Thursday 31 March 2016

Mum's a bit down!!

Crikey ...... Mum's a bit down!!!  Who knows why?  Not me .... that's for sure.  This happens from time to time with her but it's a bit bad this time.  She can't stop crying. You know crying ...... it's that leaky eye thing.  She's been like this before but it's pretty bad at the moment.  She'll come good. She always does but I sure wish she'd hurry up.  She's got nothing to be down about. She's got ME for goodness sake  .... What more could anyone want?????  She wants to go home. We've been away for 87 years or something and she just wants to go home. Most people like being away from home but not my Mum. Even holidays can be too long for her.  The first time Mum and Dad went to Europe they were booked to be away for 6 weeks. After 4 weeks Mum got so down they came home early.  She loves Europe but she loves home best. Weird, aye??  I think it's the kids she misses so I thought I'd cheer her up by posting some pics of the little girls. I sure hope it works.  We've got another couple of weeks here in Sydney. I've gotta cheer her up somehow. It's getting mighty damp around here.
Don't let this pic fool you ..... they aren't always this SWEET!!!
Little Red Riding Hood!! 
Wonder what's in the bag!!
Heading off to the Easter bonnet parade.  Poor G missed out but she DOES have clothes on.
Whoops ...... how did he get in here??????????
Miss Jo won best bonnet. Winners are grinners, aye??
Crikey ..... even I think this is cute!!

I sure hope that cheered her up.  I really don't want to drown.  

Wanna run ........ love, Charlie.


  1. Luv da cute bunny outfits on da girls!

    P.S. - Tears are salty and taste good! Lick em up - it'll make your momma stop cryin and keep ya from drownin.

    1. Crikey Whitley ..... I did it ... I did it!! She's smiling. Thanks Whitley!!

  2. We are sending lots happy vibes to your Mama. We know what she means tho, vacations are nice but there is no place like home!
    Sending lots of Smileys!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Hi Charlie,
    Sending virtual WFT licks to your Mum, plus a few cheery tail wags.
    Toodle pip!

  4. Charlie, those pics are so going to put a happy face because you even got growlmy giggling out loud!

    Its a good thing all those bunny costumes and ears were on the girls...and not *you*!! BOL!

    And your sweet loving licks on my behalf will help a lot, too. Afterall my other name is Sir Lick-a-Lot!

  5. She needs for you to take her for long walks....that'll cheer her up! Good to see the girls...and all wearing clothes, BOL! Love the bulldog, that should make her laugh.

  6. Hari OM
    Crikey Charlie - pawhaps if you go get your wetsuit on mum will go into 'I must save Charlie' mode and it will perk her up? I think mums who get teary are needing to feel useful to the peeps and paws that they love. The licky tears thing is a very good ploy too!!! Pawhaps you can pass on an extra big hug from me to mum??? Hugs and wags, to you too... YAM-aunty xxx

  7. Cheer up Mum hope you feel better soon.
    We sold our home 10 years ago so no going back there any more, we do get to visit family and friends as we travel, for us it's all good.

  8. I'm sure they are always sweet :o) Hugs to your mom, we understand her... home is the best place we no holi-day place is like that home...POTP and weim-power to your momma :o)

  9. We are sending lots of happy smile vibes to your mom, Charlie☺ The girls are just too cute!

  10. We sure hope your mom is feeling right as rain soon! So Sydney isn't your home? Where is home?

  11. Crikey Charlie... we are Sorry your mom is Down... butt we CAN understand her WANTING TO BE HOME... As Dorothy said when she wanted to leave OZ.... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME !!!
    OMD the Easter Bonnets are GRAND... butt we sort of MISS the LACK OF CLOTHING. Just Sayin.

  12. Our dear Oma says sometimes you live close to the water, meaning you sometimes have tearful days. We hope they pass quickly.

  13. Bet she is thrilled to be home!
    Lily & Edward

  14. What a beautiful family. No wonder she wants to come home

  15. Thats the cutest bunch of pictures I seen in a long time that should cheer her up.

  16. Those pictures sure made us smile!!

  17. My matey is so good to see your name on our comments....butttt...we are sorry your mum is feeling lonely and homesick. Please tell her Dr. madi prescribes tons more of DARLIN' photos of the precious girls and 87 kisses a day form you. We are sure this will make her feel like she is on cloud 9.
    Hugs madi your best feline matey and mom

  18. Those are a whole lot of ADORABLE photos!

  19. Oh those kids, what can we say... we love them :)

  20. I sure hope that the pics of those cute kids helped pick your mum up!