Tuesday 5 April 2016

Our trip to Sydney!

This seems like ages ago now but here's how I trip down to Sydney went.

Crikey ...... Dad's not good at stopping once he's on the road so there's no pictures of the first part of our trip. It was real pretty too. You'd have loved it!!  The countryside looked a bit like I imagine Ireland looks like.  It was sooooooooooooo green!!  Mum got her country fix of cows and sheep. She's a bit infatuated with cows.  I've got no idea why. They're big smelly things as far as I can see and they gang up on you if you so much as glance their way.  I got up close and personal with a herd of them once. I was behind a fence and they were way off in the distance but I just propped and watched them for a while and do you know what they did??  No ..... I don't suppose you do!!  Well I'm telling you ...... they wandered right up to the fence ...... the whole lot of 'em ..... AND they gave me the eye!!!!!  Almost scared me half to death, they did!!!  I've not been a big fan of 'em ever since.  Mum thought it was a riot when I backed away and hid between her legs.  What's with her??

Anyways ..... we just drove and drove all day. It was awful boring but I was a good bloke.  I didn't carry on like a fourpenny rabbit as I usually do.  I just layed back and soaked up the scenery. There was one very worrying part of the trip. We were just about at one of our petrol stops when Mum and Dad noticed flashing lights and half of the road was closed and everyone was going very slow. There were rescue trucks and ambulances and Mum didn't look but Dad did and he said he thought a group of cyclists had been hit.  OMD!!  How bad is that? When we got to the service station I heard this big noise and right over our heads was a big chopper. It looked as if it was going to land on our roof but it didn't. It landed in the park next to the service station. The ambulance arrived and they took someone off in the chopper.  Mum felt sick just thinking about it.  I sure hope everyone was ok. Soon after that we decided to have a bit of a break. We had been driving for nearly 9 hours and we still had an hour to our destination for the night.  We stopped at a beach called Morrison beach at Nambucca Heads. We have stayed at Nambucca lots of times. It's one of our very favourite beaches in all of Australia. It is so beautiful and just like it must have been when Captain Cook first saw it. You can't see any houses or anything that looks like civilisation from the beach. It is just perfect and there's hardly ever anyone there, except in holiday times of course.  Well there is one building on the beach but it's kinda tucked away at one end and if you don't look that way it's perfect. Thought you might like to see some photos so here's heaps of  'em!  You know me ...... I love to share my beach photos around. Hope you like 'em.

This is the walk down to the beach. You can drive on the beach cause it's awful long but not many people do.
This little creek is very pretty and the water is as clean as clean. The colour is just from the teatree's.  A lady told us they had seen a croc in the creek last week.  What's with the croc stories lately?? Nambucca's far too south for crocs.  
Here's Mum trying to be arty farty again.  Don't know why she bothers.
Yahooooooooooooooo!!!  I'm off .....
Mum loves it when the water's on the sand like this. Reckons it looks like a finely crocheted shawl. What the heck??????
Crikey I love it!!
When we turned back look what I saw.  It's a Maremma!!  I love Maremmas. They are so gentle and play just like I do. 

I think he's seen me.  Oh and you can see that building now. Stupid building!!

Yep ..... he's friendly. How good is that??  Don't know who owns him. There's no-one around but he's got a tag and looks as if he knows what he's doing.
We had a great time.
Time for a fresh water rinse off.
Crikey I'm glad I don't have all that hair to get mussed up like that!!
Crikey ..... he's gone.  Must have gone home for a blow dry!!

We stayed at the beach for about an hour and then headed off to Kempsey where we stayed overnight. I'll tell you about that soon.

Wanna run ... love, Charlie.


  1. Our mom doesn't like to see accident situations either where peeps can be hurt. It distresses her too, Charlie. Your beach shots are just gorgeous and the water is so crystal clear!

  2. OH MY CATS Charlie...we hope and purr whomever was hurt in that accident is ok. When they bring in the whirlie bird planes around here it is very serious!
    What a road trip with such beautiful leg stretching places. Mom would have plunked her tush on that sand and sat for hours gazing. OMDs do you think you knew beach friend might be the owner of the sand or per chance the mayor. he was very welcoming for sure. How cool it that, you and I had the same water fountains!! The new one is very easy to clean no many parts
    Hugs madi your bestes kitty matey

  3. What a beautiful beach Charlie, and you made a new friend?? You are such a friendly guy you attract friendly pups!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  4. Oh, that is such a pretty beach, Charlie!!! And you made a nice friend, although we do wonder why he was out by himself:( We hope everyone in that accident is OK.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Wow, what a wonderful vacation. Thank you for taking us on part of it.

  6. Love all those pics, and you sure had fun with your new pal!

    Sorry you had to witness a bad accident. So disconcerting and unnerving. Hope the injured will soon be up and at it.

    It was good to share in your beachtime, Charlie. woofs! Way better than our snow...sigh...

  7. It's a gorgeous beach and you, well almost, had it all to yourselves!

  8. Oh my! What a gorgeous beach area. I wanna play in the sand and water too please. XOXO - Bacon

  9. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Cows are scary, but that Beach looks AMAZING!!! Can I come run with you???

  10. Wow! Lovely trip and beautiful beach. Golden Woofs

  11. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I ma looking at your beautiful Beach photos again! Oh how I would love to run on that Beach!!!

  12. Hari OM
    .................oh ... I clicked 'older post' from part two and it brought me here - so that works better than the HERE link... doing this old head in Charlie mate!!!..... YAMxx