yelling at one another forever.  Mum reckons it's always been the dogs of the family that keep the peace.

We did some interesting stuff in Sydney. I'll tell you all about it soon but right now........ it's beach time ...... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Sad news!!

Crikey ..... We got some sad news this morning.  A blogging friend of ours passed away yesterday.  We didn't know her for very long but for some reason or other Mum really liked her and so did I.  She lived in a Motor home. I think you call 'em RV's or something. She had 2 greyhounds, Hera and Power and a cat.  She sure loved those animals.  Her name was Hazel. Great name, aye??  You can read all about her HERE.  A good friend of hers, Karen, did this tribute to her. She did it very well. Much better than Mum could. I do hope you will read it. She was a very nice lady.  She had a massive stroke and wasn't found for two days.  Those poor dogs and the cat. Karen answers a lot of the questions Mum had so if you want to know more please use the link.
One thing Mum did want to remind everyone however is, PLEASE, let someone you trust know your blogger password so if something does happen to you they can let all of your friends and fellow bloggers know. It is really important.  Lots of people out there care deeply about you even if you don't know it.  My two legged sister Jenni has our password. You'll sure hear plenty if anything happens to us. 
My dear friend, Hazel ...... we will miss her!!!!!!

Wanna run ..... Love Charlie.

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Warning!!!!! LOTS of pictures. Sorry .....

We went to the Man from Snowy River Festival in Corryong again. It rained big time last year and a lot of it was called off. You can see last years posts HERE and HERE. They are pretty big posts but there's lots of great pictures of Aussie country scenery and country folk and cockies (both kinds - the bird kind and the country folk kind) so if you're interested in that it might be worth a look. It didn't rain this time so we got to go to the re-enactment of Banjo Paterson's poem.  Crikey it was a good day. The re-enactment of the poem is done so well.  Everyone in Australia knows the poem. For those of you who don't it sure is worth a read. All you'd have to do is google 'The Man from Snowy River poem'. I'm sure you'll find it. Banjo Paterson sure wrote some good poems. Clancy of the Overflow is another one of Mum's favourites although she likes just about everything he wrote. Corryong is a lovely country town in Victoria. They call it high country as it is very close to the NSW ski fields and is known as the gateway to the Snowy mountains. I s'pose most of you people upover would call them hills but they are mountains to us. We didn't see any snow.  Here's some pics from the re-enactment.  There's lots ..... sorry but we've got heaps more so it could be worse, aye?
It's a bit dry, aye??  They could do with some rain.

There's heaps of pics of these kids. They were very cute. Mum did ask their Mum before she took the photos.  More following.

These are just part of the re-enactment.

How cute is this little one??

This poppet was very shy but once Mum won her over she was really out there.  The clown of the family Mum reckons.

Lovely boy ...... very well mannered. He's got lots of sisters ...

Cute as buttons, aye??

When we left Corryong we spent a few days in Sydney where we went to the Opera house and we spent a lot of time with Nan.

She is still going ok but is getting more and more confused. She really likes having me there and loves when I snuggle up next to her on the bed. I don't think the nurses would approve but Mum reckons if it gives Nan a bit of pleasure then it's ok by her.  So far I haven't been caught. Here's hoping it stays that way, aye??

Nan always makes Mum take me around to show me off to her friends before we go home. I don't get on their beds but they all like me a lot and they all want to give me treats. Mum is very strict though and says I've just had my dinner but she takes the treats from them and tells them she will let me have them later. She NEVER does!!  AND they are great treats. Chocolate, chocolate biscuits, cake, lollies ..... crikey ..... all sorts of good stuff!!!  Not fair, I say.   We are still in Sydney. We are looking after my eldest 2 legged sister's house and her two babies, Remi, the big black one and Millie, the little white one.
Remi .... it takes ALL DAY just to brush him. Just as well I'm easy!!
Oh dear ..... SHE tried to fix it .... she can't!!
Jane (my sis) is holidaying in New Zealand. I'm having fun playing with Remi. He's about my age. Millie is old and cranky but I still like her. I just leave her alone and she leaves me alone too. It's good here but I've been away from home too much this year.  I can't wait to get back to my beach and see all my mates.  S'pose it'll happen soon.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.

Monday 18 May 2015

Who the heck is John Oliver?????

