Tuesday 11 July 2017

She's back with more BORING pictures!!

Well knock me down with a feather ...... some of you weren't bored with Mum's post yesterday!!!!!  Fair dinkum??????  Who'd have thought??  Not me that's for sure!!  Well ..... the few of you that weren't bored will be pleased to know that she's back. Sorry to the rest of you but flick through to the end. There'll be an interesting shot of you know who??  That should make up for the absolute and utter bored state that you have found yourselves in.  Take it away Mum ......

Well first to answer a question that Blueberry's Mom had ... Then just pictures ..... I wouldn't want to take up too much of Charlie's precious post.  I have to say Da Phenny made me laugh big time with his comment when he said when his Mama reached into her pocket for her phone so she could take a picture all she came up with was a poop bag.  I've been there and done that so many times. My pockets ALWAYS have poop bags AND treats in them.  But back to Blueberry's Mom's question.  She didn't know what salties and freshies were.  Salties are saltwater crocodiles AND DEADLY and freshies are freshwater crocodiles and not so deadly.  Freshies aren't real big and don't worry you if you don't worry them.  I've swam in heaps of places with freshies around without a problem.  There's no way I'd swim anywhere near salties though.  Now to the rest of the pics. Oh my ..... I've just looked at the ones I chose  and Charlie's right.  Way too many. I wanted to show you 36 pics.  That's way too many, aye??  So here's just a few (more than just a few I'm afraid) .... oh and it's better if you biggefy them.
Many an hour was spent here. The wallabies, birds and buffalo  were great company.  
From inside our room! Although we didn't spend much time here  
There was always someone wandering by and the noises at night ..... oh my!!
Such pretty sunsets. I'm afraid the phone just didn't do them justice.  The bloke from Michigan took some stunners. I was so envious of his whopping big telephoto lens.  He took an amazing photo of a saltwater croc too. 
Lotus lillies. Oh so pretty and useful too.  You can eat all of them and the stem can be used as a straw for drinking and the local aborigine women used them as a hat. We had them in one of our meals one night.  Delicious! 
Pretty, aye??

This was a huge eagle.  Again ..... wish I had my camera.  He was truly beautiful through binoculars.  
Loved the air boat. The places it could go!  Amazing!!  I swear there was NO water under us at times.  if you live in the US I believe you use them in the Everglades.  
I loved this place.  They called it kingfisher lagoon.  So many kingfishers and bee catchers to be seen.  

This was a Jabiru nest and Mrs. Jabiru was standing up.  Again the Michigan man got a great shot. Me ..... not so much but you can see her if you biggety it.
These blokes were all over the place.  
Good looking specimen, aye??
Mumma and baby.  That baby was still in the Mumma's pouch from time to time.  You'd wonder how it would fit but it did. Probably not for much longer.  

The next few pics I stole again.  Sorry to whoever took them but I'm just trying to show how brilliant your skills are compared to mine.  
Brolgas ..... We saw some just like this.
Crikey ..... makes my wallaby pic look cheap, aye??
Magpie geese.  They were everywhere but I couldn't capture them like this.  
Dead scary!  I ALWAYS kept my hands INSIDE the boat.  

Thank goodness that's over, aye??  Now here's some pics of an encounter I had on the beach yesterday arvo.  I was just wandering around minding my own business when out of nowhere this greyhound sheila ran at me at a million miles an hour. Crikey I thought I was fast but I was no match for her although  I could beat her over a short distance. She ALWAYS caught me though. We had a great time. I hope she comes back another day. Her name was Piper. Pretty name, aye??

I'm in the lead ..... but not for long!!
Crikey ..... what long legs we have!!
We found this great puddle to cool off in but by the time Mum got her camera out from amongst the poop bags and treats we'd had enough.  

Wanna run ..... Love, Charlie.


  1. Wow, Charlie. Petcretary was NOT bored at all! Those brolgas look just like our sandhill cranes!
    Your Mum took lovely pictures with her phone. And I loved seeing you on your beach again! Run Charlie, RUN!

  2. great photos!!! and we love the definition of salties & freshies... that means only the freshies will land on that overpriced polo shirts, right? because the price is sick but not deadly ;o)

  3. Gosh its fun to spend a bit of time in the Australian bush before heading off to work on a great Aberdeen morning.
    Cheers! Gail.

