Wednesday 5 March 2014

Harri's travels take 3.

Crikey .... here he is again taking over my blog .... HOWEVER .... I will soon have pictures of MY travels ... we are off on a road trip. Leaving this Sunday ..... I've started packing. I'll try and let you know where I go but in the meantime here's some more from Harri. Mind you I didn't see one of these pictures with Harri in it. Very beautiful scenery .... THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD ... s'pose Mum didn't want to ruin the photos with Harri's ugly moosh in them.
How pretty is that! Mind you it's nearly always blowing a gale down here. Guess they were just lucky for once, aye?

Bit of a climb down to that beach, aye? But crikey wouldn't it be worth the effort?? Wouldn't want the tide to come in though. You could get into a bit of strife, aye??

This one was taken from the same spot but looking north not south. Too pretty, aye?
Mum reckons that water is so crystal clear you could see everything in it. You wouldn't want to swim there though. It's a bit remote and it's home to the GREAT WHITE shark!!!!!!  Scary ....

Just a bit further up the road. I hope I get to go with Mum and Dad to this place one time.

Are you sick of looking at the ocean, yet???? I've got heaps more but crikey .... gotta stop somewhere. Ohhhhhhhhh! ok ..... just one more ...

Ok that's it for the Great Ocean Road. What would you like next? Mum suggests the Bungle Bungles. Sound good to me!! Wanna have a quick preview ...

Ok ... that's all from Harri's travels for now.  Mine will be coming up real soon, I hope!!

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.


  1. Whoops ... in that 2nd picture I said it was looking north not south. Silly me .. that's the bottom of Australia. It's looking east not west. Antarctica is south!!!!!! Most of you blokes are north.

  2. Wunnerful photos, Charlie!! That sure is some purdy coastline!

    But great whites!! Yikes!!

  3. Luvs all da beachy photos - I luvs swimmin! I don't know bout no great whites, momma says I are a petite white landshark, furever circlin her for some foodz, but I don't think it are quite da same thing.

  4. SHE loves the Great Ocean Road!!! Great pictures.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  5. Whats a beautifuls ocean Charlie! We have one a bits like that less than an hour aways (excluding the sharks that is). I can't waits to hear abouts your travels and I haves to says, I will miss you greatly...pleeeeeease don'ts go away furs to LONG!
    Yours always
    Enid xxxxxx

  6. Yu have got the bestest piccies to show us! We want more!
    Hey, is that last one where the semi-creepy movie Picnic At Hanging Rock was 'posed to have happened?

    Can't wait fur more of yur travel show!

  7. Loved seeing the photos and are looking forward to seeing more.

  8. What a beautiful place you live in Charlie! We really enjoying seeing pictures from your part of the world!

  9. I feel so warm now...BOL!
    Nice travels you can do there in the 'Great Down Under'!