Tuesday 15 April 2014

Sydney Royal and other stuff!!

What a Nightmare!!!!!!  Talk about rain ….. will it EVER stop?  We spent a whole week in Sydney and although it wasn’t raining ALL the time it did rain every single day.  We stayed in a very nice little cottage in Sydney.  It was only tiny but it had a bit of a yard for me to pwivacy pwease in and it did have a very nice view of the back side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the city. When you could see it from the rain that was!

Stinky wires and rooftop but it was pretty at night.
We walked around the neighbourhood a lot.  There was a very noisy schnauzer that gave me a hard time every day.  Every time we walked past his house he would go crazy. He would run along the fence line barking fit to kill and then he would appear and stand on this pillar thing near his gate and bark and bark at me. I took NO notice. That soon shut him up but crikey ….. what a performance!  I know he’s probably on security duty like Zoe but fair dinkum ….. is all that noise REALLY necessary.   After all I’m not one of Whitley’s zombiez.  Now they need a good barking at but not little old me.  I’m harmless!  
He's got a good spot, aye?

Not game to jump down though. I might eat him!!

Mum took me to the cemetery dog park twice a day. We tried to do it between showers but we ALWAYS managed to get wet at some stage or another. We visited a few other dog parks too. I reckon we found the BEST dog park in the WHOLE world. It’s on the harbour and it’s soooooooo good. Heaps of dogs and there’s lots of grass to run on AND there’s sand and water to swim in and it is sooooo much fun. It even stopped raining for a whole hour and we stayed there for that whole hour too. Mum and Dad got talking to a lovely couple from Oregon, US  who were over here on holidays. They were house sitting nearby and had 3 dogs with them. One was a Saluki and he was the same age as me and we ran and ran and ran.  The Oregan couple arrived in Australia in November and are staying until May. They kept saying how glad they were to have missed all the cold over their way. They even said the rain was nothing because it wasn’t cold rain.  COLD RAIN!!  What’s that?   I’ve never heard of hot rain.
Hmmmmmm! Which one will I chase first??

Mum and I went over to see my 95 year old Nan.  We are a bit worried about her. She is having a lot of trouble with her back and wasn’t looking at all well.  She looked VERY tired and just seemed to have lost a bit of the old spark. She doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore and would stay in bed all day if the staff at the home didn’t make her get up and get dressed.  That’s very unlike Nan.  It’s not that long ago that the staff had trouble keeping up with her.  She’s not supposed to go out alone as she is nearly blind but she used to sneak out and go off into town or go visiting friends ALL BY HERSELF. No-one knew how she was getting out but she’s VERY sneaky, my Nan.  Just like me, aye?? Too funny but not anymore.  Mum gets VERY depressed after visiting her.  It is sooooooo sad to see. I cheer Nan up though.  She really likes me,   but then,   I am VERY likeable.
Mum went to the Royal Easter show.  I couldn’t go!   NO DOGS ALLOWED  (unless competing)!!!!! Hmmmmmmmph!!  Not fair,  I say!  Anyway Mum had a good time.  She’s been to Sydney Royal every year of her life for as long as she can remember and that’s a very lot of years.  At least sixty eight million,  I think.   What’s Sydney Royal,  you ask?  It’s an Agricultural show.  Every year the bush comes to the city to show the cityfolk what they do and to show off all their produce and stuff and it is the BEST.  Not that I would know …. NO DOGS ALLOWED (unless competing)!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmph!!!!!
I had to go to doggy day care.  Now that was a bit of fun!! I met heaps of other pups and I had a good time but don’t tell Mum that. I CHEWED MY LEAD IN TWO when she left. How bad is that? When Mum first left,  the doggy day care lady tied me up to a hook thingoe, so she could do some paperwork,  and I CHEWED MY LEAD IN TWO!!!!!!  I showed her,  aye?????  Tie me up? Charlie?   Was she mad or something?  Some people have no brains,  aye??  Now I’ve got a brand new lead.  The doggy day care lady felt so bad for tying me up that she gave Mum a brand new lead.