  4. Hari OM
    ....ssssiiiggghhhh... be still my beating heart.... Mum's shots of the top end were pretty good too...(she's better than she thinks she is &*>) Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. Wonderful photos Mum...that sunset is just glorious!
    And Charlie, I think you've found you match with Piper!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us mum, some pretty nice pictures as well.
    Now Charlie gets back out to run with a Greyhound that will sure give him a workout.

  7. Well Mr Crikey, I didn't think your Mum was that boring. In fact, I am quite jealous. If Brom and I ever make it out there, I will certainly take a good camera. And keep my hands in the boat at all times, lest I become croc-food!

    But it was also nice to have you back too Charlie. And seeing you flying around with so much fun.

    Mara from Norway

  8. Charlie since it is YOUR blog I'll comment first on you and your new friend Piper...who runs like the wind. I hope you find here there on the beach your next visit. She is quite lovely.
    Lynn your phone did you proud. I think these photos are splendid. Question (hopefully not to stupid), I think I'm seeing screening around your room is that correct? Otherwise you would have been sleeping with the critters. The sunset was gorgeous and I too would have been sitting on that lovely patio most of the time. What a beautiful vacation spot.
    Hugs Madi and Cecilia

  9. Mom is so jealous. Those are some great pics
    Lily & Edward

  10. More great pics! Thank you for letting me know what salties and freshies are - very interesting!

    Running on the beach looks like so much fun!

  11. Wow! I love the photos, every single one if them. Sorry Charlie!! How amazing the trip was. And saltwater crocks are soooo scary! I'd keep my hand out of the water, too.

  12. OMD, what GORGEOUS photos! Mom loves the lotus waterlilies. She didn't know they were edible and came with a free straw!

  13. Not boring at all, Charlie. Mom has really been enjoying learning all about the trip and seeing the great photos. We, on the other hand, are intrigued about running on a beach. We would love to race you and Piper. Now, if only we could get to the beach!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  14. Thank you for the great pictures of everything. Amazing place! My Jessy human has been in the Everglades on an airboat. Sometimes she goes fishing there too, but knows where the big alligators are. Great pictures of you and your friend too, Charlie!

  15. Wonderful, wonderful photos!! Thank you for sharing! And thanks Charlie for letting your mum have some time to share
    Hazel & Mabel

  16. Love all the photos. My aim and shoot camera doesn't seem to do colours correctly....certainly my shots of sunrises/sets are always washed out. However, carrying lots of lenses that have to be changed can be a pain, too.

    She has many travel photo albums of a brochure picture of a sight....with HERs next to it...LOL!

  17. What a wonderful place with so much wildlife around. The jabiru nest is good to see, especially as I was just reading a European blog with photos of a stork's platform nest. Buffalos should not be where they are. I hope you get to meet up with Piper again.

    1. You're right about the buffalo, Andrew, but Mum said they were beautiful to watch. Their family closeness is plain to see. A bit like elephants, apparently. The destruction to the wetland areas where they were was plain to see. They are eating machines and they love the water lillies and lotus lillies along with all the natural grasses. They didn't travel that far from dry land, however, and there was still heaps off wetland area on this station that was free from their damage. AND it abutts Kakadu national park where, I believe, there are no buffalo. Wild pigs, however, are another problem. Mum said she could hear them at night. The station owner does what he can to keep the pigs down but it's a never ending job.

  18. Those are some fascinating pictures. What a beautiful part of the world to experience. I bet my parents would love to see it someday. Thanks to your mom for sharing. Of course the best pictures were you and your friend at the beach. Those are so special.

  19. Beautiful photos! Amazing that the baby can still fit in that pouch! And you are looking good Charlie, glad you got to your beach!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  20. OMD..Our Mama was drooling over all those great pictures your Mama took!! Jakey and I loved the last 3 pictures the best!

  21. Mama won't swim wif salties or freshies if she sees them in the water.. BOL we has them in FL but they are more South FL thank goodness!! We does has some big alligators up here though ;) We love all da picsurs!!

    Your new friend Piper looks like a blast to hang out wif.

    Matt (& Matilda)

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