Saturday 10 May 2014


Crikey it's good to be home. Here's a few things I like about being at home.
I can sleep in my very own bed next to Mum.
I can come and go as I please!
I can play come to tea with the Grandkids. Anyone for cake??
I have my choice of daytime resting places.This one catches the morning sun. Can you see our Harri's gardenia?
I watch tele at night with Mum and Dad here.
Our Harri's lounge where I sleep at night when it's too hot for my bed next to Mum.
The one inside is another early morning sun spot as is the outside one. I also soak up the sun on the blue chair.
My kitchen mat where I keep an eye on everyone.
I'm not allowed on this lounge!

Or this one!

And definitely NOT this one!!

And CRIKEY ..... if I get on this one I go to the bad dog's home!

OR go to gaol!!
I get to do window art!

And sneak a play with the Grankids toys!  I love this one .... it's got bells in it. Eat your heart out Puffie!!
Well that's a few things I like about being home. There's a whole heap more but I'll save them for another day, aye.

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


  1. Hey Charlie!
    Wow, home is definitely the bestest place ever! All of our own toys and beds and snot-smeared windows. BOL Looks like you have perfect napping spots.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

    1. Crikey Sarge .... thanks for stopping by. I've heard all about your date day and I so want to come but my Enid is missing. I hope I find her before the 19th. You're dead right about home being the best,aye but that is no snot smeared window, mate ....... that's ART and may I say ......well done art at that!!

  2. I lost count on all the nice nap spots yu gots!
    An those yeller couches an the antiquey one an yur Dad's chair? I thought yu said yu weren't 'lowed on them? An yet, there yu are! Bol! Shoot, yu are all camouflaged on that old antiquey one!
    It is good to be home heh?

    1. Crikey Zoe.... you're right about the antiquey couch. I blend! I reckon I got about 78 napping spots all up or some number like that, aye?? Home IS best!!!!

  3. There really IS no place like Home. Crikey Charley... we are SO glad that you showed us the sofas and chairs that you are NOT allowed on. THAT was very INTERESTING... We are SURE you would NEVER get on any furniture that has been deemed .. forbidden... HOWEVER, we don't understand WHY you would NOT be pawmitted.
    Buddy you have some FABULOUS spots for Napping and Sleeping. We didn't Count fur SURE butt we THINK there are like 87 of them. YOU LUCKY DAWG YOU.
    OMD you get to have TEA Pawties with little two leggers??? Do you have to dress up and wear a Tie and stuffs?

    1. Crikey Frankie and Ernie ..... you sure got it right. Those kids LOVE to dress me up but nothing as elegant as a tie. I've been known to be dressed in old undies, baby nappies, baby dresses, dirty socks and once (and I hate to admit to this) one of Mum's bras .... on my head AND my head is not all that big!!!! Fair dinkum ..... I live a pretty rough life!! It's tough being me!!

  4. You home looks like ours - with dog beds everywhere but you know what is funny - we don't sleep on any of them...we only like the cold floor.

    1. Not me ..... I like my beds to be soft. I think it's cause I'm sooooooooo bony and skinny and don't have much of a fur coat. If I had beautiful big fur coats like you too I'd probably like to sleep on the cold floor too.

  5. Not allowed on the couches....bwahaahaa! You stand your ground...well lay your ground, mate. If it's in the house it belongs to the dog! Didn't your pawrents read the manual?

    It is great to be home. You have LOTS of beds for sleeping and a great window to make sure cats and stuff can't make themselves at home at your place!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    1. I like your thinking Bella and Roxie and your dead right. If it's in the house it DOES belong to the dog, aye??? Yeah! your right ...... they better get used to it. I gotta be more forceful! I don't have much trouble with cats here but I do need my windows to keep an eye on the possums. They are out of control! They come sneaking around at night.

  6. Cake?! Did someone say CAKE???? - (Coco Rose drooling)

    Charlie - why don't you pack up the grandkids toys and send them to me - I'll put them up and save them just for you - HeHeHeHeHe (Puffy the stuffie king)

    1. Crikey Coco Rose ..... it's pretend! They're human kids ... you know ..... not very smart!!!!
      Good idea Puffie but Mum watches 'em like a hawk. I got away with that one with the bell but she locked the door to the toy room so I couldn't get any more. Too bad too cause there's at least a million in there.

