Sunday 12 February 2017

Sydney and stuff!!

Crikey ..... we've been away forever.  Dad had some work to do in Sydney so we packed up and off we went.  What an ordeal.  I've NEVER felt so hot in all my life.  The trip down was a nightmare. Not really ..... but I thought it might be. You see I usually ride in the back of our covered in ute in my crate because that's the only way I travel well and safe.  BUT it's not air-conditioned in there. Dad bought me this evaporative cooler thing and it works well but not when it gets real hot and it got real hot on the day of our trip to Sydney.  It's about a 1200km trip.  We'd only been on the road for an hour when the temperature was reading 39C or 102.2F and I was starting to wilt. Mum said I had to go in the front of the car where it was air conditioned but there was no room as the back seat was full of all Mum and Dad's junk.  The only vacant spot was at Mum's feet so guess what??  That's where I stayed for the rest of the trip.  I was happy as ..... it was cool and I was comfy.  No complaints from me.  BUT ...... Mum moaned and groaned the whole way.  I've no idea why.  I had plenty of room.  I'm real glad I got to ride in the front cause it got hotter and hotter.  Mum took this picture of the outside temperature. Pretty hot, aye??  It did get to 46C or 114.8F but she didn't get that picture for some reason or other.  Crikey ..... am I ever glad I wasn't in the back.

Cosy, aye??
I had plenty of room. 
We took two days to get there. We stayed in a motel overnight and set off again in the morning. Me in the front again.  Hmmmmmm ..... I could get real used to this.
Mum and I had a good time in Sydney. We didn't do much because it was really hot most days but we managed to catch up with all our friends and my two legged sister, Janey, and her 2 poodles Remi and Bruno as well as run errands for Dad.  Poor Dad had to work in the heat (he's a builder and the work he does is mainly outside work) and he was pretty beat by the end of our time there. He's ancient and he should really stop working but hey ..... someone's gotta keep me in chicken necks, aye??
We got to go on an early morning whippet meet up at the beach.  I know I get to go to MY beach every day when we are at home but there's not many dogs there and no whippets.  At the Sydney meet up there were 27 whippets and 2 greyhounds. Crikey it was a good few hours.  I had the best fun. We terrorised all the other dogs on the beach. None of them could keep up with us. Mum took lots of pictures so here's a few.  It's better if you biggefy them.
That's a lot of whippets, aye, and that's not all of us?  Yes that's me in the foreground.
Yep .... that's me .... the middle one.  I'm a great wave jumper.  
I nearly drowned!!  I fell in a hole. It was hard to get out. Everyone stood on the beach and laughed at me.  I COULD HAVE DROWNED and they just LAUGHED!!  Fair dinkum?????  How bad is that??????
This bloke had GOOD treats.  Look how patient we all are. See that good looking' fawn bloke next to me .... his name is Sanjo. He's a service dog. His owner is an epileptic and he knows when she is going to have a turn and makes her sit down. He won't let her go anywhere. He sits on top of her. He's amazing, aye??  
These next 3 pics aren't of me.  The fawny whippet is my mate Dash.  He and I  really get on well together.  We play just like this but we haven't got photos of the two of us.  These are Dash with a grey bloke.  Best to biggefy them.  Dash looks really ferocious but he's not really.  I play like that too.  
How good is this pic??  Mum didn't take these. One of the other whippy people took it. Mum would like to name them but she can't remember who it was.  Lucky the whippy people are pretty laid back about things like that, aye??  We just share our pics around.  
See ..... good mates!!  All that teeth gnashing and stuff means nothing to us blokes.  
We are home again now and I have lots to tell you but I've gotta wait for Mum to get her life in order before she can do my bidding and blogging but I'll try and show you some more pics in the next few days.  Sorry if I've been a bit slack getting round to all you blokes but I have been trying to keep up as much as I can even if I haven't been commenting too much.  You should see Herbie ...... crikey he's grown AND he's had a haircut.  Bet you can't wait to see him aye??  I hardly recognised him.

Wanna run ..... love, Charlie.


  1. Hari OM
    G'Day Charlie mate... wow, but these are some neat shots!!! Can you believe I didn't bring the Fudge with me on this trip? Nope. It was several heavy grams over my limit. So I just have a tiny point and shoot thingo, which isn't a patch in the photographic stakes, but am getting by with it. Crikey though, this heat eh? Just had a Southerly buster come through this arvo, but I bet it won't last long. Still. I's enjoying the heat in my bones. It'll set me up for the winter which will still be around when I get back to the Bonny Land! Catch ya again later mate. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

    1. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are coping. Our Janey has been telling us How bad Sydney heat has been since we left. No better here though and we don't get the southerly busters. Bet you were glad to see that yesterday.

  2. wow that was an adventure charlie... it's great that you met so much friends... but we should sue all the people who laughed as you landed in that hole... hey wait a minute... a hole in your ocean?... now I know why we had so much rain hehehehehe

    1. CRIKEY Phenny ... maybe that hole was the one Easy was working on and he NEARLY made it through to Aus. You'd better get to work on it mate. It's nearly done.

