Friday 28 November 2014

Philip Hughes!!

Australia's sad at the moment. We've lost a really good young bloke. Real TRUE BLUE!!! He got hit in the neck by a cricket ball and died. You may have heard of him. He played cricket for Australia. His name was Philip Hughes and he was only 25 years old and a GREAT cricket player. I Thought maybe we here at Blogville could come up with some POTP for his family and the poor young bloke that bowled the ball down that hit him. His name is Sean Abbott and he's hurting pretty bad at the moment. Crikey  ..... all of Australia is just so sad. Cricket is our NATIONAL sport and our cricket team is full of real good blokes. Blokes we are VERY proud of. To lose one has hit everyone real hard but his family and close friends must really need some help at the moment. If you have a prayer or two to spare I'm sure they won't go astray, aye??
RIP Philip ..... you will be sadly missed mate!!

People everywhere are leaving their bats out as a tribute to Philip. Even Google featured a cricket bat today. Here's one at the beach.

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 27 November 2014

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails .... I knew it!!!

Crikey I knew it .... I just knew it!!!!   Fair dinkum ...... I knew things would never be the same after that drongo man let his dog have a go at me.  Mum's paranoid now.  When she sees one of these blokes WE'RE OUT OF THERE!!  Big time.  Hmmmmmmmph!!  They can't all be bad .... CAN THEY??????

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Can I recall or what??

How's this for a recall??

If only I did it all the time, aye??

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 23 November 2014

Crikey .... you kitties are impressive, aye??

Do you remember Sammy??

I got to chase him.  He's still alive and so am I. I was watching tellie with Mum last night.  All snuggly and warm and Dad went outside and left the door open. Sammy came in and I spotted him. I was off Mum's lap in a flash and after him. Mum wondered what in the world had hit her. I was flying!!  BUT ...... Crikey!!  You kitties are impressive, aye??  Could Sammy move? He turned on the spot and took off ...... back outside ...... the back door mat went flying up into the air and we were off.  Could that bloke run??  You betcha.  Talk about impressive and just when I thought I had him he took off up a tree. He could CLIMB!!!   OMD!  I was outdone.   ME ..... CHARLIE ..... outdone by a CAT!!  Who'd have thought??
He wasn't at his usual lookout spot on the window sill this morning.  Mum reckons he's still up the tree.  Well it wasn't my fault.  You don't go calling on people unless you're invited, aye??   And shouldn't all pussy cats be indoors before dark.   VERY impressive though!!

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Friday 21 November 2014

For my mate Zaidie!!

My mate Zaidie made a comment on one of my blogs about how my three little grandgirls had a whole heap of little vehicles all lined up against the fence in one of the photos I posted. He said they needed a valet to help maintain and look after them.  I said I would show him some more pictures of the girls and their fleet of vehicles. So here they are but first let me tell you where you can find Zaidie, aye? Just in case you haven't met him before.  He's a very sweet bloke and has quite the personality. I'M PRETTY SURE IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TODAY. IF I'M RIGHT ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAIDS. 7, AYE??  Talk about a comedian ..... he sometimes has us rolling around the floor laughing.  His grammar and spelling leave an awful lot to be desired but you do get used to it. His Secretary is almost as technically challenged as my Secretary and he lost all his photos a while back. Why don't you pop over and say g'day. You won't be sorry.  You can find him here at the Z-spot.
Now to the little girls vehicles.  I can't remember how many they've got now but I know it's a lot. Their Mum and Dad and My Dad (Pop Pop) found most of them at garage sales.  They were VERY cheap but they all work.  Shane (the little girls' Dad) painted one up and put a light  and badge on it and it became a police car. It's a favourite.  They have lots of fun in them and when their friends come over there's plenty for everyone. They play dodgem cars in the paddock.  Here's some photos.  They were taken a while back. You'll be able to tell by Miss G.  She looks like a baby in these photos and now she's a real little girl and they weren't taken all that long ago.  Mum reckons it's time for a new baby in the house but our Jen and Shane in particular say 'NO WAY'!  Spoil sports, aye??  They got a PIG instead and you all know how that turned out. .  Fair dinkum!!!!  What were they thinking???
Crikey how little is Miss G??
She's lookin' a bit worried, aye??  Maybe the clothes had her distressed. She hadn't yet  learned how to take 'em off .
Car wash day!!
The police car.
Go get 'em Murphs!!

Keep that flashy beast away from me or I'll arrest you!!

Faster, Daddy, Faster!!!!
Who's the big kid then?????
Crikey ..... even Murphy's laughin' aye??
The race is on!! Who's that big bloke in the clapped out police car with a dog growing out his shoulder. I reckon Miss Izzi'll win.  That's a determined look if ever I saw one, aye??

