Wednesday 26 March 2014

Some dogster stuff and some more road trip!!

Crikey … I think Dogster’s gone mad!!! Two DDP’s in a row and for just one diary entry. Now, that just can’t be right. I feel like an imposter. C’mon Dogster there’s lots of really good diary entries out there. Please give someone else a go. Not that I don’t like getting them … I do … but 2 for one diary entry. That’s just not right.
I have to say a big thankyou to EVERYONE that sent me pressies and congratulations. You blokes and Sheila’s are so special. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! Mr. JF Sir and  Nina and Family sent me lovely congratulation pictures. Mr JF Sir sent 2, one for each day. Too much!!!!!!  I really appreciated it but it’s too much work for Growlmy.

From Mr JF Sir .... look .... parrots!! I love it!!

From Mr JF Sir ....the beach .... I love it too!!

From Nina and Family .... How good do I look??? Thankyou Nina and Family ... I love it!!
 Our last day in Beechworth was a good day. No more excitement, thank goodness but a good day none the less. Dad went to listen to some music at a folk festival in a nearby town called Yackandanda (funny name, aye?) Mum and I went with him the day before but we were musiced out so he went by himself while Mum and I went for a big walk in the bush around Yack.  We followed a small track down to a beautiful little river that was the site of a gold rush many, many years ago. We found this beautiful little gorge that was dug out of the granite by the gold rush blokes. It was all done by pick and shovel …. no machines in those days and it was fascinating to see and think about what it must have been like all those years ago. I had a great time. Mum was a bit worried that we might see Roos and I might take off but all was good. I behaved myself beautifully. There were some great smells and I did get a bit excited from time to time but my straight jacket is really doing a good job. Mum did relax and put me on my stretchy lead so I could really have a good old fossick around. Bit like the gold rush blokes, aye??

This is the main street of Yackandanda during the festival. It's a bit mad!!
Setting out on the big walk. No people ... just us .... the way Mum likes it.
Something caught my eye .... was it a roo?
The gorge the prospectors dug out with pick and shovel.

I guess this is where they looked for and found gold.

How far is this walk????
Ahhhhhhhhh! Pretty and I'm thirsty.
Drink time .... I wanted a swim but Mum wouldn't let me.
The next day we left the beautiful cottage we were staying in at Beechworth (and the garden of eat’n) and drove to the big smoke ….. Melbourne. I don’t like cities but so far I’ve been having a good time here. It’s VERY dog friendly which really surprised Mum. We are staying in a nice place again. There isn’t much yard for me to run in but there are some really good dog parks very close by. It does have a swimming pool but I don’t think I’ll be using that. Today we just went exploring around the area we are staying and Mum and Dad did a bit of shopping. I was even allowed in some of the shops. That would never happen in Sydney. Mum bought some pretty dresses for the little girls. She always likes to take something home for the Grandkids when she has been away.
We found the BEST dog park. Crikey it was good. There were heaps of dogs and I had the best time. I got to run with a kelpie and ANOTHER whippet.  They couldn’t catch me …. Not even the whippet!! I ran so much I got VERY tired. Mum reckons I never know when I’ve had enough. She had to stop me running and make me have a big rest. I did rest for a little while but only a little while.
Crikey this was a fun park!!

After dog park we walked and walked. Melbourne is nice for a big city. Tomorrow we are going to explore the botanical gardens and the heart of the City. Don’t know how that will go. Driving around the suburbs was a bit of a challenge for Dad. Don’t know how he’ll go in the heart of town. S’pose we’ll just park somewhere and walk and knowing Mum …. We’ll walk AND walk AND walk AND walk. We drove and walked all day today. S’pose we’ll walk all day tomorrow too. I’m exhausted by nightime. What with my big runs in the dog parks and then Mum’s walks . I sleep like a log.

Once again …. Thankyou all so much for the pressies and congratulations. You blokes and Sheila’s are the BEST. Thankyou!!!!!!

Wanna run … Love, Charlie.





  1. Yu have the bestest times! Keep us posted with yur updates.

    Uh, dogster been so slow like a ghost town lately that the diary picker dood probly don't have much to pick frum.
    But we luv to read of yur adventures!

    1. Mommy sez that sounds rood, me seyin the deal 'bout the diary picker dood. I din't mean fur it to sound rood. Jus' that not hardly nobuddy is barkin in their diaries ofur there.
      Yur diary is Always Great!

    2. Too funny Zoe .... Must admit I did give a bit of a Hmmmmmmph! when you said the diary picker dood didn't have much to pick from but I knew what you meant. My Mum always puts her foot in her mouth too. Things just come out the wrong way sometimes, aye???? You're not rood, Zoe!!!!! You're my mate WITH the beautiful eyes!!!! Too, too funny!!

  2. Charlie you have a pawsome diary and we love reading it! We are really enjoying this trip you are on and thank you for taking us along with you! Looking forward to more adventures with you!

  3. I weaded dis entwy ober on Dogster, bud it r WAY kewler wif da pichurs here on yur bwog, Charwie! Yu r one stunningwy hansum bwoke, if I du say so myselb!

    1. Whoops! Have a look below Zaidie .... I replied in the wrong spot!!

  4. Zaidie is right, its way cooler here with pics to show us all the things you are seeing and doing!
    And growlmy says she likes making pics fur me to send...though sometimes she runs out of ideas, BOL!!

    1. Crikey .... you blokes are right. It is better here for lots of things but there's things at dogster that aren't here that I would really miss. So .... just have to keep doing both now. Like you Mr. JF SIR ....I just copy the diary entries and use them on both. Sometimes I have to change a bit but it's not too bad.
      Growlmy makes GREAT pictures. My favourite is still the very first one she did for me with my very own boat. She is VERY clever! My Mum can't do anything like that.

  5. Crikey Zaidie .... you think I'm a hansum bwoke?? I'm keeping my eye on you, mate! I saw that picture of you in your last blog. Bit of a worry .... Don't get any ideas about me, aye?? I'm already spoken for ...