Saturday 16 June 2018

Our Harri!!

WARNING:  There will be a LOT of photos!!!!!!

Today is the day Our Harri died.  It was 5 years ago that we lost him.  He was an Irish terrier.  I didn't know Harri.. He was gone before I came to the family but I've sure heard LOTS about him.  Mum reckons he found me for her. Apparently he was the BEST dog. Dog of Dogs, Dad used to call him.  Crikey Dad loved that dog.  Mum's the dog person in our house and always did all of the training. She did obedience, agility and flyball with all our dogs but when Harri arrived she made Dad do the training. He did a real good job too.  Harri did obedience but he never liked it much. He wasn't one to be told what to do. He did agility but was never all that fussed on it either .... BUT flyball .... oh my ... he took to it like a duck to water. Mum always thought he would be hopeless and never suggested Dad give it a try.  Mum would practise flyball in the backyard with our little wire haired foxie, Lucy, whilst Harri watched on from inside.  One day Mum let Harri out while the equipment was still up and, would you believe, he jumped over the jumps perfectly, jumped on the flyball box and jumped back over the jumps just as if he'd been doing it all his life.  There was no ball in the box but other than that he had done it all perfectly.  Mum was flabbergasted. So Harri's flyball career began. He loved it!!!  He and Lucy went in many competitions with great results.  Harri was better than Lucy but she was a great height dog. If you have a small dog in your team you only have to jump over small jumps. Harri was a bit lazy and didn't like jumping over the bigger jumps.  He also only really liked Mum to run him so Dad took over the running of Lucy and Mum did Harri.  Everyone used to laugh at Dad cause he's a pretty big bloke and Lucy was such a little Princess but he didn't care.  They had a lot of good times at flyball.  

Harri was nearly 12 and a half when he died. He had stomach cancer and Mum and Dad persevered for as long as they could but one day they could see poor old Harri was in a lot of pain and took him to Peter our Vet one last time.  Peter felt around his tummy, took one big sad look at Mum and Dad and said those 2 words Mum and Dad didn't want to hear ... "it's time".   Mum and Dad took Harri home and spent all of the next day doing all the things Harri loved.  He went to the beach and the river and he feasted on ICECREAM among other things and the next day Peter came to our house and Mum and Dad and Peter said their goodbye's. Yes .... Peter loved him too. Everyone did.   So here's the 87 million photos I warned you about.  Do you think you would have loved him too???

Harri and his big sister Lucy.  
Here he is at 6 weeks of age.  He came to live at our house when he was 8 weeks old.  
Make sure you touch the red board Harri!!!!!

Can he weave or what?????
Yep .... He can jump too. 
No probs with the tunnel. Terriers love that stuff.  
He sure loved his soft toys but they didn't last long around him and Lucy.  
Always up to no good Mum said.  He and Lucy were quite the characters.  
I think he really LOVED  Dad, aye? 
Mum about to let Harri go at flyball. See Dad with Lucy under his arm behind her.  
Crikey .... even I know that was a very bad crossover.  
Go Harri!!
First place this time.  
Mum's favourite photo ... 
Here's where Harri is now.  I pee on him when it rains cause he's under cover. Mum put those flowers there for him today.

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.  


  1. I missed a few stories here. That's what comes of being insanely busy at work! It sounds like you are having a good time though.

    Harri looks like a fantastic dog. And I like that you leave messages for him even now.

    Mara from NI

  2. Hari om
    The happy memories are the keepers! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Harri and Lucy both look lovely Charlie. You Mum and Dad were fortunate to have them and it is a pity you did not know them, although maybe you may have been a little jealous of their talents, but then I bet you can run faster.

  4. What a handsome boy Harri was! I bet you and Harri would have been bestest friends if you could have met, Charlie.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Harri , thanks for sharing those 87 million pictures with me.

  6. Harri - you are a very special dog and are loved and missed. A beautiful tribute. And you did a super good job sending Charlie to Mum and Dad.