Ok so this has nothing to do with the cars but how cute is it, aye?? 

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Monday 17 November 2014

My stick and Wyatt!!

My mate Wyatt had a big wind storm at his place the other day. His pool landed in my front yard. He let me keep it so I gave it to Miss Poppy PooPoo Pants. Now our Miss Izzi doesn't have to share her pool with a pig. How nice of Wyatt to let us keep it, aye??  My stick blew over to Wyatt's house in the same storm. I was a meanie and told him to return it.  Crikey ...... I felt so BAD about that!!  What was I thinking??  I'm so sorry, mate ..... guess I've got a lot to learn yet in the being kind to others department. Mum says it's cause I'm young but that's no excuse really, aye??  I'll try and and do better in future. Don't worry about returning the stick Wyatt.  It's yours to keep mate. I sure hope you think of me when you're having a good old chew on it.  I did find another really good stick at the golf course the other day. Mum reckons that's the only reason I said you could keep my other stick but THAT'S NOT TRUE!!  I've really learnt a lesson here and I'm going to be much better at sharing in future. That's one of the things I love about Blogville. It teaches you how to be NICE, aye??
Keeping my eye out for a good stick.

Found one!!

This one's even better.

Crikey the sky was pretty here today. We went for a bit of a drive to one of our favourite lookouts. It's still hazy from the bush fires but the sky was magnificent. Mum found a waratah growing in the bush so we had to stop to take photos, aye??  Flowers and birds!!!!!!  OMD she's obsessed.

The Megalong valley. When we were here last it was like Ireland the grass was so green.  We NEED rain!!

Spring wild flowers.
Waratah ...... the floral emblem of NSW!!
Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Day Dreamin' of Enid!!

Crikey Enid ...... where are you??  I've been missing your pretty face!!   I was day dreamin' about you the other day.

Wanna go to Paris with me????       Love Always ......... Your Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday 15 November 2014

The birthday girl!!

Crikey!!  Get a load of this Macey ..... it's Miss PoppyPooPoo Pants' birthday.  She's 2.  She had her toenails painted.  OMD!!  She taking over!!!!!!!!  If she gets cake I'm going to have something to say.  This is getting out of hand, aye??

Wanna run ....... Love, Charlie.

Thursday 13 November 2014

For Macey as promised!!

Crikey Miss Macey ..... it's been awful hot here today.  Our three little girls sent Mum these photos  and I thought you might like to see them.  Have YOU ever had a swim with a PIG????  No!!!  I didn't think you would have.  I haven't either. Here's the pictures:

Miss G and Miss Izzi trying to keep PoppyPPP's out of their pool.
Well that didn't work ..... she's IN and Miss G's OUT!!

Oh No ...... please don't shake!!!!!
Just to show you that Miss G does own a pretty dress. Shame she has to do the cleaning in it, aye??
I can't remember if I showed you this one  Macey so if I have it's good to see again, anyway, aye??

Huuuuuuuugs and loves to you Miss Macey!!   From Charlie and Miss PoppyPooPooPants.

Wednesday 12 November 2014

How good is THIS place??

Crikey ..... I've just had the BEST morning of my whole life!!!!    I'll let the pictures tell the story, aye???
Katoomba golf course. It's closed to golfers now so  we get to use it whenever we want. Here I am setting out for a walk with Mum.
Can you see me?? It's like spot Wally, aye??

No one to run with at the moment. Have to run by myself. So what??  I don't need an excuse to run.
Mum was trying to be arty with the gum tree??  Hahahahaha!!  Mum .... ARTY?????  Bet you can't find me in this one. I am there.
I'm in this one too!!

More arty!!!  I might just die laughin'!!

The dam!!  I got to swim in it. Yeah .... I was chasin' the ducks but they got away.
Mum was so busy watching me swimming she didn't think to take a photo until it was too late.  So she took this one of me leaving.  Told you she was weird.
And now, if she remembers how, here's the best part. Videos of me and my mates ..... Runnin' at the golf course!!  She's not good at the videoing thing. She did about five minutes of  the sky. Crikey ..... sometimes she's not too smart, my Mum.

*Lynn here* ... Mmmmmmmmm!!!!  That didn't seem to work too well.   Am I doing something wrong??  Not too smart, indeed, Charlie!!  The same can be said of you sometimes you know.

Wanna run (on the golf course with me) .... Love, Charlie.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

A lot to say!!