  7. Ya got some nice nappin spots. And did someone say cake??

    1. Crikey Travis ..... is there ANYTHING you don't eat??

  8. No allowed on da couches?? BOL BOL!! Ya showed dem!

  9. Couches and dogs means dogs on couches, the way I woof it!
    There is a gate in my den to keep me out of the living room and off all the nice new soft sleeping spots in there. When the old furniture was there I dug a nest fur myself in one, and after that the gate came up on the pretense of giving my kitty brofurs their own private area, Shucks, they can get on the furniture...

    But grumbling aside, you have way loads of nests to rest weary bones on! Even young pups get those, right?

    On Dogster you are a DDP today, so Growlmy and I made you a picture:
    this is its image info:

    If you C/P it, you should be able to see it. I think...

    Happy Mother's Day to your Mum and your Nan!

  10. Crikey Mr JF Sir .... the kitties get on all the good nests and they put a gate up to keep you out!! That calls for action, mate. Go on strike or something!! They want protectin' ...... no protectin' from you!! Someone or something needs barkin' at ...... no barkin' from you ... Someone needs love'n ...... no love'n from you ..... someone needs a listening post ..... give em a shove instead! There's lots more you can NOT do to show 'em but there's some to start on. Stinkin' kitties ..... they smell too, you know. Mainly of fish or something. Just cause they lick 'emselves a bit humans think they're clean. Hmmmmmmph! I've seen some kitties do some pretty grotty things in my short life. AND the places they lick. OMD and they think we are bad!! AND the way they kill things. It's downright cruel!! Play with their prey for hours and get all stinky in the process.. Not me! I kill 'em quick!! Crikey I am going on a bit, aye? But .... fair dinkum ..... they lock YOU out of the good room and let the kitties in. Shame Growlmy and Pawppy!
    Oh .... sorry Growlmy ..... I take all that back! You did a picture for me for my DDP. You are soooooooooooooooooooooo lovely. I haven't seen it yet but I'm going to look right now. I'll report back later. Thankyou so much. That was very nice of you. Mmmmmmmm .... do you think you could let Mr JF Sir in the good room just every now and then by any chance?? I'm sure he won't build another nest.
    Hope you're having a lovely Mothers day too. Is it Mothers day over there?? We had a great day. Lots of noisy kids were involved!!
    Sorry about rambling on for so long!! Those kitties get me riled, aye?? Mum loves 'em. ESPECIALLY siamese! She's got a problem, aye??

    1. BOL, Your comment was longer than mine...BOL!
      I *do* get to go in the mostly furbidden room if one of my peeps is in there to snoopervise me...once growlmy put a kitty nest on the floor to sit in the chair it had been on, and I curled up into it. It needed to be full of my furs and smells...

      Yes, kitties can be gross...and they even have their own kinds of naughtynesses...BOL! I do not chew USB cords or power supplies...

      Yup, It was Mother's Day here.
      hey Meezer kitties are the best as far as growlmy thinks...well she likes all kitties, but the meezer types do not aggravate her allergies, go figure.

      Enjoy your piccie when you get it 'opened'...

  11. OMD, Charwie! Yu got it maded, my fwiend!! I pwefer tu wie on soft an' cozy stuffs, tu, bud it hasta be smoof, not all shaggy. If it r weal hod out, I wuff tu wie in da fwont hall cuz dere r kewl tiles tu wie on. It feels SO gud when it r hod out.
    Gess whut!!! It r geddin' warm here!! In fak, yes'day Momma sitted outside an' hur sed it feeled weal gud. Hur cwiams dat da sun gibs hur SUPER POWERS!! BOL! Dis day it r geddin' hoomid an' hur mite eben turn da A/C on, bud furst hur needs go outside an' take da winter cover off it!
    We spended Mother's Day (a day earwy) wif my Gwamma, Momma's Momma. An' gess whut, 'gain!! Hur gedded a doggie! Him r a wescue an' Momma taked wotza pichurs ob us habbin' fun! Stay tuneded fur a nu bwog post fwum me weal soon, eberypup!
    An' Charwie, I bet Enid r ok. Mabbe hur Mom jus' needed a lil' bweak fwum helbin' Enid wif hur bwog. Or mabbe Enid r twapped in a woom maded ob meatz an' hur hasta eat hur way out...or sumfing.

    Yikes, I r chatty dis day...Hey! Eberyone always finks I r a gurl, Charwie, so mabbe *I* cood be yur date on May 19th! BOL :D