Tuesday 22 April 2014

Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award ...

Crikey I got nominated for a Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! award by Whitley. Thanks mate. Hope I can do it justice. I've never done this before. I'm not good with rules but I'll give it my best shot. First I think I gotta thank you for giving it to me. Hey ..... I already did that. Crikey ..... I'm on a roll!!  Oh no ..... I forgot to put the award thingoe up.  Here goes ....
Fair dinkum ..... am I good at this or what???  Who said I couldn't follow rules. Ummmmmmmm! What's next??    Oh yeah!    Gotta visit three other blogs from Whitley's list and leave a message for them. That's easy ..... I like visiting and I ALWAYS leave messages. Try stopping me!!
Crikey ... I got a bit of a problem with the fourth rule. I gotta give this award to 7 others and tell them I've done so.  Well I haven't been blogging for all that long and I don't have heaps of mates but I will try. Some of my mates get awful busy though and I don't want to pressure them so will it be ok if I give the award but tell them they only have to do it if they have the time?? Well that's what I'm gunna do. Sure hope that's ok!!
Crikey I forgot the main part. See ..... told you I was no good at this stuff. I skipped No. 3. I gotta tell you 3 things I have to celebrate or be thankful for.  Well .... here goes.

1. I am so thankful my Mum and Dad chose me to be part of their family. I want to celebrate EVERY day for that! They chose little old me when I was 6 months old and I had a big medical problem. They both really wanted a cute little puppy but they chose ME!!!!  How lucky am I????? I've got the best family.
2. I want to celebrate EVERY day for being sooooooooooooo loved and for being able to love.  I LOVE love!! My whole family loves me and I love them. ENID loves me and I think Ali still loves me a little bit. I love all my dogster friends and all my blogster friends and I think they love me too. Oh the celebrations!!!!!!!!
3. LIVING  DOWNUNDER!!!!!!! I am so thankful I live downunder in Australia.  I know there are other fantastic parts of the world but deep down inside I KNOW Australia is BEST!! Well best for me, anyway. I sp'ose if I were born somewhere else I might feel differently but for me there is no place, anywhere, like AUSTRALIA!!  I come from the land downunder!!   Yoo Hoo!  YOO HOO!!!

AND now for the grande Finale ...... Rule No 5. I gotta eat a tasty treat. Crikey ..... that's the best part.  I've got a chicken neck all lined up and ready to go.  Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO!

Crikey I still don't think I've got this thing done right. I think I've got to post the rules up here so here they are:

1.  Post da award on you blog and fank da blogger who gave it to you.
2.  Visit at least three of da other blogs dat are receiving da award along wif hyou and leave a comment.
3.  Tell us three things you have to celebrate.  Ya know, three things for which you are fankful.
4.  Pass along da award to seven other bloggers and let dem know you have done so.
5.  Enjoy a tasty treat!

How funny is that ...... it's in Whitley speak. Mum cheated ...... she copied and pasted or something. 

Now I gotta nominate 7 blokes  - s'pose Mum best not copy and paste Whitley's list. Here's mine:
1. Scotsmad
2. All about Enid
3. The Affie princess
4. Cowspotdog
5 A day in the life of Fizzy
6. Lone star cats
7. Milton's muse  whoops - sorry ... Already on Whitleys list.
8.Buddy's Beat
9. Any other of my mates who want to have a go. 

Crikey am I greedy or what?  I gave out 9 awards!!! Told you I wasn't good at this rule thing. 

But remember you blokes .... if you are too busy it doesn't matter. I won't be offended or anything and nor will anyone else. 
Now I got a big dilemma. I've got to let all you blokes know I nominated you and tell you where to find all the rules etc. S'pose I gotta post this first so I can tell you where the post is. Crikey .... this is all very confusing for me. My brains not very big AND I can't wait to get to that chicken neck. Think I've blown it .... the chicken necks gone!!!!!! did I cheat???  Oh Well .... I did my BEST!!

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


  1. Thanks for thinkin' of us. We feel honoured.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  2. Crikey .... glad you feel honoured!!! Hey ..... I'm still trying to put that video of the bellbirds up on my blog for you but I'm not having ANY luck. Everyone else can do it .... why can't my Secretary???? We went to Sublime point lookout yesterday afternoon. It's up high on the cliff face and we could hear the bellbirds from way down in the valley. It was so peaceful. Mum could have sat there forever!!

  3. Aw shucks Charlie!! Thanks for thinking of me!! Momma says we'll do ours tomorrow cause it's almost time to go snuggle in the big bed!!

  4. Crikey ... snuggle in the big bed!!!!! How lucky are you? There's nothing quite like snuggling, aye?? Sleep tight .... ni ni!

  5. Fanks for nominatin me Charlie - I'll do my post soon!

  6. Oh, ya knows we lu ya right back Charlie!

  7. Crikey ..... THANKS Whitley. You are a very special friend!!!

  8. Helloooo Charlie down in Oz ~ Nice to meet you. So do you live near any of the other bloggers in Oz?? I live kind of in the middle of where bloggers travel in the States and I have met several as they say in the furs. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I joined you blog. I usually post only once a week and try and visit all my friends once a week.
    Thanks for being a new friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Crikey .... G'day Sweet William ... it's VERY nice to meet you. Thanks so much for dropping by. I don't know too many other bloggers in Oz. I know Bella and Roxy but they live a LONG way away from my house. I'm so glad we are mates!!

  9. well you did great with the award. thanks for thinking of us too. Rule #5 id the best one of them all :)

    1. Thanks, Reilly and Denny .... Yeah that rule 5 was THE best, aye??

  10. Thanks for the nomination Charlie! I think you are pawsome!

    1. Crikey Buddy ..... the feeling is mutual, mate!!

  11. I see Buddy made you an 'awardee' too! Woofs!

    Congrats and have fun!

  12. We luvs ya right back, Charlie! And I feels da same way about livin' in Texas that you duz about livin' Down Under... My daddy's aunt and uncle lived down under fur a few years... they really liked it there. They said in some ways, it reminded them of Texas-- the wide open spaces and da friendly people!

    1. Awwwww ..... thanks Finley .... you are such a good friend. Your Texas sounds just wonderful. It's good to be patriotic about our countries, aye? No matter where you live you always think home is BEST. From looking at all of your beautiful pics I'd sure say Texas and Australia have LOTS in common. I'm glad your Daddy's Aunt and Uncle liked Australia.

  13. Hi Charlie, glad to meet another aussie, we will go ahead and give you a big Scottie hug for your "Hug an Aussie Day". Your Mom loves Scots hey, well your at the right place, us and the peeps are Scots (well Mom is only half, but that counts!). Oh, and congrats on the award, and welcome to Blogville!

    The Mad Scots

  14. A BIG Scottie hug .... Crikey .... how good is that??? Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!! "Hug an Aussie day" ... I like it! Thanks for the welcome .... I really like it here. I'm making so many good friends like you. It's great. I hope we see lots of each other ...