Thursday 10 November 2016

Good and bad .... just like the OP pack!!

Whilst I've been missing in action there's been some good and bad things happen around our way. Do you remember just before I disappeared how my two legged sister, Jenni and her family lost dear, sweet Mortimer Moo, their miniature cow, to a paralysis tick. You can read about it HERE if you like. Well when Morty died his mate, Maggie Moo, was very, very lonely and although peeps promised the family another mini cow (they couldn't afford to buy another one) it just didn't happen.  So Maggie was VERY lonely and VERY sad.  My cousin Murphs, the labradoodle, and all round good bloke, did his best to keep her company but he was getting on a bit and couldn't be with her all the time. He needed his rest as old dogs do. So poor Maggie spent her days being very sad and very lonely but she was coping ok with the help of Murphs and the extra attention Jen and the little girls gave her.  But ...... and this is the very saddest part ..... Murphs wandered off from his home through a gate that was accidentally left open. Something he had never done before. You could leave every gate on the property open and he wouldn't go anywhere but he was getting old and a bit forgetful and he wandered off.  Oh boy ..... I don't know how to say this it's just sooooo awful ..... but he was hit by a car.  One of the neighbours hit him.  He was killed instantly. The neighbour was devestated. He knew Murphs well. Everyone did. He was the best dog EVER.  Everyone loved him. The three little girls loved him. Jen had him before they arrived into the world. He welcomed each one of them and loved and protected them.   PoppyPooPoo pants loved him, the chickens loved him, the guinea pigs loved him, Morty and Maggi loved him.  I LOVED HIM!!  OMD he was a great cousin. The BEST!!  He was 15 years old and his health was deteriorating but we all felt he would last another few years. No-one could imagine life without Murphy. What a bummer, aye??
We sure will miss him.  The one with the big white flower was on our Jen's wedding day. He was the ring bearer.  

With Miss G a few years back with Phillip the chook on his back. Let me near Phillip and she'd be in my MOUTH not on my back. Yes ..... Phillip was a sheila.  Go figure!!  

Poor Maggie Moo now had no-one to keep her company so something had to be done and a miniature cow hunt began in earnest. To make a long story short we found one ...... Her name is MOOOOOOOORIEL.
Meet Moooooriel!!  Cute, aye??
She arrived just last week. I was there when she arrived but I didn't get to have a sniff as everyone thought I would upset her and thought it best for her to settle in before they let me loose.  Hmmmmmmph!!  What did they think I would do??  I'm good with Maggie. I don't chase her too much. Besides she can handle herself. She comes at me and tries to butt me.  She's a bit scary actually but don't tell anyone I said that, aye??  Anyway Maggie is over the moon.  She won't let Mooriel out of her sight and Moooriel has settled in nicely. They are besties.  How good is that??

I think they like each other

Now all that's left to do is find a puppy for the little girls. Mum is onto it. She's been searching and searching for the right one for the family.  A very difficult job. Murphs is pretty much irreplaceable but she thinks she's found the right one now.  It's a little spoodle, called Moca at the moment but I think that will change.
Pretty cute, aye??  

He's was born on the 13th October so he's just 4 weeks old now.  Mum and Dad are buying him for the little girls for Christmas. He might have to live with us for a little bit but that's ok with me.  I'm good with puppies NOW!!  I used to give 'em a helluva time but I've settled or so Mum says.  I dare say she'll keep a very close watch on me.  But I'll be good .......  I PROMISE!!!!!

Wanna run ..... Love Charlie!!


  1. Ah Charlie, a life sadly ends and another begins and how good is the arrival of Mooriel who are readily swapping germs, and I guess you know all about that.

  2. Oh Charlie, that is sad about Murphy but what a good long life he had. And Mooriel is fabulous (and we absolutely adore the name) and what's not to love about a new puppy? You guys are going to have so much fun.
    Toodle pip!

    1. I wonder what they will call Moca. Has anyone got any suggestions??

  3. Charlie that's so sad for Morty and Murphy... but it is good that there is a solution and Moca and Mooriel will dry the tears of the girls...

  4. Hari OM
    RIP MURPHY... my heart goes out to you - even the neighbour; that must have left a dreadful mark on their memory. Murphy can never be replaced, just as a child cannot. Receiving another life is a separate blessing and will bring a whole new set of joys and challenges. Be careful of comparisons...

    Sage advice over. Isn't he adorable!!! At least the name follows in the tradition of "M" that seems to be developing over on the hill... I rather like the name.

    Cows are very much social animals and I am so glad you were able to find a pal for Maggie. Now she will feel she has a herd again.

    Sending Love and Hugs to all with extra special wags for you mate. YAM-aunty xxx

  5. How sad about Murphs :-(
    Don't Maggie and Mooriel look so happy together♥
    The little girls are going to love Moca!

  6. Dear Charlie I am so sorry for the loss of your dear furfriend but very happy to hear of your new arrivals. Its great to see Maggie and Mooriel together and I bet Moca is gonna be a great pawfulof funs!
    Hope Mum is doing okay now
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Oh so sad about Mr. Murphy. I am so sorry!
    But the cows! Too cute! Mommy an' Daddy luv our cows. They are Way bigger than Maggie an' Mooriel. I jus bark 'em up. Nefur got too close, I'd get smooshed with those hoofs.

