Friday 2 May 2014

You're not going to believe this!!

You're not going to believe this! This IS exciting. It mightn't happen but if it does, OMD, I'll be beside myself.  But I'll tell you about IT later. We've left the blue mountains but not before one more day of exploring and walking. It was a good day too. Dad always tries to find little back roads to explore. Mum reckons you get to see more on back roads. Well ... we had a few bush walks and then a bit of a drive around and WE SAW an emu. Mum and Dad have never seen emu's around this part of the world before but that's not to say they aren't here. Mum got out to have a closer look and she didn't take me with her. I barked at HER and I barked at old man emu too. I soooooooo wanted to get out of the car! Spoil sport, my Mum. Didn't see much else except roos but it was a good day, nonetheless!
Gum trees with a view
followin' Dad
What's out there!
More gum trees
Crikey ,...cliff face both sides of this track ...  Hope I don't go flying right out there.

I was a good boy ..... I stayed close to Mum and Dad
Pretty, aye??
What the heck was that????
It was a car ...... right down in the valley. I could see it!!

Old man emu!!

Then we headed off to Sydney for one night only. Had another visit with Nan. Her arm is healing nicely and she was a lot more comfortable and looked a wee bit better. She always brightens up when she sees me. Well .... doesn't everyone!!
The next day we headed off for Glen Innes and the Australian Celtic Festival. Crikey ..... would you believe the weather had deteriorated again. It wasn't raining but it was looking very much like it was going to. Remember the Man from Snowy River festival? Seems like if WE are going to a festival it is going to get washed out. Surely we couldn't be that unlucky. This festival is good fun. I'm allowed EVERYWHERE and along with lots of Celtic music and dancing there are sheep dog trials. How good is that going to be? It doesn't start until tomorrow and we couldn't get accommodation in Glen Innes so we are staying at a nearby town called Inverell. We have a really nice little cottage with a nice garden so I'm happy. Today we went into Glen to check things out and we also went and had a look at a cottage on a sheep farm. It was booked out this year but we have booked it for next year. WOW!! You should see it.  Did I say it's on a sheep farm???? Well it is. It's on a bit over two and a half thousand acres and OMD it's beautiful! The cottage is lovely and FULLY fenced so I will be able to explore our little area AND I will be able to see all the happenings outside the fence. I'm also allowed to go anywhere I like on the property as long as I'm under control around the animals.  Me ..... under control around the animals?   Hahahahahahahah!!  There's sheep and alpacas and cows and horses and roos and roos and roos AND ..... OMD ..... rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits!!!!!!!! I got to have a look at the cottage and I got to have a look at my little yard and outside my yard I got to meet, up close and personal, a SHEEP!!! I got to sniff it's head and it's butt. Crikey ...... the smell ..... it was delicious!!!! But the best part was the poop. I've never seen so much poop in one place. We went for a bit of a walk around the farm. Me on lead, of course, but I didn't care ...... it was still fun. There was so much poop. Cow, sheep, roo, horse, alpaca and rabbit. A virtual smorgasbord!!!!  I didn't know what to try first. I can't wait for next year. We are going to stay a whole week. How good will that be?????
Now here's  the bit you are not going to believe. I don't believe it either and it mightn't happen but a big cold front is supposed to be coming to Glen Innes and it's supposed to be VERY cold over the next few days and the weather bureau has even said it could, and probably would, SNOW on Sunday.  OMD!!!!!     SNOW!!!!!!  I've heard all about it from all you blokes over there and now I might get to see it.  Crikey ...... I hope it happens. Dad says it will probably melt almost as soon as it hits the ground but I don't care. At least I'll be able to say I've seen snow!!!!  How good will that be?????

Wanna run ...... Love, Charlie.


  1. OMD Charlie.... your country is SOOOOOOO beautiful. We loved the pictures.. the Gum trees are so Interesting... OMD OMD you saw an EMU... in the Feathers???WOW Mate.. that is amazing.
    We think you went to POOP PARADISE... We only get Rabbit and Deer and bird poops.
    Now about that SNOW... TRUST US.... it is WAY WAY.... over rated... it is COLD and WET and Slippery and HEAVY to shovel.. WE would MUCH prefer to have ROO POOPS than Snow FREAKS to roll in. No Worries

    1. Poop paradise! That's where I was. Crikey it was good. Nothing wrong with rabbit and bird though. Don't know about deer. Never had a go at that.
      I trust you Frankie and Ernie ..... I dunno about that snow stuff. It hasn't happened yet but, fair dinkum, it was COLD today. There was icy rain. I've never encountered that before and I don't want to encounter it again! I've never been so cold in all my life. You blokes can have it!! I don't care if I NEVER see snow if I've got to be THAT cold to see it. It was even too cold to go for a roll in Roo poop.

  2. Sigh...Mom says she can smell the eucalyptus ...almost. Last year when Mom and Dad were home visiting they went to the Blue Mountains...Dad totally fell in love with it.

  3. I think you may find snow rather disappointing, you do not like being cold, or wet...but you gotta figure it out fur yourself, BOL!

    Pawsome pictures; its like I was there, sheesh I would have helped you bark at that emu.
    Good thing you didn't fall off that narrow path, OMD!

    Yummy poops huh? Did you truly get to sample them all? Oh-oh!


    1. I did Mr JF Sir ..... AND I've got the tummy pains to prove it. OMD my poor tummy. It doesn't feel at all good. And Mum reckons I fluffled all night. She said I was as high as a kite and she was a saint for putting up with me. Hmmmmmmmmmph!!!!!

    2. You just about had growlmy choking on her tea...BOL! Fluffled indeed, BOL!

      And with an poor tummy you had to go and get all cold...bone chilling cold even. I hate cold too. Brrr.

  4. Yeah, Charlie, don't get your hopes up too much, snow is really not all that interesting! Loved the pictures of the emu. You have a pawsome photographer!

    1. Crikey Buddy .... that'd be Mum! For goodness sake don't tell HER. She'll get a big head! As for the snow. I've learnt my lesson. I hope I NEVER see snow after today. I'm in front of a fire now but, fair dinkum, I've had the worst day of my life today!!

  5. Tell you what mate. It's cold enough to snow here today. We only got to go for a car ride this morning and we've been snoozin' ever since. SHE's never seen an emu in the mountains, though we occasionally see them here....usually further west.

    That place for next year looks fan-bloody-tastic! And so does the Celtic Festival, we might have to google that.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    1. Crikey Bella and Roxy ..... what's going on? It's freezing!!!! I think the emu was a pet. Who knows? But it did come toward Mum. It wasn't at all timid.I don't know if that is usual for Emu's. Seemed a bit too close to civilisation to just be there. Mum's seen heaps out further to the west but the blue mountains ...... who knows??
      Yeah ..... that place is fan-bloody-tastic!!!!!!! You should get your Mum to check it out. Glen Innes is a great place. The Celtic festival is usually great too but crikey ...... this year ...... too cold for me!!

  6. Luved all your pictures! And wow, dat are one BIG bird!

    And I's jealous of ya gettin to smell all dose smells. But ya can keep da snow, I's enjoyin pool ball season here.

    1. Crikey Whitley ..... I'm with you .... give me pool ball season any time. This cold is for the birds. Even big birds like old man emu, aye???? They got feathers! I've just got a bit of thin old hair.

  7. Oh my dog! A real emu! My peep has only ever seen them in the wild once, when she was driving over the mountains to the south coast. She saw a mumma with TWO little babies, they were very cute!