Friday 22 August 2014

I'm devo!!

Crikey ..... I'm devo!!!  Mum and Dad are going away for 4 whole weeks. That's ok, you say??  Well it's NOT ok ...... not even a little bit ok.  They usually take me EVERYWHERE with them. Even on holidays ... but not this time.  They are going overseas.  Overseas??  What's that??  I've been overseas. I went on a ferry once. I went across the seas.  Why can't I go?????  I'm soooooooo upset.  I might NEVER talk to them EVER again!!  What's happening to me, you say?? Well I'll tell you what's happening to me. I'm going to refuse to eat. I'm going to pine away and be a shadow of my former self when they return. I might just pine RIGHT AWAY and  be with our Harri and our Lucy when they return.  That'd show 'em, aye??  Miss Poppy PooPoo pants will have taken over by the time they get back.  Murphy and her will be as thick as thieves. The Grandkids'll forget me.   Fair dinkum ...... life sucks, aye?? They are taking me to stay with Charmaine.  She's a real nice Sheila. I've stayed with her before but only for a day at a time. I love her a lot and she loves me and I'm going to be living in her house. I'm even allowed on the bed.   How good is that?? BUT ..... it's NOT HOME!!!!!  Woe is me!!  What will become of me. I'm scared. I've NEVER been left alone for 4 whole weeks before.  Crikey ..... I hope I can cope!!  If I'm still around when they get back I'm going to give 'em heaps. I'm going to go into the biggest sulk anyone has ever seen. I might sulk for days. I'll show 'em..  Do you wanna know where they're goin'?  Who cares says I??  If I'm not going ..... who jolly well cares???? If YOU do I'll tell you but I wouldn't have any idea why you'd wanna know. They are going to Belgium and Holland and France (g'day Easy) and Germany.  What's so good about that? They all sound foreign to me!!  Anyway ..... they'll have a lousy time.  How could they possibly have a good time without ME!!    AND here's some MORE bad news .... you won't be hearing from me for all that time.  How BAD is that??  Crikey I hope I haven't devastated all you too. I'm devo enough for everyone. They leave on Sunday!!  Wish me luck, aye??  I sure hope I'm alive when they get back. If you don't hear from me again at least you'll know what happened, aye??   OMD ...... I'm devo'd!!   Here's some pictures.   Just so you don't forget me, aye??
 This was taken at the beach this arvo.  The very last photo of me you might EVER see!!. If I survive I'll probably look like a bag of bones the next time you see a picture of me, aye??

Crikey .... this bloke was there too.  I tried to eat it!!

87 years ago I promised Stella Rose I would write her name in the sand. Thought I'd best do it today just in case. Wouldn't want to break a promise. Its not a very good photo, Stella. Sorry ..... it was high tide. If I survive I'll do a better one.
Just so you'll remember my humorous side!!

Crikey ...... I'm sure gunna miss you blokes!! 

Wanna run .... Love, Charlie.


  1. Oh Charlie, that is terrible news. Well not so terrible perhaps. At least you are not going to prison. And I am sure none of your friends will forget you.
    But really, how can your humans travel all the way to Europe and not visit Scotland?
    Toodle pip!

  2. We ALWAYS get left behind when SHE travels. AND SHE tries to tell us that we're at camp. At least you're in comfy circumstances. We have to rough it!

  3. Charlie, I is never gonna forget you, please, please don't pine.
    I shall haf to give Charmaine strict instructions to spoil you rotten
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Hari Om
    OMDness this is devo-news indeed mate!!!!! We surely will miss seeing your soulful face on the etherbebbles... but you know what they say; 'heartness makes the absence weaken'. Or summat.

    ...oh and yes, no Scotland trip??????? Look, wish the peeps very safest of travels Charlie and make sure you make the most of that bed opportunity. We'll all be glad to see you when things get back to rightness. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx
    (and a few extra for the gap xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

  5. Oh Charlie :( don't fret
    I took great care of Zippy for 4 weeks when his went away.

  6. Charlie? Charlie who?

    Jus kiddin Mate! How are we gonna survive without hearin bout yur adventures?
    This is a bad deal a round.
    Do yu think the sweet Charmaine mite be able to post fur yu once in awhile?

  7. Well that just isn't right is it - surely they can can hide you in a bag? We guess the good thing is you will have weeks of practicing how to give them the cold shoulder and ways to make them feel so guilty about leaving you behind. BUT there is an upside - start writing up your list of everything you want them to bring you back - toys, treats LOTS OF GOODIES

  8. Abandonment!!!!!! How could they? Well secretly have a swell time and remember when they return plenty of sulking, ignoring and lots of the cold paw unless they bring you back 4 weeks worth of treats and the rest. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Crikey Charlie dat is awful. I'm just gettin to know you and now you're going to disappear. Shame on dem for abandoning you.

  10. Mensen-kinderen!
    Ach Du Liebe!
    Oh, Non:( C'est terrible!
    Questo è male!

    Well, just saying my international thoughts about this... did look happy at the beach, and even silly wig was proper peeps for 4 weeks...

    Tell your peeps to have a safe trip, stay calm, cool and collected! And buy a present for Charlie at every village they visit...that was what growlmy told me to woof...that way they wont have any room in their baggage, and they'll have to pay dearly fur extra weight, BOL!