Anyway back to Sydney Royal.   Harri and Lucy have been … lots …. They competed in flyball and agility and they competed many times at Sydney Royal.   It was always Mum’s ambition to compete in something at Sydney Royal and Harri and Lucy helped her achieve that ambition.  Me ….. I don’t know …. Mum thinks I’m a bit of a challenge but you never know I might just surprise her when I get a bit older.  Sydney Royal,  as well as being an agricultural show,   is also Australia’s biggest dog show.  You know …  a bit like Crufts and Westminster but not on such a huge scale.  We don’t have as many people as you blokes do but Sydney Royal is very big for our part of the world.  Mum loves it.  She goes EVERY year on the last day which is BEST IN SHOW day and sits for the whole day just watching the dogs.  My two legged sister,  Jane goes too.  They get there REAL early and sit in the same spot every year.  Funny but the people sitting around them are the same people EVERY year and they have become just like a family for that one day only.  One bloke,  a really lovely old Greek bloke,  shows up EVERY year and sits in front of Mum and Jane.  He has 6 daughters.  Only one of them (the youngest) sits and watches the dogs with him but the others all rock up at some stage or other during the day and stay a while. Mum and Jane have got to know them all.  There’s others too that they have got to know.  There’s one lady who is just the sweetest thing according to Mum.  She looks like a bird and she NEVER stops smiling.  Mum reckons she must be the happiest person in the whole world.  She reckons you just feel happy looking at her.  I’m sure Mum will tell you all about her BEST IN SHOW DAY in a few days time.   It’s this coming Monday and she’ll be there with bells on.  I think Mum and Jane would be devastated if one of their group of people fail to show up. They have such a good day.  Mum and Jane’s friends know they are always there and pop by to say hullo if passing as well.  A very social day!!
Don't laugh! I know Crufts and Westminster make it look piddly anty but hey! It's the best we got and we love it!! Until this year the spectators had to sit outside in the rain or heat or whatever but this year the stands are covered.  LUXURY!! Just sail things so you'll still get wet if it rains but no more hot, hot sun beating down. LUXURY!!
 All you crafty Mum’s out there would LOVE Sydney Royal. There are craft competitions. I’ve told Mum she can put some pictures on my blog just this once. Just this once, mind you! Did I do good Zoe?   You've got to be firm with them, aye??  There’s cake decorating,  jam making, cake making,  photography,  painting competitions ….. oh there’s too many things to mention. There is one big glass stand in the middle of all the crafty things called The Standard of Excellence and the best of the best of everything gets displayed in there. Crikey Mum reckons there are soooo many beautiful things made by VERY clever people. 
Here's a couple of the fruit and vegies displays. South East Qld. is where I come from.

Cute cake, aye??

Whoops .... sorry! This cake was amazing. Everything was so delicate. Beautiful says Mum!

Sox, Zoe's Mom .... sox!!!!

This shawl was in the standard of excellence showcase. It was just beautiful. My Mum loved it.

Can you pick the winner??

Too cute, aye??

How could you not like goats? What a beautiful face.

Crikey .... little Flicka!!

How well behaved are these blokes. They just sit there all day, every day!!!

Mum gets all the other parts of the show out of the way before BEST IN SHOW DAY. She is going again tomorrow. Dad is looking after me this time.  We will have a BIG day!! We are staying in Leura in the mountains again.  You know … that cute little house with the hearts on the fence. Every time I look at those hearts I think of MY ENID! Crikey I miss her.  It’s good to be back in the mountains though! Tomorrow Prince William, Kate and baby Prince George are going to be visiting Leura and Dad and I are going to see them. I can’t wait. There will be lots of people but just maybe we will get a peek at them. I have a brand new bandanna collar and a MATCHING lead. It’s bright RED and I am going to look sooooooooo handsome. I’m sure Kate will notice me. She has quite a flair for fashion.  

Well I’d best start getting ready. I do want to look my best just in case I get a right Royal pat. I’m going to ask Mum to give me a bath and a brush  and trim my nails. It’s not every day the Royals come to town.
Wanna run … Love, Charlie.


  1. SHE went to the Easter Show last year to see the scotties and brought us back a show bag just for dogs.

    That's a great park on the harbour. We didn't know it was there. We might have to visit!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. It's at Bayview! It's great. there's ALWAYS someone to play with no matter what time of day you go.

  3. Wow-wee!
    What a show! In Toronto we have the Canadian National Exhibition and the Royal Winter Fair, and we have similar much smaller things like that here...but I loved reading all about yours, too!

    BOL @ all those socks...growlmy saw some books about knitting socks today at the grocery store(!), and the furst thing she thought f was Zoe! BOL!! Good thing growlmy has no plans for knitting projects...Crikey! BOL!

