Saturday 2 June 2018

I escaped!!

Did I ever have an adventure and a half????  I escaped ..... AND I made the book of faces. It all went like this:-

This is just one of the posts on the book of faces. 

Dad had to go into hospital for an operation and as the hospital was two hours drive from our house Mum thought it would be best if I stayed with our Jen so that she could stay in a motel close to the hospital.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!  Mum and Dad were to be gone for 87 million days.  I can cope with them gone for 87 minutes but 87 million days ..... CRIKEY ..... what were they thinking.  They thought I'd be safe. Jen's house has an 8 foot high fence all the way round. Herbie NEVER escapes.  Well ..... Herbie's not me, aye???  So ..... Mum and Dad dropped me off.  All was well at first. Herbie was pleased to see me as were the little girls. I was pleased to see them too.  We played in the yard for a while and THEN ..... Jen had to take the little girls to school and she had to go to work.  I had to stay at home with Herbie.  Hmmmmmph!!  Now I like Herbie but he's not my Mum or Dad and I wanted them real bad so I decided I'd go looking for them. It was a stinking hot day. Well over 100 degrees.  No-one really knows what happened except me so I'm telling you my version of events and you can believe me or not. I tried to jump the fence but it was too high at first but after trying a few times I took a bit of a run up and got almost to the top and clawed my way up (I left some pretty big scratch marks on the fence). I got stuck at the top for a bit but managed to jump down the other side alright.  Then I took off in search of Mum and Dad. I ran all over the place. One Lady was yelling at me.  Talk about scary!!!!  I don't like people that yell.  My Mum NEVER yells at me.  Well ..... maybe sometimes .... like when I try to chase the birds. But this lady was yelling at me big time. Every time she got close to me I took off and when I run no-one can catch me.  I ran a long way.  I thought Mum and Dad might be at the beach so I went on the main road to the beach.  There were a LOT of cars but I stayed on one side of the road and all the cars just slowed down and followed me.  Lots of people tried to catch me but I ran into the bushes and they couldn't find me. Pretty clever, aye??  Crikey I got tired.  It was soooooooo hot and I did a lot of running and there was no water to drink.  I was feeling real crook so I decided I'd best head back to Jen's house.  It took me a while to get back but get back I did. People saw me on the way back too but I just took off like a rocket whenever anyone got near and no-one managed to keep up with me. Jen didn't know I had escaped and when she got home she was VERY surprised to see me lying under a tree in her FRONT yard.  I was soooooo hot and thirsty and felt real crook but I was soooooooo pleased to see her.  She immediately took me inside and gave me a big drink and put the air conditioner on and after a little while I perked up a bit and she thought all was well.  It wasn't until later when she checked her  Book of faces page that she saw ME plastered all over it.  Sightings all over the place of ME!!  Oh my ..... Jen was really stressed as she knew by the times of the sightings that I had been missing for  most of the day.  She checked me all over and I looked ok and she gave me some food and I ate that alright so she thought all was well but later on she saw drops of bright red blood all over the tiled floor.  Oh no ..... I was bleeding. Not only bleeding but ..... BLEEDING FROM MY PENIS!  Fair dinkum!!  My Penis!!!!!  She was on the phone soooooo fast. To Peter ..... he's my Vet.  Next thing I know I'm bundled into the car and off to see Peter.  Do I have your attention now?????  I do ..... well ..... can you wait till next week to find out what happened?  It's a bit of a long story and I don't want you to get bored.  Next week I'll finish the adventure ..... I promise ...

Pretty nice afternoon at the beach, aye?  Just so you know I survived. 

Wanna run ... Love, Charlie.


  1. Wow, Charlie, yoi found your way home? You are clevfur indeed.
    Sorry about that other mess you got into...hope its all cleared up now. Did you rip yourself when you jumped the fence? Ouch:(
    And We here all hope your Dad is going to be fine, really soon. POTP and pawyers for him.

  2. Wow, I is glad ya is ok!

    And come on, ya gotta let us know what wuz wrong. Did Peter fix your peter??

  3. Hari OM
    OMD OMD OMD... C.R.I.b*******K.E.Y. Charlie mate!!! My heart was in my mouth reading this. I cannot even imagine what your Jen and your mum and dad were feeling... OMD OMD OMD you're gonna make us wait. Cruelty!!! (But I's sure glad to see ya on da beach looking perky...) hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. You are a clever dog to get around in a strange place. I hope for your sake the vet didn't have to amputate your wounded appendage.

  5. Charlie that was a very dangerous adventure, I´m so glad to hear you are safe back again. You are a real clever whippet that you could find the way back to Jen´s home. Hope that the visit to the vet was not too frustrating an you are recovered again.

  6. You jumped an 8 foot fence, Charlie?! What an adventure and I'm so glad you remembered your way back! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  7. Oh my Charlie what an adventure you had, but at least you are home safe and sound.

  8. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CHARLIE....MY STARS ABOVE MATEY I KNEW YOU WERE SUPERDOG BUT I HAD NO IDEA YOU COULD SCALED an 8' FENCE. I DON'T EVEN THINK I COULD DO THAT. YOU FLEW LIKE THE WIND IN 100 DEGREES. I SURE DO UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR SPEED WHEN BEEN YELLED!! Yikes good buddy you were smart as a Whip(pet) to find your way back to Jen's. Good grief you injured you manhood....on your adventure. We are waiting with baited fishy breath for the REST OF THE STORY.
    Hugs your favorite feline matey


  10. Crikey indeed! What an adventure you had. You were very clever to go back to Jen's. Now you are famous.

  11. Yipes! Charlie, I'm glad you found your way home and hope you'll be OK. I've never jumped the fence, even when I climb on top of the wood pile. We all hope your Dad will be OK too.

  12. Oh Charlie, thank goodness you made it back to Jen's. What an adventure! But how can you just leave us hanging there, imagining all sorts of terrible things about your (ew, cross legs) bleeding penis?
    Toodle pip!

  13. OMD Charlie!!! A scary adventure and we are so glad that you found your way back to Jen's!. Hope you are alright!!
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK!!!! CHARLIE!!!!! DUDE!!!! WTD??!!! You had my mouth all dry (and that is hard for this drooly puppers!) reading all abouts your adventure. Nows, I thinks maybe you shouldn't do that again, okays??!!! I don't thinks it was worth all the stardom on the Faceybook. I hopes your special bits are gonna be don't wants THAT messed up, amirite?
    I hopes your Pops is okays....sendin' lots of POTP to both of you...and a pitcher or two of margaritas for your MOms....
    Ruby ♥

  15. Hi Charlie, I just found you and I had to say hello after a story like that! a big day out and a bleeding penis, goodness, sounds like a great title for a blog post. I would try to steal it but I don't have a penis so people would know I was lying. Maybe I'll leave the thieving to you whippety-grey long doggos.
    I have a greyhound called Harry and he has an Instagram account where he sometimes boasts about how many poos he can do in one walk.
    You fellas sure are strange

  16. OMD Charlie, I'm all a fluster...are you okay dear fella *swoon*
    Oh my, I'm worried Charlie, what wuz you finking running away like that, how scary fur you and now you are bleeding from *swoon* gosh, I'm gonna had to have a calming puppicino to sooth my frayed nerves.
    Pleeeeeeease be safe and well
    I do hope Dad is okay as well after his op. I am sending lots of POTP and very best wishes to you all from us, take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  17. What a frightening story. We are so glad that you did not get hurt You took a big risk trying to find your parents. I understand the instinct but I hope you don't do it again. Your parents will come home and you won't be there and you don't want that Let that be your last burst of freedom.

  18. OMD Charlie, you took some French leave?? I sure hope you are feeling back to normal, we can't wait to hear the rest of your story!!

    We are sending lots of POTP to your Dad, and some hugs to your Mama!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  19. Dear Charlie,

    That sounds like an incredibly scary adventure! And the bleeding thing... Well, I do not have a penis, but the boy dogs I talk to tell me that it is very sensitive. I hope you are okay!


    Pee Ess Regarding your comment about me CARRYING a Ball, you are correct, I do not fetch. Sometimes I will CARRY the Ball, and maybe drop it waaaay out the water. And only because it agitates my person, who has to wade in after it. Actually, silly Ojo now knows the game "Go get Ball!", so she rescues Ball now. But just to be perfectly, entirely, one hundred percent crystal clear - I do not fetch.

    Pee Pee Ess I really do hope you are okay!

  20. Hope you soon recover from your adventure, sometime it better to stay in one place till you find out what is going on.

  21. Charlie you made my Mom cry thinking about you all lost like that. We are all so very very glad you found your way home all by yourself. And I sure hope whatever hurt you is all better now.

    Tell your Mom that ginger beer and root beer are kind of alike but root beer is much sweeter tasting. The humans shared their ice cream with me and Rocky. Love that stuff.


  22. Oh my goodness!!! CHARLIE!! You naughty boy! You remind me of my naughty boy George who escaped our fence just yesterday and had a good romp around the neighborhood.

    I sure hope you're ok. The bleeding penis sounds very scary mate!

  23. Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!!!! I think Mum is going to have to give you the "Talk"!!!

    Or did you do damage to yourself as you were scaling the fence?

    Stay at home, laddie!! Behave yourself! Don't go scary Jenny like that...or Mum and Dad (I hope Dad is doing well and is back home again soon). And don't go scaring us like hear??

    Take good care everyone!

  24. Now that was an adventure! Probably shaved ten years off Jen's life. Sure hope you are okay. We'll have to see what happens in the next post.

    Are your mom and dad home? Is he okay?

  25. Holy Crikey! What an adventure Charlie!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story BOL..hope your *crown jewel* is okay, we think it could have been hurt when you tried to climb that high fence!

    Bowie (^_^)

  26. Oh my goodness! I'm glad that Jen got you back but I really hope that blood was nothing serious. Wow, I'm worried...

  27. Oh wow that sounds like a big adventure but also scary! Our Mom would be freaking out.

    Matt & Matilda

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