Sunday 29 June 2014

Liebster award!!

Crikey ... my very good friend Whitley from Texas nominated me for a Liebster award. How good is that? It made me feel VERY special. Thanks Whitley!
There are some rules.  These are they!!

1. Fank da person who nominated ya and link back and recognized dere blog in your post. 2. Answer da 10 questions posted by da blogger who nominated ya. 3. Nominate 10 bloggers for da award. 4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
Whoops sorry ...... that's in Whitley speak!! Sure hope you can understand it. I find it VERY cute, myself!!

This is Whitley. How good lookin' a Sheila is she, aye?? Quite the character too. One of you bokes out there should snap her up. She's one mighty cool chic.  She loves to play pool ball!!  You can check her out here:
 Well that's taken care of rule number 1, I think. Now comes the hard bits. I gotta answer Whitley's questions. They are hard questions. I feel like I'm on million dollar minute or something. 

1.  Do your momma or daddy sing to you?  If dey do, does ya have a speshul song?  Special song!!  Crikey .... no way .... if I did my Mum would want to sing to me all the time and she sings like she cooks and trust me you don't wanna be eatin' her cookin'. 

2.  Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse??  I'm preparin' Whitley. I don't bark much but I'm good at bitin' butt and I learn't how to pee on people the other day. I peed on a hippie at the beach. Hippie!   Zombie! .... pretty much the same thing, I guess. 

3. Has ya ever killed a varmint?  Hmmmmm!  Let me think!  Do lizards count or grasshoppers? Haven't killed anything big yet but I'm sure working at getting a go at my 2 legged sisters chooks and WHEN not IF I get a bunny ....... goodbye bunny!!

4.  What are your favorite game to play?  Running away from Mum and Dad at a rate of knots. I run like the wind and they've got no hope of catching me. 

5.  What are your opinion on baffs?    Baffs!  Baffs!!  You want my opinion on baffs!!  Crikey ..... sorry.  I can't answer that question.  I don't wanna be rude!!

6.  Does ya have a special talent or trick?  Crikey I have lots of talents. I'm the most talented bloke I know. I'd be here all night if I had to list them all so I'll just say I got 'em .... ok??  Tricks - I DON'T DO TRICKS!!

7.  Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why?  NEVER!!!  I'm not much of a barker.  I don't even bark when the doorbell goes.  I'm not much of a watch dog.  Crikey ..... s'pose that's one talent I DON'T have.

8.  Who are your bestest friend?  You Whitley!!!   Crikey ...... am I a crawler or what??????  Well Whitley you are a very special friend ..... really .... but I have to say Mum and Dad first. They are my VERY favouritist people. After them it's my 2 legged sister, Jenni and her dog, Murphy and then EVERYONE else in the whole world. I love EVERYONE!!

9.  Do ya give kissies?  I give the BEST kisses!!  I'm quite the kisser ..... I kiss everyone .... ON THE LIPS!!

10.  What do your home smell like?   Depends ..... sometimes when the littlest Grandkids are here it smells like POOP!!  Most other times it smells like general hospital. My Mum's a bit of a cleanliness freak!!

Crikey ...... that was HARD!!  That's a mighty lot of questions. Now I gotta come up with some. Oh Well .... here goes:

1. Other than your Mum and Dad who do you like to play with the most.
2. Have you ever been left alone for a LONG time?
3. Do you like to go for rides in the car?
4. Have you ever done potty inside the house?
5. Do you drink from the big white bowl in the bathroom?
6. Do you lick the dinner dishes clean before they get washed up?
7. Have you EVER peed on anyone?
8.  How did you go at puppy preschool or obedience school?
9.  What's your favourite thing to eat?
10.  Who's your very favouritist Aussie whippet mate?  AND you better get the right answer here, aye?? 

Crikey is that it ..... did I get it all covered?????   

Oh No ..... there's more.
I gotta nominate ten pups. Crikey ..... I dunno about this one.  I think all my mates have already been nominated by others so I'll just nominate everyone that hasn't already been nominated. You know who you are, aye???   Just remember ...... you betta' get the answer to question 10 right or you'll have me to answer to. 
Do I have to put a piccie of me here now???  Oh well .... I guess so

Crikey .... I look like the big bad wolf here, aye??


Wanna run ...... love, Charlie.


  1. Bol! Good to meet yu Charlie!

    My whut a Big mouth yu have there!

  2. OMD!!! Wookit dose teefs!!! Yu wuz yawnin'? Or wuz dere a wady walkin' down da stweet wif hur unnerwears tuckded intu hur skirt??? BOL :D

    1. Too funny Zaidie ... Definitely the latter!!!! Actually I was just VERY happy. I laugh like that LOTS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Luv dat yawnin pic! And barkin and peein are good zombie fightin weapons too, BOL!

    1. Yeah and butt bitin' ... That's good too, aye? Those zombiez sure don't like butt bitin', aye?

  4. I had fun here reading your blog tonight:))

    Giggles and snorts and worfels and sniggers...
    Um...until I saw that furmidable set of jaws, complete with all those choppers! Yikes, You haven't snagged any prey with those? I could teach you, BOL!!

    Great blog, Charlie.

    1. I had fun doin' it MR JF Sir. I'm working on getting those choppers stuck into one of Jenni's chooks but I reckon I wouldn't be a patch on you. Chooks or bunnies I could handle but a raccoon ... Crikey. You the hunter, Freckles!

  5. Loved readin' your answers, Charlie... you peed on a hippie?? Hippie, zombie... yeah, guess they're about da same. I's nevfur peed on a hippie before...bol...

  6. You should give it a try Finley ... It was fun! Bit hard for you Sheila's though. Our Lucy could do it. She cocked her leg just like a bloke. She was a bit feral. Just like a hippie, aye?

  7. Too funny Charlie and Zaidie! Loved the zombie question and answer!!!