    You look all tired out Charlie!

    1. This holidaying is might tiring Mr JF Sir. I was exhausted! Mum put my new collar and lead on just to take that photo and I wasn't at all impressed. she disturbed my nap, big time!!

    2. And I was so into that fair thing, I furgot to say, I sure hope your Nan will be feeling better.
      When your furmily is so far away from her that's got to be a real worry fur your peeps. POTP and pawyers going out.

    3. Thankyou so much Freckles ... Mum will be spending a lot of time with her over the next few weeks. We are staying at the mountains so Mum will drive down and back for a bit most days. It is over an hours drive each way but that's better than when we get home and its 13 hours each way. Mum's sister and her children live in Sydney so they look after Nan when Mum's not there. It is very hard for Mum. She has always been very close to her Mum, being the baby of the Family.

  4. What a fantastic dog park....we would love to visit that. At the royal show - Mom says she has to admit she has never been - went to the Adelaide show a lot cause that is where she lived.

    1. It's a GREAT dog park. I loved it. Your Mum comes from Adelaide? My Mum and Dad LOVE the Adelaide hills. They go there whenever they can. I haven't been yet but I'm sure I'll get there one day.

  5. Ack, those socks! Mom has been trying to knit again and it is not at all going well. She may have to consult with Zoe! We have Agribition in my province and that is very similar to the pictures you posted.

    Sending good thoughts to your Nan.

    Sure hope it stops raining out your way!

    1. Thanks Buddy for your kind thoughts for my Nan. Much appreciated, Mate!! My Mum loves all that crafty stuff but is hopeless at it. She loves to knit but never finishes anything. She once crocheted a rug and enjoyed it so much she just kept going and going. It ended up a double bed blanket. I think that's the only thing she EVER finished.

  6. OMD - Zoe is going to be speechless if you get to meet Prince George, .Prince William and Kate. Anyhow, I bet Zoe's momma would have sent a truckload of knitted socks for Prince George had she know you might get to meet them - BOL.

    1. Didn't get to meet Prince George. They left him back in Sydney but I got to see Prince William and Kate. Kate definitely looked at me. AND she smiled! Crikey I darn near melted into the pavement. She is so beautiful!! Maybe if I had that truckload of socks from Zoe's Momma I would have got more than a smile!!

  7. WOW! Yu've been So busy!
    First off, gotta wunner if that Schnauzer dood efur barks himself offa that pillar thingoe? Bol! Sorry that he bark yu so much. Barky Von Schnauzers, that's us.

    Oh gosh, yu shoulda heard Mommy ewwwin and awwwin ofur that show junk. An then she said "Oh! Saanens!" fur those goaties.
    So kewl!

    Yu are gonna look Smashin in yur dambana and lead. I bet those royal peepoles will notice yu fur sure!

    1. Crikey Zoe ..... Barky Von Schnauzers ... too funny! My Dad's part German and he's awful loud too. Must be a German thing, aye??
      My Mum loved those goats. She watched the judging and then went to the CHILDREN'S animal nursery and played with the little ones. The goats .... not the children!! She was worse than all the little kids .... she just petted and petted them. Hmmmmph .... she could have stayed home and petted me, aye??

  8. Furgot to mention yur Nan. So sorry she's not doin too good.

  9. Whut a howliday yu an' yur pawents r habbin', Charwie! Momma an' me, Zaidie, r sowwy yur Nan r nod duin' tu well.

    Da Sydney Woyal sounds wike da Woyal Agwicultural Fair witch takes pwace in Toronto ebery Nobember. Queen Ewizabeff hab beened dere! Horses an' cows an' goats an' doggies an' dispways ob all kindza stuffs!

    Hab fun goin' tu see Pwince William, da wuffwy Kate an' 'dorable lil' Pwince George. Him r geddin' so big!!

    1. Guess they have those show things everywhere, aye? My Mum LOVES Queen Elizabeth. I'm glad she's been to Toronto. She's one very special Lady, aye? She was at Sydney Royal when my Mum was 10 years old (a million years ago) and my Mum danced in the main arena for her. Not just My Mum but lots of kids. Mum's never forgotten it. I wonder if Queen Elizabeth remembers!! Wills and Kate will be great replacements when she retires I'm a thinking and yes Prince George is adorable and he is HUGE!