Sunday 31 January 2016

Remembering our Harri on his Birthday!!

Today is our Harri's birthday.  He would have been 15.  We still think of him EVERY day and Mum and Dad miss him like you wouldn't believe.  I sometimes get a bit jealous but not much cause I know they love me heaps too. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for Harri.  He knew I was the right bloke to take his place and he kept sending Mum to look at a picture of me and Mum and Dad finally went and looked at me in the real and one look at me and that was it, aye??  Here I am.
Look what Mum made me do today??

Yep ...... she made me wear Harri's coat. What was she thinking??  I'm NOT an Irish terrier but hey ..... the colour suits me, aye?? I'm sitting in front of Harri's tree and memorial. She tried to take the pictures without the mat but I wouldn't sit down. Well ... I'm bony and that concrete stuff's mighty hard.  That's my excuse anyway!  See that possum bloke?  Mum puts water in him, EVERY day!!  I never touch it but our Harri used to drink out of it all the time. He had a big bowl in the kitchen but he liked to drink out of that itty bitty possum bloke.  Weirdo, aye??  AND Mum still fills it up daily!!  Fair dinkum ..... she's as weird as our Harri.
The trees a gardenia. It's called TRUE LOVE!! When Mum saw the name at the nursery she just had to buy it.
Dad fished this rock out of a little creek at our Harri's favourite place to stay. It's in Victoria near a little town called Corryong. They have the man from Snowy River festival there each year.  I went last year and I know why Harri loved it. I do too.
If you biggefy this you'll see where a bird pooped on his head. Too funny aye?? Why the heck you'd wanna drink out of that piddly little thing I'll never know. 

Anyway today is our Harri's birthday so I thought I'd be a real good brother and share some photos of him with you.  Crikey it's his birthday ...... you know what that means don't you??  ICECREAM ...... it's compulsory on birthdays.  I'm going to get some icecream.  It was worth wearing Harri's coat after all, aye!!
His very first day at his new home with Mum and Dad.
In his boots. I inherited them.

With Saint Murphy!!
With Brand new Jo!!
With Elvis ..... do you remember me with Elvis. They made me dress up.  Hmmmmmmmph!!!   
With our Lucy!!                               
This was in Esperance in Western Australia. Harri was VERY well travelled. I haven't been to WA yet ..... but I'm going one day!! I sure wanna run on that WHITE sand.
This was in Broken Hill. Those flowers are Sturt's desert pea. Pretty, aye??

Harri was a Flyball champion.  This was taken on his first time at Sydney Royal.  He looks keen, aye??  Mum was very nervous but she did a good job. 

Wanna run ...... oh .... what the heck! ..... 'UP THE IRISH' ..... Love Charlie!!


  1. Could it be that you are an Irish greyhound??

  2. you had big boots to fill - but you have done it well :)

  3. Irish terriers are a lovely breed, but I bet your family is crazy about you too!

  4. You look quite handsome in Harri's coat, Charlie. We bet he was happy that you wore it to honor his birthday. What a great-looking dog he was !!! We don't think we have ever seen an Irish terrier before. Happy Birthday, Harrii - you are now forever young.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Harri was a handsome bloke. Our loved ones are forever in our hearts.

    Aroo to you,

  6. Harri was so cute! Please tell your mum how sorry I am for his loss! <3 ((hugs))

  7. What a handsome boy Harri was and I think he'd like that you have his coat and are telling us about him on this special day. We never forget those that have left us, and I think it's because they're really not that far away.

  8. What a beautiful boy Harri was and what lovely memories!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  9. This is such a lovely memorial to Harri, Charlie, thank you. The green does look lovely on you but I have to admit that I thought I was at the wrong blog when I saw it! Our Tynan is the reason that Wilhelm, Brychwyn and Huxley are here too and it is so wonderful for us to take time out to remember that and be grateful!

  10. Hey, can I borrow dat coat and get some ice cream too??

  11. You look very handsome in Harri's coat, Charlie. Thank you for sharing these memories on Harri's birthday
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Harri lives forever in our hearts!
    You look fantastic in all those outfits.

  13. Harri looks like a very nice dog. I can see why your Mom loved him. You wearing his coat is a very nice tribute to him. Foley has a special plant outside and a little shrine inside. We know our parents loved their Bridge Angels very much but they also loved us very much. We are lucky

  14. Ice cream? Did somebody say ice cream???

  15. Hey isn't there a saying that on St Patrick's Day, evfurryone is Irish?? So well, now there are two days fur you to be Irish, Charlie, BOL!

    It does look good on you and green is nice contrast with your furs.

    I think Harri would be proud to see you in his coat.

    Growlmy knew an Irish terrier, years and years ago. He was a true clown:)
    I wonder if those peeps got another of his breed in due time? One can get hooked on a breed you know, BOL!

    Love the lookbacks!

  16. Harri sure was a handsome hound. We (Harri and I, Wally) share a birthday, which means he must be super special!!
    Happy birthday Angel Harri.
    Wally & Sammy

  17. Harri must have been a very special dog, but I'm sure your mum loves you as much as him Charlie.

  18. He was a beautiful boy! We think he's a hard act to follow, but we know you're up to it! You'll have to pull out that Irish Terrier photo on March 17th!

  19. Happy Birthday, angel Harri! You sure were one handsome boy!

  20. Hari Om
    Oh Charlie mate; you look well in Harri's coat and I am certain he is pleased that you modeled it so chicly... and am sure he was sharing that ice cream 'by proxy'!!! what a lovely tribute you gave us today. Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  21. Happy Birthday Harri... you were the most fabulous irish terrier pup of that slice earth I'm sure... and you even met Elvis once... wow! And I'm glad Charlie wear your coat and I bet he loves it... it's full of memories :o)

  22. Yep green looks good on you Charlie.
    Happy birthday Harry.

  23. It was great to hear about your Harri.
    We wish we had more photos of our angel girlie doggies Charisma and Ginger.

  24. Oh look at Harri, wan't he handsome! Just like my Torridon neighbour, Irish Terrier Dooley. Of course, Gail and I did not fail to notice another most adorable terrier featuring on one of your photos today…
    Toodle pip!

  25. Oh Charlie...Harri was a most handsome Irish Terrier....and I purrsonally think Irish Green is gawgeous on you. We did not know Harri but mom is always telling me if it was not for Milky-way the kitty BM (before Madi) I might not be here either. We should always honor and respect those who paved the way to our peeps hearts.
    Hugs and love to Angel Harri and to you my Matey

  26. Aww Charlie thank you so much for sharing just a small story of Harri, what a handsome and loving boy he was. I know you have a big shoes to fill, but you are doing the most awesome job. thank you again, and Happy Birthday Harri.
    P.S. we loved that beautiful green plant. stella rose

  27. Harri looked like a very handsome fella. You must be proud to be related to him . . . well sort of . . . we are sure when you listen you hear his bark in your ears!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. Hari was a very handsome pup and we want to wish him a very Happy Birthday at the Bridge. Perhaps he is partying with our Abby right now? Sending hugs for you and your momma today!

  29. You gotta love a terrier, we DO!
    Wyatt and Family