Saturday 9 June 2018

The rest of my adventure!!

Crikey ...... did you think I'd forget to tell you the rest of the story??  No way!!  Not ME!!   This is what happened next.   Jen followed me around with a frypan before we went to Dr.  Peter.  I wondered what she was doing and, would you believe, when I went to pee she stuck it under me and caught my pee.   Have you ever heard of such a thing?   When we got to Dr Peter he checked me all over ..... and you all know what THAT involves!!   Hmmmmmmph .... the indignities!!   Fair dinkum .... why do they do that????   AND he sucked me almost dry of my blood.   What the heck!!!!!!!  Then he wanted to keep me overnight.   What was he thinking???   My Jen was having none of that.  Crikey I love her!!   She said she was taking me home and she would watch me like a hawk and if there were any problems she would ring Dr Peter even if it was the middle of the night.   He agreed as he reckoned I would be more stressed staying with him than going home with her and he was dead right there,  aye??   He couldn't find anything wrong with me.  No bruising,  no scratches or cuts ..... nothing!!  BUT I was still bleeding from my penis.  Not as bad as before.  He checked my urine  and it was very dark with lots of blood in it.  He told Jen to get as many samples of my urine as she could and bring me and them back early in the morning.   He said that most dogs he saw with blood in their urine had internal injuries and most had been hit by a car.  BUT there was no sign of any of that on me.   No bruises ... no sore spots.  So off home we went.   I was so tired.  All I wanted to do was sleep and sleep I did.  
Cosy, aye??

Jen had to ring Mum and tell her the story.  She'd been putting it off as she didn't want to worry her but knew she'd be more upset if she didn't know.   Poor Mum wanted to come straight home but Jen convinced her to stay with Dad.  Mum knew I was in good hands.   I was good all night.  Jen did manage to get some more urine samples and each one got lighter and lighter with less blood evident.  The next morning we went back to Dr. Peter and he was quite happy with the way the samples looked  but said he wouldn't be completely happy till the blood tests came back.   Well they did come back later and they were all good.   They still don't know what was wrong with me but feel  I probably got stuck on the top of the gate for a bit and had an internal bleed AND I would have been badly dehydrated as it was such a hot day and I had NOTHING to drink.   How lucky was I??   A whole day on my own and I survived.  Pretty clever,  aye??   Also lucky that it was now the weekend and I didn't have to be left alone again.  Dad was only in hospital for a few days and Mum and Dad got home before Jen had to go to work again.  Crikey it was good to see them and did I ever get a lot of attention.  I thought Mum was going to squeeze me to death.  It' s a wonder I didn't start bleeding from my penis again.  Dad wasn't as lucky as me.  Everything seemed to go well for him but he didn't heal up as well as he should.  He got an infection and had a pretty bad time of it for a while but he's all good again now.  SO ..... we both survived. How good is that??

Recuperating at the river with Dad.  See his dirty old sandshoe.

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


  1. Jen was very clever to think about getting your pee in a fry pan!
    I'm glad you and dad are both ok. Maybe you should stay at home from now on?

  2. Oh Charlie, what a drama. Gail and I are so glad you are safely home and well, and we send your Dad best wishes for a smooth recovery from now on.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail wants to know if the frying pan is back in use in Jen's kitchen....

  3. Hari Om
    Struth Charlie mate... gotta tell ya, I thought when you told us first about hanging on that gate that with your build is musta hurt!!! Then I also thought that it sounded like dehydration to me... but at least nothing was being left to chance. And look at all the extra lovin' it brough on ya!!!

    But Charlie..maaattte... don't go doing that stuff again, okay? Your peeps don't need that extra stress. Glad your pa is okay again. Those hospital visits can be a it of a lottery sometimes. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Charlie, clearly you can't be left alone for a minute, but I am happy to know you are ok and there was no permanent damage. Good to hear you Dad is ok too, and it is so nice that your Mum is back typing out what you tell her.

  5. Thank goodness all turned out well for you, Charlie, and we're glad to hear that your dad is doing okay too!

  6. Good to hear both you and Dad are doing well. and you survived you escape. Realizing by the river is great therapy.

  7. Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiikey My Matey Charlie! My mom re-read part 1 to me and to Dad then she read part 2 to us! Dad was quite impressed w your determined you were to climb Mt. Fence. He got really squirmy when we got to your injury! I told him no worries Charley is super dig!
    Jen is the bestest sis a guy could have. Next time you see her give her an extra lick from us. Thank goodness Dr Peter was quick as lightning to check you over vent if he might a gotten a weeeeeeeee to purrsonal.
    I would loved to have witness your reunion w your peeps.
    Poor Dad if Charley...what an ordeal. Thank goodness both you and dad have mended. Ok good buddy tell your Mum she is an excellent story teller....but of course any tale starring you has to be top notch.
    Kitty kisses as always from me and hugs t you all from my mom
    Madi your bestie feline matey.

  8. PS mom sees there are some typos in my comments I hope they rent too confusing. Oh and tell your mum her eye surgery was a success. Since she found opmom's selfie. It was in the round ball on the fountain

  9. Crikey! I'm so glad you're okay, Charlie. You had me pretty worried there for a while! No more climbing fences and running around where you shouldn't be running around, laddie!!

    I'm glad Dad is well again. Now settle down the lot of you! Enough is enough already!

  10. Holy Moleeee.. Charlie, that was some Adventure you had. But I have to wonder if all those visits to the doctor were worth the few hours of freedom. Freedom is so overrated. I'd rather be safe at home. And I'm glad your dad is doing better too.

  11. Now my Mom is crying because you are safe at home and your Dad is good too. I remember when Dad had to follow me around with a big spoon to get my pee. With my short little legs it was not an easy thing. So now please stay at home where you are safe so my Mom will quit crying.

    Love Skittlez

  12. I'm so glad you're all right now Charlie! What an adventure! Hopefully Dad will be OK now too and you never have that kind of situation ever again.

  13. My goodness Charlie! We are sure glad you are all OK and your dad is better now too.
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. So glad that you are Ok.


  15. All's well that ends well home is always the best place to be.

  16. Wow, way too much drama for the whole family!! Please be a good Charlie and don't do that ever again! Best to just hang out and take care of your dad for awhile♥♥♥
    Glad y'all are okay, Love Wyatt and Tegan

  17. So glad your doing much better Charley. Us mums get scared when our children are sick and when a doctor involved it more scary.

    Coffee is on

  18. charlie I'm so glad for that happy end... and we hope from now on only good adventures will come to you and your furmily...

  19. Charlie, I am so glad whatevfur happened to make your pee get lots of blood in it, got miraculously healed! Hooray! No overnight at the vet. Jen is way more comfy, right??!

    Now stay home and take care of your Mum and Dad, OK?! They need ya, you know.

    Happy that your Dad is recovered from all that hospital junk, too.

    Alls Well That Ends Well!

    Purrs & Waggles

    PS: My posts are easier to comment on here:

  20. So glad ya'll are both okay and no more jumping fences for your mister ;)

    Matt & Matilda

  21. Whew!!! So glad everyone is safe and sound...and back at home!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  22. Dearest Charlie I am sooooooo relieved to hear that YOU and DAD are both on the mend. Gosh what a frightening time for all.
    Sending lots of healing licky kisses to you and Dad....behave yourselves fellas and stop scaring the pants of Mum!!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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