Crikey ..... I don't know where to start. I have such a lot to say. Firstly ...... my Secretary is a slacko!!  She reckons she's busy with important stuff.  Hmmmmmmmph ...... since when has enjoying yourself been important??  We are on another road trip. At least, this time, they had the decency to take me along.  She reckons it's too hard to tend to my every whim when we are travelling around so I don't get to post, as much as I would like to, about all the stuff that's happening in my world. So here's just a little bit of whats happening with a lot of photos to fill in for the words.
This is for you Macey!!  Miss PoppyPooPoo pants is cleaning up after the little girls finished their lunch.  How disgusting is that??  Pigs belong OUTSIDE, aye??
I guess you all want to know how I'm going after the beach attack episode. Well ...... I'm good. That stinky old cone is gone, the stitches are out and I'm healing up pretty good.

Lookin' good, aye??  Just one big nasty scab to go. Crikey it's itchy but Mum won't let me scratch.
The ICECREAM's stopped!!!!  S'pose there has to be a downside, aye?? I still look pretty crook but once the hair grows back I should be almost as good as new. Note to myself:  Charlie ...... stay away from DRONGO's!!
I'm back runnin'!!  OMD did I ever miss my runs and my mates. I'm not back at the beach yet because, as I said,  we are on a bit of a road trip. Dad's got some work to do in Sydney so Mum and I decided to come with him and have a bit of tripsying around when he is in between jobs. We went down to Beechworth in Victoria first off.  There was a Celtic festival on  so Mum and Dad got to soak up lots of Scottish dancing, Scottish bands with kilts and BAGPIPES and lots of Celtic music. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I was still a bit off while we were in Beechworth and wasn't up to running around so it was good for me to have something to take my mind off myself and besides there was a BEAUT icecream shop in Beechworth. I got lots of icecream. Doesn't get any better than that, aye??
From Beechworth we headed back to Yass where we spent a night and then on to The Blue Mountains again for 10 days. Our usual cottage at Leura was unavailable so we are staying in Katoomba in a beautiful old home with a beautiful garden and some really beautiful views from the front yard.

Get a load of this bloke?? His name's Sammy!!  Flirting with death, aye??  That's taken from the kitchen in our Katoomba house. Sammy sits on the window sill every morning. Mum's real worried I might spot him before she does. If I do I'll be up on that sink and everything in my path will be broken, aye??

Sammy's owners live next door. They feed the cockatoos every afternoon. They arrive like clockwork. Heaps and heaps of 'em.  Beautiful, aye??

What a good lookin' bloke!!

This is a red-whiskered Bulbul. Mum used to see them all the time when she was a kid but thought they had all disappeared. She got real excited when she saw this bloke in the yard this arvo!!
Crikey this country is a strange place. When we left home it was hot but that is to be expected in Spring in Noosa.  Beechworth was stifling!! It was over 40C one day and when we got to Katoomba it was 12C and we couldn't even see the sky. It was all misty and foggy and downright spooky.  It's supposed to be over 40C in Sydney tomorrow and in the high 30's here. Can you believe that? 12C tops one day and high 30's the next.  Weird place Australia. Crikey I hope everyone stays safe. I hope there aren't any bush fires. There was one here in Katoomba just a few weeks ago and one home was lost. The fire was started by a couple of drongos.  What's with these people?  They just can't help themselves, aye??

Can you see the house that was burnt down. The one next door wasn't damaged and the one behind wasn't either. How does that happen, aye??  We know the lady that owned the burned down house. We met her at the local leash free park ages ago. She's quite an elderly lady. She has two little rescue dogs that I play with whenever I am here.  Thank goodness they got out safe, aye? BUT ..... apart from her dogs that house was all she had ... terrible, aye?  AND the fire was deliberately lit by DRONGOS.  What to say??

Here you can see the house next door and the one behind but our friend's house ...... GONE!!
I still haven't told you about our Halloween night but I will get round to it. It wasn't a good night for me but the little girls enjoyed themselves. Crikey I haven't told you about Halloween and it's nearly Christmas.  So much to do ...... so little time.  Have you heard of ' The Melbourne Cup' over there. It's a horse race and a BIG DEAL here in Australia. Everyone and everything stops for it and everyone has a bet on the Melbourne cup even if they NEVER follow the horses at any other time. Mum always has $2 each way on a horse and this year she won.  The first time for about 30 years!! There were 2 German horses in the race and Mum decided to back one of them as she loves Germany so much and had just returned from there. Well ...... she WON!!!  Crikey ...... you should have seen her. She got a bit excited!! 

Well...... it's almost time for dog park so time to get ready ..... 

Wanna run (Yahooooooooooooooooooo!!) ...... Love, Charlie.