  3. Wow, gud thing they let yu ride wif the AC, yu wudda melted in the back.
    Gud times at the beach!

  4. What a fun time you had an all those whippets, sure would have been a wonderful sight to see. That is a good thing that you got to site in the front where the air conditioning was, way to hot to be in the back for you.

    1. Everyone on the beach was watching us. We have so much fun and we run like the wind. One of us takes off and then we all follow at a million miles an hour. The peeps can't believe their eyes.

  5. Glad you found a cool place to travel. Looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to hear more about it.

  6. Shows you how much Mum loves you since she gave up her foot space for you. You blokes look like you are having so much fun. Glad you had such a good time but poor Dad. Does the sand hurt your paws when it's so hot?

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  8. The air in my car stopped working last summer, so I couldn't take our pups anywhere - So, I know all about "when pups melt" in the heat. Glad you were able to get there cooly and safely, and have lots of great fun! I'm envious of being able to go to the beach in any weather!!

  9. It's always great to see you, Charlie! Glad you had a wonderful day at the beach with all your friends.

  10. I think you should always get to ride in the front with the peeps. I loved all the photos of you and your friends at the beach.

    Aroo to you,

  11. What a wonderful time you must have had, Charlie. While it was good that you could travel in the cool car, think of what you missed seeing along the way.

  12. We thought we were HOT out here with the high temps...but at least we do not have HUMIDITY! We're glad your dad didn't melt.

    We thought for a minute that your mum was going to get in the crate for the ride....bwahaahaa!

    It is COOL this morning. We hope the nearby fires will be conquered.

  13. OMD Charlie, what an adventure you had on the way to Sidney! It does look like you had some fun in the waves tho!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. What great pictures of your Whippet meet-up, Charlie! Thank goodness you rode in the front with your mom. Those are superhot temps!

  15. Charlie, you have a great Mom to let you ride at her feet so you could be cool and comfy!!! And it sure looks like you had lots of fun and got some great exercise at the beach. Shame on those peeps for laughing at you - sheesh!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  16. Glad to hear from you Charlie. You know what is great after a long, hot drive. A romp on the beach. It looks like you had a whipping good time.

  17. You sure are a good looking guy, Charlie! I love your beach pictures. I wish you could come play with Ginger and George. You would like them!

  18. Oh Charlie, that IS hot dude! Butts, sure looks like you had a comfy ride! I don't knows why the peeps groan abouts us all up in their leg's the bestest place to ride, right?!
    OMD, you look like you had the bestest time evers with your furiends!!! And Dash is one handsome dude, with some pawsomely white toothers! BOL
    Sorry abouts almost drownin'....peeps can be sooooo means! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  19. A whippet meet-up. Charlies, that looks absolutely brilliant. Well worth travelling all those kilometers in the heat. Alhough one has to say it was good to learn that your Mum has her priorities in order when it comes to car seating plans. I guess she is just to big to curl up in the footwell and allow you the front seat?
    Toodle pip!

  20. I learned pretty quick dat A/C are essenshul. Ya learn dat fast when ya get taken to Texas in da middle of summer as lil puppy.

    Great beach pics!

  21. Wow, what a whippet convention! That looks like a blast!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  22. Charlie....we have been hearing about the horribly hot weather way downunder. Geez good buddy. Thank goodness you were comfy and cool at mum's feet; however, my Mom wonders what your mum did with her feet MOLMOL. I'm completely and utterly applaud at the laughter from the sand while you struggled for your footing.
    Anyway looks like you found a ton of mates to play with. Good to hear you are all home safe and sound. How is the temperature in your home city?
    Hugs madi your best feline matey

  23. Omg how wonderful
    A herd of dogs on a beach...we must try it here

  24. Dear Charlie,

    My person sometimes makes me sit at her feet and I HATE it. I can't imagine doing it for TWO DAYS! Even if it was cooler!

    But it looks like it was worth it - look at all those sight hounds! Also, service dogs are amazing. What a fun-looking time!!


  25. Wow, that is a lot of fast running dogs on the beach. Tegan would love to join you...she loves to chase all the fast dogs on the beach!!


  26. I don't think you went because of Dad's work I think you went for a Whippet Convention ~ I bet there was a visitors bureau also. Love does not need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without reason and it’ll stay every season. A dog's love is pure. We all show that particularly the service dog. Happy Valentine's Day Charlie.
    Sweet William The Scot

  27. Oh my goodness, what a trip! I think you had the best seat in the car there. I once had to drive my bus when it was 45 degrees outside and inside and I was boiling!

    That beach meet looks like it was fantastic fun as well.

    Mara from Norway

  28. That is just way too HOT! Petcretary (growlmy) would die, literally she doesn't do hot weather at all...

    Did you get any ice cream to cool your blazing tongue?? Appawrently you had a birthday whilst you were gone...and Dogster was down for the count for several of course I didn't get any little note on the board that you had a special day...shucks, I missed it entirely. Now its over a week ago.

    Anypaws, Happy Belated Birthday to YOU, Charlie! May you enjoy many more:)

    You sure did have a fun riot of whippets on the beach!! What fangs I saw...yikes!!

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