  7. Wow, Harri, you were an all-'round Good Dog! I love hearing about you and will keep you in my memory—as the first large terrier I've seen with so many talents. Fay and the cardis 3 and the new SPoo

  8. We never forget our angels! Looks like Harri and Lucy were great pups! Thank you for telling us about them.
    Chester and the staff at The Daily Bone

  9. We didn't know them but they looked wonderful.

  10. Aw Charlie, that was a lovely post in memory of dear Harri. And of course the snapshots of Lucy were much appreciated in this household too!
    Toodle pip!

  11. Charlie my matey...Harri was what mom would call your peeps Heart dog. He was very very special and he for sure paved the way to your Mum and Dad's hearts for you. It is because of Harri that you have such a loving home. That is what mom says about Milky-Way their first cat. Mom was raised with dogs so getting their first cat was major and Milky was their heart cat. There is always and furever a special place for heart pets and we who came after them are thankful for their grace and goodness they left. You dear Charlie my matey are such a dear sweet pup and like me are making new memories for your peeps. I mean Crikey Harri never EVER no never made it on the Book of Faces...that is your accomplishment only!!
    Hugs and kitty kisses Madi your feline best friend furever

  12. PS forgot to say that yes we would have loved Harri he had very soulful eyes and OOOOOOh pretty furs and was very agile

  13. Harri was a handsome boy, we wish we had know him when he was still with your Mum and Dad.

    And Charlie, we just love you beach and wish we could join you there and have lots of fun too. You do blend in with the sand, and at the same time, it makes your beautiful markings stand out.

    Happy Father's Day to your Dad!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. Smart dogs these two.

  15. I never heard of an Irish Terrier and including I learn about other terriers such as the Welsh.
    I don't why us doggie parents always remember all the dogs we had. My first dog was a beagle his name was "Spot"

    Coffee is on

  16. Oh Charlie! I love hearing abouts Harri! You do knows that Ma had an Irish Terrierist too, rights??! Yuppers! Her name was Maggie, and she was the bestest ratter evers! I can't tells you how many times Ma has told me "you will never be as good a ratter as Maggie was..." . true. That gurl could dive into ivy with only her arse stickin' out chasin' a rat! Ma had to pull her out by her tail (good thingie they were made for that, or she would have NEVER got her back!) Not too many peeps know abouts Irishes ~ they are the best (after Airedales that is ☺) Thanks for sharing all the pics and stories Charlie! I thinks you and Harri would have been BFFFFFFFF's!
    Ruby ♥

  17. Thank you for telling us about this tremendous dog. I know your dad loves you very much too and 30 years from now this blog will be written by you.

  18. Harri looked an amazing pup. Fank you fur telling us his story Charlie. Previous paws always have a special place in our peeps hearts so that their memories are always to be treasured
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  19. That's a great tribute to Harry Charlie and 87 million of photos, crikey that's a lot. But I'm sure your mum and dad make even more photos of you for you are much faster than they ever have been. You run them out of this world.

  20. What a special guy that Harri was, and what a wonderful tribute to your Angel brother!!
    Hugs to your Mama from our Mama!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  21. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Harry sounds like a very amazing Dog! I am sure he is very much missed! When you pee on his resting place that is a sign of big respect I am sure! Licks and wags to your people on this day!

  22. Thanks for sharing all the great photos of your lovely Harri. Looking at all these photos just shows that he lived a wonderful life and too the fullest. We hope that with each passing year it will get better for you. Thank you again for the beautiful tribute to him.
    World of Animals

  23. Harri is such a cutie! and apparently smart as well....but that's really no surprise

  24. WOWZERZ - that Harri shure did like to run didn't he? Bet he an'Lucy made quite the pair, didn't they? An'what a cutie-patootie pup he wuz too. An'u know how peepz r - our mom included; they love lookin'at all kindz of pikchurez - takin'em too!
    Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie

  25. I am quite certain I would have loved Harri, too. Thank you for sharing the pictures and memories. Harri lives on in your hearts.

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  27. Petcretary said that MJF would have loved to have met a fellow terrierist like Harri. And Lucy!

    You are a great pup too, Charlie,and I know that you are furry loved and admired by your whole furmily!

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