  8. Sad to hear about Murphs, looks like things are coming together now, for everyone.

  9. So sorry about Murphy, but hopefully Moca can help you heal.

  10. I am so sorry about Murphy. It hurts so bad. But Moca has found a wonderful home full of love. And so has Mooriel. That is what counts.


  11. I am so sorry about Murphy. It hurts so bad. But Moca has found a wonderful home full of love. And so has Mooriel. That is what counts.


  12. Oh no! We're so sorry to hear about Murphy! How devastating!But ghostwriter says that's not the first time she's heard of an older doggie doing something like that. It's like they know … Dad sometimes talks about his "big brother" Kelly the Irish setter that he grew up with. Kelly did that same thing when he was very old.

    We're glad the mini-moos are happy together. And the puppy is adorable!

  13. R.I.P. and run young and free again, Murphy. My deepest sympathy to the family. We'll include Murphy in the November edition of 'Our Rainbow Friends'. A sudden loss like this is always the hardest kind to accept. Hopefully the new baby will help all of you heal. And WELCOME to the newest member of the Moo family.

  14. We are sooooo sorry about Murphy, but also happy to see the "youngins" that Murphy sent to help you heal!!
    Dory, Jakey, Bilbo and Mayor Elect Arty

  15. Oh my Charlie, that was some really sad news! A big hug from all of us here to you and your family.

    But, there is also some really good news! A new little cow called Mooriel? How adorable. And a new puppy-dog? Double adorable! I can't wait to hear stories and see photos.

    Mara from Norway

  16. Very cute pup! But what's a Spoodle?

    I'm very sorry about Murphy, such a tragedy!

    1. And Moooriel is very pretty! How big is she? It's hard to tell by the pictures.

  17. Oh noes. Oh Charlie, I am so very sorry abouts Murph. I just loved seein' him and hearin' all abouts his adventures. I'm sure he's havin' all kinds of funs over at the Bridge. Butts, that is so wonderfuls abouts Moooooreil and Moca, I thinks Murphy had a paw in that! just sayin' ♥
    Ruby ♥

  18. SOOOOOOOOO sorry to hear this about Murphs... We are sending our words of consolation to the entire family.
    OH the PUPPY... SOOOOOO cute... Not a Replacement fur Murphs.. but an ADDITION to the Family.

  19. We are so sorry to hear about Murphs. What a sad thing to happen to the old guy. But, we're sure the new pup will help fill the hole in the family's Heart. And soon everyone will say 'remember when Murph.....'

  20. Oh dear Charlie, we are so sorry about Murphs. hugs to all and to the neighbor too. The new family members will help hearts to heal
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  21. Oh yes, we can so understand the sadness. So very sorry to hear about Murph - he sure seemed like a great pup. But sadness often begets joy. How wonderful that Maggie now has Moooriel and that soon the new life of a puppy will bring lots of happiness to the family. We have experienced both in such a short time. The sadness is still there, but we are getting lots of smiles from the antics of our little one.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  22. Dat are sad bout Murphy.

    But Moca are such a cutie!

  23. Ahh, thanks! We call that mix a Cockapoo. :)

  24. So sad I got tears in my eyes reading about Murphy's death. But also glad they found a companion for Maggy and I can see they are happy to have each other. Then the little pup that will be fun in the near future.
    Charlie I wish you lots of happiness with all the other critters and your family!

  25. So very sorry about Murphy :-(

  26. Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOO Charlie my Matey we are so sorry about Murphy...he was your Jen's firs 'child'. So many sweet memories were made with him and he taught all the wee ones about unconditional love.
    We are so very sorry. OH MY CATS the wee one will love love love Mocha. what a darling little bundle of curly furs. I know Murphy is smiling from above. How much fun is it gonna be to have Mocha living with you for a few weeks. You best cover your ears with your neck scarf when the girls see Mocha THEY ARE GONNA squeal

    Mooooooooooooriel is too cute. I am not sure if we have mimi moos here in the US of A but I sure would like to have one. MOL
    Sending hugs and good wishes and kitty kisses
    Madi your kitty Matey

  27. Fly free, sad for your furmily, Charlie. Aroooooo, yowl.
    Ok, now that I have told you my condolences...and they were truly from my heart. Petcetary says, oh how horrible and sad, too. She has leaky eyes...

    Mooriel is a sweetie for sure! How cute she is wh=ith her new matey:)

    And Moca, OMD!! Ooooooh! A cute fuzzy little sausage, that wiggles! Sorry I couldn't help it, BOL!
    Its good to get another puppy to help heal hearts, not a replacement, cause that could never be, but one to start a new story of love, fun and adventure!


  28. Oh nose Charlie that is so sad about Murphy and Mortimer Moo :'(

    We are so glad they found a friend for Maggie. They sure look like they love each other already. Oh and that puppy is just too cute.

    Matt & Matilda

  29. We are trying to catch up on blogs, this makes me so sad, loss is so darn hard on the kids, and us, and all our hearts.....we love that baby puppy though and that little cow. stella rose