    And yes, give em a big old stink eye when they get you don't wanna see them, BOL!
    Um...after 4 weeks, maybe you hosts might not wanna give you back...OMD:(
    Or maybe you will love them so mach you will wanna take Charmaine back with you! Wowee!! Now that would be fun!!

    I will just have to go take a really L.....O.........N..................G nap....sniff...........................

  11. OMD! How will WE ever survive if we don't hear from you for so long!!!! Well, maybe you'll have an adventure while they're gone. Mom says time goes by faster than you can imagine (especially the days off from work! haha!) and it goes slower if you watch the clock (like at the end of the shift when you're waiting for the next crew to arrive) Hang in there Charlie!

  12. Hope she feels guilty leaving you. We thought that was Lady Gaga
    Lily & Edward

  13. That's bad that you have to stay at home but not in your home while your pawrents travel over the seas... maybe they can visit me? And when you look so sad, they will bring you tons of gifts. I'm sure StellaRose loves her name in the sand, that's cute!

  14. The trip really sounds like an amazing one!! YOU are really going to be missed, I've no doubt!!! But I bet the time will pass by really fast, practice making THEM feel guilty for leaving you, and just think of all the fun little pressies I'll bet they will bring you.

  15. OMD, we are gonna miss you, but we won't forget you, if you don't survive we will be back and grab your pic, make a copy and pin it on the wall beside the puter. This is so not fair, please hang on Charlie, we thing you can make it through this bad time in your life!

    The Mad Scots

  16. Well, cwap. Dis r nod gud...

    Heck,Charwie. When yu sed yu wuz 'devo', I fot yu meaned yu wuz joinin' dis band :


    R yu kiddin'? Us? Furged YU??? OMD, bwoke. Dweam on. I hope yur pawents hab a wunnerful twip tu Euwope <3

  17. OMD, dis are just terrible! 4 weeks! I get upset when my momma leaves for 4 hours. Hope ya survives.

  18. OMD!!!! How could they possibly enjoy themselves knowing that they are leaving you for such a long time?

    I'm going to miss you lots while you are gone, but I promise I won't forget you.

  19. We will all pick a day and come to spend time with you in your dreams so you are not alone buddy. Can't wait to hear from you again.

  20. I am devo with ya, what hell are they thinking leaving you behind. All I've got to say is they better bring you a pawesome present back!!!

    Aroo to you,

  21. Hey no worrys!!! I will watch over your girl for you,,,,
    and I will be be boppin in to check on you too!

  22. Hey, afore yu take off, I noticed yur gettin a lot of spam comments. Maybe change yur settings so yu don't get flooded with spam while yur gone. Yur human sister could maybe find how to change those settings.
    Jus an idea.

  23. Aw you'll be ok, Charlie! It'll be like YOU'RE on vacation, too!!!

  24. FOUR WEEKS!!!!!! Do they know how long that is in dog time??!! My MOM has only left me for 6 days and that was WAY hard. I will be thinking about you and hoping all goes as best as possible.

  25. Hi. I popped over from Molly the Wally to say hello :-)

  26. That is super super long in doggie time. Hopefully they will send you updates, telling you how much they miss you.

  27. guess who??? its me again,,, checkin up on you!

  28. Hi Charlie, my first time here. My Lady travels a LOT and I go have sleepovers with friends. I even went to summer camp for two months this summer because it was way too hot (and still is) in Delhi where I live. Just let me tell you something: pack for fav toys, treats, and blankies and it will seem more like home. Familiar things comfort. Here's the best thing about Lady traveling: she always brings back the best surprises for me cuz she feels guilty! She brought me a new hoodie from Thailand, and a stuffie from Nepal. My timeshare families love me so I have lots of adventures when I go for sleepovers. Butt, I love coming home and sleeping in my own big bed with Lady.

  29. Oh, Charlie, we hope the peeps have a great vacation, but how could they leave you behind. Hope you are doing fine!

  30. Crikey Crikey Crikey Charlie this is beyond terrible. I think Miss Poppy PooPoo is the root of all that has happen. Somehow you got to figure out how to get her on a permanent vacation. Hope you folks have fun in all those places but I know they won't because they will be missing you.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  31. Wow, I'm missing you bunches, but hope your peeps bring you something great when they return! I think they owe you a big ole steak dinner. BOL Love the pix of Stella's name in the sand and that wig is great! See you soon.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  32. Charlie we are missing you so much that we had to come visit your blog. Sure hope your parents make it up to you.

  33. Hmmmm...If my calcuwashuns r cowwect, yur pawents wong, wong, WONG baycayshun in Europe r gonna be ober soon!! Hope yu r surbibin', Charwie. Yu shur r missed 'wound heer!, bwoke! Cwikey!

  34. Charlie? Who's this Charlie?

    Hey! We miss yu dood! Shirley yur folks are back an yu Mum's got all the durty lawndry done by now! We need to hear frum yu!

  35. Charlie, we are sitting here wagging our tails waiting for your return.

  36. Hey Charlie - we Beaglebratz r TRYIN'tue b patient BUTT u haz bin gone like ... almost 87 dayz (or almost) WHERE IZ U CHARLIE???????????
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta