Saturday 10 December 2016

I got a new collar for Christmas and other stuff!

I got a new collar for Christmas.  It got mixed reviews at my house. What do YOU think??  Is it ok or is it awful??  Mum likes it so I guess I'll be wearing it, aye??

Nothing much has been happening around here lately. Mum's been running around like a chook with it's head cut off cause the little girls have all been sick at different times and she's been looking after them whilst their Mummy was at work.  AND it's been Izzy's birthday so there was a cake to make and decorate and shopping to do for the party.  She should get a bit of a rest now though because the kids are all on school holidays and so is the little girls Mum.  She's  a school Teacher. This is their big summer holiday break time. They don't go back to school until February.  How good is that??
Miss Izzy had a perforated ear. If you biggefy this scary clown picture you can see stuff running out of her ear.  She was very sick but wanted to go to school for the end of year dress up party.  Mum brought her home after an hour.  

Izzi wanted a troll birthday cake. This is what Mum and our Jen made for her.  Pretty good, aye??  They weren't their usual confident selves making this cake but I think it turned out pretty good.  
I've been going to the beach as usual. We had a big storm the other day.  It was real pretty at the beach but we didn't get much rain. We need rain so badly.  The clouds come over but nothing much happens. Our Jen is on tank water and her tanks are almost dry. If it doesn't rain soon she will have to buy water. When the little girls are at our house Mum throws them in the shower and washes their hair to try and save a bit of water at Jen's house.

This is a funny thing that happened. The little girls have pet guinea pigs and they couldn't work out how they kept escaping from their guinea pig house, nor how all their food was disappearing.  I'll let the picture tell that story, aye?  The guinea pigs are alright. It doesn't matter if they get out because they don't leave home. They just hang around the paddock and go back to their pen in the afternoon.  Weird, aye?  I would have thought guinea pigs wouldn't have enough brains to do that but these ones do.  Nothing else to report.  That's it for my boring existence lately.      

Would you believe Miss Maggie Moo can open the door and help herself to the food.  Naughty Miss Maggie Moo.  
Crikey ....... just one more thing ....... I nearly forgot ..... The new puppy arrives tomorrow.  Am I ever so excited.  The little girls don't know anything about him. They know they are getting a new dog one day but they don't know it's going to be a little puppy and it's going to be TOMORROW!!  Oh the excitement .........

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie!!


  1. That little cow...bwahaahaa! That's a wide collar! But you won't have to wear it for much longer, and all the peeps who see you will oooo and ahhhhh! Maybe an extra treat for ya in it! Make sure your Mum takes lots of photos of the little girls meeting their new pup!

  2. I love your collar it is perfect for a new years party too! and the troll cake is an artpiece... I always laugh when I see your cakes and remember my paw-lova-disaster LOL

  3. Nice to see some personal photos of you, Charlie, handsome as ever. I do not like your collar but the question is do you? The cake is very good and I expect we will be hearing about Trolls from my niece next weekend. What role will you play with the new pup? Will you be a mentor?

    1. Nope ..... I hate it. I like to go naked! AND Yep .... I'm going to be a mentor alright. You won't believe the things I'm going to teach this little bloke. Are you going to see the movie too or just your niece? I'm a bit over trolls after today. I ate one. Very hairy!!!!!!!

  4. We are not sure about the collar. Miss Oswin is a bit worried you might hang yourself up on it. She never wears one!

    Can your Mum and Jen come over next year and make me a cake for my birthday? It looks yummy. Well, apart from all the hair that is, better have one without hair.

    I so understand the little clown. I remember being sick for the school trip. Everybody was going off for three days and I was in bed with a fever. Not fair!

    Mara, Brom and Miss Oswin from Norway

  5. Hari OM
    Hmmmm, jury's out on the collar Charlie mate; but I sure do admire the handiwork on the cake! Oh I'm glad the pup is finally arriving - and as for cows and guinea pigs; both are way more intelligent than folks ever want to admit!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Well Charlie I like your collar, adding a little colour to you.
    You been busy , did you get some cake too and ice cream I hope.
    I assume you will be the puppy trainer, have fun.

  7. Idunno Charlie. Maybe yule grow into that collar? Bol. I'm wif yu buddy. Let's go fur the mini-mall-ist look. Can yu get the collar off an' chew it to bits?
    Gud to hear yu bark!

  8. Crikey Chatlie........IIIIIIIIIII LOOOOOVE YOUR NEW COLLAR, of course I am kinda partial to your long lovely neck dressed or nekkid.
    My word we are so sorry the sweet girls have been sick. Thank goodness for your mum helping! That cake is amazing. Maggie Moo is funny and smart.
    Oh how exciting the new puppy will arrive while the kiddos and their mum are home on extended holiday.
    We bet we will hear them squealing from here
    Hugs Madi your bffff

  9. Your new collar is smashing! (Is that an Australian thing or a British thing???)

  10. I don't like any collar. I like harnesses so I don't choke myself. Mom says I do that a lot. But yours is definitely colorful. I think the troll cake looks fantastic. Hope you guys get some rain soon. Have fun with the new puppy.


  11. Poor Little Izzy... So sorry she had a sore ear.

    Crikey Charlie... WE actually LIKE you new collar.. it is very Festive.

  12. Well Charlie, I think you look most handsome and distinguished in your new collar.
    Can't wait to find out more about the new puppy!
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail is very impressed with the cake.

  13. We love your new collar, Charlie! It's colorful and makes a statement! How exciting about the new puppy!

  14. Those little girls will be so excited to get their new puppy. We just know you will be a good teacher for him/her too. We really like your colorful collar.

  15. Oh puppy excitement! If we listen closely we might be able to hear the squeals of delight from those cute little girls! Someone does NOT like your new collar? How can that be? It is fantastic and high scale fashion! Oh, and Izzy makes a cute clown too!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Charlie, I always love seeing pictures of your beach and where you run. Beautiful! I hope that Miss Izzy is feeling much better. Poor little girl. Mom loves your new Christmas collar. Looking good my friend!

  17. Luv da collar!

    And da troll cake are pawsome - my momma has a bajillion trolls - dey are lined up over her cabinets like da Indians would line up at da top of a canyon in one of dem old westerns.

  18. Maggie Moo is a piggy:) BOL!!!

    We sure hope all the little girls will be well for the holidays. And oh the excitement of a new puppy - we can say for sure they are going to be delighted!!!

    Charlie - we think your new collar is pretty snazzy!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  19. We are split about your collar..Dory loves it, and Arty and Jakey are on the fence!!

    We sure help everyone gets all healthy soon!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  20. Wow! That's a big collar! Sorry to hear the girls have been sick lately. (Ghostwriter remembers those days when the four siblings were always sick.) Happy birthday Izzy. I though the cake looked delicious, especially the squeaky toys stuck in it! (Ghostwriter also remembers trolls from when she was a kid ((when dinosaurs walked the earth!)) They were kind of ugly back then.) What's a guinea pig? Can you make bacon with it? Hope you guys get some rain soon! Oh, and ghostwriter keeps talking about a puppy, but she then adds, "next summer maybe."

    It's always great to hear from you, mate!

  21. That is a handsome collar, Charlie! Butt, I guess its off now, BOL! Tat is how late I am with checking out your blog...sigh...

    I also hope all the little girls are no longer sick. That is just not fun at all.

    I BOL'd at the cow, OMD!! At furst I thought is was the piggy, but then I looked closer...maybe the petcretary needs some new glasses, ROFLOL!!

    Can't wait to read the puppy postings...and I only saw the picture I didn't cheat and look ahead...tee-hee!