Crikey ...... who the heck is this John Oliver bloke?????  My Mum's Dad's name was John Oliver. He was a real good bloke. He died when Mum was just 2 years old.  He loved vegemite!!  NO ..... it wasn't what killed him.  This other John Oliver bloke is all over our TV screens this morning giving us Aussies a bad wrap. Who the heck is this bloke???  Mum's NEVER heard of him before. Not that that means anything. There's a lot she's NEVER heard of but I'd sure like to see more of this John Oliver bloke.  He might be giving us a bit of a hard time but CRIKEY ..... is he funny or what?????  Mum nearly fell out of bed (she was watching good morning Australia in bed ... lazy, aye?) when she saw that kangaroo pooping in the vegemite jar. Just as well Dad didn't bring her a cuppa to bed. She would have spat it all over the place. John Oliver, aye??  Great name!!!  He has to be a good bloke. Mum thinks all John Oliver's are great.  Well ..... except for one she met once. He was an insurance broker and OMD was he ever weird. His last name was Plunkett. John Oliver Plunkett.  What sort of a handle is that???  Anyway ..... just thought some of you blokes over there in the mighty US of A might be able to tell me a little more about your John Oliver bloke. Just one thing ...... Hugh Jackman is OURS ... sorry!!

Mum's Dad, John Oliver ..... pretty good lookin' bloke, aye??

with his bike!!

This was with his 1st car.  The family car. Mum got to have a ride in it. See .... I told you she was OLD. These are the ONLY photos she has of her Dad.

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie. 

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Johnny Depp's in strife!!!!!!

Crikey ...... Johnny Depp's in BIG TROUBLE in Australia!!!!  AND it's all because of his dogs.  You can read about it HERE.

Wanna run ...... Love Charlie.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants house gets a makeover!!

After Miss G's little escapade the other night her Dad decided to renovate Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants house.  What a great job he did, aye??  Miss Poppy seems to think it's a bit of alright too.  While the renovations were going on Miss G painted her Mum's fingernails.  Crikey ....... that's not all she painted!!!!  What a mess ......
Stop posing and get to it Shano!!
I think she likes it!!

Wouldn't believe it's autumn here, aye???
Crikey ..... curtains and a door flap to keep the cold out.  S'pose that's in case Miss G. wants to sleep there again, aye?
And look ..... storeage!!  Good job Shano!!

Crikey ..... Bacon, eat your heart out!!!!  UNBELIEVABLE, aye???????
Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.

Monday 11 May 2015

Our Miss G went missing!!

Crikey ....... how scary was this??????  A few mornings ago my 2 legged sister, Jenni's whole family was awake except Miss G.  This was VERY unusual so Jen went in to check and you'll never guess what!!!!!!!      Miss G's bed was EMPTY!!!!!!     Now if you've ever seen panic you'll know, without me telling you,  what took place next and believe me it took place ...... BIG TIME!!  Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants was standing at the back door looking all forlorn. This too was unusual as it was still very early and she is a late riser. Jen went outside to check for G while G's Dad, Shane, checked EVERYWHERE inside.  You'll NEVER believe where she was.

She had woken up, opened the back door (a new trick she has only just mastered), taken herself outside, shooed Miss PooPoo Pants out of her bed and curled up in it and went back to sleep. No-one knows how long she had been there but she looked mighty comfortable and in no great hurry to wake up. No ...... she wasn't naked at the time. With all the chaos no picture was taken so this one was a re-enactment. 

There is now a new child proof lock on the back door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie. 

Saturday 9 May 2015

For all the Mum's!!

A VERY HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY to all the wonderful Mums out there.  I hope you all know how very, very SPECIAL you are.
My Mum received this early this morning. She wanted to share it with you .......

Oh dear ..... she never has much luck with videos.  (I can't call her stupid ..... it's Mothers' Day). If this doesn't work she'll try again later.

Wanna run (and give your Mum a BIG kiss) ... Love, Charlie.

Monday 4 May 2015

Princess Charlie of Cambridge!!

CRIKEY…. Do I make an impression or what???????  They did but meet me once and they named their Princess after me!!!  How good is that???  Do you remember when they met me?? Most of you won't but my dogster friends might. You see, Wills and Kate came out to Australia last year and I happened to be in Leura in the Blue Mountains when they were there.  Mum got me all dressed up in my best gear. My red bandanna collar and matching lead and off we went.  Wills and Kate saw me. They couldn't take their eyes off me.  Will's said ..... 'who's that fine looking Chappie' and Dad said 'CHARLIE'. 'Very nice to meet you Charlie' Said Wills ....... AND NOW ....... they named their little Princess after me!!!!!   OMD!!!  Can you believe it?????

A very, very warm welcome to the new little Princess, aye??????

Wanna run (over to the Palace to check her out) ….… Love Charlie (the proudest bloke on earth)!!!!!